Play As Snake And The Boss In Monster Hunter Portable 3rd

By Ishaan . September 18, 2010 . 9:46am


Capcom are giving Monster Hunter Portable 3rd the royal treatment. Not only has the game spawned its own Monster Hunter-branded PSP with significant hardware improvements, it now also includes Solid Snake — or Naked, as some of our commenters pointed out — and The Boss from the Metal Gear franchise as playable characters.


Sort of.


You may recall a previous tie-up between Konami and Capcom, whereby some of Monster Hunter’s recognized beasties made their way into Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker as part of a series of side challenges. Now, Konami are returning the favour by allowing Capcom to include male and female equipment styled after Snake and The Boss in Portable 3rd.



Judging from the pictures of Capcom’s presentation, however, you may as well just be playing as Snake or The Boss themselves. It appears that after equipping Metal Gear armour, your character will change to look just like them.


Additionally, your Felyne partners — who you can take along on quests in Portable 3rd — will be able to wear Metal Gear-inspired armour such as bandanas and sneaking suits, and will also be capable of hiding under cardboard boxes in the battlefield.


These features will be made available as part of a download pack after Portable 3rd’s release. Famitsu report that, upon hearing the announcement, the audience at Capcom’s presentation, unsurprisingly, erupted into cheering and applause.


Images sourced from 4Gamer.

  • Looks like now is as good time as any to try Monster Hunter.

    • Bruce

      i was thinking the same , MH is kinda hard on solo and was meant to be played with others , that’s why i kinda ignored it

  • BK0000

    That’s not Solid Snake. That’s Naked Snake (Big Boss).

  • FireCouch

    Wow, this just made an amazing game even better.

  • Code

    rar, do want! Seriously Big Boss and The Boss, and a Metal Gear Kitty supplies, everything about this is win! Although this is going to encourage me to start a male character, which is something I usually don’t do. Mann this game can’t come soon enough >w<'rar, I really think pushing for crossovers with other companies, in big ways, is something that’s an extremely good idea. The more companies are willing to work together, the better, plus if you ask me, moves like this really play to Japan’s strengths in the game industry.

  • eliel

    nice maybe they might add more cameo packs too ^_^

  • Guest

    If they’re going to put in cameo characters whycome I can’t play as Kenshiro and have monsters explode with pressure point attacks

  • Jayred_Potter

    Wow, really? They are adding The Boss and Snake to this game. Awesome, pure awesome. Also, are you guys sure its snake they are adding. I mean the clothing looks like snake, but it could quite possibly Big Boss instead, and that would make more sense if they are also addign in The Boss too

  • Seeing Snake wielding MonHun’s weapons will be a sight to behold ^_^

    It’d be cooler if we could fight metal gears as hidden bosses :P

  • Draparde

    Sounds fun, i’d be even cooler if the hunters voice changed to snake/theboss when wearing those.

  • Felynes, wearing sneaking suits?

    too….goddamn…CUTE! *explodes*

  • ShinNoKami

    Do want Felynes in boxes! <3

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