Langrisser Lives On With Langrisser Schwarz

By Spencer . September 20, 2010 . 10:35am

Taiwan based Gamania is reviving Masaya’s strategy RPG series, Langrisser. The publisher announced Langrisser Schawrz for PCs and released this trailer.



Since the video mostly focuses on characters it isn’t exactly clear what kind of online game Langrisser Schawrz is. At the end, there were some scenes with lots of troops running. Perhaps, a general with his troops like the old Langrisser games?

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  • Ereek

    I have mixed opinions.

    I love me some Langrisser, but I don’t know if I love that a new company is doing it. Or that it’s an Online game.

  • I don’t think Langrisser, or Growlanser for that matter, can be themselves without Satoshi Urushihara.

    Also, having it be an online game from some random company hurts it too.

    • Ereek

      Agreed. It’s like Dragon Quest if you took out Toriyama.

    • Kunio_kun

      Yeah, it’s a shame a company like, I dunno, Aksys couldn’t bring over Urushihara’s masterpieces and they go on to make everyone millions… Everyone except Atlus USA, of course…

      • symytry

        The market is so tiny for games like Growlanser that Atlus would be lucky to break even with a localization. I think they’ve probably set their sights on bigger things, and are most likely expecting decent sales numbers with the Naruto games. The core Atlus fanbase won’t be buying those games, however money is money no matter how you look at it.

  • I have no faith in this whatsoever, but at least the series isn’t dead, I suppose. It does feel like it lost some of its identity without Urushihara’s artwork, however, and I’m not familiar with this developer. :(

    I’m still a smidge miffed about Growlanser PSP. I really thought someone would localize that, for some reason.

    • I’m still holding out for ATLUS USA, since they own the Growlanser trademark in the US XD;

      • Ladius

        If only you Aksys guys could pick up the Growlanser games… Atlus seems to be skipping most of the series they previously localized (Growlanser, Summon Night TXC, Class of Heroes 2-3, SRT OG Saga EF Exceed, Luminous Arc 3 etc), instead announcing Naruto games :(

        One would think that, having had unexpected revenues from Demon’s Souls, they will boost their usual localization schedule (and maybe risk with some niche games like Growlanser), but instead the success of DS seems to have moved them to localize less games than before, totally ignoring the fanbase they created for many series with their previous localizations.

        I will never understand why it was fine to localize Hexyz Force and not Growlanser, for instance.

        • symytry

          it’s all about STiNG ;)

    • Letiumtide

      I was hoping it would get localized as well. It’s not possible that it got nixed by Sony for not enough new content, since the game has never been released stateside. Which means it was simply Atlus’ decision to not release it here.

      Honestly after not getting VI, which is the second half of Heritage of War (technically not really complete without it). I had little realistic hope of it coming here, even though I prayed for it at each E3.

    • Kunio_kun

      If I had seen this topic 7 hours, I’d have posted these exact words verbatim… ‘Like’ button for you!

  • Guest

    Looks good at least its not chibi characters

  • xxx128

    Without satoshi urushihara this is hardly langrisser. And surprise, it doesnt even look like langrisser at all. Very poor trying to cash in on the name guys :(

    • Moriken

      Although they didn’t mention it in the trailer, it looks more than Langrisser Millenium than, well, Langrisser…-_-
      Which was probably the best SRPG-Series ever.

  • WyattEpp

    If it doesn’t look like Langrisser and doesn’t PLAY like Langrisser…then…well, you get the idea.

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