Some Of The New Additions To Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix [Update]

By Ishaan . September 26, 2010 . 2:58pm

Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix is due in Japanese stores this January. In addition to the inclusion of English voice-acting, the Final Mix build will also include both the improvements from the English language version of the game and entirely new content as well.


Famitsu screenshots depict a mysterious, black-robed character fighting Terra. While it looks like there are three of them in the screenshot, that’s actually a special move involving copies.


There’s been some confusion as to just who this is. It’s a character that is a secret boss in the English version of Birth by Sleep, but has now been included in Final Mix. You face him where Terra, Ven and Aqua went through their training — the Land of Departure.




The completely new boss addition to Final Mix is another mysterious figure, this one heavily-armoured. Note that the armoured figure is wielding a keyblade. He’s connected to Terra, Ven and Aqua’s master, Eraqus, somehow:



Additionally, Pete who is now an ally, gives you a new D-Link move that looks like it lets you drive over enemies:



In terms of minigames, there’s a racing event that takes you through Disney castle. Crowns and stickers are back in Final Mix as well. And finally, Tetsuya Nomura has made mention of the game including a new secret movie, the details of which are naturally being kept under wraps.


Head over to Famitsu to check out more screens.

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  • Advent_Andaryu

    What exactly makes you think the weapon that the Mysterious Figure wields is a keyblade?

    • MrRobbyM

      You seriously can’t see it?

      • Those are not Keyblades. They are two Ethereal Blades connected together that he uses in one of his combos.

        • MrRobbyM

          I wouldn’t know. But it looks like a keyblade. My mistake.

    • it vaguely look like key blade. it more to beam sword thought

    • The guy in armor is clearly holding a keyblade. The othe guy, though, it doesn’t seem like it. More like swords similar to Xemnas

    • Thanks for pointing this out. Famitsu used “blades,” which we automatically associated with keyblade. You’re right; they aren’t keyblades. Post updated accordingly!

  • MrRobbyM

    Another mysterious figure. GREAT. Now we’ll get at least 2 more portable spin-offs which explain that character. Geez the KH story is so…retardedly over the top.

    • KHSoraKeyBlade

      I don’t think it is and actually we are still waiting for 2 more games so why would they really release two new ones about one character that is clearly Eraqus, BbS is really the only prequel we need any events before that are told to us through the Xehanort reports in BbS, if anyone is bothered to read them. Your sarcasm truly annoys me.

      • MrRobbyM

        Hay. Just a tip for life. Learn to take a joke.

  • Phew. So the only thing that’s not in our local version is the new secret movie and the armored Keyblader. Guess I’ll just go to YouTube for that. I don’t think I can handle the new secret boss if he’s harder than Mysterious Figure. I still haven’t beaten him yet with Terra. T_T

  • I’m thinking this secret movie will be less of another epilogue and more of a trailer for the next game, like in previous iterations. I’m hoping these new characters are just side-story characters that don’t change the story as a whole or come into play farther down the line in future games…because I’ll have never encountered these characters -___-

  • MF, while possibly a Keyblade Wielder, does not Use Keyblade’s in that fight.

    Also, Don’t forget that there’s a new Mirage Arena Tournie where you get to fight a MONSTRO!!!

  • Oh how I love owning a product that just came out but is no the inferior outdated version, how great my 39.99 dollars was spent on something that could have came out at a later date with these inclusions.

    Nice additions though too bad I wont ever get to play the game with them

    • Zeik56

      Most of these additions are already in the US release. The only new addition mentioned here is the boss fight against the armored dude.

  • Oh, I also heard that there was a new Episode as well. Like Yousuke said, it’s refreshing to know that My three week old Product is already inferior, though I predicted that an FM would be made -.-

    • Zeik56

      A FM version was inevitable the moment the US got new content added.

  • I’m fairly sure that guy in armor is Eraqus, you can tell by the outline of his keyblade’s hilt.

  • Wait, so this final mix version is just the US version that they’re bringing out in japan, so no extra’s that we didn’t get.

    Japan getting a new version of a game while not getting anything that we don’t have, my world made sense 5 minutes ago.

    • No, the article says they are getting that Pete D-Link/ally, a new boss, a new secret movie, and a new minigame, so 4 things the US version does not have.

      • We have Pete(Hint: Command Board) and the Disney Castle race course.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Nice to see the Organization coats still being used, I like them a lot. I hope they reveal his identity.

    The armored guy must be Eraqus, like people all over the internet have been saying.

  • This article seems to have missed the fact that the new version has a WHOLE NEW WORLD [a new fantastic point of view], Monstro. The trailers seem to indicate that you can indeed go back there, AND that you can fight the giant whale as a Boss. That’s the most awesome Kingdom Hearts boss since the Cave of Wonders from Kingdom Hearts 1.

    Friggin’ Final Mix. Who doesn’t hate them? Even the Japanese must be pissed off at this, because it means that they have to buy the same game twice to get everything.

  • Me thinks MF is an Axel upgraded, he did die after all and SE makes those deaths into powerful comebacks, maybe them ‘more powerful’ than before ie Ansem-Xemnas

  • Or the more obvious, Xemnas/Ansem ( he did say he will return in KH COM) or maybe even Ansem the Wise, excpet with amnesia -_-

  • And i swear to god, SE better make this DLC/new game that can load saves from other games (MHF2-MHFU) otherwise i WILL cry, or order it online :P

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