Level Up Jobs, Not Characters In Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together

By Spencer . September 29, 2010 . 8:18pm


Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together on PSP has a major change in the way players develop characters. Classes earn experience points instead of individual units. For example, if you use an archer, wizard, and rune fencer in battle (just like the screenshot) those classes will earn experience. It appears that male and female classes have their own experience tally since Priest and Cleric are counted separately.


001[2] image


All warriors/ninjas/wizards/etc. in your party are the same level. When you add units they inherit the party’s collective class experience, so new hires are more useful right when they join.


Characters earn skill points. These can be used to assign four types of abilities:

Support – passive skills that boost your attack or the Archer’s ability to see an arrow’s trajectory. Passive skills also allow characters to equip weapons their class wouldn’t normally be able to handle.

Action – these skills, like the Archer’s Tremendous Shot, take TP (tactical points) to use.

Command – instead of a specific skill, these give you a group of commands like the Cleric’s Divine Magic, Wizard’s Dark Magic, and Ninja’s ninjitsu.

Special – these are reserved for monsters.


By using skill points you can enhance your team with abilities from other classes.


 005[2] 008[2]


Tactics Ogre: Let Us Cling Together also introduces a male version of the Valkyrie class called a Rune Fencer and the Kunoichi, a female ninja.


Rune Fencer / Valkyrie

023[1] 024[1]

017[1] 018[2]



021[1] 022[2]

015[2] 016[2] 


Ninja / Kunoichi

026[1] 025[1]

019[1] 020[1]


006[2] 007[1] 009[2] 010[2] 011[1] 012[2] 013[2] 014[1]

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  • Kibbitz

    Looks like an interesting mixup of Tactics Ogre and FFT’s systems, with a slightly different the collective EXP system from VC. Sounds pretty good to me so far.

  • Schwer_Muta

    Good, I liked the way Valkyria Chronicles handled leveling. Catch-up leveling always sucked.

  • Arcm

    I love it. That was my biggest complaint in SRPG’s that have class systems was the whole having to level up each new edition of your party each time. VC was a god send. This and Disgaea 4 are definitely on my list of SRPG games to get.

  • 9inchsamurai

    Holy cow, they’re really going all out with the remake treatment. Hopefully they can still keep a tough difficulty level amid all the new systems.

  • kupomogli

    This is what I posted earlier that I hope they don’t do. Now instead of leveling your character towards a specific build all you have to do is switch classes. Way to go Square. What else are you screw up?

    • mach

      How does this screw anything up? Do you just really love level grinding? Because that’s the only thing this feature removes.

      • kupomogli

        This doesn’t remove level grinding. It removes specific character builds so that every character can change to whatever random class and automatically change stats.

        You start with more than 10 characters on Tactics Ogre and you use 10 in battle. This character jobs level up, so if you’re going to keep one character as the same job, then there’s really no need to recruit a new character is there? If you do happen to recruit a new character on the original Tactics Ogre to make a better build of a certain class and say you’re on level 20, leveling the other character to the same level will take five minutes or less.

        So if you want to build a pure Ninja and then change him into a Warlock for the massive ability bonus, making the best support class, then you’re pretty much screwed out of it. It might be a bit flawed as the Ninja is the best class to cross anything with most of the time but it’s better than completely taking that ability away from us.

  • Rollersnake

    This is an improvement. The tedious level-grinding was TO’s biggest flaw.

  • Square has had issues balancing remakes so this could be a really good feature or a bad one.

    I’m in the separate character camp, but that’s usually applied to games with interchangeable Job Systems. I just don’t see any reason that you would balance other jobs outside your favorite though.

  • fuzzy_hobo

    Wow, I did not expect this change…but I like it! Also, I would love to have an art book for this game later on; Yoshida’s drawings are fantastic.

  • I’ll be interested to see how this plays, but I don’t want to pass judgment yet. My only concern is that it’ll totally obliterate the individuality of the “generics” who aren’t part of the plot. And if so, then aren’t we just playing really fancy chess at this point?

    • TurnipFritter

      Not really. Skill Points are given to individual units when you complete battles. Skill points are used to purchase skills, which will allow you to customize your individual characters. I also seem to recall some earlier information about having to use cards to change classes, but that hasn’t been elaborated on yet.

  • mmmmm Valkyrie and kunoichi

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