Tales Of Graces F Demo Dated

By Spencer . October 4, 2010 . 8:38am

imageNamco Bandai will release a demo of Tales of Graces F via PlayStation Network on October 7. So, if you have a Japanese PlayStation Network account you can try Tales of Graces F this Thursday.


The demo lets players use seven characters in the Forest of Mystery dungeon. Tales of Graces veterans can test out accel mode, a new system that gives characters specific moves, hi-ougis (mystic artes), and see how the Wii game looks in HD.


Tales of Graces F is scheduled for release on December 2 in Japan.

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  • “and see how the Wii game looks in HD.” you break me apart xD

    and im gonna test it out even knowing this wont get localized ~_~

  • RAVENKam

    Which means absolutely nothing to those of us waiting for a western localisation announcement. Yes, I’m bitter. I think I have a right to be at this point.

  • Kamion

    Yessss…. I’m going to take a break from Ar Tonelico II (finally want to be able to start AT3, so…) for some time so I can play everything this demo has to offer… And try to combo a bit…I stopped playing ToG partway through (I wouldn’t have but it’s on Wii and I actually don’t like playing stuff on that console that much – and then ToGf got announced) so I can’t wait to play it again.The battle system – like in ToDR – is genius. (The story – up to the point I play to – was rather bland, though…)

  • Heh, how do you pronounce ougi?

    Anyway, seems like a good thing the demo is out, maybe I will make use of my JPN PSN account again and try this. Woot woot!

    • goronyan

      i think you could pronounce 奥義 “ougi” like…
      “Ou” rhymes with “Boat”
      “Gi” rhymes with “Gear”

      or you could spell “gi-oh” from “yu-gi-oh” backwards

      • MrRobbyM


  • I dont feel like playing this because i will know i will hate destiny for not bringing this over… besides, i dont have HD TV *sigh*

  • goronyan

    I’m counting the days for the release
    prepare your wallets for the dlc’s waves

    • prepare your wallets for the dlc’s waves

      LOL true. And this is already the most expensive Tales game since Phantasia SFC. I wonder if the new Tales PS3 will be the same price, or even more since they can’t build off all the Wii version’s assets…

      • goronyan

        i think new Tales coming to PS3 will be more expensive since it’s a brand new game (´A`)

  • Dimentionalist

    “I’ll show you! I’ll tear you apart! WILD RISE!!!”

    Oh wait that’s a hi-ougi quote in English. Can’t have that, nope nope nope.

    Why ;____;

  • thebanditking

    Sadly every time I see the words Tales of I hope to be reading of localization plans, but alas it never comes to pass.

  • shion16

    i dont have jap PSN account =(

    • MrRobbyM

      It’s not hard to make one. I forget exaclty how, but google is the answer.

  • Wonder why they even delayed the demo, my friend will be happy that it’s coming out soon.

  • JustaGenericUser

    All right friends, time for more “never getting localized” jokes.

    I’ll start. Tales of Graces? More like Tales of Nevercomingtowestia.

    • Okay…
      Tales of Graces F: “F” for another “F____ you!” to English speaking Tales fans

  • Vino (Tim N)

    Is it Tales of Vesperia pretty? Oh well, I don’t care, I will get try out this demo.

  • Here I come Japan, here I come.

  • It’s nice to see the demo coming out earlier than I thought.

  • I played it today with a friend who absolutely loves Graces (I haven’t gone beyond the first few hours myself), and we were both really disappointed at how short the demo was. There was really nothing much beyond the few minutes of extra scenario at the front, plus that one foresty dungeon which we completed quite quickly. If the demo was intended to attract new fans to Graces, I don’t think it would do a very good job since it was just too short and sparse.

    I must say the backgrounds do look sharper on the PS3 though, and the battle system remained as awesome as ever. I also liked how they let you get weapons for all the characters and all of them were referencing previous Tales games. :D

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