Karma – A Korean FPS That Does Everything Western Publishers Want

By Ishaan . October 6, 2010 . 6:01pm


For months now, Activision have been talking of an online, subscription-based Call of Duty game that they hope will eventually replicate the success of World of WarCraft. Such a title, however, has yet to be shown off publicly, with the only Call of Duty game this year being Black Ops, as Activision toil away in secret.


Japanese publisher, NHN, however, have been operating Karma (or “Battlefield of Karma” in Japan), a subscription-based PC first-person shooter, for over a year now and they just announced a bunch of new character and skill additions for the game.


Developed by Korean developer, Dragonfly, Karma is a Germany vs. Soviet Union World War II shooter with an interesting eastern touch to it, which you can make out from the promo video above. Some of the skills you can use are neat, too, such as the “Dying message” skill, which briefly displays a message pointing out the location of enemy soldiers to your teammates upon your death.



And while Karma might look like a standard World War II shooter, it also has aliens. Oh, and it supports stereoscopic 3D displays. In case you’re interested in checking it out, here’s the English language version of the game.


So, in summary:


Subscription-based online service ✓

Regular content updates ✓

World War II setting ✓

Alien conspiracy ✓

Support for stereoscopic 3D ✓


No, really. This is from a Korean developer.

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  • pacanug

    All it’s missing is zombies!

  • Code

    Not enough shades of brown and constipated expressions, it’ll never sell in America!

    • Brown and bloom environment with space marines is all you need to sell a game in the North American market these days.

    • malek86

      Consider that Halo is basically one of the most successful (if not outright the most successful) shooter series, and it’s also one of the most colorful games around. So yeah.

      I bet that if you checked the highest selling games in the US, there would be less “brown” games than you think.

      • Code

        It’s just poking fun Malek, lighten up >w<; I know Americans like colorful games!

        • malek86

          Oh, I know. It’s just that people are always like “hurr durr, americans like bald space marines”, when the best selling games in the US are the usual Pokemon and Mario stuff.

          • Bruce

            note to self americans are gay for bald marines , and they’re kids are gay for pokemon

  • wont sell in america why? MONTHLY PAID? fps? those 2 only go together when on 360 is involved

  • WonderSteve

    People are already paying monthly fees for FPS. It’s called XBOX Live.

    • OH SNAP, SON!

    • Hraesvelgr

      Decent joke, but I don’t think too many people using XBL gold are paying monthly for it.

      • kupomogli

        Divide it by 12(if that’s the denomination.) There’s your monthly fee.

  • Day2Day

    Women? In MY WWII?

  • Hraesvelgr

    Korean developer means it’s automatically bad, though.

    • WonderSteve

      But this is also an “MMO” made my Koreans. It will be bad, but money will still be made because it is an MMO made by Koreans

  • Wait wait wait.. FPS? Online? Subscription based? Running for over a YEAR in Japan??? Am I missing something?

  • Guest

    Those two main characters look too lithe and good looking to be in a Western type FPS.

    Also who’s side were they on? were they shooting Americans/British?

    • Germans vs Soviets. The woman is part of the Soviet’s Red Army. The man is dressed in something that looks like a WWII German army officer uniform, although I don’t think the Germans had skull emblems on their hats.

  • so does that mean that all players playing as a german soldier are looking like hot chicks and all player playing as a soviet union soldier are looking like that stury man?
    sorry pals, i stick to my GunZ

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