Sega Fire Off New Valkyria Chronicles 3 Screenshots

By Ishaan . October 7, 2010 . 8:42pm


The Principality of Gallia in Valkyria Chronicles 3 is divided up into three sections: the regular Gallian army, the Volunteers who are called upon during emergencies, and Squad 422, AKA “The Nameless.”


Squad 422 consists of members of questionable backgrounds and it essentially a unit that performs “off-the-record” operations that the Gallian army cannot. Its members are known by numbers rather than by name. Valkyria 3’s primary protagonist, Kurt Irving, belongs to this group.


vc3_004 vc3_005 vc3_006 vc3_001 vc3_002 vc3_003 vc3_007 vc3_008 vc3_009 vc3_010


The chap with his feet up on the desk below is Ramsey Crowe. He’s part of the Gallian army, but also appears to be involved with Squad 422 as a senior officer.


vc3_016 vc3_013

vc3_011 vc3_012 vc3_014 vc3_015

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  • joesz

    wow,very appealing..too bad stupid sega chose this for the psp….again..

    • sega is not stupid, they are simply trying to stay afloat

      • joesz

        I understand that YFU,but releasing it again on the psp just sound very cheap and depressing .

        • noxian

          it is cheap, and that’s why they did it.

          but really people, can we cut the crap a bit.
          its not like they kicked out an inferior game in Valkyria Chronicles 2, and the PSP is nothing but suck.

          the truth is VC2 is pretty much better than VC1 in every possible way than VC1 other than obvious technical values (graphics, map size, usable squad size).

          it was strategically deeper
          no more broken (if you claim it was, you obviously never max leveled your characters in VC1 and/or learned to use orders. cause if you did, you’d know you could EASILY beat VC1 with scouts. potentials and orders COMPLETELY wiped out any class weaknesses, leaving you with a squad full of Selvarias; just not as hot.)
          no more grindy (with the exception of the class change materials, but even that wasn’t that bad. no one said you need to change class constantly and you should get all the materials to make your people get their 2nd class change without any farming if you just play through the game. as for the levels, VC was so brilliant partly because strategy beat levels, so there was really no NEED to grind there either, you only needed to be able to play smart)
          i even found the map zone system to be strategically far more interesting than the single map sprawl once i tried it.

          the PSP ended up having little negatives other than obviously the graphics.

          • VC2 is inferior in a myriad of ways and there’s no point even debating it because sega have FIXED almost all those flaws for VC3 so acting like the flaws dont exist is just ridiculous.

          • Bruce

            if poeple want VC3 for the ps3 , they should give sega the money and guarantee that it will sell in the west , VC1 didn’t sell like it should

          • I’m… waiting for some sort of real elaboration on that. He bothered to explain his point, you don’t get to just blow it off without explaining why he’s wrong.

          • I have explained it multiple times before, as well as it being clearly obvious by the list of fixes made from VC2, but if you really need the list

            -VC2 had tiny generic recycled maps, obviously inferior to large unique maps, VC3 is going to make an attempt for larger more unique maps, or so they claim
            -VC2 was filled with dozens of filler trash missions, VC3 is going back to unique missions and story based progression like VC1
            -VC2 was filled with terrible balance in more ways than one. early on fencers are hugely overpowered and endgame the classes are samey. VC3 will be reducing the number of classes to make them more unique and reblancing the game. And no, Scouts werent just as broken, a class with high movement but low damage vs troops, low/no damage vs tanks, low defence vs bullets and low defence vs explosions and low defence vs mines is not comparable to a class that can kill multiple everything in a single swing, has high defence vs everything and can defuse mines.
            -The obnoxious and awful grinding for credits and other things has been reduced. I feel it should have been removed altogether but there’s no debating people saw a problem there.
            -One thing I’m not sure is fixed in VC3 but was definitely a problem in VC2 was the small amount of voice acting. if I hear AHAHA or I’LL DO IT once more…
            -VC2 lacked large scale setpiece battles like the Batomys or Marmota, sega have said they’ll try to bring these back for VC3.

            Arguing everythign in VC2 was better when they have clearly identified all these flaws too and are striving to fix them just flies in the face of reason

      • They have zero marketing, advertisements or anything for their games. Yakuza 3, Infinite Space, Resonance of fate, and a few more comes to mind. It’s like they don’t want attention to their games.

        • I’m a stalwart defender of Sega, but they basically send their games to die at retail, even if they’re high-quality. I’m not saying they should pay for expensive TV ads, but if I didn’t specifically follow tri-Ace’s works, I’d have never known Resonance of Fate was ever released.

        • Bruce

          it’s more like they don’t crap money to pay for the publicity , capcom has the money but it’s marketing techniques don’t work in the west , like hiring bikini chicks to attract people ,

      • mirumu

        That’s all they’ve been doing for years now. I think if they knew how to do it they’d have achieved it by now.

  • DanteJones

    Hmm, I wonder how much we’ll see of the characters from VC I and II. I wouldn’t mind if its a lot, as long as it makes sense and fits the original story.

  • rainfire2010

    Valkyria Chronicles games, in my own opinion, are some of the best games sega has made lately, and i can’t wait for this one, just like i couldn’t wait for 2 after i heard about it.

    I love the old characters too and from what it looks like, most will be in this one too, so im pretty hyped already.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Well, considering Sega has put out mostly bad games for quite a number of years now, that unfortunately doesn’t say much for Valkyria Chronicles.

      • Kris

        Really? This year alone they’ve got Vanquish, Bayonetta, Sonic 4, Valkyria Chronicles 2, Phantasy Star Portable 2, Resonance of Fate, and Sonic Colors. Although a couple haven’t been released yet, it seems silly to call those “mostly bad games.”

        • Really i mean Vanquish(DEMO), Bayonetta, Valkyria Chronicles 1 & 2, Phantasy Star Protable 2 and Resonances of Fate; They are all Exceptional games how can one say such things i think they are doing well they just dont have a proper PR

        • Hraesvelgr

          Well, I can only speak for myself, but for their upcoming games, I’m only interested in Vanquish and Yakuza 4. Valkyria Chronicles 2 was an okay game, but a huge letdown, Resonance of Fate was just “okay” and I don’t like/have no interest in the rest of those. I will give you that this has been a better year for them, but I guess I’m just not much of a Sega fan.

  • Day2Day

    While I like being able to play Valkyria Chronicles on the go, The painted style visuals are really a major factor for why I liked the first Valkyria Chronicles so much… I’d really like to be able to see another PS3 Valkyria Chronicles, or maybe even more DLC…

    • DanteJones

      Hopefully if they see enough demand for the PSP games they’ll think of making another PS3 one? At least I hope so. I still go back and play the first one every now and then, haha.

    • Jellybit

      It’s strange. Normally I hate the dithering on PSP, but for this game, it makes it look like cross hatching with colored pencil. I think it makes the game look better.

    • they remind me of wild arms 2

  • Chow

    That’s not the only thing firing off.


    • I didn’t know you liked moustaches.

  • malek86

    Is that Light?

  • Kris

    I can’t wait to see the events of VC1 from another perspective. Everything looks awesome so far!

  • maxchain

    Eff me, I haven’t even finished the first one yet! Well, glad to see the series is doing fine without my help, at least.

  • doubletaco

    Alright, VC3. You can stay.

    For now.

  • I love the art style they are going in this Valyria.

  • Welkin and Alicia kawaii :D

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