Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Exhibition Trailer Runs Through The Roster

By Spencer . October 11, 2010 . 9:15am

Most of the Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 movies focused on Sasuke, the Akatsuki, and well Naruto. Wondering what Kiba’s moves are or what Sai does in a fight?


This exhibition trailer from Namco Bandai shows the roster from Asuma to Yondaime Hokage.



    Minato’s one was ownage.

    • andref

      I second that

    • It’s Amazing!! Can’t wait for the game : )
      Lol at Tenten’s XD But Am I the only one who Likes her? I think her fighting style is unique in a way : )

      • What do you mean “in a way”? It’s completely unique. Who else will be mid-combo, summon a string of weapons, use them, they disappear, only for her to summon another set of weapons to be used in the very same combo? Tenten is beast!

      • Draparde

        Tenten’s awesome. unfortunately many of my friends disagree with me. oh well, i taught them a lesson in Revolution 3…i’ll do it again in this game!

  • andref

    I do hope besides Tobi we can use Madara’s moveset or some of what he has been shown to be able to do

    • They’re the same person… o.O

      • That could be some serious spoilers to a lot of people… And i think he is actually talking about tobi/madara, besides having “tobi” skills, he could ALSO (maybe in ultimate mode) use madara’s attacks

        • First off, that fact was revealed like two years ago. Second, it wouldn’t make sense for Tobi to have Madara’s moveset unless they were the same character, so it’s no more spoiler than the initial comment. And what skills does Tobi have that Madara doesn’t? I’m confused

      • cedo66

        madara will use space time for instance and tobi won’t

    • karasuKumo

      His awakening is Madara :D. He gets a serious warping moveset it’s frikin epic.

      • Loveless973

        i would rather a whole nother madara character even though your probably right

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Just like karasuKumo said, Madara is his awakening, and he goes from comic character to badass teleporting ninja, it’s pretty cool. There are videos showing his awakening, and this trailer teases his srs bsns side, with the sharingan and all.

  • One more week. It’s going to be the most painful week ever.

    Remember this PSN iD as I would be number one in this game no matter what.


  • LOL AWESOME! We are on the brink of the most awesome game ever. Im so excited! Reminds me of Naruto getting excited to train! So can not wait! Its going to be tempting to stay away from youtube of people who have the game recording their play sessions.I could spend hours just talking about all the things I love, Ill definitely have this video on repeat for awhile!Dibs onNarutoGaaraTenTenGranny Chiyo!ItachiDeidaraKonanSuigetsuMinatoIf anyone ever plays me, online, lol.

    PSN: EatDeath

  • Kevin_Levin

    Wow, talk about a roller coaster of pain :p (no pun intended)

  • Debating on whether or not to watch….

    1week left…

    Everyone should post their ps3/360 names

    psn: JtruF210

  • Loveless973

    sooooo that little madara clip at the end does that mean we can also use him like as HIM instead of HIM/TOBI??? If so that would be awesome.

  • These games are always fun I haven’t bought one since Ultimate Ninja 2 so maybe I’m due some Naruto gaming, too bad I haven’t followed the anime since a little bit after jinchuruki Naruto vs Orochimaru. (The part with the monks and the tomb-robbing guys to be precise)


    I’m a bit disappointed with them showing Lee in Gate Mode instead of normal. Of course, unless he can only be used in Gate Mode which would be damn awesome.

    • The first one had it as normal Lee and his awakening was with the gates opened. Or you could choose to have him be perma-opened-gates from the character select screen. So in multiplayer, yeah, you could be just opened gates mode

  • Tenten and Shino were surprisingly uber-beasts in the first one. I hope they didn’t nerf them. I also wish they would implement some kind of disk-merge system so we could use all the characters from the first one and the second one without swapping disks.

    • Tenten and Shino still seem to be awesome. Tenten is great for combos, but there are so many other characters that she will be as underutilized as she is in the anime…

  • IceRomancer

    man oh, oh man so much do want in this vid!
    every single character looks so fun to play as!

    im always up for a game

  • localize tales of games freaking namco bandai, anyway at least we getting this, or i would really kill someone

  • Asura

    If the fighting was as polished as the game’s graphics, this would just be godly. Sadly, it’s an inverse relationship. I still want it though.

    • The fighting system is beautiful, I do not see what there is to be more desired from it. Jutsus and and ultimate jutsus nearly at the flick of a button, substitution jutsus that are strategic, awakening modes. The game is at the top of the genre.

  • IGN needs to stop sleeping on this game and do some fricken rewind trailers

  • So they have even got a Tekken character in there? I’m kinda impressed…

  • Watched a second time…counted 40 characters. Theres supposed to be like 44 or over 40 right? Who wasn’t shown?

    Either they counted some awakenings as characters or we should get some surprises. Don’t think I saw the 3rd or Kimimaro tho, Just to name people missing from UNS. Any1 else got ideas?

    • I think Naruto tailed forms, and a Sasuke form were counted in that 44 number.

      Anko, 3rd Hokage, and Kimimiaro are the only ones not returning, based on the wikipedia list.

  • What a beautiful game…….the animations are made with love and dedication and it shows.

  • cedo66

    i saw hokage naruto’s costume its sick
    He was in a fight against MINATO the space time was crazy and awesome btw naruto was owning the fiht like hell and his awakening mode his the six tails

  • Boris_Althema

    hah! sooo excited. im gettin the game tom.

  • Kisame is gunna be bad ass in UNS3

  • Why do I have a strange feeling that the two secret characters will be Kid Sasuke and Kid Naruto?

    • nostalgia? I think ALL characters are known.

      • Its possible…I know that there are already two narutos nd two sasukes on the character select screen (from youtube, but culd be different on final product). Wouldn’t be suprised if the other two secret characters, if there even are, were at least younger ones. But i dont agree with the ALL known…i think they’re hiding at least 1 or 2 people…

        • Also just that it could be tha sage toad guy that teaches naruto sage mode. Cuz wont he have to be in the game as a character to fight or train with for naruto? Im sure he at least exists as a boss fight or mini game or something tho, besisdes in Jiraiyas awakening mode

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