One Last Look At Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes Before It Launches

By Spencer . October 11, 2010 . 11:33pm

Half-a-decade passed since a Sengoku Basara game came out in the West and this one doesn’t have any "Azure Dragons". Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes sticks to its Warring States period roots with historical characters like Date Masamune (aka Azure Dragon in Devil Kings) and newcomer Ishida Mitsunari.


Check out the roster and their stylish moves in this trailer.


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  • Getting this as soon I’m off work tomorrow.

    UPDATE: Well I would have but my Gamestop will not have it available until tomorrow… >_>

  • One Last Look At Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes Before It Launches TODAY

    Demo was fun for a short time but I can’t ever seem to get into the whole Dynasty Warrior type of hack n slash titles. This is more than likely also keep me from getting Fist of the North Star as well as DW:Gundam 3 (though I do love the look of that game).

    • Exand

      While the games might “seem” similar, SB is in a different ballpark than the DW type games. SB’s faster and more fluid, the combat system is much more involved, each character is distinct and you have to adjust your play style to match.

      It sucks SB will get compared to DW and thus by-passed by some gamers, but I think people need to give the game a chance. It’s incredibly deep for a game of the genre.

      Can’t say the same for FotNS or DW Gundam. I think if you’re a FotNS fan or a Gundam fan you have to play those games because they have a lot of “fan” service in them. SB however, I think can be enjoyed my any gamer.

      • Guest

        Fist of the North Star plays very different from standard DW. Has a level grid system and is more of a Godhand style beat em up and there are destructable areas and qte attacksGundam feels similar to DW though.Trinity Souls of Zill O’ll is based off the stories from the PS1 and PS2/PSP remake but offers trinity attack and rpg elements

  • Guest

    Samurai Warriors 3 was slow as hell, it seemed fast from the footage I saw. I was extremely disappointed with it. Sucks I’ll never get to play with all the beautiful females in the game. =/

    I hope SB:SH is hell of a lot faster.

    • Kibbitz

      Not sure what you mean by faster. They run faster, I think, since you don’t generally use mounts in SB. Doubt you’re talking about that though. Faster paced combat? I prefer SB’s one normal combo and 4+1 specials as opposed to DW’s S+T combos and I do evades more in SB.

      • Guest

        Well combat in SW3 is slow as hell. Attacking and running just felt slow in sluggish. So I’m hoping SB just flows a lot faster. Quick strikes, running, jumping, all that.

        • Kibbitz

          Well, I hope you like it. I don’t own a PS3 but I got to play a bit on my friend’s. It’s fun and I noticed all the improvements to the last, but somehow, the magic wasn’t there as much as there was for 2. Maybe I’m growing jaded? =P

  • Kevin_Levin

    lol. Yeah, no more of that;

    – Azure Dragon
    – “Puffy”
    – Arslan
    – Ox etc…

    This is BASARA in it’s true form yo! XD

  • Woot well my copy has shipped from Amazon. Im pretty excited to experience it on the PS3. It will take me so long to get that coveted platinum…one hundred hour trophy…lol!

  • urbanscholar

    Can’t wait to punch thousands of armed samurai in the face. Tokugawa!!!

  • kotaro fuma talks? since when?

    • Klaus00

      he’s not , its that Old Geezer(his current master in the game’s timeline) speaking for him. :D

  • RAVENKam

    I’m seriously hyped for this as my first ever SB experience on any console. I’ve even started the anime series in preparation. I just really hope the all the fuss will be worth it (and no, I haven’t played the demo).

    As for people bitching about the US VO work, it’s pretty good imo, no less cheesy (in a good way) than the Japanese original.

    • I’ll stick with the Japanese thanks. Don’t need any surfer dude Samurai in my SB!

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