New Vanquish Trailer Shows Off Manoeuvrability

By Ishaan . October 17, 2010 . 12:59pm


Did you wonder what PlatinumGames meant in all those blog posts where they talked about how Vanquish was more of an action game than a pure shooter? SEGA’s new trailer does a really good job of showing off how that works.


Vanquish releases this Tuesday, October 19th, in North America, and October 22nd in Europe on the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360.

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  • Wow, so many good new IPs this year. Any one else play the demo for this one? I really enjoyed it

    • The game seems like its way too hardcore for me. Companies and their hardcore games, lol. The demo was rather on the extremely tough side and had so much going on. I liked the atmosphere of the game and the production values…Im just afraid of not being able to finish the story mode.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        There’s always easy auto mode…

      • Just play casual auto mode. The market today is flooded with easy games, and I honestly won’t be able to stand it if it gets any easier than most games are now.

      • You can play the casual mode, or you can try to challenge yourself and get better.

        • The last time I tried to challenge myself was in Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep and I got stuck just 30 minutes in on each mode above easy (the heartless are brutal!), then on the easy mode, I got stuck at about an hour in (the AI is too good!). Hm, I did try to beat Uncharted 2 on Easy mode but I get killed too easily or something. They enemies pick me off so easily, lol…I did beat it on Very Easy though!

          • Yeah, see, I don’t even try the easy mode most of the time unless playing it unlocks a trophy or something (and I will state, for the record, I REALLY hate when developers make a game where if you beat it on normal or higher, it doesn’t also unlock the trophies for the difficulties below it). But, as I said, when a girl would be over, I’d show them Bayonetta and switch the difficulty to automatic easy, as they were usually girls who didn’t play too many games. They’d get all happy because they’d actually be pulling off combos and stuff by button mashing and they’d be even able to beat the game’s bosses. I never told them I lowered the difficulty, of course.

      • Dude, all your comments lead me to believe that you’ve only beaten a few games on the default difficulty setting and 0 games on anything above that. I don’t think it’s that games are too hardcore….I think you have slow thumbs

        • RPGs I beat on Easy. Er anything else usually on Easy or Very Easy.

          Racing games I beat on whatever difficulty the story mode sets the races too. I actually can not think of anything I beat on anything above default difficulty. For Naruto games, I usually play around on the hard difficulty though.

          • I think you need to do some sort of reaction training outside of action video games if you’re really that bad at them, on top of just challenging yourself to get better at them.

          • Yeah, you need to do what Tommy Lee suggests and train your body, man. I hate to say it but that’s kind of pathetic, especially for someone so avid on a gaming website

  • I dunno, but it looks like you spelled that word for being able to move good wrong.

    Just a thought, you could be right… it looks weird.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    I wasn’t sold on Kamiya’s Bayonetta (waay too flashy), but the more I see of this (and the more times I play the demo), the more I’m liking it. The controls and animation are real highlights. The story and dialogue look to be terrible, but that’s part of the charm of Mikami’s games.

    • How could you pass Bayonetta up (even with it on constant sales at $19.99). It was one of the highlights and surprises this year to me because of Bayonetta and the high climax action all the time. Easy Automatic mode was rather tough though, so I think the game is on that difficult side (my hand was hurting massively on that mode).

      But I think you are right about the animation and controls for Vanquish.

      • Aoshi00

        Wait, Bayonetta’s easy auto mode was too hard for you? Hard was sadistic, normal was challenging, but easy auto mode could literally be played by one hand mashing btns. Vanquish’s easy mode has auto aim too. I’m not particularly great at shooters, but Vanquish was totally enjoyable on auto aim if you don’t want to do it manually. So Platinum’s games really are as accessible as they come, set it on easy even babies could play and hard for the hardcore. More companies should be like them. Bayonetta was definitely GoTY for me along w/ Nier. I just finished Enslaved and Castlevania looks like will take a long while (the game is looong), can’t wait for Vanquish on Tues.

        • Maybe a baby could play very easy, but easy, gave my hand a workout, lol. I know it was worth it because I was getting at least those pure platinum or platinum medals on completing lots of the verses, and boss fights were extremely tough. There were also tons of enemies that trapped me in their aerial combos taking away so much health. Never have I played a game where I needed to dodge so much. Im just not used to action games, racers and menu based RPGs are my usual type of experiences.

          • Aoshi00

            I haven’t played easy, just normal and a little hard, the game was definitely challenging. I like action games, but not demanding ones like DMC, I liked Bayonetta’s story and style so much I stuck w/ it, she’s so charming :) Yea, you do need to dodge and block and can’t btn mash your way thru, I’m not sure about easy, but auto easy I was pulling combos like an expert which I couldn’t do on normal. I’m okay w/ action games, not the best. I’m bad at FPS, but do OK in TPS, and since Vanuqish has auto aim you should do OK, the game’s presentation is very hectic and exiting overall which is its selling point. I seriously like this guy’s armor :)

            Wait, if you’re not good at action games, how are you going to play UNS2? I thought the Naurto demo was no cake walk either, I actually died the first time, you also have to dodge and evade.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          I’m really on the fence with Nier. I’ve heard that it’s absolute garbage but then I turn around and others tells me it’s absolutely brilliant. I dig the ICO-esque visual style, but there’s no demo so I can’t tell if the gameplay is to my liking. Also heard that while the main story/ missions are polished, everything else, like the fishing and villager quests, are tedious. O_O

          • Aoshi00

            There was a demo on 360, not sure about PS3. You absolutely must try it, I really dig the graphics, hauntingly beautiful soundtrack, atmosphere, variety of gameplay (3D, 2D top down, isometric, shooter, etc, there’ll be something else that will surprise you so I won’t spoil in case you do play it later on), excellent story and chars, blew FF13 out of the water in every aspect other than graphics I suppose, Cavia knew how to make a good game. The story was very emotional.Those who didn’t like it mostly complained about the graphics (while simple the presentation was very good) and couldn’t get over the fact we got a macho man instead of a pretty boy like in the Jpn ver (a dedicated father instead of an older brother to the sickly girl). I got 2 out of the 4 endings, the side quests are well.. repetitive fetch quests just like in many RPGs, but they are optional. I thought they were really fun, if you do them you get more power-ups and backstories to the world, I got around 90% of them, it’s like Xenosaga’s, you run around fetching things for NPCs, but the side stories are interesting and make you appreciate the world more. I liked Nier so much I even bought the Jpn ver, but haven’t played too much of it because it only allows 3 saves, I really want to make many save points before the cutscenes. The 360 ver lets you save on memory sticks, but PS3 ver seems to only let you save on the HDD..Nier was quite dark, but not as dark and hopeless as Drakengard, endings were really good too, I’m just too lazy to get the last two endings… Try the demo on 360 if you get a chance, it’s the intro stage, should make an impression on you :)P.S. you could check out the reviews on Amazon, rated very highly for both PS3 and 360. The ones that ditched it were usually shallow professional sites who didn’t think the graphics was good enough and don’t care much for JRPGs.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Thanks for the info and links! Think I’m really leaning towards it now but still gotta try the demo first.

          • Aoshi00

            No prob man, I think Nier just dropped to $19.99 too at Kmart, at that price it’ll be totally worth it.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Not really into the “sexy librarian” fetish. Also, I played the PS3 demo and difficulty on normal wasn’t a problem, but afterward I was getting a headache from all the flashes and crazy movement on screen. I felt like too much was going on at once, not to mention the bizarre colors and design wasn’t floating my boat. It’s like DMCx10 overkill. PS3 version stuttering frame-rate was the final nail in the coffin (almost right after trying the demo on my friend’s 360).

        If there’s one thing that I really liked it was how seamless switching between shooting and melee was.

      • Easy Automatic was hard for you? That’s the mode I’d put it on when I’d have a girl over and I’d let her play. I’d put it on that mode so they wouldn’t get slaughtered every three seconds. Now, hard and climax are really tough, and normal was sufficiently challenging for my first time through, but…

        • lol all the comments make me feel like my skill is lacking; Im just not in the gaming elite for these types of games.

    • shaffy_oppa

      I quite liked Bayonetta and not for it being flashy but because its got some amazing dialogue.

      This plays great too but I gotta agree the dialogue and story are doing nothing for me.

  • I thought the other trailers were awesome but this…..holy mother of wow.

    Why does Fall season always have so many awesome games!!?! It sucks being broke with Black Friday right around the corner….

    • Aoshi00

      I’m not sure how much better they could do on Black Friday w/ the recent new releases, but lately it’s like Black Friday at Kmart every week.. this week if you get Vanquish, you get $20 coupon and could save $30 on either Enslaved or Castlevania (among other games), you also get $20 coupon w/ Kirby and another $20 off if you get Other M, NSMB Wii, or Sin & Punishment 2.

      • K-Mart? Haven’t been there in awhile but we went there last year on BF since Best Buy’s line passed around the whole building. I do be hearing KM deals here and there though so I may have to check it out. Thanks dude. :)

        • Aoshi00

          No prob :) Kmart has been beating out everyone else like Toysrus, Best Buy, or Amazon, they’re serious about gaming. Usually I order everything online from Amazon to get more savings and no tax, but now Kmart has the best price and I could pick it up at the store, two birds w/ one stone. The downside is they’re making me buy way too much though.

      • kupomogli

        I was thinking of buying four copies of Vanquish so I could get $30 each off Lords of Shadows, Bordlerlands GotY, God of War 3, and Dead Rising 2, then just sell the four copies of Vanquish on Ebay. Since buying Vanquish would also get me a $20 coupon, I’d use each coupon on each group of games after the first, which then after I’m done I’d have a $20 coupon left over since I’d get it after the purchase. Then we just have to hope I can get atleast $50 for each Vanquish on Ebay.

        • Aoshi00

          The problem w/ the $20 coupon though is you can’t use them right away, they aren’t valid until the next Sunday, so you can’t stack them. And later on say if you have 4x $20 coupons, you can’t use them all together on one single purchase for $80, because they’re the same type of coupon w/ the same barcode, you’d need to make 4 separate purchases, I guess there’s still the PSN $10/$20 cards. So I’m not sure if it’d work, you would need to spend $360 + tax up front, but you could sell the 3 copies of Vanquish later and have 4x $20 coupons.

          I have all those games I need alrdy from the previous deals, so I’m just getting Vanquish w/ my $45 coupon from before (Enslaved and Castlevania) and get another $20 for later.

  • Aoshi00

    I dunno.. I think it’s still very much a shooter, to me it’s like Gears but much more fast paced, instead of roadie run you have the boost. CQC is still like a last resort here. Well, Bayonetta was awesome and so was the Vanquish demo, definitely supporting these guys.

  • Yikes. Just realized Vanquish comes out day and date with Fallout: New Vegas in both US/EU.

    • DanteJones

      Yeah, along with Naruto: NS2 and Blazing Souls: Accelate. My wallet is gonna be hurting. :(

      EDIT: Whoop sorry, meant for the US release.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      Oh snap. Hopefully Fallout, which is more mainstream, won’t steamroll Vanquish off the charts.

      • Vanquish is a shooter (albeit without multiplayer…) so maybe that’ll give it an edge over Bayonetta, but at the same time, it also has more competition…

        Maybe people that are raising an eyebrow at the Medal of Honor reviews will give it a shot, provided it reviews well. :P

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          God. That’s right. It doesn’t have multiplayer. A shooter without multiplayer nowadays is like… I don’t even know… a minivan with one seat or something. There goes the mainstream shooter crowd.

          Ah well, Platinum fans and people with a with a taste for the new will buy it anyway and that should be enough.

      • heh, Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 will probably outsell Vanquish…in America…in October.

        Fallout has better promotions and preorders, there is no way vanquish could survive…unless everyone listened to the pleas of previewers and reviewers about getting vanquish.

        • Code

          Vanquish will put out it’s cigarette on Fallout’s face then rocket jet kick Naruto in the crotch. And then go on to sell 16 copies — sure it won’t be the best selling game in October, but it’ll still kick ass >w<;

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I like that attitude, son. >:D

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          I know you love Naruto dood, but Vanquish is new IP that deserves some attention. You’ve tried it, you know that. Though you’re probably right about those sales. :(

          Yea excellent reviews from “game critics” aren’t always indicators that a game would sell well. See Beyond Good and Evil, Psychonauts, and Shenmue.

        • karasuKumo

          I doubt NSUNS2 will outsell it, it’s an amazing game (just finished the story mode) but shooters sell better in the west. This will sell well in the east too considering it’s over the top Japanese style.

          • NSUNS2 has already went Gold in sales (500,000) like 2 or 3 weeks ago and its not even out yet. I doubt a new IP will beat that

          • Um, I think you’re confused. When a game goes Gold, that just means it’s complete and ready to be shipped out. Yeah, a few weeks ago the game did go gold, but that had nothing to do with sales.

    • Well, if Sega would actually run some advertising for Vanquish, it’d do better. I certainly haven’t seen any.

      As for Fallout: New Vegas, I want it, but I’m waiting to see what the DLC for it will be. If it’s a lot, like Fallout 3, I’ll probably just wait for the GOTY edition next year.

    • bugmeknot

      Yep, also Atelier Rorona comes out on the same day in EU. I was going to buy Vanquish but I’m leaning towards Rorona now. Although Rorona is ~40 in some pre-order charts and Vanquish isn’t even in the top 100, decisions… decisions…

      Also, if you pre-order Vanquish on you get Bayonetta for free.

  • Definitely would have pre-ordered this had Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 and DJ Hero 2 not come out on tha same day…

    • Well you are getting the superior game (Ultimate Ninja Storm 2) so all isnt bad, lol.

      • i wouldn’t say superior since they are in 2 different genres

        it depends on which genre he likes best

        • Definitely like naruto more cus of tha series and all, but yeah like you said theyre two different genres. Both have different but probably equally entertaining qualities about them. Tho’ IGN did give Vanquish an 8.5 nd Naruto an 8. If their reviews are worth nething


        • SolidusSnake

          BELIEVE IT

  • Code

    rarr I just got called today I’m getting hired at a EB Games, hooray >w< I'm going to make it the bestest game store ever! Good godd I can't wait for regular paychecks xwx~!! But seriously first paychecks going straight into Bayonetta, Nier, Castlevania, and Vanquish. Titles which I’ve had wonderful recommendations from everyone here. Bayonetta rar, I feel guilty about, it does look like a wonderful game but I initially shot it down, but I’ll go crawling back TwT Nier, which Aoshi00 and Kris have gave great recommendations for, despite me letting it fly under my radar for so long. And Castlevania since I was a big dumb dumb and spent all my paycheck without thinking about the fact it was coming out so soon x_x;Seriously Vanquish caught me off guard I just love the speed of the game. I’m just really really hoping that it doesn’t run into Bayonetta’s problem, and it’s a clean port on both systems.

    • DUDE!!!!! Wow congrats!!! Enjoy the Bayonetta (its excellent, cant believe people passed it up for just $20). Bayonetta also has the most awesome dance sequence Ive ever seen, lol, awesome!

      • Code

        Thanks >wO>~! I know seriously hearing about Bayonetta being only $19 in the US makes me so jealous that when I see it here for $39, it throws me into a violent rage where I black out and next thing I know I’ve spent my money on crap like Front Mission T_T’ Aww well I owe it to Square for Front Mission 3 — much like I owe it to Platinum for God Hand, I shouldn’t never have even questioned Bayonetta T_T’

    • All great games. Well, I haven’t played Castlevania, but everything else is great.

      Played the Challenge demo and the Stage demo of Vanquish. They both ran perfectly fine without a single problem.

    • Are you an angry person? I always see you rarring

      • Code

        rar, no it’s just my thing, don’t pay much mind to it lion-man >wO>!

        • rar, yeah. The longer the pseudonym the cooler, generally ( ゚ヮ゚)

          • Code

            Aww man, I need a cool long name, so I can be cool too! >O>~!

  • Might as well pre-order 2 more copies. After the masterpiece called God Hand, I’m not going to let Shinji Mikami’s game bomb in sales….Again.

    • Code

      rar, God Hand! seriously for creating that, we are all in debt to them.

  • neocatzon

    I love the reload sound

  • karasuKumo

    I was sold after a minute of gameplay, after playing the demo there was no question about buying it :D

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