3D Dot Game Heroes Sells Six Times Expectations, Demon’s Souls Does Double

By Spencer . October 21, 2010 . 4:06pm


Demon’s Souls may have been Atlus USA’s top selling title, but 3D Dot Game Heroes sales pixel exploded way past the publisher’s projections. Atlus USA estimated 25,000 units. 3D Dot Game Heroes actually sold 160,000 units, greater than six times expectations.


Demon’s Souls sales were 380,000, a bit more than double the 150,000 unit projection.


Shin Megami Tensei: Persona 3 Portable was Atlus’ strongest seller in Japan. The PSP version moved 220,000 units, well above the 170,000 unit projection. Shin Megami Tensei: Strange Journey sold 150,000 (150K expected), which was a bit more than Etrian Odyssey III: The Drowned City’s 140,000 units (130K expected).


Atlus plans on selling 138,000 copies of Radiant Historia. Catherine, the first HD game from the Persona team, is projected to sell 150,000 units on both consoles.


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  • DDanny

    Always happy to see Atlus USA making a good profit.
    But P3P having higher sales than SJ, which is a new entry in main SMT, makes me sad, as that probably means we won’t see another classic megaten in some time…
    Well, I do hope it’s not another 12 freaking years wait.

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Maybe the fact that it was a hardcore dungeon crawler was one of the reasons? That’s kinda anti-mainstream. That and the lack of the whole school/social gameplay, which probably warranted Persona a few sales.

      Anyway, just supposing.

      • Bruce

        i think it’s because people go for FF when it comes to RPGs ,and they ignore the rest since they never herd of it , specially since SMT don’t get much hype ,

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          I thought that from P3 onwards, the Persona series started enjoying some popularity, becoming something like a semi-mainstream series, if there even is such a thing… But yeah, people will always go for FF first.

          Too bad, they’re missing out on some of the best RPGs ever made.

          • Well if Atlus bolstered their advertising campaigns for their games then, maybe it would be “mainstream”

        • ShinGundam

          How about blaming DQ ? I mean it is far bigger than FF in japan or Hey we have Pokemon surpass the 4 Million Units.

    • Strange Journey was fucking awesome. If it had a better soundtrack it’d probably be my favorite SMT game overall period.

  • Im glad I bought Persona 3 Portable, now if only I had time to play it. I also have 3D Dot Game Heroes (internet people hyped the game up so much), Ive only played an hour of it. Its quite a charming and enjoyable game, love the lego style graphicsSo just 75K for Catherine on each platform? I guess the game will be fast tracked for domestic released for Spring of next year or earlier? (one can only hope!)

    • Zeik56

      150k total doesn’t necessarily mean they expect both versions to sell equally. In Japan at least it’s probably something like 100/50. (PS3/360, respectively.)

  • pridesin

    It is really nice to hear that Atlus USA is making profit. Though I wonder how the Trauma Team sale went. When I checked the VGchartz, it was not doing good. I hope that at least it sold close to the expected number.

    • That series needs to get its AI algorithm checked or something, I played it on normal difficulty and the difficulty runs rampant all over the place, too many difficulty spikes.

      • pridesin

        ??? how did you check the change in difficulty during game play???
        or are you talking about difficulty between each field???

      • You shouldn’t complain about any game being difficult because your view is skewed; all games are difficult for you

      • It’s not a game for people like you. I play on the hard mode on all Trauma Center related games, and beat’em no problem.

  • DDanny

    Also, it’s nice to see that the biggest sellers from Atlus USA are HD games, even if not developed by Atlus.

    • Wow just what is up with this site… First yesterday and previous times, people brutally attacked and ganged up on me for the HD games cause of their love for their coveted retro games, and now, people are all over these HD games like its the greatest thing since sliced bread. Im utterly confused, its like I entered some psuedoreality.

      Second…I hope this means they attempt to bring out some super robot wars game here, if they are having this much success then they can certainly be able to try to get a console super robot wars game for the PS3/X360 made.

      • There are many different people with many different tastes that visit this site. It’s also possible to like all kinds of games as well, regardless of platform or genre.

        • Potentially, I was basing my inference on a sample of the population of the active commenters here.

          • Joanna

            Yeah I have to agree with Tommy here. I don’t see how liking HD games negates also liking retro games. In fact, 3D Dot Game Heroes is basically a retro game in HD graphics. The point at the time (I read the whole thing) was that you were dismissing a group of games just because they were made prior to the PS2 era, and not that HD games are worse than those games. Like one of the commentators at the time mentioned, each gen has it’s gems and therefore one gen isn’t any worse or better than any other. Although each of us may have our subjective preferences.

            Hope that clears up the misunderstandings. :)

      • Stop exaggerating, seriously.

        • Wow what was exaggerated? It was just an observation.

          • “First yesterday and previous times, people brutally attacked and ganged up on me for the HD games cause of their love for their coveted retro games, and now, people are all over these HD games like its the greatest thing since sliced bread. ”

            Second half was fine. The first half was just laughable.

          • It is laughable when you consider how it seems like a psuedoreality, LOL!

      • the site has nothing to do with it, seriously. You just have to accept there are different tastes in the world! I KNOW, I KNOW! what im saying is crazy, but we have to deal with it

      • The problem in previous times was that you were saying all retro games were inferior to any and all HD games. People were disagreeing. That doesn’t mean those people don’t like HD games. It just means that HD games aren’t superior to retro games just for being HD.

    • NeoTechni

      I agree, rewards competence rather than laziness

    • I notice less that they’re HD games in general and more that they’re PS3 games, specifically.

    • What’s funny about this statement is that it’s not quite true, as I explained to Gestahl in the last thread concerning Atlus sales numbers. But since you missed it, I’ll mention it here too: 101 in 1 Party Megamix for Wii outsold 3DDGH, 189k (at least) to 160k.The key to the success of these games was not that they were HD, but that they appealed to a larger audience outside of Atlus’s typical niche base. Demon’s Souls struck a chord with dark fantasy WRPG fans, and 3DDGH was a hit with the Zelda fans of yesteryear.

      • See, that’s untrue. I hate Western RPG’s normally (if a Western company had made Demon’s Souls, I probably never would’ve known how good it was, because I am not normally interested in those type of titles, usually) and I have never played a Zelda (I know…I know, everyone can pick their jaws off the floor).It simply has to do with the fact that they released the games on a system where people are more likely to play RPG’s. That simple. PS3 owners are probably the biggest market for RPG’s when it comes to consoles.

        • Even I have played a Zelda game (well about 4 or 5 hours, got stuck in Oracle of Ages…lol) lol

          • The only Nintendo system I ever owned was the NES. I was going to buy a SNES alongside my Genesis, but then Howard Lincoln narced on Sega to Joseph Liebermann and it became a political thing with me. Years later, when I was going to get a Gamecube for Resident Evil 4, I was going to take advantage of that Zelda collection disc that was being offered at the time, so I could see what the fuss was about. The week before I was going to buy the Gamecube, though, Capcom announced the PS2 port of RE4, so I figured I had no reason to buy one anymore.I’ve played Zelda-like games (I loved Okami, for example), but I think I played 10 minutes of Zelda 2 when my cousin rented it, but otherwise, have never played one.

        • So if Demon’s Souls was the exact same but made by a Western developer you wouldn’t have played it? That’s the dumbest reason for not playing a game I’ve heard in a long time. You should do research on a game and make your judgment based on the gameplay, not who made it

          • I’m being honest. It would’ve taken a lot of word of mouth for me to be interested in it. For the most part, I see something is a Western RPG, I tune out. I don’t like that style for the most part. I would’ve completely missed out and that would’ve been my fault, but I’m bored by, for example, Oblivion. It’s one of the few games I own that I never finished. Just totally lost interest. I have no interest in that Dungeon Siege III game I saw the trailer for, as another example. It’s just a matter of preference. I think some styles are definitely done better by the West, but for role playing games, I really prefer Japanese developers.

        • You and I can talk about our personal preferences all day, but that doesn’t make them relevant on a larger scale. :)Your assumption appears to be that DS and 3DDGH only sold well because they were on PS3. I disagree, but since both are PS3 exclusives, neither of us will ever know for sure. If Project Dark PS3 is at technical parity with the 360 version but dominates it in sales, you’ll have solid ground to argue your point from….Past sales of JRPGs on the HD twins point to something along the lines of a 60/40 split, or less. I only have LOLChartz numbers for Resonance of Fate, but the breakdown is 58/52. Even with its dramatically inferior 360 version, the NPD still reported a 63/37 breakdown for FFXIII in the March 2010 NPD results.So maybe PS3 owners are more receptive to JRPGs and Japanese games in general than their xbot counterparts. Sure, why not! But the difference is too small to support the claim that these games would NOT have performed exceptionally well for Atlus even if they had been 360 exclusives. The evidence just isn’t there….But a game that plays on Zelda and NES nostalgia, a dark fantasy game with no anime trappings and huge word-of-mouth publicity, and a collection of generic minigames on the Wii. Hard to deny that those would appeal to consumers who aren’t part of Atlus’s typical base, no?

          • All the evidence that you need is to look at Atlas’ previous 360 titles. Look at their sales. They’re abysmal. No matter what the quality of the games are, the fact is that the RPG audience is not anywhere near as strong on the 360, just as the FPS audience is nowhere near as strong on the PS3. Had Demons Souls and 3DDGH been 360 exclusives, I don’t see either selling anywhere near the numbers that they did on PS3, just like how a game like Modern Warfare 2 will sell more on 360. It has to do with what audience tended to gravitate towards which system.

            As for comparing Resonance of Fate…that game sold pretty badly on both systems, sadly, thanks to Sega’s brilliant lack of marketing and genius idea to release it right along Final Fantasy XIII. It is a shame, actually, as that’s the best RPG I’ve played all year.

          • Atlus’s previous 360 titles are 360 exclusive. Attempting to use them as evidence that “the audience is not anywhere near as strong” on 360 for RPGs is like attempting to use Trinity Universe’s abysmal sales as evidence that “the audience is not anywhere near as strong” on PS3. Or citing Lost Odyssey’s sales as evidence that the audience is as strong on 360 as it is on PS3.

            Platform exclusives do not work as proof for either of our points because there is no other version to compare their sales to, and bringing them in only pollutes logical discussion with unsubstantiated hypotheticals. Examples are only comparable when the other variables—release date, content, technical polish—are equal or nearly so, which is the only reason I note Resonance of Fate.

            …I can’t think of any other multiplatform JRPGs this gen which have gotten that kind of equal billing in the US, which is a shame. But you’re welcome to point out any I’ve missed. (Especially if they sold on PS3 and bombed on 360, because that would support your point.)

            I picked up RoF off Amazon today, coincidentally. And I wouldn’t be too down about its poor initial sales; I think it’ll have long legs ala Valkyria Chronicles.

  • EvilAkito

    I wish that Nintendo would license their unreleased games to Atlus, since the two companies have a widely differing opinion on what constitutes success. To Atlus, 160,000 means “greater than six times expectations.” To Nintendo, it would mean “not even one sixth of the expected amount.”

    • Tom_Phoenix

      To be fair, Atlus primarily develops/publishes titles for niché markets, whereas Nintendo develops/publishes titles for the mass market. So it’s only natural that 160,000 would be a lot for Atlus, but only a drop in the ocean for Nintendo.

      Also, there is a huge difference between goals that first-party and third-party games are intended to achieve. For third-party titles, it is important that they simply sell as much as possible. For first-party titles, software sales themselves are not as relevant. I mean, it’s nice if they do sell a lot, but their primary task is to push hardware sales. If a title fails to do so, then it can be considered a failure regardless of how many units it sold. This is why Super Mario Galaxy and Wii Music can be considered failures in the eyes of Nintendo. Even though they sold millions of units, they did not make a difference in terms of hardware sales.

    • At one time Atlus USA published Nintendo developed titles. They picked up Cubivore and Polarium (GBA) for North America. It would be awesome if they could license Nintendo’s back catalog again, but Nintendo hasn’t licensed any games to third parties for the Wii.

  • NeoTechni

    So, does that mean we get 3D dot game heroes 2? With a level editor? A PSP version?

  • Hmmmm…actually, as they’re only expecting Catherine to do 150,000 units across both consoles, it makes a lot more sense now that they would be making a 360 version now. Altas know how profitable the PS3 has been for them and if they’re actually making sales predictions of 25,000 on that console, I am assuming the 360 sales predictions are probably within that level. While the vast majority of their sales will be PS3, I guess another million dollars in sales couldn’t hurt.

  • shion16

    the most important thing
    i want to buy them both xP

  • FROM SOFTWARE rocks!!! :DDD

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