Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 Playtest: CyberConnect2’s Ninja Way

By Spencer . October 21, 2010 . 12:40am

PS3_FreeBattle_Choji vs Kakuzu_01

Whenever I get a fighting game, the first thing I do is check the default roster. Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 gives players a decent starting selection. Sauske, Naruto, and most of his same aged Leaf Ninja friends are unlocked, but if you want to play say anyone of the Akatsuki or Sage Naruto you have to play through the "Ultimate Adventure" story mode.



Compared to the previous game, Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 has less fetch quests and you don’t have to run around Konoha searching for Konohamaru if you don’t want to. That’s an optional side mission now. CyberConnect2 packed the single player mode with more of what people bought the game for, Naruto-style fights. The downside is the "world" is a beautiful looking hallway. You can’t jump around Konoha or throw kunai at barrels anymore. The only thing that interrupts players from running from one fight to the next are mushrooms, broken logs, and the occasional rabbit. All of these have items for Naruto to gather, which he can give to shops to create ninja tools.


Sasuke’s "missions" were the games nadir. After running down through a bunch of screens to recruit team Taka, players have to run back up the exact same screens to complete the story.


Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 makes up for all the forest running marathons with excellent boss fights. CyberConnect2 captured the grandiose spirit of the anime so you’ll pull off impossible moves and fight giant… enemy crabs. A few points in the story mode Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 turns into a rail shooter too. Each fight is accented with quick time events for dramatic Rasen Shurikens and finishing blows. Hit all of these on time and you’ll see a secret movie that flesh out the back story behind the attack. Some of these secret scenes have an artificial film grain, a nice touch for flashbacks.


PS3_BossBattle_Naruto vs Pain_03 

To summarize, Ultimate Adventure’s flow is like this: run, run, pray to statue, found sticky sap x 3, run, minor battle, run, run, run, memorable boss fight. I finished Ultimate Adventure over the weekend and it took roughly ten hours to complete. Unfortunately, you don’t unlock all of the characters that way. I won’t say who, but some favorites require additional work.


The heart of Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 are the fights. If you played Ultimate Ninja Storm you have a pretty good idea of what to expect. This game assigns one button for ranged weapons (needles/shuriken) and another for attacks. Mash the strike button, maybe press a direction with the analog stick, and you’ll do a combo. Another button charges chakra, which can be used to perform iconic jutsu moves, charge up throwing weapons or the extremely useful chakra dash. The system sounds simple, but Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2’s is a bit more complex. You can activate a substitution justu to evade an attack and get behind your opponent by pressing guard right before an enemy attack. Fights with experienced players at some point turn into substitution battles.


CyberConnect2 tweaked the system a bit by removing analog stick spinning and button sequences for ultimate jutsus. The animations are much shorter now too compared to previous Ultimate Storm game. Partner characters play an increased role because of the support gauge. Fill it up by calling partner characters and allies will automatically jump out for team attacks or act as a human shield while you’re charging chakra. Keep calling your partner characters and you’ll build up to a team ultimate jutsu move. Fights, especially with computer controlled characters, tend not to get to the point where you need to use it, though.


360 16 

The biggest addition to Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm 2 is online play. Battles are smooth, but one problem the game has is matchmaking. Finding lobbies is easy, but connecting to them can be difficult, roughly than 20% canceled a connect on Xbox Live. This is something I wonder if CyberConnect2 or Namco Bandai will address in the future.


Aside from SP grinding, CyberConnect2 did another fantastic job handling the Naruto series from the style (it’s a playable anime) to fanservice (there’s a special costumes to unlock, one in particular one for Naruto).

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    The boss battles in this game are the stuff of legends. I missed CC2 (Hack G.U. was the last time I played something made by them), good to see they’re in excellent shape. And I can’t wait for Storm 3.

    Yes, already.

    • Those HACK G.U.were simply perfect, i miss those times when i spend 30 minutes reading the “forums” darn, i wish they could make a new hack game T_T

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        They were awesome, yes sir. What about the stupidly low reviews? I swear I never got those.

        The avatar battles, oh boy.

        G.U. in current gen hardware would make me a happy person. They already have the engine!

        And while we wait, why not one of those HD remasters? Not that it’s a possibility.

      • It’s not only you guys that miss the .hack series :(
        To make it worse, .hack//Link is STILL not localised by Namco Bandai! What did I do to deserve this, Badman?

        • Namco bandai doesnt cares for fanbase anymoar T_T just moneh moneh naruto naruto dragon ball dragon ball

  • I love this game! :)
    The only thing I don’t like about it is the ultimate moves, they were alot more dramatic in the first one, also in the first one you have to press certain buttons as fast as you can to succeed with the move, which I thought was pretty cool :D
    It would’ve been good if that feature was also in UNS2, to avoid spam online which is really annoying =_=

    • I would have liked the ultimate moves too, or a choice (they were great in Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 too, with the timed button presses) though I wonder if it would have made the fights go slower online. I assume if enough fans write in about it, they would include them in Ultimate Ninja Storm 3.

  • cmurph666

    MAI GAWD~!



    I already ordered it… it will take like 2 weeks to arrive my country -.-…

    I have a question though, do characters have only one special jutsu (with the scene) or can they have like 2 or 3 attacks?

    • Each character has one jutsu and one ultimate jutsu during a given fight. However, if you charge up your regular jutsu, sometimes it’ll be something different. For instance, Naruto’s regular is Rasengan. Charged up is Great Ball Rasengan [or Giant Rasengan, whatever it’s called]. Now I know what you’re thinking, not too different. But with Kakashi, his normal is Lightning Blade, and his charged up is called Lightning Run, and he shoots out a fast moving lightning bolt that will track you down and zap you. So not knowing what the opponent will use makes things fun

      edit: as YFU reminded me, a few characters have two ultimate jutsus you can pick before the battle. But only 2 or 3 characters

      • Giant Rasengan* Cant you edit their jutsus still (Ive been online only so far so havent been able to select jutsus, Kakashi online Ive only seen people when he uses Mangekyo Sharingan)

        • That’s true, a few characters have two ultimate jutsus. I can only think of Sasuke and Naruto who are that case, though. Naruto has Rasen Shuriken, and 9-tails Rasengan. Sasuke has Chidori Spear and Kirin. But I don’t think you can select different jutsus like you can in the first, like Rasengan or Demon Wind Bomb. I’ve unlocked like 95% of everything and have never chosen different basic ninjutsu.

      • I still miss the system from Narutimate Hero 3.. 3 Ougis and 2 fully customisable justus per match, rather than only 1 jutsu and 1 ougi. But still, the roster is quite large, so probably it’ll be a hassle for them to include the feature..

        • Yeah, I’m hoping that next generation, all console use quad-layer Blu-Ray Disks so there is never a problem of disk space and games like this can have oodles of characters each with their own oodles of content

        • karasuKumo

          Agreed, Narutimate Hero 3 was one of the best, Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 (PSP) was horrid. Hopefully the next ultimate ninja game will be on the PS3 because I don’t think I can stand another limited PSP version. I loved the multiple jutsu in those games and the 2.5D style. I think they should have done something with Jutsu using the other analogue in this game.

          • Wow why so negative? I had great fun with Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3, it was the first of the games to finally go beyond the Capturing Gaara arc and had fun mechanics and battles.

          • Well, in the transition to Narutimate Accel 3, there were some game mechanics that had to be omitted, and let’s say some of those mechanics were that defined the Narutimate Hero 3 experience. I got quite tired of the Narutimate series after Accel 2 quite frankly because there were only character additions instead of game mechanics (save for partner system in Accel 2). However, Narutimate Storm is something interesting done by CC2, and I am quite happy with it.
            But I still regard NH3 as the best game in the 2.5D series and NH2 was the one that defined the experience, after that so-so NH1

    • What country are you in. Id be so mad for waiting beyond day 1! lol I cant go without my Naruto!

      • My country called “Venezuela” is in the northern part of south america. Is really a process to bring games here, but is the cheaper way, buying games here is like paying 120$ for each ps3 game

  • Aoshi00

    All the changes from UNS1 sound perfect to me, I didn’t get very far before I sold it because I got fed up w/ the fetch quests, and I thought free running around the big Konoha was kind of boring, both aspects just reminded me of Rise of a Ninja which I didn’t like. I think the static hallway camera now looks better and all I care are the memorable fights too. Wondering if I should get this on the 360 or PS3, the demo didn’t look like there were any differences, The first game was on PS3, but I prefer the 360 controller. It’s too bad Kmart has deals for almost all recent new releases except Naruto, hope they’d have some deal on Black Friday or something.. BTW, I heard Madara is voiced by Nolan North, if so that’s pretty cool, dual track would make the game worthy to be played thru twice at least.

    • malek86

      How are the voice actors in the Naruto dub? I know the ones here in Italy really sucked.

      In here, some anime will receive a golden treatment (some smaller releases such as xxxHolic and FLCL), that sometimes actually makes me prefer the dub. While others will get a lazy job (mostly stuff for kids, and shonen too) that invariably sucks.

      Naruto falls in the latter category, so it’s no surprise that it sucked.

      • I think for the game the dub characters for English are pretty excellent. I had not made it that far in Ultimate Ninja Heroes 3 so for this game its been a surprise to here so many characters being voiced that the anime hasnt reached yet (only up to episode 52 here(?) in Shippuden). Though you could take to youtube and here all the characters in English for the exposition videos of the jutsus for this game…if youre so inclined.Sasori and Deidara are the most memorable voices. (well cause Sasori sounds like Zero/Lelouch)

        • Errick

          and Ichigo

      • They’re not great. They’re not terrible but……I use the Japanese voices for a reason

      • Aoshi00

        I’ve only watched a few earlier episodes of Naruto dubbed in Eng. on Cartoon network, I thought it was pretty good, I mainly listened to the Jpn dub though (that’s how I watch anime I don’t need subtitles..). Naruto got a lazy dub job in Italy, man it’s such a big title.. I’m not overly critical of Eng. dub, but I’m more familiar w/ Jpn seiyuu and there’s not much reason for me to watch anime in Eng.. Personally from the little I’ve heard, Kakashi, Naruto, and such sounded pretty good in Eng, but then I haven’t heard much. I just like dual track for all games, that way when I went for the missing achievements, listening to a different dub is more refreshing for a 2nd playthru. I’m used to Takeuchi Junko’s Naruto, but “Believe it” is pretty catchy, does he still say it in Shippuuden?

    • Tobi? you mean.

      • Possible spoiler, but they’re the same person

      • Aoshi00

        Good question, I actually don’t know. I just came across this gamefaq board where someone mentioned Nolan North is the voice of Madara. In the Jpn dub, Tobi and Madara were actually voiced by two different actors, Takagi Wataru is Tobi he usually does the clownish but evil roles, but then they found another older voice doing Madara, so I found that to be a little strange, because Tobi’s seiyuu could do evil too.. So I’m not sure about the Eng. dub in UNS2 here if Nolan North voices both or just Madara.. he sounds like he could handle both roles.

      • Nope, I read Nolan North is the Madara voice

    • I had never heard the Tobi/Madara voice before this game and I thought it was good. There are two distinct voices for his two personalities and both capture said personalities perfectly. Jumpy and joyous, and then dark and I’ll-kill-you

      I went with the 360 version because they’re the same, I like the controller better, and Xbox Live is notoriously better for online multiplayer than PSN. And the online for this game is really fun, unless you get paired up with those bitches that just spam Minato’s Warp Rasengan and other really intentionally cheap stuff. It’s not like I have a problem with every Minato, Itachi, Killer Bee or Sennin Naruto character. But there are those people out there being cheap, who know they’re being cheap, and keep doing it. I don’t see how that’s fun for anyone….

      • Notoriously better? For this game, what do you mean?

        I like people who use other characters different from the norm. Ill stick to Kiba (And regular Naruto)

        • For any game. Xbox Live just works better for online multiplayer than PSN, in terms of connection quality

      • Aoshi00

        Sounds good, I’ll just get it on 360 then, since this is not like Lords of Shadow that’s on two discs (they need you to switch discs to do the trials in the first half of the game!) Glad to hear all the praises, seems like the best Naruto game yet.

        • UGH FFXIII spoiled me, now I wish that everygame had Cutscenes mouth movements matched the english vocal tracks, I guess thats my only con to this game.

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, it was nice they did it for FFXIII, even Advent Children didn’t have custom Eng. lip sync. MGS4 and Lost Odyssey have Eng. lip sync too, the latest Last Story trailer has really good Jpn lip sync. They make the games’ char so much more believable.

  • The game is of particular awesomeness made with improvements to the first that make it extremely awesome.

    The game looks glorious and akatsuki and sasuke’s team members are so cool. I love using substitution jutsus back to back to back it makes the fights fun and challenging.

    • What difficulty are you playing on by the way? I know you always play on the lower difficulties. I went through the story mode on normal, and only really had problems on a few bosses.

      Oh, also, as Sasuke you fight Itachi and Killer Bee. Itachi is part of the main story, and if you fulfill some side-story elements, you fight Killer Bee in an epilogue

      • I guess Im on average, which has been a bit of a challenge. I spent quite a bit of time online, I usually win quite a few thanks in part to the glorious substitution jutsu and Kibas and Akumarus awesome Fang over Fang, lol. Some people are killer though, I think I lost to someone and I had barely done any damage to them…

        Itachi, I faced but how can you dodge the Amaterasu. It gets me everytime, even when Im four tails naruto :(

      • Was there some special strategy for the Orochimaru vs Four Tails and the snakes part fight? I cant get an S rank for it! :(

        • hold circle dont keep pushing it, focus more on the snakes than him, and idk, hit all tha QTE?

          • I have to redo that fight and the pain jiraiya fight. I missed the secret video on that pain jiraiya one by just two stars! :( 20 hours in on the final chapter !

  • Please patch in some way of fast-travel….I can easily say that’s the worst part of the whole game is running from one end of the world to the other, only to have to run all the way back. Second worst would be the loading times

    • I do not think the loading times are all that bad. Maybe Im just used to loading times or the feeling that Im just not in a rush to do anything so I can easily sit and wait a bit.

    • karasuKumo

      Once you beat the story mode you can get Warp Scrolls from the weapons shop.

  • Another corridor game? This infuriates me. Hopefully the rest of the game will make up for it.

    • Infuriating? I would be gladdened that the locations look so marvelously detailed and awesome.

  • Draparde

    I played this game abit and it was alot of fun. (my friend who owned it didint have everyone unlocked yet though lol) personally i enjoy the shorter ultamate jutsu’s, it makes getting back to actual fighting much quicker. i guess the fact i could never beat anyone at pressing the right buttons (and they wouldent change it to tapping because i would always win lol) plays a part in it too.

    • I think thats what the developers also said about the reason for the change. Im personally a fan of QTE’s for the previous attacks but in the game I sometimes fail at it :( (well in single player mode).

      I wish they had kept the onscreen prompt for dodging the ultimate jutsus. In the first game one had the opportunity to use Square or a button to dodge in the nick of time of getting hit. That seemed to be absent when I played this one online.

      • you can still use substitution at the right time…tho i find it lacking and hard sometimes then super easy other times.

        Also i can bare ever do their tilt then circle circle circle moves (i.e. where naruto throws clones of himself) any suggestions?

  • Nyron

    You left out the part where this game is literally the most unbalanced, boring piece of garbage in the series and how everyone should’ve spent $60 on Vanquish instead

    • Okay now that is just plain uncalled for, lol. This game is awesome in the genre it is in. How can Vanquish be compared or even considered an alternative, and one spend their money on that awesome game instead of this awesome game?

    • Boring? maybe a few parts. Unbalanced? When you start dealing with the Awakening modes, yes. Should’ve bought Vanquish instead? Well that’s up to each individual

  • Great game…loved all of it. CC2 did cut some corners though and excluded little things that seem like it wuld hav been easy to add but wuld hav made tha game alot better
    ex…fight with sasori’s first form, real boss fights against killer bee & deidara for sasuke, konohamaru in the roster, some backwards characters (before shippuuden). But definitely a big improvement over first game. Refined the fighting a lot to make it better suited for online play too.

    Now to get all those dam titles

    • I dont know about backwards characters, it would have just felt odd.

      I love exploring the villages, I love the style they chose for it. It feels like we are really in the hidden leaf. I wanted Konohamaru as well, kid is awesome (and Udon, Moegi, and Ebisu)!

  • anbu

    The more I read the latest manga chapters, the more I lose interest in this game. It’s just that the new chapters have cool character development. Say madara (finally showed his left eye!), The other kage villages, Naruto and Sasuke’s power ups. Also don’t forget about Danzou.

    At least the 4th is in this game. He kickedass during the flashback chapter.

    • I think the game stops at a good point (ack stop spoiling the series, some of us arent that far!!!!!!!!!111)

      The english volume monthly shonen jump just finished the gokage summit arc of sorts. I think it would have been too much to introduce all the different leaders and their ninjas and such for this game (why wait a year?)

    • cedo66

      yeah its true but i still like the game naruto is very powerful in the manga chapters

  • yez luv diz game hella fun i am gettin on christmas

  • naruto ninja storm 2 best i am gettin it on christmas and ps3 hell yes

  • Does this game have an option to change the text language to Japanese or just the voices?

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