Stealth Ninja Game Could See Revival Thanks To Twitter

By Spencer . October 25, 2010 . 11:40am

imageAfter K2 took over Tenchu development Acquire started Shinobido. Like Tenchu, this is also a stealth action game where Goh (aka "The Crow") is caught between three warlords. You control what happens in Shinobido by fulfilling their requests or betraying one (or all) of them.


Spike published Shinobido on the PlayStation 2 back in 2005. Sony Computer Entertainment Europe picked the game up for PAL territories, but Shinobido was not released in North America even though it was localized in English. Two more Shinobido titles, one for PS2 and another for PSP, were released in Japan


Acquire is hoping to make a new game in the series. Whether it happens or not is somewhat dependant on whale carrying birds. Endo Takuma, the President of Acquire, heard people were interested in a new Shinobido game over Twitter. The company is asking fans to keep the discussion going by using the #acquire_do hashtag. If enough people request a revival, Acquire will make a design document for a new Shinobido game.


Recently, Aksys picked up an Acquire title, Gladiator Begins. Perhaps, Aksys will grab the rights to Shinobido if Acquire’s Twitter-paign picks up in Japan.

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  • There’s so many hybrid games and action games now, my interest in this (given they get the Twitter support they hope for) depends on how stealth focused it is.

    Tenchu: Shadow Assasins, which was also made by them, showed the direction I want this game to take.

    • capristrider

      My first taste of Tenchu was Tenchu Wrath of Heaven, which I went really really crazy for, getting to a point where I Grand Master ranking on every stage! I still plan to get Tenchu: Shadows Assasins for Wii which I heard is awesome and you get to play as Rikumaru again!

  • d19xx

    The PSP version probably has the worst draw distance I’ve ever seen…..

  • Hexen

    and i want to create more traps to defend my little house.

  • Chow

    Ah, I remember really wanting Shinobito and not being happy about it not being released in North America.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Man, I miss Tenchu so much. Tenchu 2 is as good as ninja action gets. No demon bullshit, just awesome ninja stealth.If the controls were a little more fluid, it would have been perfect. Just perfect. I loved the story and the mood, felt so right.Still have my copy intact too! Gotta replay it again sometime.

    I played a bit of the first Shinobido, but I didn’t really like the game structure (missions, missions, missions). It made it difficult to become immersed in the story, it was too… “artificial”?

    • capristrider

      I agree, I currently playing Shinibido on thr PS2 on and off at the moment and I’m finding it difficult to “get into” and follow the story because of this mission structure but still is enjoyable nevertheless.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Yes, it is. The controls flow well too. Well, let’s see where this revival thing goes…

    • Chow

      I’ve only played the PSX and PS2 Tenchu games. But I always found it weird how Tenchu 2 is the only one with a single, non-conflicting storyline. I think Fatal Shadows had one too, but I can’t remember that game too clearly.

      I always did like how they improved on the controls after the second game, though. It was really aggravating trying to turn around during a battle in the older titles.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        I only played those too, and even then, on the PS2 I only played the one with that girl Rin (is it Fatal Shadows? I guess it is). I tried getting into 3, but I couldn’t, don’t really know why… Guess I’ll try again sometime…

        Yeah, turning was a chore, eew.

        But Tenchu had a beautiful detail: giving you control over sheathing/unsheathing your sword. I just cannot explain how cool that is for me.

        And I remember going around trying to discover the supposedly secret stealth kill for each character, how to make Tatsumaru walk around with his katana unsheathed (I know I managed to do it once! Was it a bug?) and a few more things. Really fun game.

  • I love this game. Especially as a fan of the original Tenchu series. I picked up this, Imashime, and the expansion pack, Takumi, while I was in Japan and I have no regrets. I hope this finally gets to shine in the states even if it will be very late. I was just reminiscing about this game the other day! We need a nice return of the “original” Tenchu feel.

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