See Ys: The Oath In Felghana Limited Edition Images Inside Xseed’s Office

By Ishaan . October 26, 2010 . 4:32pm


The Ys: Oath in Felghana limited edition comes with a music CD and a desktop calendar. Xseed posted a few pictures of the package up on their Facebook page for all to see, along with product manager and official limited edition model, Christine.


Jessica, who you know from our Xseed blog, opted out, this time, for reasons unknown to us. It might have something to do with a bunch of you guys asking her to marry you.

oath_le_002 oath_le_003


No, the Domo-kun energy drink below isn’t included.

oath_le_004 oath_le_005


And while Jess isn’t any of the images, here’s a picture of her desk, complete with a Tachikoma guarding her property:



Ys: The Oath in Felghana is slated for November 2nd. The limited edition will set you back $39.99, while the regular edition costs $29.99.

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  • Ereek

    I’ve had this pre-ordered since it was announced, you don’t need to sell me on it!

    I’ve no problem supporting XSEED and Falcom.

    • kupomogli

      For some reason it won’t allow me to comment on this page except with a reply.

      Anyways. I’ve also already preordered. I do like that Ys7 and Ys3 premium editions make a picture together. We’ll probably see a premium edition of Ys 1 and 2 Chronicles as well.

      • RAVENKam

        ‘I do like that Ys7 and Ys3 premium editions make a picture together’.

        So do the spines of the regular editions. It’s a nice inclusion.

  • Premium edition pre-order paid off, next Tuesday!

    And looking forward to Ys I & II Chronicles next as well.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    I clicked on this link to “See Y’s”, but immediately I “See Cute Asian Girl Christine” and forgot about everything else on the page.

    Just kidding. :P
    I like that desktop calender, the decapitated action figure, and Domo drink (where can you get that?).

  • Just a concern, but could Xseed be cannibalizing their own market? These Ys releases have really small interims.

    • I don’t think so, they’re mainly for the fans and word of mouth, they’ll buy it, and even then, 3~ months between them is fine.

  • too bad i own the PC version of this. Rather not want to buy a game I already have. Anyway the limited edition stuff looks cool

    • falcomgamefan

      Dido. The PC version had a whopping 8 music CDs for the game (which makes the PSP version, its lackluster 1 CD, and lame calendar look like a ripoff). Absolutely not rebuying this version, and not rebuying a game that was just plain terrible to begin with. Not even for a hot girl posing in a picture, which should be a huge red flag for anyone thinking about buying a game to begin with. By the way, who’s the pregnant man in the background?

      • Ok megalink, whatever helps you sleep at night.

        • falcomgamefan

          Excuse me? Is there something that I don’t know that I should be aware of? Any reason you keep referring to me as “megalink”? This the second time you’ve stalked my posts and its getting kinda creepy… I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be a compliment or a personal attack, but it sounds more like the latter.

        • Ereek

          I laughed. Well played.

  • cj_iwakura

    Is Christine included?

  • neocatzon

    I wish they include domokun and tachikoma…

  • Oooh. So much want.

    …wait, there’s a game? Yeah, I guess I’d like the game too.

  • CIN

    Oh gosh, I wish I could order this. Need to find a way to import those sweet Falcom games grrr.

    • WonderSteve

      Where are you from?

      You can try ordering from this site:

      They are based in Canada and ship worldwide. I buy not as well known titles from them (Like Yakuza 3, Ys…etc) even though I am in Canada. They are more reliable than my local EB for preorders.

      I bought Ys seven LE from them and they shipped on US launch date. Much faster than Canada EB.

      • CIN

        Thank you. I’ll be sure to give them a try.

  • It’s kind of a shame they messed up the spines though. I mean maybe it’s just me, but when I put them on my shelf I’m organizing them by their place in the series, not their release date. It should go Ys I & II Chronicles, Oath in Felghana, and then Ys 7. Although I’d also have Ark of Napishtim in there so I guess it ruins the connecting artwork anyways.

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