Rurouni Kenshin Making A Comeback On PSP

By Ishaan . November 1, 2010 . 11:01am


Would you look at that. It’s true what they say…you can’t keep a good man down. And that applies to Himura Kenshin, too, star of Nobuhiro Watsuki’s hit manga set in Japan’s Meiji era.


Kenshin’s getting what appears to be a new fighting game on the PSP, titled Rurouni Kenshin: Second Hirameki, due out in Spring 2011. The “Hirameki” is presumably in reference to Kenshin’s “Amakakeru Ryuu no Hirameki” technique (translated as “Dragon Flight of Heaven” by U.S. manga publisher, Viz)


Given the terrible quality of the Jump magazine scan above, details are hard to come by at this point, so let’s take a real quick look at past games starring Kenshin and Co.


Kenshin and his pals have been in a few games over the years, ranging from fighters to RPGs. The first was Rurouni Kenshin: Ishin Gekitouhen, a rather terrible fighting game for the PlayStation released in 1996, which covered Kenshin’s encounter with Shinomori Aoshi’s Oniwabanshu group:



The second was Rurouni Kenshin: Meiji Kenyaku Romantan, a spin-off RPG, also on the PlayStation, which put you in the boots of two new characters that weren’t in the manga. I never played this one.



Later, Kenshin also starred in Jump Superstars, a crossover fighting game for the Nintendo DS, alongside a long list of other Shounen Jump characters. You can read an old Siliconera playtest for the game here.


And finally, in 2006, Kenshin and his friends made it to the PlayStation 2, in Enjou! Kyoto Rinne, which was yet another fighting game that covered the Shishio Makoto arc of the manga.


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  • What manga is that in the scan, is that Naruto?Anyway, Ive actually never read Rurouni Kenshin. Its about Ninja right? Anyway, seems like awesome news for fans, and Im always game for shonen manga/anime based games, whether I’ve seen the series or not, Im always up for them. They are just so fun.


      While VIZ does provide a glossary in the manga that briefly touches on some of the history that’s relevant to the story, I’d suggest that you read up a bit on 19th century Japanese history for a better understanding of the background of the story. You don’t need to though to actually enjoy it.

    • PersonaBull

      Wow. Try a wandering samurai in the Meiji era. I dare you to not like the series more than the fan-smothered Naruto. Don’t get me wrong, I read Naruto, but man you need to experience better things to compare your assumptions with.

    • ryne11

      Just to add to the others, it is probably THE best translation job Viz has ever done. real high quality stuff.

      • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

        You’re definitely right. Originally, I thought Dragon Ball was the best, but then they made Vegito into Vegerot…RuruKen definitely takes the cake now. I love the VizBig editions they made, too. the full color pages look so nice

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      In my personal and rather insignificant opinion, Ruroken is simply THE best shounen manga of all time.

      • Its better than Naruto, Bleach, or Fairytail or Katekyo Hitman Reborn!!??! Omigosh, describe this manga in detail to me now, if it is good, then Ive got to check it out to gauge how it compares to my favorites.

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          Remember, it’s an opinion =P It’s about Himura Kenshin, a wandering samurai (Rurouni is a word made up by Nobuhiro Watsuki. Ru means to wander around. A ronin is a samurai without a master), who uses a reverse blade sword (sakabatou) and goes about helping people as a way of atoning for his past mistakes. You see, before being Himura Kenshin, he was known as Battousai (a master of Battoujutsu), and was one of the most dangerous assassins during the Bakumatsu. At the beginning of the story, he settles down at the Kamiya Dojo, after being invited to stay by the Dojo head, Kamiya Kaoru (his love interest). Eventually, he gets to know Sagara Sanosuke (the hot blood knucklehead), Myoujin Yahiko (the kid who wants to get stronger) and Takana Megumi ( Kaoru’s rival). Revealing anymore characters would be getting into spoiler territory, so you’ll have to see it for yourself.At the beginning, there’s a bunch of “mini-arcs”, in which you get to know the characters and Kenshin’s violent self (he kind of has split personality). Then, characters from Kenshin’s past make appearances, and things start to get serious. The manga starts getting really good from this point on. I just realized I can’t make a summary without spoiling things, so I’ll just stop. I guarantee you’ll like it. The mangaka’s art style gets exponentially better as the manga goes on (the first few chapters are kinda ugly).The story and characters are really good (the last arc in particular is amazing), there are no loose ends, and the fighting is amazing and totally over the top.But to me, what makes it so special, is the fact that it changed my perspective on life. It made me understand how important and precious life is. Sounds stupid, I know. Maybe it had to do with my age at the time when I read it, but it really made an impact on me, the way Kenshin values life. It’s just great fun. Read it!

          • Its ended serialization? Just how short was it. It didnt end because of decreasing popularity (a sign of bad quality?)? Did it?

          • It’s 28 volumes with a proper ending.

          • Aoshi00

            It ran for 5 and a half years w/ 28 volumes, I would say it’s a pretty long serialization. The story came to an end because the author told everything there is to tell, instead of dragging it out indefinitely. Also when you draw 5.5 yrs non-stop, I’m sure you’d be pretty burned out. Toriyama wanted to end Dragonball after Freeza but Jump wouldn’t let him, he probably wanted to end it at Cell again (and I’d rather forget about the Buu arc), not sure about Kishimoto now, I’m guessing it’s a similar situation, what w/ milking the games and anime. Nothing lasts forever you know. And I hope Naruto would come to a satisfactory ending soon, i’ve kind of lost patience w/ it after sooo long, I’m still sticking w/ it just for old time’s sake, just to see it to the end.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Take a look at… volume 15, for instance. It’s vastly improved, believe me. Just like Aoshi and Tommy Lee said, 28 volumes of great, fluid storytelling and great battles.

            I’m almost certain you’ll never think “wow, I’m kinda tired of this” or “shouldn’t this be ending already?”. There are no obsolete scenes, everything has a purpose and nothing drags out for too long.

            Great ending, and a sweet epilogue too. Then there’s Yahiko’s side story, which is also pretty good, because you get to see him grown up.

            I only have praise for Ruroken, it hits all the right notes.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            I can’t edit my comment, argh. I meant meaningless, not obsolete. Stupid.

          • Wow I looked through chapter one briefly, and the artwork and character designs…people actually like/liked this?!

          • Aoshi00

            The artwork of vol. 1 and vol. 28 look very different (a span of 5 and a half years after all). Just like if you compare vol. 1 of Dragonball to vol 42, or vol 1 of Slam Dunk to vol. 31. Even vol. 1 and vol. 52 of your beloved Naruto, the art at the beginning was not very refined at all.

            Okay.. if you don’t mind spoilers and want to get to the meaty parts, take a glance at the art from Ch 4, 16, or Ch 20, 21, 23, etc, you’ll see Watsuki’s more matured drawing. Man, you really can’t read older manga or play older games huh? Maybe when you show your kids vintage Naruto manga later, they would be like “you read this, pops!?” :)

          • Aoshi00

            Yes, people really loved Kenshin, good story, good fights, good char development, good philosophies, good art, not to mention incorporating a lot of Jpn history (which were quite fascinating, the bloody civil war leading up to the Meiji Restoration, the modernization of Jpn). I like Naruto and all, but it’s no Rurouni Kenshin. Naruto is popular now because Dragon Ball ended in 1995, and Kenshin ended in 2000, that is all. And when Naruto ends, somebody will make some other popular shounen series in Jump. I would say DB and Kenshin are quite timeless though, just like Takahashi Rumiki’s Maison Ikkoku.

          • Aoshi00

            can’t edit.. btw, I meant “volume”, not chapter.. you could read volume 9 too, the art was impressive, it was when Kenshin met Shishio (the main villain in Kyoto arc) for the first time. You do know that Oda (One Piece) and Takei (Shaman King, Ultimo) were Watsuki’s assistants at one point right, before they venture to make their own manga? Watsuki himself was an assistant to Obata Takeshi (Death Note, Bakuman) a long time ago.

          • Oda and Takei worked on Kenshin at one point? Okay, now I have to read it! I love their other manga (One Piece, and Ultimo, respectively). As long as the art progressively gets better then I can read it.

            After reading Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle (final 2 volumes this month, so excited), I guess I just have a high expectation for how manga art should look. Naruto and Bleach and One Piece (have artbooks for all of those and for Tsubasa too)

          • Aoshi00

            Some clips from the anime series for you to get a feel,Kenshin vs. Saitou, much more violent and realistic OVA about Kenshin’s past when he was an assassin during the war toppling the Tokugawa Shogunate.. (people still bleed in anime then…)

          • Aoshi00

            There were just the author’s assistants, so they probably just helped out w/ the background art, drawing minor characters and applying screentones and such (not contributing to the story), but yea, they developed their drawing skills and got influence from helping Watsuki at that time, just like how Watsuki learned from Obata. I missed it when Takei left, I really liked his drawing, that’s why I’m reading Ultimo now, his collaboration w/ Stan Lee.

    • Aoshi00

      “Rurouni Kenshin” is a timeless classic, it’s up there along w/ Dragon Ball or Doraemon, normal Jpn people who don’t watch anime would recognize the name, that’s how big it was from 1995-2000. I can’t believe I would ever meet Aoshi again lol.. wonder if that’s a new drawing done by Watsuki from the scan. Watsuki’s latest work “Embalming Another Tale of Frankenstein” is okay, but I still love Kenshin and Busou Renkin the best.

      • What? You dare not include “Hokuto no Ken” and “Jojo no Kimyou na Bouken.”

        • Aoshi00

          There are many to include, I was simply saying Kenshin was a household name in Jpn. I once talked to a Jpn exchange student in college, she didn’t watch anime but she knew who Kenshin was, I’m not sure if she knew about Araki’s JoJo. Anyway, Kenshin held quite a special place in my heart, it made me interested to learn about bakumatsu and shinsengumi (obtaining info was not as easy back then unless you could read Jpn, now there’s Wiki), prior to that I only knew vaguely about Meiji Ishin. I like stories that weave history into it.

          • That is shocking to believe that there was a time when there was no Wikipedia, or at least its shocking to me as its been around for as long as I can remember.

          • Aoshi00

            Well, once you get used to something you can’t think of the alternative where it doesn’t exists, like they say youtube has only been around for 6 yrs but feels like forever. And there was a time people run to library to borrow books or to blockbuster to rent videos instead of the internet and netflix right now. You probably never used dial-up right? That’s why I thought you were young (I didn’t mean it in a bad sense), I was surprised you weren’t 17, but even w/ 5 yrs added to that, you’re still 10yrs younger than me, I feel like an old fart lol.. you really need to give some old gaming a chance, w/ the advent of XBLA, VC, instead of hunting down the older systems.. we’re old, but I guess I had the privilege of experience gaming from old to new.. so I can see your experience is totally different.

          • Had dialup for a really brief time but then got connected online with the advent of broadband (Cable and FIOS). It is awesome!

            I have Paper Mario and Sonic the Hedgehog 2 from the VC. I havent actually played Paper Mario though :( I dont even know why I bought, I think people told me its a good game. I would get more games on the VC or even the PSN PS1 and other classics, but, Im terrible at browsing or rather even know what to play. I guess Im spurred by suggestions.

  • nyoron

    Oh that’s cool. I’m going to hope that this is part of a larger revival project since I’d really like to see the rest of the manga animated properly.

    • luckgandor

      Took the words right out of my mouth. I don’t know about this game, nor do I really care. It’s just really nice to see that Rurouni Kenshin isn’t completely dead.

  • RupanIII


  • &$#*$#* In my Pants!!!!
    Why do they keep making all these cool games for the PSP. Can we please some anime love on the PS3 or Wii.
    Capcom make a Kenshin game using the Sengoku Basara Engine PLease!!!!!

  • ryne11

    Jinchuu Arc or Bust.

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Seeing that properly animated… I’m drooling.

      That arc was so good.

      • Aoshi00

        W/ this game announced, the Jinchuu arc might just get a proper TV series, just like the final Inuyasha anime years after its previous seasons. I heard they’re surveying readers if they want a proper anime adaptation for Houshin Engi too (since the original anime was so crappy compared to the epic manga), now that Shiki is on the air.

        • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

          Ooh, that’d be cool. The only problem with InuYasha The Final Act, though, is that they had to move really quickly to fit 21 volumes into 26 episodes. It was still good to see, though. However, looking back at my old volumes, Jinchu arc was only ten volumes so it wouldn’t be nearly as bad.

          • Honestly though, Inuyasha was so draggy and long that I felt like they could have cut out many of the volumes and there wouldn’t be any detriment to the story at all. -_- (I don’t normally think of the word “filler” when reading manga, but Inuyasha has the dubious title of being the first manga that made me think that.)

        • Omg a proper anime adaptation of Houshin Engi would be AWESOME! That’s one of my favourite shounen manga (terrible end not withstanding) and I never watched the anime since I heard it was really awful and didn’t want to traumatise myself. :p

          Not to mention that more Taikoubou is always a plus. :D

          • Aoshi00

            Yea, Houshin Engi’s ending did falter as FujiRyu was getting too crazy w/ his sci-fi stuffs, Joka being alien and all.. also his drawing was really getting weirder and weirder, even in Shiki now, the manga based on the horror novel. The old anime was short 26 eps, and it only followed the manga up until ep16 or something and after that the story was original, there were no Chou Koumei or Ou Tenkun, I think they made some drama CDs for it. The animation quality was so-so, it was an early morning show didn’t have much of a budget. I thought it was a pity the fights in the anime were not epic like in the manga at all, the anime really could’ve rivaled DB or Naruto in terms of scope if given the right budget.I loved Taikoubou too (but I’m more of a Bunchuu fan), but I wish they would find someone else to voice him (other than Yuuki Hiro), he sounded quite annoying and I didn’t think it conveyed his slacker charm :) Even the anime was pretty bad, the opening song by Yonekura Chihiro is one of my favs still, feel like I live in another time now talking about RK and Houshin Engi :(..

          • You aren’t alone. I still <3 Kenshin, too. The anime was one of the few cases where I can say I liked it better than the manga…such an amazing soundtrack. :)

          • Aoshi00

            The OVAs were good, but I wouldn’t say they’re better than the manga, because they’re very different, since I’m a long time Watsuki fan (even though when people didn’t like his “failure” Gun Blaze West).

            I don’t think it’s likely they would redo the whole series in the depressing OVA realistic style, Tsuioku-hen worked because the flashback chapters were the darkest arc in the RK manga. I think a Jinchuu anime (including the Tomoe flashback) in Watsuki’s style would kick butt though, the fights were pretty awesome, not to mention we didn’t get to see Aoshi’s new ninja outfit in anime form after he ditched his trenchcoat, he was using his onmitsu detective skills to deduce Kaoru’s fake death, I really want to see his fight w/ Gein too.
            Girls made fun of his infamous “butt-bow” lol,

  • I never liked kenshin, he was way overpowered, also, all the freaking samurais that were in the manga/anime were pro without the swords (they can be good BUT enough to beat someone whos main weapon is the fist!? ridiculous!) Still, some battles were really cool, and Sanosuke pwnz all.

  • cjeromek

    Yes!! A Kenshin comeback. I’ll have to pre-order this on play-Asia as soon as it shows up.

  • MemeticRichard

    Hey, does anyone here remember that one really kickass Kenshin game!? :D


  • Arcm

    The ps2 game was more of an action game than fighting.

    I have both the ps1 games and while not very good the fighting game was memorable, and the RPG was like Thousand Arms lite, since you chose one character to fight as while the other supported from the back.

  • ForeverFidelis



    In fact, he was the reason I got into Guilty Gear.

    I thought Sol Badguy looked like him on the cover art, so I bought it YEAARS back.

    Ah, finally a chance to play as him in ..Wait..the ps2 game was a FIGHTAN GAME?!?


    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      It was a beat em up. It was enjoyable, but far from perfect. Still, it was a really nice surprise!

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    If the screens on the scan are from the new game, it’s going to be a fighting game… Too bad, an action RPG (maybe like Soul Carnival) would be a nice surprise. But it’s more Ruroken goodness, that’s what’s important.

    An HD game wouldn’t hurt either… Let’s stuff CC2’s mailbox with requests, people! No? …Ok.

    • Wait, is this handled by CC2? You’re getting my hopes up, man

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        No, no no! I wish. I wish a Ruroken HD game was being handled by them, that’s all! Sorry for the false hope =/

        • .____.

          /me blackmails CC2 to create an excellent RuroKen game

        • Aoshi00

          Either a Guilty Gear/BlazBlue HD 2d fighting game, or a UNS2 style game made by CC2, drool…. this is like the best news I’ve heard in like 10 yrs, Aoshi-sama lives!!! lol.. not that I’m particularly excited about a PSP fighter, but the possibility of revival, the Enishi arc drawn as a TV series faithful to the Watsuki style..

  • ThunderGod_Cid

    Hopefully this game will garner enough interest for Aniplex to finish the last story arc.

  • The fighting game on the PS1 was just….. Terrible.. I hope that we have news on who’s handling the game soon

  • I wish they would make a psp emulator on the ps3. And i mean an official sony one just in case there is a homebrew one out there. There are those few psp games this nd KH i wanna play but don’t feel like puttin tha money into tha system

  • malek86

    A Kenshin game? In this day and age? It seems a bit of a weird idea. Oh well, hopefully it won’t suck.

    • Aoshi00

      I’m not sure if a PSP fighter is the best way to make a comeback either (seems like a lot of younger people don’t know about this amazing series), the game most likely would suck in my opinion, I’m not even a fan of portables.. Why don’t they just do a CC2 Naruto UNS2 styled fighting game or a 2D fighter ala BlazBlue or Marvel vs Capcom 2 in glorious HD? Those would guarantee the game not to suck. Yea, the past games weren’t that great, what did people expect, the chars were made up of a bunch of simple polygons back in the PSX days, haven’t played the RPG either. I’m not that crazy about a Kyoto Rinne or Busou Renkin styled 3D brawler either, it would be too Dynasty Warriors-ish, which we arldy have enough, Ken’s Rage, Troy, Sengoku Basara blah blah blah.

      Why would you think it’s weird though,it’s all about timing. After all, Dragonball is still getting at least 1 game every year after this series ended 10 plus years ago, and now a re-edited Kai series that does Toriyama’s manga justice. You got to remember Rurouni Kenshin was actually huge, DB-huge, Slam Dunk-huge, or YuYuHakusho-huge. It’s just been forgotten for a while.. And the last part of the manga actually never had a proper anime adaptation, aside from the condensed OVAs w/ drastic different styles. This is a perfect time to revive the series and actually do the Jinchuu arc. The Jump Super Start game was a bit farfetched, but this PSP game gives me a little hope.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        The Enishi OVA was a drastic departure from the manga, and the ending… Well, it was really sad, but it was not what Nobuhiro had in mind at all. It was a disappointment. Tsuiokuhen on the other hand… What a masterpiece, I was stunned the first time I saw it, it’s absolutely perfect. Story, animation, sound, pace. It’s incredible.

        • Aoshi00

          Yea, Tsuioku-hen OVAs were really good, watched them many many time, though the animation faltered a bit at times. It was very artistic and sad, but sometimes they took too much liberty w/ the imagery. The Seisou-hen Enishi OVA was really condensed and an alternate sad ending to the series, it was different from Watsuki’s happy ending, but the animation and direction were really beautiful, and the music.. bawled my eyes out :(.. Gotta dig out the DVDs to watch them again..

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Indeed. For Tsuiokuhen, I think they were aiming for a much more dramatic tone than the one used in the manga. I was pleased by it, it worked for me. The beginning was also shocking, they conveyed the horror of the situation really well in my opinion. And when Hiko appears… oh wow.

            Taku Iwasaki is a God among men. His music gives me goose bumps and makes me all misty eyed. It’s indescribably beautiful. His work on R.O.D. was also very good.

          • Aoshi00

            Yea it was a more realistic take w/ all the humors taken out, Hiko’s poem was really good.. and poor Kiyosato “I can’t die, I don’t want to die, I can’t afford to die, not here, not now”, such an impact, the first time we’ve seen such a cruel Battousai.. though I thought Tomoe (Iwao Junko)’s dialogue wasn’t very clear, it’s like it kept fading away, maybe intentional but still hard to make out so a bit annoying..And the graveyard scene, so memorable..Hiko: “Kenshin”Shinta: “What..?”Hiko: “From today on, that will be your name”Shinta: “Ken… shin…”Iwasaki Taku’s RK music was really good, I haven’t watched ROD, but some tracks for Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagaan were pretty good too.

          • His Witch Hunter ROBIN soundtrack is pretty amazing, too. :)

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider


            Sorry, couldn’t reply to your comment.

            Yeah, he’s really ruthless, I kinda like that side of him though.

            Hiko is such an amazing character. The graveyard scene is so well done.

            “I will give you the best I have!”

            May I suggest that you watch the R.O.D. Ova? It’s really entertaining! TTGL also had cool music, even though it has a different style.

          • Definitely won’t regret watching it again. It’s really peaceful in its own odd way. It’s dramatic, sure, but not in that loud “shounen” sort of way. The entire segment with Himura and Tomoe living peacefully together at that farm is beautiful.

            It kind of makes me wish they’d redo the main series in that style, just because I have trouble relating the two timelines. They were both handled so differently.

          • Aoshi00

            cool, I might check out ROD some time, I knew about it back then but the style wasn’t that appealing to me. I don’t watch that much anime though really, just watching DB Kai every Sunday now. Yea, I remember that line from Hiko passing down his arts to orphan Shinta, he was voiced by “The Red Comet Char” (Ikeda Shuichi) for crying out loud :)

            As for why Jinchuu didn’t get animated, it was because the anime was catching up to the manga at the time, so they had to do lots of “boring” fillers to give Watsuki time to get further ahead. By the end of Jinchuu, its popularity dwindled quite a bit and becuse nobody really cared about the fillers. Also I must say Watsuki’s art near the last volumes were getting worse, not as bad as Inoue’s Vagabond now, but the art became less detailed (ever since he lost his assistants Oda of One Piece and Takei of Shaman King). I’m hoping to see Jinchuu get fully animated though in Watsuki’s style, since Inuyasha and Saint Seiya also got that treatment. The Tsuioku-hen’s realistic style is cool, but not very suitable for the over the top 6-comrade design I think. I actually didn’t like Sasaki Nozomu (Yusuke in YuYu Hakusho)’s Enishi either, his voice wasn’t as good/young as it used to be, he sounded even worse as kid Enishi in the OVA.. I thought that was a bit of bad casting.

          • Aoshi00

            I love me some RK melodrama, the famous “goodbye/fireflies scene” before Kenshin left for Kyoto w/ classical music (Intermezzo) was awesome, so was the scene when Shishio stabbed Yumi (Beethoven Sonata no. 8 Pathetique), truly classic man.. poor Yumi…

          • Damn it, you guys are making me want to watch Tsuioku-hen again, too. I keep hearing War of the Wolves in my head now, haha.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            I haven’t had the chance to see ROBIN yet, unfortunately… Will do so, eventually!

            And now I’m hearing In Memories-Kotowari, it’s sooooo good.

            Well, we all know that you won’t regret watching it again =)

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Yes it was. There was no needless melodrama, it was dramatic when it needed to be. And that made it all the more impactful. Yeah, seeing their relationship mature during the farm period was really satisfying.

            I would also like to see Ruroken redone in that style, even though I’m not sure some would be able to handle the gloom (realism?) =P Not that the anime was bad, it was superb, but it would be interesting to see.

            That and the Jinchuu arc. Seeing Enishi destroying Kenshin with no effort was shocking. I was mesmerized by Enishi’s complete superiority in their first match. It’s also (arguably, of course) the best arc. Why didn’t it get animated anyway? Was it not making a profit or something?

            I really don’t know if I overestimate Ruroken, or if it’s just that good. The manga, the anime, the OVAs (Enishi’s was just good) are near perfect.

    • “Hokuto Musou” would like to have a word with you.

  • gatotsu911

    “Rurouni Kenshin makes a comeback”

    “on PSP”

  • Aoshi00

    This PSP fighter sucking or not, I will pre-order a copy for the sake of Aoshi.. and Watsuki… pls give us a MvC2 styled 2D game, it just fits w/ each char’s tons of crazy moves and a long list of fighters on the roster, if not a UNS2 styled fighting game would do nicekly, just don’t go the Musou route, I’m not sure if my love for the series could handle a Dynasty/Samurai Warrior game w/ a Kenshin skin. Just imagining the Kenshin vs Saitou, K vs. Aoshi or K vs. Shishio fight in HD make me drool.. (am I like the only RK fan here? Sry if my fan mode from 10yrs ago started to kick in, RK, the memories.. it was a big part of my high school to college life, I remember me and my buds were trying to sub the Tsuioku-hen OVA by getting the expensive laser discs, not successful of course.. it’s been too long my friend..)

  • d19xx

    I’m happy as long as I can pwn the universe as Hiko Seijuro…

  • holyPaladin

    Nice info :)
    I hope Soujiro is playable

  • Aoshi00

    Actually I would really miss Saitou’s voice (Kuno in Ranma, Shiryu of Saint Seiya, Tenshinhan in DB, Capt Bright in Gundam, and Tom Cruise….). I wonder who would replace him as the voice of Saitou (You have Midorikawa Hikaru doing a double role as No. 16 and Tenshinhan, or Miroku from Inuyasha as Kuno), but none could match the greatness of the unique Suzuki Hirotaka who was in a different league, his deep voice was too cool for words… RIP.. how I miss him.. I’m guess they would get Konishi Kazuyuki, he’s the new Kenshiro in Keng’s Rage.. or they could use the old recordings.. or this game would have no voice overs because it’s on the PSP :(.. well, can’t wait to hear more new info on anything Kenshin..

  • epy

    OK, please let this not be a port of Enjou! Kyoto Rinne… I already played that one to death. I hope it is a nice fighter or better yet, an action game covering the Jinchuu arc in the vein of EKR.

    My main question is, who will they hire to voice Saitou now that Hirotaka Suzuoki is dead. Those are huge shoes to fill, but somehow Jouji Nakata would seem a great fit imo.

    • Aoshi00

      I’m guessing it’s a simple fighter like Samurai shodown sen (god no!).. and since there was never an anime on Jinchuu, I doubt they would do a game on that. Like Saint Seiya, they didn’t do the PS2 games until after they made the Hades OVAs.

      They might get Konichi Kazuyaki to replace Saitou, he seems to have filled in some important roles like Kenshiro in Fist of the North Star or Ikki in Saint Seiya, he can do a pretty cool deep voice I guess (Tooya in Ayashi no Ceres, his debut role, was the best).. Actually Fujiwara Keiji could pass for Saitou too, he has a deep and could do sarcastic voice.. The sad truth is any new guy would sound out of place since we’re so used to Saitou’s voice, unless they just use old recordings if there aren’t even that many new lines, it’s just a PSP game after all.. I hope this would turn out well instead of a quick cash-in (it kind of is since it’s not on consoles…). It’s still nice if we get to hear Suzukaze Mayo as Kenshin again, I had a thing for her :)

  • Exand

    I remember running what was probably the first English Ruoruni Kenshin website on the net way back when. Man that was such a long, long time ago. Too bad Geocities closed down and the sites gone now, haha.

    Probably going to pick this up for nostalgia’s sake. And now I’m going to go find my Rurouni Kenshin manga so I can read over it again.

    • Aoshi00

      I made my very first RK/Aoshi website w/ Geocities (it was one of the free hosts at the time)! my domain name was like tokyodojo. I mostly just posted fanarts on it and a lot of people followed me then.. yep it was very long ago indeed, kind of crazy when you think about it.. it’s like Kenshin said, one can’t stop the flow of time..

      • RupanIII

        That takes me back; I had a couple Geocities sites too heh, DB and FFVII. I got into Kenshin a few years after that. Ah, back when the Intarwebs still held some magic, before social networking and all the cynicism, a hideout to mingle with fellow fans

        Time to rewatch some old series haha

        • Aoshi00

          facebook, what facebook lol.. yea, fans congregated thru mailing lists back then, I was on an EVA list for a long time, then SASSE (Saitou, Aoshi, Soujirou, Shishio, & Enishi, the badboy RK list lol) it was really cool at the time, people did translation and scans, not scanlation that time yet. My old site was actually called “Shinomori Aoshi’s Oniwabanshuu HQ” before Geocities vanished into oblivion last year, not sure if you ever stumbled upon it. Not to blow my own horn, but people really digged my RK fanarts back then (I’m a bit of an artist), I loved the series I drew the heck out of it.. Kenshin was definitely something.

          • RupanIII

            Heh I might very well have stumbled upon it, but later on. At that time DB/Z/GT was my major obsession, and a year or two after a friend got me into Kenshin and Eva and other shows. That’s cool about your fanart, I used to do DB and FF stuffs, weren’t that great tho haha I wonder if our Geocities pages are in that massive archival torrent they released,2817,2371899,00.aspSometimes I’ll get nostalgic and go on the Way Back Machine and browse the old fan sites and communities. Rarely I’ll come across one that’s still online, but hasn’t been updated in like 5 years heh I guess they look pretty primitive by today’s design standards, but the fan community/involvement level was great back then

          • Aoshi00

            lol, I hope no one could find my old website, it would be pretty embarrassing looking back to it now, it was during my college days . I was big on EVA too. I couldn’t believe people were still leaving comments on my website even though I haven’t updated it in years.. and now it’s finally gone w/ geocities closing down for good. Yea, back then you had like one or two people who could translate Jpn and they were worshiped like god, do you remember Maigo-chan, she translated all of the Kenshin manga back then..

          • OMG I love EVA!!!! Best human character in a mecha anime, Shinji and Asuka! Its just awesome, and the original anime was good too!

          • RupanIII

            Yea def, and speaking of Eva when’s Funi going to release 2.22..

            Heh yea Aoshi.. translations, info, fanart, fansubs, imports, OSTs etc were all in short supply and hard to come by back then, so when ppl found a source they kinda banded together I guess, maybe helps explain how the community/ies were so booming back then, like an anime con online heh Must’ve been nice to see ppl leaving comments still, like your work and those days weren’t forgotten

  • dacrayzblaze1


  • SouskeSagara

    Thank goodness Kenshin is back I love this show sooo much!!!!!

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