About Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix’s Secret Episode…

By Spencer . November 5, 2010 . 2:30pm


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix has a bunch of new features. The biggest is a secret episode with a new area to explore. The area, according to retailer Game Star, is the world of the secret movie from the previous title*. Square Enix created a new map and story scenes.


Other details mention the game has nine additional missions plus boss fights with characters like Monstro and an armored character.


(*Note: It isn’t clear if the previous title is the original Birth by Sleep or another Kingdom Hearts game)

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  • BelmontHeir

    I take this means you’ll be playing as Aqua? If it’s the area I’m thinking of. I’d go into more detail but, spoilers and all.

    • I know what you’re referring to, And I think that’s where as well.

  • Well so how will us in America get to take part in this secret episode and what not? Or are we faced to bear the fact that we live in an unfair world and can not take part in this epic game?

    • Testsubject909

      Go with the latter. Consider how we didn’t get any of the earlier Final Mixes.

      Yup, Japan gets all the cool toys and we’re left with… Well, at least things are starting to look up nowadays with new developers providing interesting new IPs…

      I still want a dancing and singing Jack Frost doll though… Damn Japan…

      • karasuKumo

        The Gundam simulators in the Japanese arcades are another thing that needs to come to the west.

        • MemeticRichard

          Well, I dunno if it’s officially sanctioned or not…but I caught one a few years ago at a local arcade in Austin, Texas. Among some other Japan-only machines.

          Forgot the name of the arcade though. Alien…something. Or UFO. Beats me.

    • Well, Some Can.

      Should be a good download.

  • Starmony

    Dear Nomura: I can’t. You’re cheap and I hate you.

    • neon6

      If Japanese gamers feel the same way we do about re-buying games with minimal differences in content, they’re probably just going to pirate the game, just like with Dissidia.

      • MemeticRichard

        This isn’t even worth pirating. It isn’t worth going through the trouble of spending 2 hours torrenting this.

        • I Dunno, the color edits and new bosses alone seems worth it. The Secret Episode is just cake.

          • MemeticRichard

            I have better things to illegally fill up my memory stick with.Nomura doesn’t, and NEVER will have ANYTHING on Suikoden II. That’s a game that I proudly own two copies of – one in mint, one in shrink-wrapped, and one I happily emulate on my PSP.So yes, Nomura and his filthy trollgames SHALL stay far, FAR away from games that, ironically, have REAL heart.

          • But Suikoden and Nomura aren’t even the same type of game. I think you just have a hate for the guy…

            I guess we just have a difference in opinions. KH, FFXIII, FFX/X-2, Crisis Core were all awesome games imo (Maybe they suck in hindsight, but if you enjoyed the game the first time you played it, then it did it’s job). Sure, Sakaguchi is better, but I think people these days are too busy trying to compare games (and subsequently debunking a game based on something else) instead of liking or hating it based on what it is (Example: FFIX is my Favorite final Fantasy. FFX has nothing on FFIX. However, I still like FFX for what it is, instead of what it isn’t. Which is final Fantasy IX).

            But that’s just me.

      • Tokyo Guy

        I’ve always wondered just why prices are so high in Japan to begin with. I mean to this day, CDs here still cost in excess of $25-35. For a CD. It’s absurd. There are so many people pirating, or even going to Tsutaya and renting CDs to burn them, it’s like, “When will these companies wake up already?” Blu-Ray movies cost around $50, new DVDs still cost around $35…while I don’t pirate anything (it’s a personal choice, I’m not going to judge others) I can fully understand why people do, especially here when the pricing is just plain idiotic.

        I think that companies charge what they do simply because they know the diehard fans/otaku will pay it. And by making the extra content, it makes companies like Square appear to be being “thoughtful” to said fans/otaku.

  • MemeticRichard

    Not good enough.This is still utterly no excuse or justification to totally troll the entire overseas fanbase, and milk the Japanese one.Nomura, as well as his little Final Mixes, can all go to hell. SE needs to hurry up and fire this guy already.

    • PersonaBull

      But, if you fire him, we have the same issue with Kingdom Hearts as we do MegaMan at the moment.

      PS: Why would SE fire the guy making them so much money?
      PPS: It’s not only his idea. Honestly, it’s more likely SE’s idea.

      Think before you post, people.

      • MemeticRichard

        No, it’s all 100% him, trust me on that. In more interviews than I care to count, it’s HIM with the ADD because he makes it a point to relay how difficult it is to greenlight any project with company heads. Rather then they bugging him, HE’s bugging *them.*

        If anything, I’m safely assuming they are the restricting spring on his retarded swinging doors. He’s most likely coming to them every week with project ideas, and just to shut him up, they’ll greenlight one every month or so…

        There’s absolutely no logical reason as to why any one single person would work on so many projects, especially with a company like Square-Enix, which has as many designers and producers as they do. He’s personally interfering in as many things as he can, and for that, he easily wins my Gaming Industry’s Douchebag Of The Year Award, even topping Bobby Kotick.

        • Tokyo Guy

          Indeed. Square just posted something about their profits being down significantly from last year, and it’s in no small way related to the fact that it basically has so few games coming out, and the potential hits it DOES have are all being dominated by Nomura who can’t finish any of them.I mean, give me a break already. It’s approaching one year since Final Fantasy 13 released, and the world has yet to even see a playable BUILD of Versus. Not even a demo, just actual gameplay footage. I mean I love how he went on and on about the game having a world map and various modes of transportation, though we have yet to see anything to substantiate it. Meanwhile, Monolith Soft managed to release Xenoblade and Mistwalker will soon release The Last Story, the former of which (IMHO) trumps anything Square has put out in years. These games are considerable projects with hundreds of hours of time spent making them as well. The only difference is that the people making said games had/have the ability to prioritize and finish what they startedNomura is a typical example of someone who isn’t qualified to do their job being given too much responsibility and clout. He lacks proper time management skills and the ability to carry out his intentions. As a result, projects are endlessly delayed (assuming he even speculates a release date in the first place) and yet Square continues to cave to his every whim because he is now the only real “brand” it has given that all of the real talent left years ago. When exactly will we see Versus? Given how the game is being promoted (by Nomura) as-for all intents and purposes-the “real” Final Fantasy 13, it’s just plain silly that it’s nowhere near complete. HOW long has he been working on it? Final Fantasy 13 was such a total disaster in Japan (well, in the sense that the game was slashed to clearance prices just weeks after release and that no one seems to have anything good to say about it in retrospect) that you’d think Square would have sought to put more pressure on his team to finish the damn Versus.

    • Tokyo Guy

      Well, to be fair it’s not just Nomura. Square has been hellbent on re-releasing games here since Final Fantasy 7. You know, the funny thing is that the Japanese software process works such that the companies only release products when they are finished, whereas American companies release unfinished products and then patch them later. This is why it’s such a HUGE issue when a game has to be recalled here because of bugs or glitches, because the company has committed a major “sin” of software design.Thus it has always amused me that Square, so openly, will re-release their games to the public here, and that people will buy them. Because it seems quite clear that the Japanese gamers should be mad as hell they got screwed out of the “full” game to begin with. Look at the changes between FF7 and FF7 International. Heck, look at 3D Game Heroes for that matter. Japan is constantly getting ripped off, and then when the companies decide to be “magnanimous” and give Japan the missing content, it’s done at the cost of buying the entire game all over again.How many games has Square re-released here…Final Fantasy 7, Final Fantasy X, Final Fantasy X-2, Final Fantasy 13, Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2…and these are just the home console games at that. And then after doing this, then you have all of the foreign markets angry because they have gotten screwed out of the final content additions. In this day and age, with patches and DLC available, there is no excuse whatsoever why companies like Square can get away with re-releases, and why foreign markets shouldn’t be able to get them too, all the more so considering that the market here continues to contract whereas the foreign ones continue to grow.

      I have said it countless times before, and I will say it again: SquareEnix claims to be “modernizing” its internal operations to become more of a world developer and less of a conservative Japanese company, and yet all I see is a total failure to do so. Instead of trying to appeal to its overseas fans, it pulls this crap and basically says “You’re not good enough to get the final content” even though you KNOW fans would buy it worldwide. Then, it continues licensing western games that no one in Japan gives a crap about for the sole purpose of trying to show the public that it actually has new games to release less they quickly begin to forget about it.

      Radiant Historia, for example, is one of THE best non-Square games I’ve played in years. It’s like Valkyrie Profile meets Chrono Trigger (kind of) and I am literally having flashbacks to the SFC/SNES era while playing it. Yet lo and behold, Atlus published it. Solatorobo was a fantastic RPG, and yet [Namco] Bandai published it. Square has totally lost its ability to make hit games IMHO, instead relying on whoring out its tired and true IP in an effort to milk the fanbase for every yen they have. Nier represented great potential, and yet just as with the Xenogears staff, Square let them go.

      • MemeticRichard


        No offense. But, you know, beers to the disgruntled fan! SOMEONE! Get this dude a beer.

  • karasuKumo

    It may not be my place because I haven’t played a KH game but is there a point in a “mix”? Can’t they just do it as an update or DLC? It’s so blatant that they just did it so they can charge more. SE you annoy me sometimes, increasingly so at the moment.

    You sort of messed up XIII and we forgave you then you obliterate any traces of respect with XIV, release this pointless “mix” and have taken so long with the two games that actually look like they have potential to be great (Agito, Versus). You haven’t said anything about a VII remake either and keep it as secret as a secret can be kept, I’d just like a yes or no! That’s coming from a fan! Wada needs a punch. Sorry for ranting XD.

    • Basically, Either Nomura intentionally nerfs the Jap release, or he legitimately comes up with Ideas after the fact, but essentially, it goes like this:

      Kh is Released in Japan
      Kh is released in US/Eur with a few extra features
      KH Final Mix is rereleased in Japan with all the US Features, plus Enemy Color Reedits, extra enemies/bosses, and new cutscenes and new skills and keyblades).

    • Joanna

      I thought they said they aren’t remaking VII. So they have given you an answer. Now whether you take that at face value is entirely up to you, but SE has given you an answer, whether you like that answer or not.I agree that SE has been in a downward spiral for awhile now. It’s almost shocking to think they gave us TWEWY about ~3-4 years ago.

  • MisterNiwa

    So we can travel to the shadow world? Interesting.

  • I don’t get it. Final Mix had been there since the first KH, so what’s with the pointless hate?

    • Apollokids

      Because when you do it the first time, it is not such an apparent rip-off. The secret ending you try and unlock in the first game was a secret to most people and opened up a possibility for a sequel. Take that to the extreme and you have the situation now. They deliberately finish making the game(product); at which point they cut out content and sell it at retail. Reintroduce the content at a later date under a code name ” Final Mix” and expect to sell it at full price. They then expect this to work again.. and again.. and again.. and we have been given spin-off after spin-off of a game of which the true fan base wants the story continued in kingdom hearts 3. This of course is to further sell this business model rather than keep the integrity of this story/series. And it’ll work in the short run… but when there is no more garbage left to layer onto the original fairy tail- this series will turn out like Mega-man or Sonic. Ridiculed at this point…

      • Tokyo Guy

        Yeah, I agree with you. KH has been one of the biggest sell out series in the entire modern age of gaming. I mean HOW many games have been generated from a whopping TWO real installments? Chain of Memories was, IMHO, acceptable because it was so radically different and the first of it’s kind for the series, but now it’s like Nomura has totally forgotten how to count and is basically allowing Square to churn out mindless KH games every few months.

        • MemeticRichard

          Forcing Square to churn out mindless KH games every few months. *Forcing.*

          …It’s all him.

        • I Wouldn’t say mindless, considering that they do switch up the gameplay and the stories ‘do” fit into the overall chronology of the game.

          I would, however, say pointless and oversaturated. When I first played KH1, and CoM, and KH2, I was genuinely excited. Until KH3 (Or kh3d, which actually sounds kinda awesome) comes out, I probably won’t feel that way again.

      • I do, however, feel that it is better that they milk the series this way (having spin-offs) rather than continuously making KH3 and then 4 and then 5 and so on, which basically mean that the series will have only /one/ sequential story. Making all these supposedly pointless spin-offs is Nomura’s way of ensuring there will always be a few plotholes waiting to be filled with new installments.Supposed that he went through and made KH3 immediately after KH2, I don’t think that game’s story will be all that compelling without an absurd amount of flashback/storytelling about Xehanort’s origin.So, rather than playing sequential games that goes all Monster of the Week, I would prefer multiple spin-offs that make me go “Oh, that’s why” on the overall story.

        But yeah, Final Mix is pointless, but hating Final Mix is even more pointless. : If it prints them money, I don’t see why not?

  • Apollokids

    Because when you do it the first time, it is not such an apparent rip-off. The secret ending you try and unlock in the first game was a secret to most people and opened up a possibility for a sequel.

  • Tokyo Guy

    I don’t mean to seem like a troll here, especially since I absolutely adored Kingdom Hearts 1 and 2, but is anyone else just plain tired of this series? I mean, between the incessant rehashes of the first two games, it’s kind of like “Just make something new already”. But then again KH2 really disgusted me because it became so convoluted and nonsensical with the whole Organization 13 nonsense.

    Also, I feel that the series has totally lost the appeal it once had, which was the Disney and Square characters…

    • Yeah, kinda. I wouldn’t say I’m completely tired of the series. I’m just tired of playing through the same levels over and over again.Kh1, CoM, KH2. A very simple and loveable little trilogy there. But then there’s 358, Which was, aside from a cool gameplay style, was a pointless game imo. It was a good Concept (Expand on the Organization, fill in a few gaps), but the limitations of the System It was put on, while an admirable attempt, ultimately inhibited it’s full potential. Putting it on the PSP would have been a much better option.

      BBs was good, although the worlds felt a bit empty. I Like to think of Coded as the COM of KH2; I liked Com(Both Versions).

      So Yeah, I’m sick of seeing the same worlds rehashed, and I’m sick of hearing Simple and Clean/Sanctuary (Ok, I’m lying. I DO like it the first time I see the new opening. Then I’m sick of it again), but the feeling I got when I played Kingdom Hearts, as well as the gameplay and the fact that I’m genuinely interested in the series’s story, are enough to keep me buying. I guess I’m part of the problem ;P

      Of Course, I’m not buying this version.

      • Tokyo Guy

        Yes, that’s what I’m getting at. Because while these endless spin off games have their own story per se, they are just rehashing the same levels over and over and over. HOW many times do we need to play Traverse Town, for example.

  • Dear Nomura,The PlayStation Portable has a PlayStation Store, please utilize the full capacity of your console next time.You’re disgruntled fan,Jason Coolstyles

  • MizuMikomi

    Well atl least I won’t have to play through teh game all the way again. Since in a previous interview Nomura said for people to hold onto their original Birth By Sleep saves. Of course, since I have bought this game 3 TIMES: Once for me in Japanese, once in English, and a 3rd copy for my sister. I will be obtaining it through other means.

    Kingdom Hearts is a series I use to kill time, and if they add more crap that kills my characters in an instant, I am a sucker for it and cave in. The series shines less and less with each release, but I still can’t keep myself from playing, call it an addiction if you will but this news just makes me want to play it more.

    Anyway I think the secret area is either The World That Never Was, OR the LARGER Keyblade Graveyard Nomura talked about, and then ultimately ended up making it as small as it is now.

    Either way I am still going to end up playing this for a third time… yay me… -.-

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