Enslaved On Sale Now, Super Street Fighter IV Later

By Spencer . November 9, 2010 . 1:09pm

imageAmazon’s Gold Box is filled to the brim with video game deals like the Enslaved: Odyssey to the West for just $25. Just a month ago, Enslaved was $60 smackers.


Another deal that piqued our interest is coming at 6:00PM PST. The clue is "the best and the latest Street Fighter." Unless Capcom is going to stealth launch Super Street Fighter IV Hyper Remix this is going to be a Super Street Fighter IV deal, but which console will get it?

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  • PersonaBull

    I snatched up Enslaved. I was thinking of trying it out, and, considering it was 60 bucks but a month ago, this is most certainly an excellent deal.

  • $25 already? I could easily see this game coming up in more sales soon. I would get it but I wanna keep some cash on hand for Black Friday deals (looking to snatch some Alpha Protocol and Vanquish)

    Though congrats if any manage to snatch up Enslaved before it sales out.

  • I still think Enslaved is only worth a rent. It’s one of those games you enjoy and beat in a week and hardly play again.

    • Perhaps a “week” isnt a good measure of time…I beat Final Fantasy XIII in 5 days, at a time of 63 hours…Split/Second platinum trophy in one week at 32 hours…

      • Well, 5 Days is pretty much a week (at least a school week). It’s a pretty blanket term that would be good enough to take into account real life situations. And Split/Second is a racing game so , honestly, 32 hours seems kinda long to me haha.

      • Aoshi00

        I finished FFX in about 7 days back in college (same for Kingdom Hearts). 13 took me about 3 months playing on and off (Jpn ver. was released in Dec), just lost interest at so many points. I finally forced myself to finish it right before the US release and got crushed by the disappointing ending :(…

  • Happy Gamer

    i got enslaved day 1 and altho the game was great it was way too short for a 60 bucks game. if ur the type to play games over and over its a great little game. its very story driven so the novelty sort of wears out quick though.

    I loved Enslaved. I feel games are a bit too expensive sometimes for the length it provides. But had it been longer would I have liked it is the question.
    It’s not the most replayable game in the world nor has enough variety to keep playing levels over and over like Bayonetta.

    • Aoshi00

      Most sellers had deals for Enslaved on day 1 before, like Amazon gave $10 credit plus soundtrack for pre-order, or Kmart was having a $25 coupon for Enslaved, so I basically got it for $35 and I thought it was really worth it, I just couldn’t wait to experience the story after the demo, I’m going to keep it as well for the DLC and I only sell games that I didn’t like. Sometimes I really don’t put that much importance on the length of a game or replayability, because chances are w/ so many games out at any time, I don’t have time for just one single game anyway, let alone replaying it, I think 10 hrs give or take is kind of the sweet spot for me actually. That way I could actually finish the game.It’s like Heavy Rain a lot of people say it wasn’t worth $60 either because it was only fun for the first playthru, it’s like a movie, once you’ve seen it you know everything, so there’s no more excitement the next time. Still I place the worth of a game on the experience it gave me. Both Heavy Rain and Enslaved have entertained me in a unique way no other games did. Enslaved might not have a combat system as deep as say Bayonetta or Vanquish, but Vanquish has a stupid story just to set up the shooting too, while Enslaved had excellent story and chars that made you hang on to the edge of your seat. And I found the last stage and epilogue extremely satisfying.The cost for most new games these days is about $40 because there’s so much competition and the sellers are price matching the heck out of each other in the last few months.It’s like Heavenly Sword, short too, 6-7 hrs maybe, but it was one of the earlier PS3 games that showed off the system’s capabilities (and most probably don’t remember now there was a time there was no games on the PS3). It was short, but it made clever use of the sixaxis controller at the time, it was refreshing. And overall I liked the acting and presentation, gameplay was fun for me as well, it was fun while it lasted. I did go back to replay some missions, namely listening to it in Eng (I played it in Jpn first). Speaking of which, it’s really a pity Enslaved was not dubbed in Jpn like I said before, otherwise that would at least warrant another playthru.

      • Happy Gamer

        i totally agree withu on many points. im not too picky when it comes to games hence my name. I just enjoy it. It’s getting harder and harder for me to play games and even purchase any due to school and my budget which will get worse as i have to get loans starting jan. just to continue school and live in inner city Miami.

        I think it’s just a personal rant due to situation “at the moment”

        Enslaved was one heck of a journey for me tho. i played it thru twice technically because for some reason my game didn’t save first time thru and i played up to well…right before pigsy died lol. and i still had fun.

        I wish the game gets a sequal or some kind of tie in to the story over the months hopefully the setting is amazing and id love to see some more backstory as DLC. I may give it a 2nd go for the achievements using ninja suit. speaking of which i didn’t pre order it is there way to get it?

        • Aoshi00

          I just thought it’s a pity because so many people just wrote the game off because of the short introductory demo, the game opened w/ a bang literally, but I guess there was not much variety at that particular part of the game. And most people who played it liked it, other than being a tad short (only because it was so good I didn’t want it to end, I wanted to spend more time w/ the chars). I still like the pacing of the story though. And unfortunately word of mouth could only do so much.I hope the Pigsy adventure DLC would include new skins for Monkey and Trip that would mix things up a little. I kind of doubt this would get a sequel though, stylistically it’s a bit of a successor to Heavy Sword I thought, except Trip was so much hotter, and Serkis gets to play a more handsome guy instead of a vile villain :) I dunno, lots of people here aren’t too crazy about Ninja Theory, especially the new DMC project, I on the other hand am all for it because I liked the two games they’ve done so far. Heavy Sword was great, there was no games on the PS3 for the first year or two, and they actually did something fun w/ sixaxis which was kind of abandoned later after they put the vibration back in (other than Heavy Rain).P.S. I don’t think I would replay the game for a while, maybe later I’ll play it on hard again. It’s hard to outrun the bosses within the time limit though.. could you do it? Also that Rhinoceros boss pissed me off, the achievement of never being hit by its headbutt.. It would be very satisfying to get those achievements..

        • Guest

          Considering all the price cuts recently released games are getting there’s no reason to rush and buy something on day one. Because there are way too many games coming out every month prices need to be cut sooner or later, or else stores will end up with dozens of copies nobody bought.

          In my case, i prefer replay value over lenght. A game that makes me come back, with plenty of juice to squeeze, with extras and what not, is the kind of game i want more these days. I don’t mean trophies or any of that crap, i mean real extra challenges within the game.

          • Aoshi00

            Well, Castlevania LoS has a lot of challenges too (once you complete one chapter it unlocks the challenges on each stage by putting on some restriction or criteria), and you dont get the trophies until you do them all for every chapter, so those were tough trophies. The game is extremely long as it is though, I went back and do some challenges doubt I’d be able to do them all, I’m only half way done w/ the game at the 10 hr mark or so.. Personally, I have way too many games that I have time to play, so again I don’t care much if there’s replayability, like Bayonetta I went back to play it in hard, but only for a little while, had to move on to other games. There are definitely many games out in the last several months till year’s end, just on the Wii there’s Kirby, Donkey Kong, Metroid Other M, Epic Monkey, etc. It’s like several games on each system, I don’t even have time to play them all, but I thought I would take advantage of the deals, since I bought them for like $30-40 on average I don’t have to worry about waiting for price drop later. And depending on how badly I want to play a game too. It’s really the price matching that drives the price further down so soon though, Kmart joined in w/ all these crazy deals in addition to Best Buy and Tosyrus, Amazon was not as good but right now they’re doing these buy 2 get one free, or buy 2 get so so much gaming credit, the stores are really going at it way before Black Friday, just like Christmas sales is starting too.

            And that’s not even including the recent Move and Kinect launch. I got both because kmart had a good deal and I got Kinect at the launch party w/ some freebies. Both are quite fun in their own right and exceeded my expectation, especially Kinect. My sister is going to love Dance Central.. and I heard Kinectimals is actually good for kids and even adults, I’m excited what Jpn games would come out later, all in all, a great purchase.

            For me I didn’t regret getting Enslaved for $35 at all, couldn’t wait to play it and it met my expectation and more. But yea, there are just soo many games these days..

        • Aoshi00

          If they had put the first boss fight on the demo, Monkey riding the cloud fighting w/ the dog for the first time, I think that would’ve wowed more people, just like the first boss fight in the Vanquish demo you know. Too much of a spoiler I guess since the game was so story driven..

  • Thanks for the heads-up, Spencer; I just snagged it. ^^

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