Major Changes Planned For Final Fantasy XIV

By Spencer . November 11, 2010 . 5:51pm


Square Enix realizes Final Fantasy XIV needs work and they have a plan to fix it. A wave of changes are coming in a November/December update that rebalances the game and should improve communication with features like filters and multiple logs.


Regarding the game’s economy, Final Fantasy XIV will finally get an item search feature in the marketplace so buyers and sellers can find each other. There will be new guildleves, class adjustments, synthesis recipe changes, and map interface tweaks coming soon. Square Enix also plans on addressing load balancing problems with the November/December update. Notorious monsters bearing loot will also start roaming the world in December.


Bigger changes are coming in early 2011 when Square Enix introduce guild-like companies. These player run groups can acquire buildings for use as a headquarters and ships to move around Eorzea. Aligning with a company will have some kind of benefit, although Square Enix hasn’t said what that is.


Unfortunately, for many launch players the free trial period will expire before all of these features are implemented. So, if you’re a Final Fantasy XIV player or thinking about checking out the PlayStation 3 version coming in March 2011 peruse the entire list of changes here.

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  • joesz

    this is good news. for us and the game itself

  • shion16

    probably the free trial period was just a beta test period

    • With a 60 bucks “testing” fee.

  • cmurph666

    They need to try and make it not suck.

    • neon6

      That will be….very, very hard for them to do.

  • I gave the game a chance, but it just did not do anything for me (at least not anything positive). Had a great score though!

    But, if there are people enjoying it, I’m glad they are seeing improvements. From my perspective however, there is little to nothing, short of a Star Wars Galaxies major reboot of the game (only doing the reverse effect of what Galaxies did by making the game better not worse) I can’t imagine anything making this a game I want to come back to.

  • Draparde

    i wont be able to seriously play the game until the ps3 release. so i’m glad about these updates.

  • eh still not convinced.

  • > Unfortunately, for many launch players the free trial period will expire before all of these features are implemented.

    I really doubt it – with the free trial period extended it would be wise for SE to release at least the November update on the 19th so the players who would have normaly left remained in the game.

    • But, the major changes like guild-like companies aren’t coming out until early 2011…

      • Yeah, that sucks – but by “early 2k11) they probably mean something like march, that is the PS3 release.
        I just hope that the free trial users will be able to experience the November patch and that it will make the game playable and better than it is now. If they make it so, I won’t regret paying for the next month, but as of now – my account is cancelled.

  • Kaoro

    It’s just a terrible game. Felt like a step backward in so many ways, not to mention it ran on a horrible engine that can’t scale at all.

    A lot of people freak out when someone compares this to WoW, as if that’s not a valid comparison, but WoW is, in my opinion, a better game in all aspects. I even appreciate its visuals more because the game doesn’t need great hardware to look good. Plus Blizzard has native Mac OS X clients for all its games…

    I can forgive releasing a slightly buggy game at launch – most MMOs are that way, but this felt… alpha quality. How they ever let that slow, terrible, clunky UI out of internal testing (Judging by the end product, perhaps internal testing was infrequent at best) is incredible to me.

  • BadenBadenPrinny

    I kinda feel like laughing….

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