Japan Getting Castlevania: Lords of Shadow PlayStation 3 Bundle

By Ishaan . November 14, 2010 . 4:30pm

Sony are putting a new PlayStation 3 bundle out in Japan on December 16th, this time in collaboration with Konami.


Called the “Castlevania: Lord of Shadow Value Pack,” the bundle includes  Lords of Shadow, a 160 GB PS3 and a “PS3 The Best” copy of Metal Gear Solid 4 for 37,981 yen.


Oh, how far we’ve come from the days of 50,000 yen PS3 bundles with Final Fantasy: Advent Children and the Final Fantasy XIII demo.

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  • ChaosPaladinFayt

    they be lucky

  • What was the consensus on the Castlevania game? I was considering it because it is this current generations only version of the Castlevania franchise, but I had never heard of it before, so I was skeptical of checking it out.

    Thats a beautiful PS3 unit, offered in the best color.

    • Wait…are you saying you had never heard of the Castlevania franchise before?

      • I can not ever think of coming across Castlevania ever, until hearing of this game.

        • MrRobbyM

          Castlevania and Dues Ex.


        • Ereek

          I. . .I have nothing to say to this.

          This boggles my mind.

          • MrRobbyM

            I shall join you in your time of mind bogglement.

          • epy

            Count me in the bogglement of minds. Next thing you’ll say is that you’ve never heard of Zelda.

          • Ill just say this but Ive never played a Zelda game, seriously.

          • Well, in his defense, I’ve never played a Zelda either, except for about an hour of Zelda 2 way back on the NES.

        • That is so odd. Don’t you own a DS?

          Anyway, it’s an awesome game. One of my favorites. It’s not that great an entry in the franchise, but if you’re not familiar with it in the first place, that shouldn’t bother you. It’s basically a combination of God of War and Uncharted. I completely recommend picking it up.

        • RupanIII

          Castlevania Symphony of the Night on PSN.. I know you have a thing with graphics but if you’re interested in the Castlevania series it’s widely regarded as one of if not the best one. Even if you don’t like the 2d the gameplay and music should draw you in

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      It is great. I loved it. Gorgeous game. In-depth combat system. Great story, but you have to play to the end and after the credits. It gets the Lion’s Seal of Approval

      • Kris

        I agree! It’s also one of the few action games I’ve played recently that’s willing to repeatedly kill the player, and I found that kind of refreshing.

    • Testsubject909

      Consensus is a bit split, some people seem rather very butthurt since it’s more of a retrovania rather then a metroidvania and it features a new Belmont that has never existed before. Most people tend to forget it’s a reboot, a re-imagining and seem to miss a lot of the subtle information that’s incorporated that makes it deeply rooted in Castlevania lore to begin with, making it a highly faithful Castlevania game.

      Knowing your Castlevania helps know how this is faithful to the origins of Castlevania, albeit certain characters were re-imagined with new roles, it’s not so blasphemous as to be unenjoyable by the fans of the game. It could’ve gone the extra mile by including more iconic songs, but aside from that it’s a pretty good game.

      The bad part you’ll get to hear mainly are the comparison to GOW or Uncharted. Though it wouldn’t be the first time. Their first attempt at 3D can be compared to Zelda on the 64. Their PS2 3D attempt can be compared to DMC. Fan favorite SOTN can be compared to Metroid (thus the name Metroidvania)

      So really, try it out, ignore the naysayers and see if you’ll personally enjoy it. I say it’s a solid game, quite entertaining albeit a bit broken up between action and platforming every now and again. Oh and, remember. Tap R2 to grab a lever/switch. Tap R2 again to drop. You supposedly can just hold it and release R2 to grab/drop. But it’s relatively unreliable and caused many grief to some on a rather stupidly easy puzzle which Gametrailer’s reviewer complains about. (Seriously? The Clocktower puzzle is supposed to be difficult? I’ve seen people breeze through it in less then three minutes.)

      • When I compare it to God of War and Uncharted, though, I don’t mean it in any negative way. It’s just that that is a fairly accurate representation of what the gameplay is like. The battle system is pretty much straight out of God of War, except with the Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 dodge system, and the platforming is straight out of Uncharted. But, that’s not a negative, at all. In fact, it’s probably one of my favorite games of the year. It’s derivative, but they did what they did well.

        And I’ve been trying to avoid reviews, especially on IGN and Gametrailers, as I have found I can’t trust them, but…are you serious? Did they actually say the clocktower was difficult?

  • I wonder if it bothers anyone in Japan that one of the games in the bundle does not have trophies.

    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      I don’t think it bothers anyone anywhere. Trophies << Achievements

      • Uh, screw that. I’m very proud of my Level 13 (only 29% away from Level 14…I’m hoping to platinum either Resonance of Fate, Tekken 6, Castlevania: Lords of Shadows, or BlazBlue: Continuum Shift soon). And my friends and I often compare ours. Just because you’re more of an Xbox Live person doesn’t mean everybody else is. No one’s interested in your fanboy system wars bull.

        If you actually paid attention, you’d know that there was actually quite a drive by fans for Metal Gear Solid 4 to get a trophy patch.

        • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

          Super lolz. I didn’t say everybody is more of an Xbox Live person, but most people are. If you took a random assortment of gamers and asked which they cared about more, achievements or trophies, achievements would win by a large margin. I guess you took my tone in the first post to be cynical instead of the intended light-heartedness. Anywho, I’m hardly a fanboy. I have both a PS3 and a 360 and like both equally.

          And yes, I did know that many people wanted a trophy patch, but I also know that most people who played that game didn’t care.

          • Well, most people didn’t care when it first came out because no games had trophies back then. But afterwards, it was pretty expected that a patch would be in coming. Just about, I’d say 2/3 of the owners of the game I know were very disappointed that no patch was coming (incidentally, for Valkyria Chronicles, it seemed people were even more upset).

            However, I don’t know anyone in Japan, except for one DJ I know who doesn’t play anything except portables. My question had nothing to do with whether people prefer achievements over trophies and everything to do with wondering if they had caught on in Japan like they’ve caught on in America.

          • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

            I guess the implications of my statement were too hidden. If you take gamers as a whole, most don’t care about achievements. If you take the people who do care about achievements, most of them don’t care about trophies. Now, from what I understand, If you do this same thing not with all gamers, but with Japanese gamers, the percents are much lower in each category. Also, my point was that I don’t think anyone anywhere is going to be “bothered” by a bundle because one game doesn’t have trophies. I don’t think trophy inclusion is the impetus to buy such a bundle

        • A mans worth is measured by his trophy level. I love raptr for easy comparisons :)

          Is the rumor for the MGS4 trophy patch still alive and well?

          • I’m pretty sure it isn’t coming, sadly. I had been holding off on a second playthrough because of the hope of it, actually, but I think that ship has sailed.

            On the other hand, part of me thinks I should actually start a second playthrough, because, for some reason, history has shown that when I’m near the end of the game, a trophy patch will be announced, but I’ll have to start my save completely over for it to work.

      • I don’t see how you can argue that trophies are inferior to achievements. Maybe Achievements are more prominent because they’ve existed 3 years longer, but the two are largely the same thing. In fact I’d say trophies do a number of things better, particularly the idea of a platinum that’s awarded as a marker of completion for the game’s original content.

        • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

          Inferior or Superior is irrelevant to the point I was making. Most people do not care about trophies

          • In your opinion. Unless you have data you can show us to back up your point.

          • Aoshi00

            I could second the Lion :) I have tons of PS3 and 360 games, don’t care much about trophies though, but i have to be lying to say I didn’t wish for a patch for MGS4, Valkyria Chronicles, or Eternal Sonata. I myself also held off my 2nd playthru waiting for the MGS4 patch (I only finished the Jpn ver and got to Alaska in the US ver), seems impossible now.

          • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

            Do you have data to prove that most Asians have straight, black hair? Probably not, but it’s still truth

  • Tom_Phoenix

    Anyone else thinks that this game is going to bomb in Japan? While I don’t expect it to do as badly as Judgement (which didn’t even manage 3,000 copies), I don’t think it is going to be very successful either.

    • I don’t think it’ll be a huge super megahit. But I do think it’ll do a lot better than most people think it will. It’s still a solid game, even if it is Western-made.

  • MemeticRichard

    Pretty good game.Pretty crappy Limited Edition – at least for the US release.

    Ok, so not “pretty crappy.” More like, “makes me want to murder someone-crappy.” Almost killed the entire game for me.

  • mikanko

    Lords of Shadow becomes an infinitely better game if you use the custom soundtrack option to play old Kukeiha Club Dracula Battle or other old school arranged Akumajo Dracula music. The generic pseudo LotR orchestrations get pretty repetitive and dull, while not inherently bad, they pale badly to the old compositions of Vampire Killer or Bloody Tears.

    Some of the platforming is also a bit poorly executed and lacks polish compared to the rest of the game. That added to a bit too much padding in the games length are the games only real faults, and it is a mostly solid game. I Just kinda found it a bit unremarkable and forgettable next to something like Bayonetta or Uncharted. They definitely need a bit more Castle in the next Castlevania.

  • legendmilanboss


  • Aoshi00

    I just want to hear Fujiwara Keiji’s portrayal of Gabriel (not that he talks that much), still that proves to be too much for double dipping.. got the PS3 ver alrdy, one day I might get the Jpn ver being curious about the seiyuu and getting the achievement (though 2 discs is a bitch for backtracking and doing missions..)

  • PrinceHeir

    damn japan’s getting some neaty goodies O_O

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