Next Sakura Wars Title Is An Online Browser Game

By Spencer . November 17, 2010 . 1:38am

imageFamitsu has a blurb about a new Sakura Wars game, but it probably isn’t the epic you’re hoping for. Red Entertainment is bringing Sakura Wars to… your web browser.


Three companies are teaming up for the next entry in the Sakura Wars universe. Fist of the North Star Online maker Trinity Game Studio is the developer. Online game administration company Rocworks (Kingdom Road and Homage Genesis) will manage the game. Red Entertainment is designing the Sakura Wars browser game.


No details about how the game plays have been released, but the Famitsu report promises more news later this year.

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  • epy

    Oh….. no.

  • joesz

    First with Suikoden and then with this.I’m pretty sad about all of this,there’s nothing new that can be anticipated.


  • noxian

    **sigh**while i, like every other long time Sakura Taisen fan, was hoping Hiroi Ouji was hinting at a proper Sakura Taisen 6 after all this; unfortunately i have to say this doesn’t actually surprise me.Hiroi’s actually been obsessed with taking Sakura Taisen online for a long time.he’s played with it before.he started working on a Sakura Taisen MMO YEARS ago (the lack of news would make one assume it has been canned by now).for better or for worse, Hiroi’s been enchanted with the idea of bringing Sakura Taisen to the internet for a while’s probably foolish, but here’s hoping this browser game is a proper Sakura Taisen 6 just in a different format!

  • Fail :(

  • dieubussy

    A disease which a growing number of beloved SEGA series seem to be suffering from.

  • nyoron


  • *sigh*

  • godmars

    Bioware + Red Studio doing a Sakura title. An actual effort of East and West. Just saying.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Looks like another bites the dust… Yet I’ve started to look at this differently. In this day and age, only the biggest franchises can afford to spend AAA big bucks on their next installment, because their popularity can earn it all back. Smaller, obscure, niche franchises, like this one, can’t afford to go that route. So what better way to test current grounds for continued brand survival and make some cash for the next real (but expensive) installment than a widely accessible, relatively low budget browser/mobage game?

    Yu Suzuki talked about how if Shenmue Online succeeds, it could lead to a new, real Shenmue installment. I think (and hope) that’s the route most of these franchises are taking. It’s better than nothing at all; dropping the franchises outright (like for so many Dreamcast games T_T). This is a fighting chance, people!

    • Joanna

      I like your positive spin. I sure hope this web based Sakura Taisan gets enough hits. :)

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Thanks! I try, though the cynicism, pride, and sarcasm beats my optimism to the comment box more often than I’d like. I’m a cautious optimist with many limits, haha.

        Indeed, we could only hope for the best. Who knows, maybe new IPs that are spiritual successors will fill the gap!

  • I still need to finish the first game that was released here. xD

  • Guest


  • cj_iwakura

    Well, it’s not like anyone bought the best game NISA’s ever localized.

    • Day2Day

      …I did.

      • vadde939

        me too

  • vadde939

    Well at least Sakura Wars isn’t dead. But this news is incredibly disappointing.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Wow, they just trolled the hell out of Sakura Wars fans.

  • noxian

    brief update
    well, the teaser site is up.

    while one could argue its still too early to say for certain, an educated guess is we can throw out any hope that this is a Sakura Taisen 6 in browser-based rpg form.

    the “mysterious” background art is pretty clearly Erica/Sakura/Gemini which would suggest this is a Sakura Taisen DS type spin-off deal.

    though i’ll grant you, i suppose its possible Red is pulling another Sakura Taisen 4.

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