Second Mega Man Online Movie Is All Zero

By Spencer . November 19, 2010 . 11:06am

Mega Man Online lets players use X or Zero. Just like other games in the Mega Man X series, Zero is armed with a sword instead of an arm cannon.


Here’s a look at how he handles the demo level seen yesterday and giant Sting Chameleon boss fight.



Neowiz also released a slick animated movie for Mega Man Online at G-Star.


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  • Code

    rar, those animations, they just make me more and more curious about the plot. I just wish I felt like the gameplay was going to live up to the hype those movies are stirring up for me >w<;;

  • Happy Gamer

    This is very interesting. if they can add some more char to chose from it could be a great multi player game ppl can play online.

    its like MMX universe rolled into one. getting items moves etc. dream come true.
    I think they are going for the tried and true forumla and existing ideas and concepts and adding some RPG elements which is great since the universe and setting is already such an amazing place imo.

    Would be kind of cool to use old school megaman decked out in Rush armor to see how he fares against future robot masters/reploids.

  • Seriously, they need to fix the gravity of jumping in this thing. Dash is a little “too” fast. And no 3-hit combo?

    • Code

      Yeahh, that’s what I was saying in the last trailer, things don’t look like they quiet have mega man physics/mechanics down.

    • tubers

      Let’s take it easy. Maybe that’s one for the earliest upgrades for zero :)

      • Code

        rar, I refuse to believe Zero starts off as anything less then awesome +o+ *fists clenched*

  • Well, its ok, its still in the makings anyway… and mmorpgs takes years, LOTS OF YEARZ to get localized…

    *sniff* i so wanted to play concerto gate… It looked so cool and they just canceled it T_T

    • This shouldn’t take that long. It just seems like the usual MMX game. Why is it online again?

      • ALL mmorpg games, take too freaking long to get localized, that is a fact these days, without counting the closed beta, maybe closed beta 2, open beta, and then finally the game -.-. This may be changing little by little, but it really depends on who takes the job.

        I dunno why is it online o_o, because… it says megaman online?

  • looks great

  • Apparently, X CAN defeat Airman. Who would’ve guessed. XD

    • Testsubject909

      Anyone could. The trouble is. Can Megaman defeat Airman (without the help of X)?

      • dusk

        Only if he can reach Airman first with the help of Item number 2.

  • Eh… As much as I love X and Zero, this game could be so much more. I’d rather make my own Maverick Hunter (Or Maverick!) to build up as I chose.

  • Ah nostalgia. It’s been forever since I picked up a Megaman game….I should start again XP

  • tubers

    It’s cool to see the X universe but it wasn’t as catchy as the first movie trailer of this new game. :)

  • TrevHead

    From what ive seen of MO so far it doesnt look all that difficult at all especially the platforming elements which are incredably basic to anyone used to playing them (ie MM fans).

    It only looked more challenging because this and the other vid had sucky players. Still I would expect many mmo gamers wont be used to the difficult platforming from the early MM games

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