Black Rock Shooter: The Game In Development For PSP [Update: Trailer]

By Spencer . November 23, 2010 . 8:04pm

imageYes, Imageepoch is behind the Black Rock Shooter game, tentatively titled, Black Rock Shooter: The Game. This weeks issue of Famitsu explains the PSP game is set in 2051 where an alien attack annihilated the Earth. Twelve people survived and are about to rise up against the invaders.


The game is said to be a blend of a RPG and a third person shooter.


Kazushige Nojima, the scenario writer for the Glory of Heracles series and Final Fantasy VII, is the scenario writer for Black Rock Shooter: The Game. Kazuya Niinou who worked on Last Ranker is the game’s director.


Black Rock Shooter: The Game is slated for summer 2011 in Japan.


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  • My anticipation is building, it seems pretty cool and hot!

  • HarryHodd

    Was hoping for this to be a console game. Oh well.

  • d19xx

    Interesting. Hopefully it turns out better than Last Ranker. I mean seriously, that’s the first game I’ve seen without a hit animation…..

    • Exkaiser

      Quite a few older (PSX, that is) RPGs lack hit animations. Going backwards, once you hit the SNES, they basically stop appearing at all. I can’t think of any SNES RPGs offhand except Metal Max Returns and Chronotrigger that had them.Strangely primitive for a 2010 PSP game.

      • d19xx

        True that. The excellent graphics was ruined by poor game design.I’m really curious how this game turns out. I have high hopes for 3rd birthday for being an excellent 3rd person shooter and I hope this one also delivers.

  • Guest

    Is this what it feels like when people here something good announced for the Wii when they want it on PS360…I don’t hate the PSP….its just so big and the buttons….oh well. I hope someone picks this up for localization. I don’t think a PSP game has ever been fan-translated.

    • Exkaiser

      Tales of Rebirth for the PSP has a fan translation in the works.

      • Guest

        Huh…I had no idea. Is the Absolute Zero team?

        • Exkaiser

          I don’t know what the group’s called, or if they have a site yet, but my friend works as one of their translators.

      • Interesting. Who is doing the translation?

      • This is news to my ears. Ohhh the sweet sweet melody of Rebirth translation

    • Guest

      They started with the Haruhi game but only the first chapter I think was patched (?) I think they gave up or I haven’t heard anything since

    • One of the [email protected] games (out of the three. I think it was Perfect Sun).
      There are a few that try to translate and patch the game. Most projects I notice fizzle out, though.
      I was surprised that the Fatal Frame 4 project was completed.

      • Guest

        Yea I know a lot of translations usually end up getting dropped but I’ve been lucky that the titles I’ve wanted translated have actually been completed.

    • Birth By Sleep and God Eater have both been fantranslated (The BBS one was pretty much dead after the US release date was announced) and I think God Eater is still being translated. There’ve been plenty of Translations out there, lol.

      • Playing fantranslated games is a breach of grant of license in the user agreements of games…

        • Things never get to that point with tales of games, so im happy there are fan translation for these games

  • JustaGenericUser

    “Black Rock Shooter game!”

    All right!



  • Exkaiser

    I don’t really get the whole Black Rock Shooter thing, but whatever.

  • goronyan

    Well i wasn’t surprised for this title to be released for psp.
    This game may be an spin-off from the ova, and it seems it’s only located at the “Alter World”. Although these “aliens” must be the factor item of this game, since there’s such no related thing in the first ova and the fights are only between brs and antagonists by far, still must wait for the release of the second ova to confirm.
    From others ss i saw, it looks more an action game than an rpg for me. But i’ll buy it anyway lol.
    So we have brs, dead master, golden rock saw and my fav white rock strength, there’s 8 characters remaining.

  • Darkrise

    I was hoping for a console release but psp is fine too! I can’t wait till this comes out. This might have some chances to be brought over NIS right? If not then, w/e i’ll import!

  • NeoTechni

    Awesome. I love PSP.

  • I had a feeling it’d be for PSP. It seems like where ever Miku goes, Mato is sure to follow! :P

  • Code

    rar, this looks/sounds all kinds of interesting Imageepoch, you might have just done what is literally scatter shot with your games announcements — but you at least hit the target with this one >w<' I'll be watching closely!

  • Barrit

    This could have some nice potential if done correctly. Not sure what the chances are for it to be localized in the US though. Like others said, I was hoping for it to be on the PS3 also, it sure would have looked pretty.

  • DemonicX

    Aww, they made it for PSP? I was hoping to see HD graphics. =(
    Oh well, guess I’ll still be importing it.

  • Seriously hoping for a gameplay style similar to the Persona series.

    Exploring the school/wandering the real world during one part, exploring the other world and fighting monsters/other ‘avatars’ in the other.

    Oh and that it will eventually come stateside.

    • It says aliens attacked and only 12 people survived, how the hell there’s going to be a school?

      • Darkrise

        lol! Well they can still have military schools or underground school. =P

        • If only 12 people are alive, why would they waste time with School?

          • Code

            duh, because if you don’t go to school how do you hope to go to college or university and get a good job, and have a family, and 2.5 children~! IT’S ABOUT SURVIVAL OF THE SPECIES, DAMNIT.

      • Code

        lmao, best response I’ve seen to anything, in the last few days >w<'

      • I’ll make sure to read the article in detail next time, rather than assume (read: HOPE) that they’re adapting the OVA into a game.

  • MizuMikomi

    I was expecting PS3… I am disappointed that it isn’t, but hey, I’d prefer to take a RPG/Shooter on the go and play it where ever and whenever, than be stuck in my room or living room playing it.

    Anticipation meter, just went up, a lot. Lol

  • The song is sang by jrock band call “One OK Rock”.. i love the band… the vocalist – taka has a nice voice!!!

  • C’mon Imageepoch… localize this game somehow…

    • Darkrise

      Maybe NISA can have a hand in localizing this?

  • Cannot believe this isn’t getting more attention. Hopefully, people that are asleep jump on it in the morning. That trailer looks awesome!

    “The seven apostles will devour the earth with a lots of armaments.”

    • For some reason I don’t see the trailer.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        That’s because it’s not in the article, but it is on youtube! Here:

        • Darkrise

          That. Was. AWSOME! I really hope someone takes notice and brings this over…

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            According to Dengeki, Imageepoch games will be released by NISA in the USA and probably in Europe (read it on GAF), so there!

          • NISA better do the BlackRock Shooter anime too then!!! (please, I would buy it!) and this game!

          • OMG really?? Does that means Fate/Extra have a chance to be localized?? Best news I’ve heard today! (Link please, if possible)

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        At the end of the first post, there’s the link to Dengeki too.

    • Ereek

      Hey, Ishaan, maybe I’ve been looking in the wrong articles, but I haven’t seen you posting as many replies lately. Where have you been?

      • It’s just been a busy time for me. :( Most of last week was a cousin’s wedding, and I had to help out with prep for that. Plus, I have JLPT and semester finals coming up in December, so I’ll be taking a week or so off starting tomorrow to study…

        Don’t worry, I’ll be back in full force once all of that is done! <3

        • Ill be taking that test as well, JLPT, NIHONHO NOURYOKU SHIKEN!!! wich one are you taking?, is such a drag they made a new test now -.-, since i started studying last year, i have to start from 5th instead of 4th now D:

          • Haha, there’s no way I can take N4 yet…don’t know enough kanji. >< I'll be doing N5. Hopefully, once these are over, I'll be able to make the time to start watching anime regularly again, too… that's really the only viable way to stay in touch with the speaking/listening part.

            Best of luck for your test!

          • Hehe we will be doing the same then xD, good luck to you too. The listening part is the hardest -.-, i remember my sensei once put an example, and i could understand… but…

            The example was like, a dude asking a girl where is X place, so the girl starts like, Ara! to get to that place you have to walk and stop before you reach the second traffic light then go right, continue forward and turn left…

            So when she started giving those directions… i was like o_o_o_O migi hidari masugu ahhh!

          • Tell me about it. I could handle the listening just fine until the second semester, but it went horribly wrong in the third. They speak so fast, it’s hard to concentrate on the meaning and the answer at the same time…

            Ah well. At least our tapes have this cute-sounding lady with this awesome Kansai accent. Never gets old. :p

    • kactaplb

      Maybe because our hopes were crushed with the movie… The movie trailer was epic too.

  • Wow, this looks a lot better than I thought it was going to be.

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    ufotable <3 That trailer looked great! And I’m eager to see what they could manage to do with the genre combination. I guess this is Ninou’s way of pleasing both East (RPG) and West (shooter)?

  • The trailer was pretty awesome, she is such an awesome character, I wonder if they will put a male version in the game? The song was good too

    • Lol she didn’t even say anything. She could be a Vapid, personality-less harpy bitch for all you know :L

  • Man this looks sweet but I seriously doubt it’ll be localized…

    Edit: Holy crap the trailer looks awesome! I wonder why did they subtitle it? Maybe the game’s cutscenes will be subtitled too? Give me that and english menus and I’ll import this baby!

    • Darkrise

      Now that would sound like a miracle which doesn’t happen at all. If they actually do that, i would think that Imageepoch is also aware of a large number of importers and BRS fans overseas and expect them to want this so they are also catering to us as well. But I somehow doubt that. It all sounds too good to be true and this is just a thoughtful wish…

      • It’s no so far fetched though. The BRS OVA that came with my BRS Figma had English and even Spanish subtitles! I mean, if they put subtitles on a DVD that it’s supposed to be for sale on Japan exclusively they can do that to the game, right?

        • Darkrise

          Whoa you got Figma with the OVA!? Damn. But subbing a dvd and a game is a little different right? It’s more work and who knows what other costs they have to do for that. Idk but I’m just hoping that if they do sub it, then it’s first day import for me.

          • You got it wrong the OVA came with the Figma not the other way around. I was surprised with that additional envelope-package-thnig that came inside the Figma’s box. (It didn’t come in a hard DVD case sadly. :()

            EDIT: Replying to Darkrise here: I really don’t know this is the pic of the Figma I bought (Fighting Saber and with Haruhi cheering them on!)

            Here is the Figma with the DVD’s “case”. If you look closely it says “Original Animation DVD/50min.”

          • Darkrise

            Well that’s what I meant but really, i’m a little confused with how exactly did it come with the OVA? Was there some sort of special edition? Cuz a friend of mine bought the figma and she never got the ova.

    • Barrit

      I like the way you think! Nothing wrong with some wishful thinking haha

  • Feynman

    I do love my PSP.

    • So people like you do exist? Always thought it was a myth…

      Eh, this does look cool though :p

    • SolidusSnake

      Handhelds FTW!

      • The PSP is awesome for delivering phenomenal near console like experiences to the pal of our hands, it is awesome.

        • Too bad there’s only like 6 games that actually do that…

    • There isnt a day where, even if i dont play with my psp, i look at it, think “omg you look so cool” and just by looking at it, i feel like using it…

    • shion16

      even if im full of exams
      i need to play valkyria chronicles 2 at least one mission per day

  • Darn, the university’s internet suck so i guess i will have to watch the video once im back home.But from the moment i started reading to the end, it all sounds epic, i love that the psp is region free

    Just saw the video, the music is cool o.o, gotta see more of gameplay though, but it looks great

    • Your schools internet cant even handle youtube?!

      • Well, it isnt supposed to be for youtube, it should be for work and stuff xD, so yeah, it can handle youtube, but really, really slow… I imagine because there are… what? 200 computers (probably a lot more) connected to the university’s main connection

        • You should get a smartphone with 3g connection! That’as what I do. ^_^

          • Hehe xD, i would love to, but it only works if the phone company supports G3 connection :P, here, supposedly, a phone company is already starting with G3, but havent seen too much of it. Anyway everyone here only get blackberries and chat with them -.- so i guess phone companies are more into that stuff

  • joesz

    that’s my daughter right there.

  • Awesome O.O , getting this for sure …

  • SolidusSnake

    I always wanted to play a game where a cute anime girl slaughters armies of space marines with machine guns. Hopefully it gets localized!

  • karasuKumo

    PSP is the perfect hand-held for RPGs in my opinion. I can’t wait! The trailer was a tad disappointing and a little confusing though.

  • ChaosPaladinFayt

    awesome cakes and hot dogs. but mostly cake

  • At least they have someone reputable for the scenario and director. I’ll forget that BRS OVA blasphemy

  • Lol How can you judge her character when she didn’t say anything? She could be a totally vapid bitch with no personality for all you know :L

  • MarkMario

    Song is crap =_=
    But I do like BRS :D

  • I dunno why some people are upset that this isn’t on consoles. Doesn’t look good enough to be worthy of console status, honestly. Also, if you can afford a 300-500 dollar console, I’m PRETTY sure you can dish out a measly 200 or less for a PSP. It’s not hard.

  • godmars

    Two things:
    1) after having finally just watched BRS, thought it was some paranormal, alternate dimensional schoolgirl friendship drama.

    2) After having just watched this trailer I have to wonder – WHY THIS ISN’T ON THE PS3?! Would it really have killed to put it out in 2012 with HD graphics.

    Okay, probably yes, but still. I like many am a whiny gamer. Best just to hope this comes to the West and does well enough that they make a PS3 version.

  • budpikmin

    Bah, I’m really disappointed. I love BRS, but this feel like a miss-step. The music was off (why not use the Supercell song?) and the futuristic army with guns is lame. BRS trademark visual style is gothic fantasy, instead for the game we get what looks like a trailer for a b-list final fantasy. She should be slaying awesome beasts in an alternate reality against Dead Master, instead she’s fighting humans in a futuristic city. Way to miss an opportunity to make something unique :(

  • Wow, so far I don’t see anyone here who thought this band were trying to sound like Crush-40.

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