Imageepoch’s First Self Published Game Is Tale Of The Last Promise [Update: Trailer]

By Spencer . November 23, 2010 . 8:43pm


Imageepoch, the developers of Luminous Arc, are taking their tactical RPG talents to PSP. Tale of the Last Promise is described as a dungeon RPG with a strategic command battle system.


A long time ago the world was full of magic. The world in Tale of the Last Promise has changed with machines eradicating wizards. In this desperate situation, a battle is about to begin. Famitsu says the main characters are said to be Wolf, Ceres, and their friend Rushdie.


Ryoei Mikage, the CEO of Imageepoch, is working on this game directly as the executive producer. Yosuke Uda who was on the Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne and Persona 3 team is the producer. Chinatsu Kuramoto is the character designer and GainGauge is the composer.


Tale of the Last Promise will be Imageepoch’s first self published game. The dark juvenile fantasy is slated for April 28 in Japan.


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  • Exkaiser

    Mite b cool, as they say.

  • vall03

    Interesting, and since it was just announced for Japan, crossing my fingers for a localization!

  • Yukito

    Going to be yet another portable run. See, they don’t think JRPGs are boring, and done, but hey, when you keep making portable games….

    The CONSOLES are where the lack of JRPGs are. The handhelds are flooded. That one PSN game isn’t enough, and since it is a PSN game, chances are, it won’t even be that great of a game. Way to drop the ball. Hoping atleast one more of these will be a console title, though, I so very, truly doubt it.

    • But, Japanese gamers like to play RPGs on handhelds. And if Imageepoch’s primary market is Japan shouldn’t they pick platforms for Japan?

      • Yukito

        Well, since JRPGs are long from dead on the handhelds, I would have figured all this big talk about a “second stage” would be that they would be pushing the bar to the consoles. Sure, 360 don’t sell well with Japan, but the Wii and PS3 do.

        • kactaplb

          lol why have an rpg for console when I can carry it with me and play anywhere I wish? Get psp and rpgs and maybe people will understand.

          • Yukito

            I have a PSP, and I never use the thing. Portable consoles to me, are very very uncomfortable to position with. Like I said, there are enough RPGs on handhelds. The consoles need good to honest RPGs. No one, NO ONE has even tried to make a blockbuster for the PS3…..Okay, Square Enix tried with 13, but the name itself is it’s selling point, and without a doubt, Square Enix has lost it. The closest RPG for the PS3 this gen so far that deserves the title for king I think, that I have played, was Valkyria Chronicles, and that isn’t even the kind of JRPG I want…

            …. though, I have big hopes for Ninokuni as well….

          • Tales of Graces F, Tales of Vesperia PS3, Eternal Sonata PS3…

            Keep in mind the PS3 versions all have more content over their Xbox 360/Wii counterparts. May not be blockbusters, but I’ll be damned if Eternal Sonata isn’t a solid game.

          • Yukito

            ^ I don’t know why I can’t reply to you, but do remember, two of those will never see the states because Namco is full of jackasses.

            Moderator’s note: (The maximum reply chain is 5. After that it gets to cluttered to read.)

          • HarryHodd

            I’d rather play an imported JRPG that I can’t understand on a console than a translated handheld JRPG. Crazy huh?

      • Guest

        Then why is Dragon Quest X being made for the Wii?

        • Because Dragon Quest is always developed for the most popular system in Japan. That’s why IX was on DS. They wanted X to be on a console, so it’s on Wii.

          They also probably have a marketing arrangement with Nintendo to promote the game. That goes a very long way toward helping…look at DQIX in EU/US.

          • And im sure the DQ developing team have all the money in japan to make the game xD, budget may be the least of their worries, they can do it in anything they want, it will sell anyway

      • HarryHodd

        Is there not room for both handheld and console RPGs? Why all handheld?

        Hasn’t the PS3 had a few RPGs that sell over 300k in Japan? Answer is yes there have been and probably another here soon with Tales of Graces F.

        • Of course there is! :)For whatever reasons (experience, budget, audience, etc.), Imageepoch chose PSP for their first two self published retail games.

      • superdry

        People, seems like people in the west, don’t realise that the PSP still sells very well and is still well supported in Japan. I guess people in the US forget about the PSP because, well, SCEA doesn’t really care much about the PSP.

    • Aoshi00

      I guess in the epic trailer they meant to ask “Is JRPG unnecessary for ‘console’?” :( Bait and switch…At least the seiyuu cast is pretty nice, like Kamiya Hiroshi.. not a big fan of PSP though..

    • Guest

      I can’t even think of a WRPG that’s on a portable actually…

      and in terms of consoles; people like to think WRPG’s are the new thing but we only have:
      Dragon Age Origins
      Mass Effect 1 & 2
      Alpha Protocol
      Fallout 3 & New Vegas

      That’s it. And those are available on PC (and superior on it too). And none for the Wii. So whats the commotion about?

      • I very much agree… Well, except god of war ghost of sparta.. The one of few WRPG for a PSP..

      • I can think of a few…

        For PSP there’s Dungeon Siege and a D&D Tactics game. There are a handful for DS too like Might & Magic: Clash of Heroes and Sonic Chronicles.

    • Hraesvelgr

      If you really like JRPGs (or just games in general), you wouldn’t discriminate against handhelds. Frankly, handhelds have had plenty of really great JRPGs for a very long time.

      • Yukito

        It isn’t discrimination if you read, it is uncomfortability. Do read.

    • The only flooded handled is the DS, my friend. If the psp is flooded of something, then it would be the ports.Its not the developers fault you dont like/own/dontknowhowtouse/haveabadtasteingames a/onthe psp. So if you want to say something please dont say… “Bwah i dont like handleds so everything released on them sucks Bwah!”

      • Yukito

        Off the top of my head, you got Jeanne D’arc, Yggdra Union, Crisis core, Knights in the Nightmare, Yuusha 30, Monster Hunter Freedom Unite, Phantasy Star Portable 1/2, The Kingdom Hearts games, White Knight Chronicles coming, Valkyrie Profile Lenneth, Valkyira Chronicles 1 and 2, and many others.

        Got to love your attempt at looking like the internet tough guy. You sound more like prince charmles in DQ8. Snobby, all tough, and someone whose attitude just plain stinks. Also, for the 50000000th time, I SAID IT IS UNCOMFORTABILITY. Not to yell, but I hope this time, that stands out, since no one tends to read the WHOLE discussion before going “Bawww! *Boy, that made me feel so powerful!*” Like I said to someone before, read, so you don’t seem like an idiot. Just a word of advice…

        • …? what? Yggdra Union, port, knights in the nightmare, port, valkyrie profile, port, valkiria chonicles 1 (ps3?)
          Also, Crisis core, not a new NEW game, is prequel to FF7.
          Valkiria chronicles 2, sequel.
          Monster hunter, not a new game by itself either, comes from the ps2 monster hunters. White knight chronicles 3 (is the third in the series), phantasy star portable 1 and 2, isnt new by itself either.

          Now, from the top of your head, original, new rpgs, please?

          • Yukito

            Ports or not, ALL RPGs on the system. Valkyria Chronicles 2 and 3 are ONLY on the PSP. Sequels. Crisis core, still a NEW game. Funny you never commented on Yuusha 30, Jeanne D’arc, or the new Kingdom Hearts games either. The first two are new IPS, the KH games are their own as well. Just because a game also is a remake, port, or even a SEQUEL, doesn’t mean it isn’t an RPG for the system. Hell, a sequel is still a NEW game…. or, did you forget that? Just because it had a game in relation that it is carrying the name of, does not, at all, mean that it is not an RPG. Try again.Other ones for you, that have NOT been started off of the PSP (That I know of):ZHPCladunDragoneer’s AriaClass of HeroesHexyz ForceKey of HeavenMimana Iyar ChronicleComplaints? Of course, because these aren’t RPGs some how. Face it, PSP has more than enough, ports or remakes or sequels or whatever. They exist.

    • neogeno

      Also you have to understand that developing for the PSP is much cheaper than for a powerhouse like the PS3. Its one of the reasons why Valkyria Chronicles was chosen to be continued on the PSP instead of the PS3.

    • I dont understand some people, do they expect a company, as small as imageepoch, to just go to the bathroom and poop some money then do 3 or 4 ps3 games?

  • JustaGenericUser

    “Rushdie”? Gee, I wonder what’s going to happen to him….

    • I imagine he’ll write a controversial novel that will infuriate much of the Muslim world.

  • Darkrise

    This sounds really interesting, hope there’s a localization soon. NISA? =P

  • tubers

    The Last Story
    The Last Promise
    Final Fantasy

    We need the “first ones” xD Always the stuff in the end.

    • But it’s Tale of the Last Promise. So it’s already happened, we’re just now hearing about it.


        • Google found nothing. D;

          • Someday im gonna make a game, and its gonna be called the First Promise, or the First Judgement OR SOMETHING FIRST, AND I WILL BE FAMOUS, and then, im gonna like, come to siliconera to tease everyone like NiSA/AKSYS/XSEED staff does when they come here xD

  • Yuan

    BTW, judging from its official site, the English title should be Final Promise Story…

    • Aoshi00

      It’s “Saigo no Yakusoku no Monogatari”, but where does it say “Final Promise Story” on the website? Sounds like Tale of the Final Promise (like Tale of Genji) is a better translation and makes more sense.

      • Yuan

        The abbreviation used for the official site’s URL is fps…

        • Aoshi00

          I see, but you know Jpn don’t always have the best English skills. Traditionally titles that have monogatari are rendered as “The Tale of” in Eng, though you have like Shiro-kishi Monogatari as White Knight Chronicles. I would just go w/ the more natural Eng. translation at this point or just the Jpn title (unlike Last Story or Lost Odyssey which were alrdy in Eng.). For some reason I just thought of FPS as first person shooter :) Like I would stick w/ the spelling of Kefka (instead of the weird Jpn ver Cefca) for FF6.

          • Yuan

            Well, I’m not saying The Tale of The Last Promise is wrong. It’s very spot-on, but I just want to mention another possibility coming from its URL.
            Well, maybe they also want to make a pun on FPS genre ^^’

          • Thanks for the suggestion, it’s appreciated :)

        • OR… maybe… it stands for “First Self-Published”, since it’s their first self-published game. Just a thought.

  • joesz

    Morte have been gentlenized !!

  • Well I think PSP2 presumably with a larger screen, HD and everything should come out ASAP to shut the mouth of all the portable console whiner. Seriously, the graphic of this game is just superb! What is with the problem of looking at a smaller screen? It is not like any of you guys are over what, 50 years old? I mean why is gameboy so popular or DS but not PSP?!!Come on, give more love to the console. And also, the time for each game is actually just nice. 30 to 50 hours of gameplay when compared to the larger console which took around 100hours to really complete the game.

    Some people prefer a short sweet story. Also, it is easier for developer to come out with new games. PS3 games need allot of time to develop that is why you do not see it often. Short stories can sometime be more interesting and not draggy too. Anyway, Fingers crossed for a localization! NIS!!!

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    2 PSP titles, who would’ve thought? I suppose the 3DS games will be announced later?

    I just want to play the ones that were announced.

  • PrinceHeir

    from the looks of it. i would guess this would be a Monster Hunter like game

    since it’s been booming in japan ever since it’s released

  • karasuKumo

    Seriously! Why do developers think that weird overlapping dual screen styled trailer is cool? In my opinion it looks really stupid.

    Other than that it looks good, like a generic JRPG but still looks good. Seems like my PSP will be very busy.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Why is the volume so low in these trailers? Black Rock Shooter was the same way.

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