Metroid II Fan Remake Looks Mighty Impressive

By Ishaan . November 23, 2010 . 9:28am

The redrawn Omega Metroid

Depending on how big a Metroid fanatic you are, you may or may not have heard of AM2R, which stands for Another Metroid 2 Remake. That’s exactly what it sounds like, too.


AM2R stands out from the rest of the fan-remake crowd however, owing to its engine, which attempts to recreate the feel of Metroid: Zero Mission on the Gameboy Advance.


As you can tell from the screenshot, the game’s art is being redone entirely in the Fusion/Zero Mission style. Some new features that should help the game’s pace (see Youtube video below) are being added to the remake as well.


The game’s designer is also working on an original Metroid fangame, titled Metroid: Confrontation.


While AM2R won’t be available for download for a while, you can check out an in-progress version of Confrontation to see how it’s coming along, and for an idea of what to expect. I quite liked the music, which is a neat remix of the Metroid theme.



The best part? The games’ creator is no programmer. This is all the result of trial and error using and modifying Martin Piecyk’s Game Maker engine.

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  • Looks pretty sweet! Hopefully Nintendo won’t C&D it lol

    *weeps for Chrono Trigger Resurrection*

    • Guest

      Yeah those guys jumped the gun and didn’t expect Square to be dicks

      • But with Chrono that was Square giving out the C&D, not Nintendo. Nintendo has let those mario remake/reinvisions like “super mario bros x” and “super mario crossover” still exist, so I don’t see why they’d stop this one.

  • PrinceHeir

    looks nice and all but i prefer Nintendo making a completely new/pure 2D metroid or make another Prime game.

    • Who knows, maybe Nintendo is? This is just a fan remake, after all.

    • Guest

      How about they keep trying to make something new instead of something thats already been done?

      • They did, “Other M”. a lot of people hated it.

        • Guest

          Well then let them keep trying something different until they get it right. Look at all the complaints around Zelda. They tried to make OoT with TP and everyone bitched and moaned. If they make another 2D Metroid that doesn’t live up to Super Metroid (which it won’t because nothing lives up to nostalgia and genre defining games) they’ll bitch all over again.

  • I have to say, this looks really nice.

    Still need to play through Metroid II for the Game Boy.

  • Has anyone else found this one?
    Also, Ridley is waaaay too hard.

  • That was one of them, you’ve got a sister project with Minitroid that’s going on and you have the old SR388 project that’s kind of dead, at the moment.

    Honestly, I hope all of them do well, but I’m looking out for this one and Minitroid the most. Minitroid looks like a Cave Story + M2 remake.

  • thaKingRocka

    My friend loaned me his Game Boy back in the day so I could play Metroid II. I got further along than he had, so he took it back. This sad story is without a proper ending as of now, I look forward to ending this story with this remake.

  • vall03

    damn! hes not a programmer?! I envy his perseverance when he created this, although Im an IT student I seriously suck at programming that I lost hope and gave up on it and Im not expecting anything out of it anymore…

  • xot

    The same engine formed the basis for Derek Yu’s Spelunky. It’s really well done.

  • Guest

    I wish the Chrono Trigger remake guys were as smart as this dude by not posting the news before they were actually done to avoid the cease and dismiss from the original publishers

  • Tokyo Guy

    Who wants to bet money Nintendo threatens legal action against the creator?
    It’s absolutely baffling how Nintendo-which has ported just about every game it ever made 2+ times, has yet to remake Metroid 2.

    I just don’t understand how game companies and Hollywood studios can come out with half the crap they do and then complain when it bombs, all the while they sit on their ass and do nothing with viable IP that people actually WANT.

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