Final Fantasy Agito XIII Director Outlines The Game’s Concept

By Spencer . November 24, 2010 . 6:25pm

imageThe 3rd Birthday? Hajime Tabata and his team are done with that game. Over Twitter, the director of The 3rd Birthday, said Final Fantasy Agito XIII is keeping him busy now. Even though the team didn’t get a vacation, Tabata says morale is high.


He also mentioned some of Final Fantasy Agito XIII’s concepts. The world view is a fantasy conflict between four sides. Battles are deadly clashes between weapons and magic. The game also looks at the two sides of reality, the ordinary and extraordinary.


Square Enix will start promoting Final Fantasy Agito XIII with new information next year. While fans are waiting, Tabata encourages them to try The 3rd Birthday. The style of both games differ, but The 3rd Birthday, according to Tabata, demonstrates what kind of game his team can make for PSP.

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  • joesz

    What? Vacation?I though you guys were already in a vacation when you first announced the game.

  • tubers

    Battles are deadly clashes between weapons and magic AND young Tweens xD Is this the “kiddie” version among the FNC or whatever FF XIII series are xD

    Not like I have much choice for titles on the PSP xD I’d still get this :P

    • Considering the enemies bleed and there’s a massive war going on in the background, this is prolly the Teen version of the game, with Versus being the Adult version.

  • MemeticRichard

    How I recall, a certain Trollmura promised a wealth of Agito information following FF13’s release.

    A whole year behind isn’t a job well done.

    • You are aware of the big January event, right?

      • MemeticRichard

        I know, I know.

        Lol, watch it be entirely closed doors theater showings.

    • PersonaBull

      The problem with companies using a figurehead to promote business is impatient fans that lash out when given information they’ve been clamoring for, therefore making a well-known and proven-as-skilled director out to be a worthless scapegoat.

      You’re getting your Agito information (which, amusingly enough, came from Tabata. You know, one of those other people that work at Square-Enix?). The game was always in some sort of production, and definitely wouldn’t be canceled. If your life seriously hinges upon playing this single game that you’ll probably be done with in a month, I feel sorry for you.

      • Yui

        No joke – you are my favourite commenter on this site, perhaps on any video game-related site. Please continue being sane, sensible, and intelligent.

        • Guest

          I thought I was your favorite

          • Yui

            I just have a thing for cows, apparently. ;P

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Jesus, dude. Give it a rest.

      • Ereek


      • ThunderGod_Cid

        I concur.

  • d19xx

    I hope this game has a better battle system than Crisis Core. Despite the story and awesome graphics of CC the combat simply turned me off….

    • why so? the combat in CC is fairly easy.. Well, except for the sort of random DMG meter and the summons…still It is of not much difference from Kingdom Hearts.

      • MemeticRichard

        Enemy readies spell. 3 seconds…first hit. …2 seconds, second hit. 3 seconds…third hit. 2 sec….crap, enemy broke the combo.That’s Crisis Core’s battle system in a nutshell. The single slowest combo of all time partnered up with VERY limited attack customization (Admit it – honestly, how many ATTACK materia did you have equipped? Exactly.), with a level up system that was obscenely luck-based. Literally. Three 7’s for a level up? Lulz.Then we have the storyline which literally crowbars Gackt as this super important character who was more or less behind everything that ever happened, but yet was conveniently not even mentioned in the single most important game of the compilation.Sorry, Crisis Core sucked. It was absolutely no different than Before Crisis, Dirge of Cerberus, and especially Advent Children. All it did was take a huge crap on Final Fantasy VII and absolutely obliterated the continuity….And I wonder who was the major brains behind that little project…. I keep sounding like a broken record… >:/ But Failmura needs to stop destroying everything he touches, and just get disappeared.

        You know, it’s almost funny… These days, whenever Square does something really godamn stupid, it always points to a single man… Final Fantasy XIV not-withstanding… …No one knows what the hell the story is behind THAT one…

        • Code

          Square’s recent troubles are rooted far deeper then Nomura, your silly if you really believe it’s his fault alone for everything, there’s a whole lot more then just him working at Square, and there’s lots of bombs he didn’t have his hands in opo; But on the topic of Crisis Core, the level up system wasn’t luck based at all, you still get EXP, real time in fact, and as soon as you get enough EXP for your next level the reels will automatically hit 777. I really wasn’t keen on Crisis Core’s battle system though too, it kind of tried doing action/and RPG without capturing the spirit of either, ending up in this chunky gray area opo;; I still think it’s story was still one of the better works from Square in recent years, honestly kind of a curtain call to older Square games if you ask me T_T’ As far as details in Crisis Core not being in FFVII, duh, I mean Zack’s whole existence in Final Fantasy VII is barely more then a cliff note, given you can’t change what was said in Final Fantasy VII (and shouldn’t) that’s just the nature of tackling a prequel this many years later. But overall I thought it was extremely clever how the story weaved around and filled in some background, and added even more depth to the world FFVII takes place in, and added more history to the series. Considering Zack was a kind of an important character in Final Fantasy VII, I’m glad they finally did a game that tackled his back story, and although I don’t really buy into Advent Children, Dirge of Cerberus, and Before Crisis — Crisis Core did come across as very genuine attempt at extending and bettering the series to me. Maybe it wasn’t your cup of tea, but it certainly wasn’t “crap” omo;

        • You’re starting to sound rather stupid with your constant Nomura hate without actually being aware of his responsibilities or what he does. I believe people have pointed this out before, too. Might want to do your research and get your info right before you go shooting your mouth off in the future…

          • joesz

            The Queen has spoken!!

            Isn’t that cafe4brother or something who got banned or is it just me thinking like that.

          • People can get banned, is it ever that serious?

          • MemeticRichard

            I don’t know anything about people getting banned on here in the past, but all I can say is this:

            If it’s somebody attacking somebody else, insulting somebody’s sensibilities, trolling, flaming, all that good stuff, I can see a ban as an understandable action. Maybe overkill for the lighter offenses, but still somewhat understandable.

            But if I am to be banned for sharing my opinion that just so happens to be on disagreeing terms with that of a staff writer on here, petty won’t even begin to describe it. It’ll paint very unpleasant pictures, needless to say.

            I’ve been snarky in the past, sure, but I sure as hell have never trolled, attacked, insulted, or flamed anybody. That said, as it currently stands, I’ve got absolutely nothing to apologize for.

          • MemeticRichard

            Hey, wait… I just noticed. …You called Ishaan “The Queen…”

            …XD I’ll let you two…guys, sort that one out. XD

          • Woah, BrotherCavil… didn’t think of that.

          • Aoshi00

            He’s pretty harsh, but I like “trollmura” lol… I think we just need to see something substantial from VS or get a tangible release date to quench our impatience/anger.. I really hope he could redeem the FF franchise if such a thing is possible.. not sure how much he had to do w/ Crisis Core but I loved that game. My friend doesn’t care about portables, but he picked up a PSP somebody left on the train on time, and I told him to get Crisis Core on it :)

          • MemeticRichard

            Thank, you man. T_T

            Actually, I forgot to clarify that…lol. He didn’t have all that much to do with Crisis Core personally, other than acting as Co-Producer…which means he can demand all sorts of things. That’s a whole other story.

            But I was referring to the FFVII Compilation as a whole – it was mostly spearheaded by Nomura himself, with Kitase acting as his wingman. In short, I get to call Nomura the destroyer of that particular continuity. XD

            …Or do I really have to say the forbidden words? >:3 “Advent Children”

          • Understandable on the Versus XIII front. I’m excited for it, too, man. But the point is, you don’t go repeatedly (and I do mean repeatedly) blaming one guy for the state of an entire company without even knowing what exactly it is that he’s directly responsible for.

            We try to encourage people to be reasonable around here, you know? Like, someone pointing to Sakamoto for “ruining” Samus? Sure, go ahead…he called the shots after all. But blaming Team Ninja for ruining her? Now, that’s just silly.

          • MemeticRichard

            Can’t blame the entire state of one company on one guy?

            Ever heard of Bobby Kotick? Try not to blame Activision’s crap on him lol.

            I feel the same way with Square Enix and Nomura. Nomura does something stupid – Wada approves. It’s a two-man team, from my perspective anyways.

            And my perspective ain’t changing anytime soon. Not unless I see the next Chrono Trigger or World Ends With You equivalent.

          • MemeticRichard

            No offense, but you’re sounding kind of butt-hurt… Because if you really bothered to read most of my comments, you’d be fully privy to the fact that I know *exactly* what he does at Square-Enix, since I made too many mentions of it to count. Where his responsibilities lie.

            I know exactly where he stands, whereas most people would easily write off something like The World Ends With You as one of his creations. Yeah, that’s also one of the reasons why I DO NOT LIKE THE GUY. Receives and takes credit for stuff that is very very clearly not even his own.

            And lastly, wanna see something interesting? I’m not one to brag this sort of thing, but I figure in these sorts of situations when my standpoints are attacked for no godamn reason whatsoever, it must have SOME sort of merit:

            It seems, that quite a few people tend to agree with what I have to say. I’m not perfect, I make mistakes all the time and I say stupid things all the time. But *this* HAS to have *some* sort of merit behind it.

            Do not insult my knowledge, and do not attack my opinion without any sort of fortification of your own. At the very least, you can try not to seem so blatantly pissed off about an opinion of a random site commenter. It ain’t cool. Oh…and if you call me a troll…I WILL end the world as you know it. Not just end the world, I’ll blow up the cosmos. I am NOT a troll… =_=

          • I wouldn’t point to a number of “Likes” as any sort of justification that you sound mature or even reasonable.

            You made a comment blaming Nomura for ruining Crisis Core, but you do realize that aside from Nomura, Hajime Tabata directed the game, Kazushige Nojima (who’s penned a good number of Final Fantasies) wrote the script, Hideki Imaizumi produced, and that the game even had a separate “Continuity Director”?

            Tell me then, how you reached the conclusion that Nomura “destroyed” Crisis Core. That’s an utterly, utterly ridiculous thought, and if you think it’s reason enough to drag his name through the mud like you’ve been doing so delightedly, you’re wrong.

          • MemeticRichard

            I didn’t blame Nomura for Crisis Core. I blame him for the entire Compilation, since it was more or less his idea.

            Sorry I failed to clarify that in the above post. DX

          • This is a joke, right? Bobby Kotick is Activision’s CEO. By your theory, you may as well blame the producer of the original Guitar Hero for “ruining Activision” because he made a successful game and Kotick and the board ordered the company to keep making it (and all associated spin-offs).

          • PersonaBull

            I’m confused. Do you work with Nomura? How exactly are you privy to such information about every aspect of everything he’s a part of? I’d really hope it’s not from news articles like those found here on Siliconera, otherwise I’m rather sure Ishaan is a little more “in the know.”

            Also, since when does popular opinion mean you’re correct? (Earth is flat, etc.)

            Finally, why do you ruin any credible argument you attempt to make with garbage terms like “butt-hurt” and finish off with immature/impossible threats? It seems only one person here is high enough on the emotional spectrum to qualify for the fun phrase of “butt-hurt.” Calm down and stick to reasonable arguments, please. Regardless of what you’re saying, you do sound like an idiot.

          • MemeticRichard

            @PersonaBull: I’m privy to this information cause quite frankly, Nomura never shuts the hell up about it.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Wow. Wait a second. That’s it? That’s the “info” you got? The stuff you read from interviews?

            How is he at fault that ignorant people think he was responsible for games for which he only did character design? He isn’t.

            You’re doing the exact same thing that people who think TWEWY was directed by Nomura do: just because he’s the face of the company, you’re assuming it’s his responsibility. Automatically.

            It’s not a matter of people getting pissed off at your opinion. It’s great that you have one, but you insist in turning any SE related article into a Nomura hate-fest. And that’s just boring.

            I used to take your opinion about him seriously, but your hate/dislike is based on assumptions. You then treat these assumptions as fact and put on the usual show.

            Like PersonaBull said, you’re just about the only person here who sounds butthurt. There’s no other reason why you would be so vocal about hating Nomura.

          • MemeticRichard

            @Doomrider: Actually, yes, I am basing everything from Nomura. From just his interviews alone, he’s doing way too much and sticking his nose in things where it doesn’t belong.

            That’s my criticism, based on his own words. Now, if he’s lying, well, then that should tell you even MORE. SO MUCH MORE than anything I can criticize him on, yeah?

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            Pull your pants back up, bud. Showing us your manhood doesn’t prove how many girls you’re capable of boning at once. Ignorance can be rectified but arrogance runs much deeper. I don’t want to say this but honestly that’s the most inane thing I’ve seen anyone do on this site. What are you trying to prove?

            Nomura can say whatever he wants, but sometimes he says what’s he told. Lying (which all PRs practice to some degree) is besides the point, if true it only proves you have no idea what he actually does. You would be naive to think no one keeps Nomura in check, even if his title is “I Make Kingdom Hearts B***h”. Last time I checked, the company’s name was “Square Enix”, not “Nomura Productions.” As far as I can tell, Nomura has no where as much leverage as Kojima (and even Kojima answers to someone). Nomura’s name is all over everything and he does the interviews because Square thinks he’s good for their image.

            Internal corporate politics can be entangling and complex. You know why Inafune quit? It’s because despite everyone thinking he had so much leverage, he felt his aggressive direction didn’t lead anywhere (Could he be lying to us? Possibly. But unlike Nomura, he no longer has obligations). If Capcom doesn’t like the push and shove of its own figurehead, it will push back, retract; Square is no different.

          • Guest

            Um.. >_>


            *runs away and squats while putting fingers in each ear* >_<

          • Code

            Butt hurt? Your the only one who sounds butt hurt, I guess backpedaling does that opo’ I don’t think your post I replied to was trolling (comes across more as just a hater rant then anything else xpx;) although I think it’d be a bold faced lie to say you’ve never trolled before opo;; Even below the response to Ereek is a pretty plain example xpx;

          • Ereek

            Don’t even bother Ishaan. I’ve already had this argument. He doesn’t listen. Better to just ignore them, no logic is going to change his mind.

          • MemeticRichard

            …We HAD this argument…?

            :/ …Who are you again? lol No, really…I seriously do not recall ever debating with you on…anything really…

            …Or even noticing any of your comments… Well, til now anyways. Sorry, I don’t mean that offensively… Maybe you just don’t stand out…or something? :/

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          How, then, did you get to the conclusion that basically everything bad (from your perspective) that happens at SE is his sole responsibility? How did you come up with this notion? (as in, where have you read/heard something that suggests this) You talk as if he’s the one who gets to decide in which games he does or does not work.

        • Your abuse of ellipses is actually beginning to offend me. It’s hard to ignore them as much as your comments because they REALLY stick out. =(

      • The fact that Crisis Core’s battle system was not too different from Kingdom Hearts is not a selling point.

        • lol.. i thought many people like KH.. Ya know.. Its like if they were both similar why do you dislike CC battle system so much? Its still a One button combat type of game, well, maybe more than that because you have D link, you have much fancy dodging and fighting style with ultra mega super technique after filling up the bar, and faster fighting speed. But, Probably due to me not being able to fully utilize everything in KH and got too immerse into the story for both of the game, so I see them both abit similar in terms of combat. But, seriously, it doesn’t really matter though.. I mean eventhough gaining new power in CC is fairly limited. Also as mentioned the exp and the summons looks as if its random, still its an RPG.. Great combat is a merit but as long as the story is nice then there aren’t much of a problem.I personally thinks that A game at this time still has its limitation to be very creative.

          • Honestly, KH’s battle system is much better than CC’s. I mean, wtf No Jumping(other than a jump attack), not to mention you have way more attacks at your disposal at any one time in KH as opposed to CC (Not talking about BBS, but the original KHses(?)). While CC is more Difficult, KH was definitely more fun to play, In my opinion.

      • PrinceHeir

        lol your probably an idiot for saying crisis core sucks. it was the reason why cloud became today.

        honestly i actually prefer zack than cloud due to the fact he’s more upbeat, crazy hairstyle and he fought the top 3 Class A soldiers ALONE. cloud didn’t shit he needed some help.

        all of the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII is essential to the storyline. the rise of shinra, info about Genesis, the secret Deep Underground group led be Weiss and Nero, Omega and Chaos, Minerva and so on.

        so please stop kidding yourself. your only making yourself worse

        • “your probably an idiot”? Not a good way to start an insult…

          And anything besides FFVII itself is unnecessary to the plot of FFVII. The Compilation may have ADDED to the storyline, but it was nowhere near “necessary” to the storyline. And Cloud was pretty upbeat in FFVII. I mean, what other FF Char will tell you to Mosey on down to fight Sephiroth?

          • Well, the definition of need or not needed is very much depending on individuals.. for avid fans, its of course an essential piece of story.. we will never understand your logic saying why its not gave more insight as in why aerith have feeling for cloud.. why is cloud acting the way he is..

            Beside, CC can be a stand alone game to some extend..Zack is just awesome.. no reason needed.. I am very greatfull for the existence of the game. And the gameplay is admittedly abit hardcore especially for the side missions,but, some people still manages to finish it with not much problem. So yea.. It depends..

  • Im looking forward to this game, the 5 seconds they showed in the last video were epic

  • I sense that we can get the game by round next year fall.. XD

  • Well finally they get to this game, my PSP has been yearning for it, thought by the time it comes out it might as well be a PSP2 game…

    • kupomogli

      I’ve also been waiting for the game. After what is possibly the worst RPG of all time, I’m hoping for another good Final Fantasy game. Seeing it’s a faster paced version of Crisis Core I shouldn’t be disappointed.

      • its an odd thing to jump from a post about final fantasy to talking about Two Worlds

      • Why would you be hoping for another good Final Fantasy after playing Eternal Sonata?

        • I must vehemently disagree, Eternal Sonata was my most memorable RPG experience on the PS3. I loved every single moment of my 60+ hours in the game. The soundtrack was awesome too, the battle system was madly addicting.

          • Aoshi00

            I loved Eternal Sonata too (played it on 360 though), it was one my fav. Tri-ace (Crescendo or whatever..) games, loved the music and battle system too, Star Ocean 4 as well. Lot of people didn’t care for the story though..

          • I Liked the story. It was just the bland character presentation; their expressions never changed, they had serious potential to look cool, and most of their voices were off-synced and Garbage (I think Faize, Myuria, Amurat, and Reimi(Welch was a bit off-sync at times, but I like Laura, so I’ll let it slide :L) had the best voices/Lip-syncing in the game. Edge was just….uch), not to mention the stiff animations during cutscenes.

            Personally, I thought the music was a bit too lowkey, considering how much fighting you actually do in the game. I usually make it a habit to have my own music running instead.

            And those battle trophies are insane! You have to BE the character to get it? That means I have to get 900 BTs and have to get each characters 100 individually -.-

          • Aoshi00

            I kind of fell in love w/ the Eng. seiyuu cast (lol I said seiyuu, I mean voice actors..), Edgy, ReiRei, Faize (no pet name lol), Lymle, Bacchus.. kind of like a more goofy version of Xenosaga, they sounded corny but fun to listen to somehow.. I usually prefer Jpn dub but here I prefer the Eng dub.. the music was okay, the usual Sakuraba stuff.. Yea, the trophies/achievement are definitely insane, I would never get those.. plus I don’t like checking out guides, so I couldn’t get all the private action and all the chars’ perfect endings.. the battles are addictive though.

          • I actually liked Star Ocean: The Last Hope too. But Eternal Sonata…? Oh my god, did I just want that game to end. Plus, it took the cliches, which I don’t normally mind, to a level that was just…wow…I mean, when a character dies and then gives a ten minute speech while dying…it felt like those old Bugs Bunny cartoons where he pretends to die, but then gets back up to talk a little more before pretending to die again.

          • Aoshi00

            Somehow I really liked Eternal Sonata (I actually played the import Trusty Bell when it first came out on the 360), maybe it was because I really liked both Chopin and Polka’s seiyuu Madono Mitsuaki and Hirano Aya at the time so all the nonsense they sprouted out sounded pretty cool to me lol.

          • Star Ocean 4 was just plain awesome, I loved all 82 hours I spent on it, even though, I think it was probably the hardest game I ever played. The final boss took me around 2 hours to beat and so many healing items, I had to play as the healer and just heal every turn, it was tough! I loved the story and Edge Maverick was just so cool! I wish I were him!

          • ThunderGod_Cid

            The ending for Eternal Sonata(like the ending for WildARMs 4) pretty much killed any of the positives that game had.

            At least Star Ocean 4’s ending wasn’t a 30+ minute long anti-suicide message.

  • Finally.

  • PrinceHeir

    on topic hopefully we get a release date in 2011 and Versus XIII March 2012 that’s the best i could hope for.

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