Meet The Heads Of Valkyria Chronicles 3′s Calamity Raven

By Ishaan . November 24, 2010 . 10:35am

Today, SEGA released a fresh batch of screenshots for Valkyria Chronicles 3, showing off a few more of the game’s characters, including some from the game’s antagonistic faction, Calamity Raven.


First up is Dahau, the leader of Calamity Raven.


Next up, you have Lydia Agute, his aide:


And finally, you have Jig, also from Calamity Raven:


A couple pieces of art, of Squad 422 (aka, the Nameless) members, Daito and Liberto Serge:


And a couple more miscellaneous screens:

valkyria3_001 valkyria3_012

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  • Hraesvelgr

    Even just the character designs are a major improvement over the second game. It’s as if they brought in a team that knew next to nothing about the first game to create the second game and then brought back the original team for the third.

  • Lydia is strangely smexy o.o

  • PrinceHeir

    i love her smirk :Ddamn it they better make Valkyria Chronicles 4 for the PS3 good with 2 VC games for the PSP so make 1 more for the PS3 to balance out.

    • thebanditking

      yes her face is deviously delightful, and yes they should bring the series back to PS3 soon.

    • ChaosPaladinFayt


      • she seems like tsundere character…

        • kactaplb


          • Eri

            If not yangire.

    • d19xx

      Yeah, I like her already. I hope she’s not one of those likable characters that is bound to die in the end…..

      • Bad guys always die in the end, I just hope she lasts longer. If she’s probably those sidekicks of the main bad guy who backstabs him later, then my money’s safe with her. :)

        • Darkrise

          Dam I hope there’s a twist in this game, something different where even her being the bad guy will decide to join you and she doesnt die. I’ll be honest, she looks hot. And that smirk is awsome! =o

        • thebanditking

          I like her because she reminds me of characters like rip van winkle from Hellsing.

        • raymk

          I like her as well and if you’ve played VC1 you would know that the bad guys do not always die.

          • General Jaegar, right? True, though he’s a man of good intentions and pride in comparison to others fighting for supremacy. The same can’t be said of Selvaria because…….you know. ;_;

    • To be honest, I already like Lydia, but I just hope (really, I am) there’s more to her personality other than the “killing is for fun” look on her face

  • Guest

    I’m guessing no one realizes that there’s a F*** darcsen fighting for the imperial army?!

    • Was about to mention that myself, sir!What could it mean???

      There seems to be TWO Darcsens actually, Dahau’s got dark blue hair, too. While Jig’s got that Darcsen scarf-thing….didn’t realize it at first though.

    • raymk

      i’ve seen that long ago and i’m guessing not all imperials are the same so all may not hate darcsen’s. However he may just be a sacrifical lamb and is only used for his talent.

    • Eri

      I expect that will be a major plot point. But like raymk says, it might be that they’ve made an exeption because of his talent?

  • d19xx

    No Avan. This is an instant buy for me :D

  • I already see that Jig is Dahau’s son, which comes as a nice package for our trio of baddies.

  • The gunshot for VC3 is seriously crazy. I played the demo and darn.. The enemy never stop firing at you… Its hard to not have your character die in a mission.. but i do admit that it is more fun than VC2.. i woner what they will bring in for VC4 though.. a sci fi or modern type of galia? hmm…

    • VC: Modern Warfare?

    • Eri

      I somewhat hope that they will take it away from Galia, but in the same world.

      Galia is essentially Europe, so they still have the rest of the world that they could use for a new game.

  • joesz

    Man~ She looks like a dominatrix.

  • Is it just me or does Lydia resemble Mio Takano of Higurashi no Naku Koro ni?

    • Bruce

      similar smirk i guess , although mion is more insane .

  • Rarutos

    Geez, and here I was thinking Lydia was Leila this whole time! They looked pretty similar. I was fooled!

    Oh well, here’s hoping for localization!

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