Bleach: Soul Ignition Demo Revving Up For Release

By Spencer . November 30, 2010 . 12:42am

imageBleach: Hell Chapter, the latest Bleach film for theaters, hits the big screen this week. Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is collaborating with the movie’s release to promote Bleach: Soul Ignition, the first Bleach game for PlayStation 3.


Sony announced plans to distribute a special demo of Bleach: Soul Ignition in Japan. It isn’t clear how this demo will be released. Further details will be released on the game’s official site and we’ll keep you posted on any new information.


Bleach: Soul Ignition does not have a release date or even a release window yet.

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  • I just really hope it comes to the state side or if not gotta import this one like the other games I had in the past.

  • Arcm

    Well, hopefully it’ll be a little easier to get a hold of then the Monster Hunter 3 demo…. But then again I paid 60 bucks for the FF 13 demo that came with the Advent Children bluray. So, I will most likely jump through hurdles to get a demo of a game I’m interested in.

  • karasuKumo

    It’s classified as an Action game on the site if anyone was still hoping for a fighter. I wonder what it’ll be like, I really hope they’ll include 1 vs 1 story fights. I wonder how they’ll do the flying/standing on air thing, because in one of the screens Rukia is as high as a Menos Grande’s heads. Ahh! So many questions! XD

  • urbanscholar

    Getsuga Tenshou in HD coming soon

  • Ohmygosh if this is pure action game it will be epically awesomely amazing like Naruto Dragon Blade Chronicles for the Wii. These games are just plain epic. I so can not wait for it to come here and for video footage of the demo to be released!!! I just love Ichigo, I mean Bleach, to deaths!!! Best anime ever!

    • Ohmygosh if this is pure action game it will be epically awesomely amazing like Naruto Dragon Blade Chronicles for the Wii.

      You sure about that?

      • That game is just fantastic, third best Naruto game released this year!!!!

        • What’s the first one? Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm 2?

  • awww no PSN demo?

    • Hopefully… there will be one, maybe like the first Naruto Ultimate Ninja Storm worked, like a limited demo (one time only and then removed).


    Why the hell is this being Published by Sony? Sega published the previous Bleach games and Namco Bandai out of anyone would make the most sense for publisher. Heck any third party would make more sense than Sony on a title like this. On a anime this popular in the west it should be a multiplatform release. This just seems silly to me.

    • Unfortunately you are committing a great crime, Logic should not be used. If it were most popular in the west, than the previous third party published Bleach games would have also came out in the West.

      Maybe SONY wants to diversify their portfolio?

      • Unfortunately, Tsunayoshi is right about Bleach’s popularity in North America. That’s why any third parties wouldn’t do and be able to handle such project, since third parties only focus on their video games division.

    • Sony doesn’t only publish the game in Japan, they’re also the one who are developing the game. It’s one of their studios who’s in charge of doing it. That’s why any other thrid parties is not a good idea, because Bleach: Soul Ignition will be one of Sony’s new exclusive. And btw, when it came to the Bleach PSP games, it was always Sony who published them, Sega only published the ones on DS and Wii.

      Btw, Namco didn’t have a great financial year this year… even with the goods sales of a few titles of theirs, like Naruto Storm 2 and some others I forgot.

    • Sony has a history working with the Bleach series in Japan. They developed and published the Bleach: Heat the Soul series for PSP, then Bleach: Blade Battlers for PS2, and Bleach: Soul Carnival for PSP.Sega only released Bleach games for Nintendo platforms, specifically the GC, DS and Wii.

    • Just say you don’t have/want a PS3, there’s no shame in that. As a proud PS3 owner, I really do feel bad for my 360 brothers.

      • LORDMATRIX2004

        How about I don`t say that considering I do own one. I just Think this is retarded. This should be a multiplatform game dragon ball naruto and bleach are some of the most popular anime in the west for the male demographic. It makes no sense at all for them to not have it multi. I would rather play this on my X360 anyways. My Wii and PS3 are for exclusives only. I will be able to play it but my point still stands. It is a stupid move.

  • malek86

    Hey Sony, why don’t you just make, you know, a demo for PSN?

  • OtherWorlded

    If this game is not a fighter, it would be a bust for me. I do not want another dynasty warriors type game. Especially for this one that should have resembled the one for the wii versus crusaders. That would have been a better one to compare it to. ~_~ WHY!!!!! I HAD SUCH HIGH HOPES!!!

  • Xekyo

    There’s new DLC for Bleach: Heat the Soul 7 with Shuren on the icon in the JPN PSN store that was released today. I gave away my PSP like 2 weeks ago so i have no way of checking what the actual content is. It’s most likely related to the Hell Arc. Just thought you people would like to know and check it out for yourselves. :D

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