Adhoc Party Gets A Monster Hunter Makeover

By Spencer . December 1, 2010 . 10:38am

018[3]Sony christened the launch of Monster Hunter Portable 3rd with a Monster Hunter skinned version of Adhoc Party, a PlayStation 3 app that lets PSP owners play ad-hoc games online.


This version of Adhoc Party has lobbies designed after six Monster Hunter field types: mountain stream, sandy plain, a lone island, submerged forest, tundra, and volcano.


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Monster Hunter lobbies are a bit different from regular lobbies. These rooms only support four players (other lobbies support up to eight) and have special icons for different types of Monster Hunter weapons. Sony also plans to update PlayStation Home to allow players to bootup Adhoc Party for a Monster Hunter meetup within their virtual world. This feature is scheduled for December 16.


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  • Oh how cool and convenient.

  • Guest

    Great…. but a simple infrastructure mode would have sufficed.
    Some of us don’t have a ps3 ?

    • Perhaps it is time to invest in one. PS3’s are now more low cost than ever and do not threaten to break ones bank. Truly the time for a PS3 is now.

      • tubers

        I understand your point. Pretty good and nicely put. But, shelling out 300 dollars is still something. Not to mention it’s value on other countries as well xD

        Could have just used and offered a basic infra but I guess if Sony has that “Synergy” vision, I can’t blame them.

        Still getting the English Version legitimately regardless :D

      • ECM

        This message brought to you by Sony Computer Entertainment.

    • Have you ever heard of synergy? >.> It was pretty much a given that you were gonna eventually need a PS3 to take full advantage of the PSP and vice-versa. There are even games that sync with their PS3 counterparts and Ad-hoc party brings online multiplayer to nearly all ad-hoc only games. Sony has also stated that they wanted to create some sort of synergy with their products and this just edges towards that ideal. :I Though in the end I am in agreement with you. Infrastructure would be nice but not needed.

      • AKA another reason for you to sell your soul to Sony Computer Entertainment. If you want to get online with your PSP buy a PS3. If you want to play Hd or 3d games buy a Sony Bravia! Sorry not ready to give in to the NWO just yet.

  • godmars

    Yet still we’re left wondering what a PS3 version of the game would look like, much less play like.

  • NeoTechni

    Sony could have built tunneling into the firmware, thus making every PSP game online capable…

    I’m sure homebrewers are close to it. They’ve already got it so you can use the USB port to connect to your PC instead of using wifi

  • shion16

    the original design is boring and ugly

  • RAVENKam

    This is good news to me since Adhoc party is the only way I’ll be getting any multiplayer action when MHP3 hits Europe.

  • I still wanna know how people type on a regular basis with the onscreen keyboard.

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