Rune Factory Oceans Trailer Shows The Not So Simple Life

By Spencer . December 2, 2010 . 5:05pm

Planting crops is only part of Rune Factory Oceans. Beyond farming and fishing, there are monsters to fight and befriend by petting. This trailer touches on both sides of Rune Factory Oceans.



Wow Azel, the male lead, has some crazy air combos. Sonia, the female protagonist, is a fighter too. Did you see her dash through enemies? Part of the fantasy life is getting married. Rune Factory Oceans has brides (some are shown in the video) for Azel and a smaller section of grooms for Sonia.


Thanks for sending a link to the trailer Scott!

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  • HarryHodd

    So much to do in this game. Combat looks really good, and i love the petting. Thanks for the write up. :)

  • I’m wondering if anyone believes that releasing Rune Factory: Oceans on February 24, 2011, is a really poor decision by Marvelous, considering that the Nintendo 3DS will also be released on the same week (Feb 26th to be exact). A delay of 1-2 months seems like it would provide enough breathing room after the 3DS’s launch and in effect, it would result in Rune Factory: Oceans being in a much better position.It’s like if Marvelous were to release a game on the same day in which New Super Mario Bros. Wii, Pokemon Black and White, or (if it’s any indication) The Last Story were also released and expect that it wouldn’t impact them (Marvelous) in any way.With that said, it’d be great if Neverland Co. ended up implementing something similar to Samurai Warriors 3: Xtreme Legends “Mix Joy” feature (which allows you share data and modes from Samurai Warriors 3 to SW3: XL) for Rune Factory: Oceans Wii. It’d be a nice gesture to owners of Rune Factory: Frontier and I can’t even begin to imagine the interesting possibilities that such an interaction would provide.

    • HarryHodd

      It’s on the PS3 too. Be it on the same day as Disgaea 4, but it should do fine between the two consoles.

  • any chances of this game getting localised? i like what i saw till now :)

    • Roanoke834

      We’ve gotten every Rune Factory so far, so I’d say the odds are looking good : )

      • glad to know that :)
        and thx for th reply.

  • shion16

    they have children only kissing themselves??

    • What? O_o

      • shion16

        they said something like that in the trailer

        • Around what minute did you hear that O.o, in the “romantic” part of the video all i heard you can go dates and marry, and of course, get a children… But i dont think you expect for them to do something else? xDAnd to do, i mean to show…

          In RFFrontier, it was like, you wake up, and your wife suddenly tells you that she is pregnant, and like 2 months later, the baby appears suddenly (she appears holding it when you wake up), pretty creepy if you ask me xD

          • shion16

            xDDDDDDDDDD priceless

          • puchinri

            Lol, goodness. At least they let you go to the clinic and everything in AP and ToT. (I can’t even remember what goes on for MM and the other titles…)

            I need to get further in RFF apparently. >u<
            (If I may ask, who did you marry? Just asking out of curiosity and because I'm being indecisive myself about who to woo.)

          • Yeah lol, im not 100% sure but it was close to that (i was playing RF2 at the same time and that is what happened too xD) but there are no doctors in town so i must be right.

            I married Selphy <3 she has been my favorite so far in all the rune factory, not only in design and personality, her english voice was just perfect, and i loved the way she loves books, it reminds my own feelings towards games xD.
            Aghh but she was the only girl that had her story less "complete" compared to the other girls… I really want to ask the developers why, you may surely know (after talking to selphy for a long time) that she is actually a princess and escaped.
            BUT! Ragna oviously never figures it out… even after they get married, she never tells him that (pretty weird, shouldnt the kingdom she come from be searching her?) AND when the girls get married to Ragna, they normally say some dialog lines when the wedding is over… Selphy was the only one who didnt said anything on that part… Im really confused T.T

          • puchinri

            Oh, that’s right! Heh. I think being taken to the church (and their little …’clinic’?) and being told would have been a good idea, but that just sounds so hilarious.

            Ohh, I see. And her English voice is fantastic, definitely. (I hadn’t though of her love of books that way. I liked her a lot before, but I have a new appreciation for her now!)

            Oh, I didn’t know her story was less developed. I was wondering about her too, that background makes sense. Now I wish they would have developed it more.

            Hum, that is weird… …Can you imagine if her kindgom is in some kind of turmoil and people are fighting about the heirs and she had to run away so she wouldn’t get offed by some evil cousin or something? Then again, if she ran away to be free, maybe they’re just ‘giving her space’ until they decide to kidnap her back.

  • Waiting for the video to load… I HOPE,i really, really, hope, that you can get married before beating the game, really, it all becomes really dull and boring after you get married after beating the game, like, yeah you’ve been working to get married with X girl all the game but you have to beat the last boss, once that is done… you get married, and you find out there isnt really much to do, so you stop playing, not many people would go through days aimlessly just to wait like 4 month until you have a son/daughter.EDIT: Ohhh i love the music of the video >83, and they’ve improved the battles a lot as well!! ohh this game will be so good!! AHHHh but i still think that anime sprites while they talk is a lot better than 3D models.And there it! the Drama CD that always come with these games :D… not that ive ever seen one…

  • Yuan

    BTW, if the male main can marry and have his wife pregnant… How about the female main? Unlike the usual Harvest Moon, this one has combat, and it’s a flashy one…

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      That’s an excellent question that I would also like the answer to.

    • Maybe you just jump those weeks, or maybe nothing happens… The girls say they are pregnant but ive never seen any of them grow a belly in a game… That would be really deform their 3D characters lol xD

    • Caligula

      Hm, I remember in Harvest Moon 3, the guy could have kids, but the girl couldn’t, and the game ended as soon as the girl got married. It’d be kind of lame if they did that, though.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    From the looks of it, they really put a lot of effort into this one. And even though there was some dispute over whether on the not the character portraits should be 2D, after seeing this trailer I am uber glad that not only are they 3D, but animate quite nicely when they talk. The combat is ultrasmooth, to the point that I’m kind of shocked. With the giant uncovering islands, the explorable world could be absolutely huge. All it needs now is a nice story, and I’ll be playing it forever……Assuming that it comes out on the PS3 here, a system that doesn’t have any games like this and desperate needs one.

    EDIT: Sonia, get out of Azel’s body so I can make you Mai Waifu!! >,<

    • vadde939

      I read somewhere (I think it was on gonintendo) that Azel and Sonia CAN get married. So they must separate bodies at some point.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        YEESSS. Great scott that’s great news! High jump fist pump booty bump!! I mean thanks! XD

  • FFFFF, that battle system! Why does a Harvest Moon (ok, spin off but still) have a battle system that looks more fun than some of the mainstream action RPG hybrids???? >__<

    XD On the bright side, it means I won't get bored slugging through monsters like back with the first two games.

  • Hm never gave any interest to the HM series. I guess I’ll check out the Rune Factory spin offs at least. This one looks pretty great

    • Phlo

      Rune Factory 3 and Frontier are the ones out so far that are really worth playing.

  • DanteJones


    When I originally heard that they were taking 2D character portraits out of the game I was a bit skeptical, but after seeing this video my thoughts made a complete turnaround. The character models look really good with the addition of body movement during conversations, and the improvements to the battle system look amazing. SO stoked for this game!

    • vadde939

      Seconded. I didn’t like ditching the 2D portraits either but the 3D models look absolutely stunning in motion.

  • Barrit

    Geez.. who knew farmers could kick so much ass! Farmville had me thinking farmers were a bunch of sissies

  • puchinri

    Saw it earlier, but it’s nice to watch it here~.

    And I think I only saw two potential grooms, were there more in the trailer? Neither really looked as cool/cutely designed as the brides either. ;u;
    I hope there are more grooms.

    But again, way excited for the game. Especially for the fighting.

  • waah……very…..nice….

    Never played a RF nor HM game before, but this one seems reaaally FUN! Due to a lot of reasons! (battles, world, characters, social life, gameplay.etc)

    And the voices are simply nice and cute so i reaaalllly wish the ps3 version at least will include jap audio…

    Man, to think i used to only care about those serious, rugged, harsh, dark, western shooting/action games….

    • If you havent played the world ends with you… THEN THIS IS A GOOD CHANCE TO USE A QUOTE FROM THERE…

      Khairuddin Haji Mohamed, you put your own limits to yourself, the world ends with you, you have to keep trying new things to make your world bigger, once you are gone, your world will be gone as well, it all depends on you, so is better to take any chance you have to open your horizons.


  • *sniffle* *happy tears* *then remembers she still needs to play RF 3 and the latest Wii HM that released* *scowls at lack of time*

  • After Fianlly getting to see some gameplay, and the battlesystem, i am more than sold that this will be a ultimate day one buy for me!

  • Hearing Miyuki Sawashiro’s voice in any trailer is enough to sell me on it!

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