Gundam Double X Prepares For Battle In Gundam Musou 3

By Spencer . December 3, 2010 . 4:26pm

One of the most powerful Gundam is playable in Gundam Musou 3. Players can use Gundam Double X is armed with double beam sabers and two satellite cannons to fire when you trigger a musou attack.


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  • Guest

    I’m starting to lose the point of these games. If games like Gundam Senki and the VS series have a challenge to them with LESS characters whats the point of throwing a bunch of useless A.I. support army characters and enemies that just stand there as fodder until you meet up with the ‘boss’ characters? Koei needs to really rethink their engine it’s getting old. Kingdom of Fire II may take their crown as I seen the A.I. in that game looks busy as hell and you can command them which makes sense.

    • Aoshi00

      But you seem to like Ken’s Rage fine… You could give that a pass and say it’s different, but to many it’s still the same monotonous repetitive Musou game w/ a different skin.Just give me Four Murasame and her Psyco Gundam :) Zeta Gundam forever!

      • Guest

        Ken’s Rage gets a pass because of the newer innovations to the DW engine it uses. The A.I. is more aggressive and there are cancels juggles, just frame attacks, destructible environments, platforming etc.Troy & Trinity offer newer elements as well. I’m afraid DW7 is actually going to take a step back in that innovation, and this title just looks as more of the same..Besides these are supposed to be giant mechs. There’s no sense of size here and no sense of danger.
        I actually liked Super Robot Wars Scramble Commander 2nd only problem was it played too slow

        • I’m going to take a wild guess here and say you havent actually played DWG2 let alone 3. If you had you wouldnt be saying there’s no sense of scale in the face of Psyco Gundam, Big Zam, Devil Gundam etc.More aggressive AI? checkDestructible envoironments? Checkstuff that sets DWG apart:Transformable unitsEvery unit has a selection of long range gun attacksGigantic Mobile ArmoursTactical Outcome effect (your actions can result in characters in the story living or dying)Thruster dashing/jumping/flyingSimultaneous aerial maneuvers and attacksnew stuff in DWG34 player online co-opAI reinforce (enemies will aid, protect and support each other)Emergency Dash (just recovery)Missile BasesCatapult(launch yourself to other areas)Vanguard and home basesPartner StrikeChain Explosion (when one unit blows up it can blow up others nearby)They’ve definitely put a lot of thought into this one

          • Guest

            You can transform in Strikeforce
            You can dash jump fly in Strikeforce
            you can do aerial maneuvers and attacks in Strikeforce
            There are giant enemies in Strikeforce too
            There are gun, long range attacks in some characters in DW and Fist too (Jagi, Mamiya)

            And I was talking about sense of size to environments and in this vid I see passive A.I.

          • Cant we all just agree that all incarnations of Dynasty Warriors suck and are a blight on gaming?

          • Of course they do, Greg. That’s why there are so many of them.

  • wow

  • PrinceHeir

    i haven’t bought some gundam games yet, will be starting with this one along with Macross Frontier and Ace Another Century ^^

  • kupomogli

    Gundam Battle or similar for PS3 Namco Bandai. 0079, 0083, and 0087 atleast. Will import.

  • I friggen love this series. I have NEVER been able to get into Dynasty Warriors, but Dynasty Warriors Gundam changed that. The first was great, the second was an improvement EVERYWAY and added a ton of suits. And the third. It takes the game celchaded, and adds MORE suites like Deathscythe, GP-01 FB, Unicorn, and as featured Crossbone. This will be a day 1 purchase the second it hits stateside.

  • Exkaiser

    Twin Satellite Cannon musou? That’s just mean, Garrod. Whatever happened to “microwave, kuru!” and all that, huh?

  • epy

    I am a big Gundam fan, but this doesn’t seem fun at all… am I missing something?

  • Devonian

    Hell fucking yes.

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