Another Voice Actor Mentions White Knight Chronicles 2 Voice Work

By Spencer . December 5, 2010 . 6:13am


First, Wally Wingert mentioned voice work for "the latest White Knight Chronicles game." Daniel Taylor who voices Leonard, the main character in White Knight Chronicles, has White Knight Chronicles 2 on his resume.


Seems like Sony Computer Entertainment America plans on publishing White Knight Chronicles 2 in the States. They may be waiting to release a more complete version of the game, though. Level 5 has massive content updates planned for 2011 that add a new story quest for the avatar character and later Geonet, a network with a space for online players and message boards.


Thanks for mentioning this in the comments AdamBoy 64!

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  • Sigh… these fucking morons…. why cant they just kept the original VA rather than FAILDUBS?!?!?! @GT%^$JNI^%

    Sony are a FUCKING RETARD!!!

    English dubs:

    • evilmoogle

      well, why don’t you just accept the way things are?

    • Exkaiser

      So much mad. So much mad.

    • Although I agree with the lip-syncs, Ive never been disappointed with any english dub and the intonation or something.

    • Someone forgot their medication this morning. Nurse! Nurse! He’s at the keyboard again!

    • Hraesvelgr

      You do know that most games don’t really use lip-syncing, right? Even in Japanese, only bigger budget games have actual lip-syncing.

      • MisterNiwa

        True dat. And the most are only using Lip Sync for the main language of the game. Only games like Metal Gear Solid 4, Final Fantasy XIII (Which is a great game, period. I can’t say it more than enough.) and Castlevania: Lords Of Shadows are using in english and japanese lip sync.

    • Blazeddc

      Wow, settle down there dude. Dubs from the original were pretty damn good. No reason to change a good thing. Now if they used an entirely different cast then I can see getting upset over it.

      Consistency>JP Only

    • MisterNiwa

      When I write ‘sh..’ I need moderation before it get’s posted and this guy just threw around the F-word as he pleased.

  • shy_mel

    This is a good sign. Maybe I’ll start playing the first again.

    • I still need the first but I think I read somewhere that I should just wait for the second since it came with the first game?

      • Wait for the second game. As far as I know, the first game comes together with all graphical updates and less bugs.

        • shy_mel

          Yep and you have to beat the first game to play the second. Thank the lord you don’t need all the trophies though.

          • I’m hoping that’s one of the changes they make for NA, where you can play the game without having played the original, but you benefit from having the save if you did.

            As for the trophies, I don’t see why you would’ve needed to, as 95% of the trophies aren’t even storymode based, but online-based.

  • SneakyHawk

    *hopes that this game comes out*

    I wanted to play the original but the issues the game had sorta made me not want to buy it. With WKC2 having the original with a few fixes…I wonder how much was fixed…

    • AdamBoy64

      Apparently the speed of the combat is a bit faster in No. 2 (and the remade original) – not sure if that’s something you’ll like or not. Guess we’ll see how it goes.

      • SneakyHawk

        Extra speed of combat is always welcome in my book. :)

  • Happy to see this. Liked the English dub of the first game. Was very surprised to find out that Master Shake did one of the voices.The original game was fun the first time through, although the story didn’t get interesting until the end. Playing online, though, was wonderful.As for this, I would actually hope that they DON’T include the original in the North American version, for purely selfish reasons, honestly. I’d be annoyed that I spent $60 when I could’ve gotten it for free by just waiting for the sequel. At most, I’d say make a special edition that costs a bit more that has both games. Otherwise, keep the sequel to itself for NA. I know early adapters always end up paying more, but it’d be silly to just disregard our purchases like that.

    • Draparde

      Didn’t the second game force you to have a completed file of the first though?…or did that change/am i thinking of something else?

      • Japanese version does. I’m hoping they change that for NA.

  • HarryHodd

    Great to see and hope that 2011 brings some great JRPGs on the PS3.

  • Hopefully this time they include THE original japanese voice

    because there is kugyu, not only maaya sakamoto but also kugimiya rie voice act in this second game ^^

    why the hell SCEA didn’t include original voice act in their first game (they even giving the first game international name)

    isn’t one of advantage sony boasting about bluray disc is huge capacity THAT ALLOW FOR MULTIPLE VOICE ACTING INCLUDED!

    or are those peeps at scea really hate jrpg or nonmainstream and anime, or too japanese style game along with japanese voice! it this PS3 exclusive but treated like some kind of unwanted step son (interm of dub quality and release date unlike other sony esclusive)

    • Your spelling horrifies me.

    • I think their boasting about the blu-ray disc was that it would allows movies to embrace having more than 4 languages with dubbed voice support.

      I do not think the lack of Japanese voice acting is enough to go heads over heels over and complain until the next blue moon.

    • you love japan abit too much ~_~

  • AdamBoy64

    Oh.. wait, whoa? My comment got.. anyway, cool.
    I liked the Voice Acting in WKC myself..
    Especially Charles Shaughnessy.. lolz. Loved hearing him.

    Hoping for an english release in WKC2 soon. I can’t say I’m a big a fan of how they changed the graphical style. But the add-on they’ve done with a new story quest for the Avatar Character seems pretty sweet though.

  • All the cast will have the game in the curriculum, and still no announcement

  • I noticed this back when the Wally Wingert news was posted… since I went looking around to see if there was any news and whatnot about the second game on various sites.

    Tho, nothing against the dubbing, I’d still would like dual audio.. I like to switch between languages to check out both versions. But normally, I tend to stick with Japanese in the end. XD I think it’s because I’m used to watching various streamed anime before it comes to DVD… so I don’t have to deal with the horrid dubbing/fake accents/etc that we get in most of our games/anime titles. And gosh.. Daisuke Namikawa is a fav voice actor of mine… Want to hear his Leonard more than Daniel Taylor’s.

    That.. plus Yulie’s voice actress was horrible. XDD A friend of mine thought it was her character talking while walking/running around and tried to change her voice (by paying for that $5 remodel ticket).. but found out it wasn’t her character. XD

  • Volcynika

    First one was nothing really special, the single player was kinda boring. Though it had some good music here and there. Online was fun part of the time, though the super endless grind got tiring to up ranks. Hope they bring the first one with the second game, as it’ll have the second game’s improvements, which would be good for new players.

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