The Bacon Of Action Games

By Spencer . December 5, 2010 . 3:16am

Xseed, as seen on their Facebook page, came up with an aberrant slogan for Ys Seven.



As an analogy –


image : image ::

image : image


So, Xseed is saying Ys Seven is both delicious and unhealthy?

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  • Ereek

    I’ve read a lot of positive from new fans about Seven. It seems to have gotten a better reception from non/new fans in the west than Oath did. Perhaps that simply could be a result of the release date being in a less cluttered time.

    Though, I’m not too fond of bacon myself.

    • Actually, even if it sounds wrong, i think the graphics had a lot involved.

    • Extra_Life

      I really enjoyed both 7 and Oath, but Oath turned out to be the more enjoyable game for me. Nothing wrong with 7, but being so used to having Adol as a lone adventurer, 7 felt more like something else (actually not far off how I’d like a new Mana game to play).

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Or that Adol’s been known to ham it up around girls?

    • All adol have to do is showoff his red hair, and all the girls in every continent fall for him… JUST TO BE LEFT WITH THEIR ILLUSION AS THEY SEE ADOL DEPART FOR ANOTHER ADVENTURE! HAHAHA… And i think he enjoys that, the dark side of Adol…

      • M’iau M’iaut

        When discussing that topic with friends, some want to claim Adol NEVER makes a move, but he certainly has never stopped any damsel in distress/village girl/shopkeeper’s daughter from expressing her emotions. And I’ve always found in either dialogue or characterization that there are hints a love em and leave em thing could be going on.

        Plus he’s got his own loli thief girl stalker after him, so he can’t be all bad.

  • Ummm, bacon

  • Aiddon

    actually bacon’s not that unhealthy, especially when compared to a LOT of other meats. Mostly because because a serving of bacon is a lot less than a serving of, say, beef or sausage

  • Ladius

    It wasn’t bacon, it was a juicy steak of an action-JRPG. XSeed’s Falcom localizations are still the best announcement of 2010 for me, can’t wait for Trails in the Sky.

    • Steak? No, no. You don’t got far enough, my friend.Ys 7 is the FILET MIGNON of action games. That’s steak WRAPPED in bacon, baby.

      Though considering how fast-paced the game is, it would also probably have to be deep-fried. Deep-fried Filet Mignon.

  • thaKingRocka

    Bacon is perfect, and the slogan works for me. Though the Ys series has always attracted me, I’ve never played through a single one of them. This makes me wonder if I should bite the bullet and buy the game for PSP. I hesitate to update from custom firmware and all, but I don’t like keeping up with that nonsense. I’ve always felt caught in the middle of a war just so I could play SNES and Neo-Geo games on my PSP. Instead of keeping up with either Sony or Dark Alex and the like, I walked away entirely. The last game I bought was NBA Street Showdown in 2005. I gave it away to one of my students. The best use I ever really got out of my PSP was watching 30 Rock episodes I had converted for it, but I didn’t like having to convert the videos either, so even that function didn’t really do it for me.

    The PSP is showing up with some good stuff these days. The only problem is these games that attract me are not necessarily games I want to play on a handheld. They really did make the Playstation portable, but I never really wanted to play my PS on the go. A portable games system demands a different type of game. I want to sit on the couch with a controller in my hand to play Ys Seven.

    • Ladius

      If you have a PSP slim you can connect it to a tv using a psp component cable, it’s not the best graphic quality but it works if you hate playing handhelds.
      That said, do yourself a favor and buy Seven and Oath in Felghana. They are masterpieces of the action-JRPG subgenre with an addicting arcade feel that will leave you wanting even more Ys (and thankfully there is more, the best version of Ys 1-2 ever localized in english is coming to PSP next february).
      Aside from the Ys games PSP is experiencing a stunning increase in its quality JRPG lineup: Valkyria Chronicles 2-3, the upcoming Trails in the Sky trilogy, Tactics Ogre LuCT, ZHP and many others are crowding this tiny portable console making it a JRPG fan’s dream, at least for some time.

      • thaKingRocka

        I have a PSP-1000. I bought it back in 2005. I loved Ridge Racers, but I was pretty underwhelmed with the games that followed until I just gave up. I was then going the way of the high seas as well as playing emulators. Eventually, I just gave up all around. I’ve been excited, but then disappointed so many times in the past couple of years over the games released for it. I hear that all these great games are getting rereleases, but then it always turns out they’re on PSP instead of console or PC.

        I’ve heard better word of mouth surrounding The Oath in Felghana than Seven, and I am really thinking of just going ahead with it. I wonder why nobody is looking to bring Falcom’s games out on the PC via Steam or something. Falcom always release their games on PC first, don’t they? Thanks for that February heads-up by the way.

  • but i can’t eat bacon ;_;

  • Just saw a few game play videos. It actually looks pretty fun (not repetitive) for an action RPG.

  • neetloaf

    Ys Seven is way tastier than bacon.

  • kupomogli

    Ys7 is like the perfect bacon. No fat. :p Oh yeah. And like Ladius said. Steak. Steak with no fat.

  • tubers

    First I thought it was boring during the first 3 hours… It just grew on me :)

  • cmurph666

    Does that mean you can’t play if you’re Jewish?!

  • Chow

    This is delicious!

  • masuto

    Fattening, lol.

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