Why There Will Be No Marvel vs. Capcom 3 Demo

By Ishaan . December 5, 2010 . 1:12pm

Recently, over on the Capcom-Unity forums, Capcom’s Christian Svensson — better known to some simply as “Sven” — took the time to answer a few common fan questions regarding Capcom’s fighting games.


Among the issues discussed was the subject of a Marvel vs. Capcom 3 demo — or rather, the lack of one, as Capcom recently confirmed they don’t plan to release a demo version of the game.


“Again, several reasons: First, schedule,” Svensson said with regard to the demo issue. “If you wanted a demo, you’d have had fewer characters, less polish or some other tradeoff in the full game because the game absolutely had to ship within this fiscal year (business reality).”


“Demos take time to make, test and submit and they aren’t cheap which would mean something else would have to be cut or reduced to have time in the schedule and budget to do it,” he continued. “Secondly, historically our retail fighting game releases have not had demos and we don’t believe that has hurt sales or long term consumer feedback if the experience is good (and in MvC3, it is great).”


“Lastly, we have made the game available to play at literally dozens of events around the world, so sampling opportunities have existed,” said Svennson in conclusion. “It doesn’t mean everyone who would want to try it has had the opportunity, but I would venture a guess that literally hundreds of thousands have since we announced the title back in April.”


If you want Svensson’s take on the reason there’s no Darkstalkers 4 or Capcom vs. SNK 4, you can catch up on his reasoning for the lack of those, too.

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  • I don’t care about a demo, I want Date Masamune!

    • ForeverFidelis


    • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

      Which Date Masamune? There are so many out there

      • Kal_Kent

        SENGOKU BASARA! Date Masamune!!!

        • Guest

          I asked for him in Tatsunoko vs Capcom (along with Tatsunoko’s giant 3 in 1 robot Gordion) and I was denied so I am hoping I wont be disappoint again!!

          Also if he does make it in, here’s hoping they don’t get rid of his Japanese voice actor and his glorious ENGRISH

          PUT YA GUNS ON!

    • BadenBadenPrinny

      He was deconfirmed along with all of Sengoku Basara

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Like he said, it’s not like they need a demo for the game to sell…

    • Demos are really a double edged sword, if you play it, maybe something you wanted to get will be a let down, and you wont get it. Or, you just decide to actually try something new, and you find out that you like the demo, thats a plus in the selling charts of the games, an oportunity like this could never happen if there wasnt a demo.

      It doesnt need a demo to sell, but its possible to raise those selling charts (or lower) with a demo.

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        Like you said, it’s a double edged sword. On one hand, a good demo will almost certainly get more people to buy a game, even those that were not interested in it at first. But if the developers don’t have the time to spend creating one, then it’ll probably do the proper game a disservice, alienating any potential buyers, previously interested or not.

        In this specific case, I think the demo is really not necessary at all, mainly because of Capcom’s reputation in the fighting genre. Of course, if it had a good demo, the sales could be even better, but I’m sure they’ll be satisfactory just the same.

        • Not to mention its hard to represent a fighter with fewer than all characters.

          • Guest

            I still have my King of Fighters XII demo. It only had Kyo and Terry Bogard :P

            Got rid of my Souls Calibur 4 demo though (meh). If you don’t count the UFC/EA MMA/Fight Night demos, the only other demo was Marvel vs Capcom 2.

  • Game doesn’t really need one. I was sold the moment I found out my five most wanted characters (Dante, Wesker, Deadpool, Spencer, and Ammy) are in it. If they do the right thing and make The Sentry/The Void the last boss instead of someone lame like Galactus, there’s really nothing they else they could do to make me any happier.

  • CudaBiro

    So here’s my thing? Why couldn’t they just take the code that they’ve demonstrated at all of those events and plug it up on XBL and PSN? Anyone got an answer? A lot of these events aren’t feasible to attend for different reasons such as 1) time and 2) money.Oh and no demo gives the full experience of the game. Demos are all about giving a sample of the full-course. SSF4 had a Gamestop demo with four or so characters. Why couldn’t they release an online demo with 4 or so characters?

  • Well MK9 will keep me busy so will other stuff and I CAN WAIT FOR THIS GAME… it needs more DLC characters to make it even more epic but epic can’t even describe how awesome this game is and I can’t wait to get it but I can wait. ITS AWESOME!

    • See, now Mortal Kombat 9 is a game that will DEFINITELY need a demo before I consider buying it. I’m completely open to the idea of getting that, but only if it’s an improvement over every MK game since, well, Trilogy.

  • Needs more fighters. :)

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