Dark Rings Or Crowns Of The Dark, Which Is A Better Name For Project Dark?

By Spencer . December 7, 2010 . 3:37pm

From Software announced a spiritual successor to Demon’s Souls called Project Dark at Tokyo Game Show. Namco Bandai will publish the game in North America and Europe, but not under the name Project Dark. That’s a temporary title.


Digging through Japan’s trademark database we found two possible titles for Project Dark, Dark Rings and Crowns of the Dark. Both were filed by Namco Bandai.


image image


Namco Bandai, possibly to confuse me and others that look up trademarks, tend to register multiple names for one game. Hmm… Dark Rings or Crowns of the Dark… I don’t know which one I like more. How about you?

  • krokounleashed

    I don’t like neither of them.

    • Hraesvelgr

      Yeah, they are both pretty bad.

    • I agree. Maybe with more knowledge of the storyline and content, they could have made better title choices.

  • Yukito

    Namco sucks, and still sucks. Not bothering. As much as I liked Demons Souls, “Namco Bandai” on the case was a deal breaker.

    • OneOkami

      Are you seriously gonna refuse the buy the game just because Namco Bandai is publishing it?

      Why exactly?

      • Code

        I figure because they don’t understand the difference between a developer and a publisher opo;

      • Yukito

        Because they just pull my feathers the wrong way in everything they do. Heads up on this, I am not a Tales fan, but their negligence to that RPG fanbase annoys me. On top of that, The game WAS pushed publicly by Atlus in the US, who, without a doubt would have jumped to localize this, got robbed by NB, who, since they have “connections” with From Software, got the rights to this supposed “sequel”. Namco Bandai seems like they are being arrogant jerks to me, and simply enough, whether or not I respect a game or whatever, I want my money going to who I think rightfully deserve it. Namco Bandai have proved to me, that they just don’t at all, deserve my support. Plain and simple.

        • Zeik56

          You are assuming way too damn much. We have no idea if Atlus USA ever had any desire to pick this game up or why Namco Bandai managed to get the game themselves. If you don’t like NB fine, but don’t go spouting a bunch of bullcrap without any evidence just because you don’t like them.Also I love the irony of people always complaining about them not localizing games they want and then go and actively decide not to support them when they do localize something. I’m sure that will totally teach them to localize more games.

          • Yukito

            At this point, I just want their US branch to die, so their JP games could be picked up by Aksys, Atlus, and Xseed, since they obviously are being held down by their NA branch.

            Also, you are telling me, you don’t think that, with Demons Souls being Atlus’ HIGHEST selling game ever in their history, that they wouldn’t be 100% sure of picking up a sequel? Have you heard of “The Cursed Crusade”? It is an obvious answer to the fact they aren’t getting the next one. I think that game’s existence alone is my proof.

          • Zeik56

            Keep dreaming on that one. There’s no chance their NA branch is going under unless the company as a whole goes down as well, and I don’t really think that’s going to help in getting their games brought over. Like them or not, they’re here to stay.

            Also this isn’t a Demon’s Souls sequel. We barely even know anything about the game other than the fact that it’s being made by the team that made Demon’s Souls.

          • Yukito

            You DO know how much sales expectations they put into their games, right? Most of their games flopped to not even half of what they “expected”. They have laid people off recently, and they haven’t been making much of any good games lately. Clash of the Titans? Splatterhouse? Majin and the Forsaken Kingdom? Enslaved? All pretty much bombed. They pretty much have shown many signs of money problems. They have spent probably millions on the Playboy ad for Splatterhouse, as well as paid millions for the Enslaved promotions, and Enslaved got like…..40-50k off the ground, week one, among BOTH consoles? Act like they are doing Okay and that they aren’t going anywhere, but if they don’t shape up, I see them going somewhere…..and that somewhere isn’t to the bank to cash checks.

            Yes, I know this. Though I said sequel, they are basing it enough off of Demons Souls to re-capture the audience that Demons Souls had.

          • Zeik56

            It doesn’t matter how good or bad they are doing, they are part of Namco Bandai, so it will take a lot more than some bad releases for them to completely remove it from existence. Selling under expectation still makes them more money than not selling anything at all.

          • Yukito

            Making no profits in America could eventually close down their US branch, and have only the JP focused one. Their JP games are all that are getting sales, but they don’t seem to notice that yet. I don’t know what their next “Big” release over here is, but their sales have been just pitiful. Their only big titles this year have been Naruto Ninja Storm 2, and Ben 10. They have very weak marketing plans, low income, much money used up, more people losing jobs, thus meaning slightly longer development times, and more.

            They aren’t getting any better. You have to be blind, or simply haven’t been following their news, not really to know this. They themselves have said it in even interviews. Few more highly invested bombs could break them.

    • krokounleashed

      What? :f

      • Yukito

        I do too much research for my own good with games. I see the crap that Namco Bandai pushes out, and to me, it seems like they are forcing people in the west to like stuff, and only promote eastern games if for some reason, they become a hit. From Software got super lucky with DS in the West, and all of a sudden, Namco snatches it, after Atlus put out DS with all those goodies, and localized it when no one else was going to. They pushed out games they expect to sell 1m+ copies, and when it is our faults the games never peak 200k, due to lousy advertisement, they take the series out back with a shotgun.

        Simply put, they have no sense of direction.

        • krokounleashed

          I get your point. But srsly your going to not buy this game because of the publisher? I think you’re hurting with this From Software more than you will Bandai-Namco.

          • Yukito

            As much as I like From, I just hate NB’s actions. Same can be said with Activision. I will never buy a game from them either. I was considering back when it was listed that the JP version was going to be without NB taking part, but since it was announced, forget it. =/….. Maybe I will get it used or something (I never ever buy used), if I have to get it. New, I don’t think so.

          • If he bought it, not like From would get much of his money anyway… devs get table scraps man.

  • Why can’t Atlus publish? 8[

    Maybe Namco Bandai saw the success of Demon’s Souls, and jumped on the chance to publish the spiritual successor so they could make a lot of money and ultimately localize some Tales games…

    …That’s dangerous thinking. Bad Tiger, bad.

    • Yukito

      Why would they localize tales? With their expectations of all games peaking 1 million, and Vesperia making a lousy…. *Looks up sales*

      250k sales in the US to date, they simply don’t care. They recently said something about “Support them, and if they get the money, they may localize the series”….. don’t believe that horse trash. If I went out to buy Naruto DVDs from Viz Media to support Full Moon actually getting Finished on DVD in America, it still won’t happen.

    • Like we called for in another article, perhaps those in the US and Europe should rally for a postcard to namco bandai pledging to buy the Tales games of choice…

      Though I guess its better to take a risk in this dog eat dog world than to return to something already tried during this generation. We should all be glad at the news, more companies need to take risks at bringing out lucratively unique games on these shores.

      • Won’t work. Ever heard of the Mother series? Starmen.net tried DAMN hard to get Mother 3 localized. Where is it? Where is Mother 3’s localization?

        • Exkaiser

          We got a damn fine one, courtesy of those fobby boys.

          It’s a shame it had to come to that, though.

  • HarryHodd

    Doesn’t sound like Demon’s Souls at all, could they just do dark soul?

    • krokounleashed

      Yeah I thought the same. But that would sound to much like Demon Soul’s. And that would cast Sony up with their lawyer in the back.

  • Bad move to release this just after a tales of article xD
    Anyway, i could choose one if i actually knew something about the game o.0, but i guess it will consist in some round object close to a crown or a ring (omg so smart)… I think they could do a better job choosing the name if that’s the case, both of them sound kinda generic

  • ECM

    Dark Rings sound like what you get under your eyes after a bad night’s sleep, so they need to stay far, far away from that even if it’s a god characterization of what the gameplay can inflict upon you (see: a long night of Demon’s Souls).

  • PrinceHeir

    this is just bullshit, just becuase Atlus publish Demon Souls and it became a smash hit now namco is on the bandwagon. they won’t even publish their own game not that’s just wrong.

    hopefully Atlus or Sony will publish Demon Souls 2 when the Takeshi Kajii is actually working on it.

    • Yukito

      See, exactly why I am against it. Take something made popular overseas by one smaller company, who made tremendous sales that topped their charts, and completely neglect whatever anyone else pleads for. I know they took the EU one, but atleast let Atlus have the US one. I know without a shadow of a doubt, they would.

    • Neckbear

      Well, Namco DID publish Demon’s Souls in EU.

      I don’t care about anything behind it nor Namco hate; honestly, if the game is what they say- “a game for those who enjoyed Demon’s Souls”, I’ll have a great time with it.

      Also, I doubt Atlus will ever be given another chance to publish a Demon’s Souls game- they were just lucky back then.

      • PrinceHeir

        well me personally im looking forward to this as well but i wouldn’t say Atlus got “lucky” that’s just wrong you could say that to alot of games. so your saying MGS and Final Fantasy got lucky since the very directors themselves are about to leave their respective company when making the games.

        i still remember back then when demon souls was being shown at E3 2008 i think. i was one of the few people who are looking forward to it. it reminded me of Monster Hunter but a more tactical based not to mention the atmosphere was dark and gritty. i thought it was already gonna be localize since they showed it at E3, guess sony was scared back then and now they pay the price.

        thank you Atlus for porting Demon Souls, if you didn’t do it, demons souls would probably be one of those JP gem games that people never heard of.

        • We were talking about Demon’s Souls long before Atlus picked it up, and even mentioned how SCE Hong Kong localized the title in English. I supposed if Atlus didn’t do it, more people would’ve imported it, maybe?

          • PrinceHeir

            ahh yes i kinda remembered the asian versions having english text and so on.

            well yeah it would probably ended like Tales of Vesperia PS3. being imported and all.

            ah well what’s done is done. Namco should take notes at Atlus and release Tales here. i tell you if it becomes a huge hit(which it will be) Namco will definitely be start localizing it’s games, heck i wouldn’t be surprised if they release it the same day as japan. if only they would take risk.

          • Neckbear

            While we’re going slightly off-topic with the Tales Of games; I can understand Namco’s point of view.

            You’re implying that Tales Of games will be a huge hit in North America.

            However, older sales figures for said games are average at best, which dismisses your statement.

            I’m not trying to be overly negative or anything, hell, I would like some Tales games for North America as well- problem is, they don’t have any remote interest in them.

            Namco isn’t a niche publisher- they won’t take the risk because THEY DON’T HAVE TO.

            As pesimistic as I may sound, that is the truth. Well, at least a logical explaination on why we don’t see said franchise in North America as much as we wish we could.

          • Yep, and that’s something we reported first after I saw the game with SCEH way back in 2008.


          • PrinceHeir

            i think the reason why vesperia didn’t do well in the west is because it’s on the 360. now2 hold you horses is just that the JRPG community in the PS3 is much bigger than the PS3. take a look at sales of FFXIII, Star Ocean The Last Hope, Eternal Sonata and so on. even games like Bayonetta which the PS3 version isn’t the best yet it managed to outsold the 360 one.

            another factor is time. sure the games didn’t sell back then since alot of people didn’t have next gen consoles. only 2009-2010 people started buying consoles. i think the market is different now compared in 2008. uncharted 1 didn’t sell a million till 2 years from now(i maybe wrong though but i remember the game struggled back then) and Uncharted 2 managed to beat it in mere months.

            Tales is actually a “niche” franchise back then. only Symphonia managed to get a name here in the west. but of course alot of core gamers already played the older games through Fan-Translation. don’t know about Legendia and Abyss doing good here.

            actually i thought Tales was just a one game. i only knew it was a franchises when i was reading some information about Star Ocean in the PS1.

          • LORDMATRIX2004

            In reply to your comment about Vesperia on X360 — WTF are you talking about!!?? Tales of Vesperia has done just fine on X360. FYI it has sold around 550,000 on X360. I wish it sold better but… to say the reason it isn`t coming out on PS3 in the West is due to poor X360 sales is just pure garbage. The PS2 version of Tales of Symphonia never was released either in the West. That was the best selling Tales game in the West and it was exclusive to the friggin Gamecube!! Obviously there is more to the story.

          • LORDMATRIX2004

            BTW Star Ocean: TLH; 650,000 X360 sales & Final Fantasy 13; 1,640,000 X360 sales. both are the top selling JRPG on X360 other than The Last Remnant; 640,000 & Lost Odyssey 840,000. Why don`t you quit trying to downplay the X360 when you obviously don`t know that JRPG games sell just as well on X360. PS3 has a bigger fanbase for them I will agree however, Star Ocean sold more on X360 woorldwide and 2 of the other games never came out on PS3. As for Bayonetta…. the difference between PS3 and X360 sales are minimal. About 8,000 roughly. That really isn`t enough of a difference to hold up your claim. It sold a little better world wide on PS3. Face it both systems have a healthy install base for all genres this time around. This isn`t last generation anymore where PS2 was the place for everything but WRPG and FPS.

          • PrinceHeir

            it’s kinda funny you mention Star Ocean TLH. since it was released 1 year earlier than the PS3 if the game was released the same time as the PS3 i assure you it would have outsold the 360 by a minimal difference. i know The Last Remnant and The Lost Odyssey sold good and all. see the difference with bayonetta? it would have been the same as any jrpg being released at the same time. only minimal sales ahead in the PS3. when did i say i was downvoting the 360? and a prime examples is Tales of Vesperia. granted the 360 version did great in the sales worldwide yet the PS3 version outsold it in mere 2 months in japan ALONE. that’s saying something.

            heck i would definitely be happy if all JRPGS get’s released on both consoles at the SAME time. imagine if vesperia had the same content on both consoles and it was released the same time in the west. it would have sold at least 600,000. not much but at least more sales mean more publishers localizing games here.

            i would definitely love to play Lost Odyssey since it’s one of the few games that’s tempting me to buy a 360 along with shumps and visual novel games.

            wouldn’t be the same as Valkyria Chronicles? im sure there some people would love to try the game in the 360.

          • Neckbear

            Not only that; Demon’s Souls had quite the popularity even before Atlus published it in NA, at least in forums and the internet as a whole.

            However, one could say Demon’s Souls had a popularity “boost” once it actually got reviewed by the mainstream media in North America, and everyone who doesn’t spends their time talking about obscure Japanese games that usually don’t see a light over Western shores knew about it and gave it a try, amidst all the praise it got.

            And thus, Atlus bank accounts were filled with money.

            …Which they aren’t using for much, may I add.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I wonder what’s going on with Atlus. They’ve announced a few small projects for the upcoming months but not much else. I’m sure something big’s to hit around Christmas time.

          • neo_firenze

            Well, one would hope that Atlus USA being quiet means they’re working away on localizing Catherine, PSP Persona 2: Innocent Sin, and maybe working on the inevitable Persona 5.

            Though yeah, they’re pretty quiet these days – Radiant Historia is coming at least, and though they’ve been pretty quiet on Blaze Union that wouldn’t be a big surprise if it (or any Sting game) got a localization.

          • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

            I love HK/Asian version PS3 games that have English (and Chinese). If that were the case for more games I wouldn’t need/beg localization companies all the time.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Are you sure these aren’t meant to be titles for the next batch of bad Sonic games?

  • Neckbear

    I, uh…I would like “Dark Project” or “The vagina-like monster with spikes will eat you!”, or something.

    Dark Ring? Crowns of the Dark?

    …Honestly, if I was FORCED to choose, I’d pick Crowns of the Dark. Both are horrible, though.

    • I also prefer Crowns of the Dark, but only just.
      Here is a title suggestion for “NamDai”, drum roll please…..
      Demon’s Souls: Gaiden

  • tubers

    Rings of Darkness

  • I don’t want this crap. I want Demon Souls 2.

    • krokounleashed

      Huh? THIS is DS2 except for the name.

  • JustaGenericUser

    I guess if I HAD to choose, it would be Crowns of the Dark. Maybe if we knew more about the gameplay and story.Too bad Atlus didn’t pick this up. They marketed the hell out of Demon’s Souls and had cool bonus items and everything. That may have contributed to its good sales. Bamco won’t do crap with this — I don’t think they even advertised the Naruto games. And then we’ll know who to blame when Demon’s Souls 2– errr, sorry, “Project Dark” does worse than DS in the west.

  • wtf ewww those names sound like Crappy RPG Maker 2000 fan made games lol


    Personally I would rather see Atlus publish this game than Namco.

    On Topic: Crowns of the Dark, if I had to choose.

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