Nier And Kenka Bancho 4 Soared Past Expectations In Japan

By Spencer . December 8, 2010 . 1:35pm

Nier Replicant blew Japanese gamers away. According to a Media Create study, expectations for Nier before it was released were at 28.1, making it the lowest game on the chart. After playing the game, Nier‘s satisfaction score skyrocketed to 48.7 with many people looking forward to buying the next game in the series.



How to read the chart: blue squares are for pre-release expectations, red circles are a satisfaction score after playing the game, and the green triangle indicates if people would purchase the next title in the series. Special thanks to Ishaan for sprucing up the chart.


While not as large as Nier, Kenka Bancho 4 also had a rise from expectation to player satisfaction. On the other hand, Fist of the North Star: Ken’s Rage was a big disappointment. It started off with higher expectations than God Eater and Star Ocean: The Last Hope, but failed to live up to what Japanese gamers wanted.


Resonance of Fate, Super Street Fighter IV, and Etrian Odyssey III are interesting to point out. All three games are pretty much what their audience expected and in both cases fans are looking forward to the next game in the series.

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  • thats why i freaking get all th endings xD
    and get th DLC…

    but ah… guess there’s no Nier II coming…

    • Neckbear

      Of course not.

      If you think about it, there wouldn’t be any way, setting and plot-wise, that we would get Nier II.

      After all, SPOILERS:

      Society as a whole is finished, no matter which ending you get. Finished. Over. Extinction thanks to the selfish desire of a single man.

      Read Grimoire NieR for more info on that.

      • ah… i still didnt hav th patience to read that massive “thing” xD
        but i really and enjoyed th game :(

        and i didnt mean a Nier 2, a sequel… i meant more of a Nier look-a-like game
        but yh…

      • [The Hunter] Doomrider

        People who don’t want to get SPOILED, don’t read this.

        Yoko Taro himself said he wanted to expand upon Nier’s universe like he did in the Grimoire, and I think there is a LOT to tell. It’s not like everyone dies right after the end of the game. It’s a pretty deep world, full of potential, and many perspectives could be explored. We could even play as Nier again, who knows. The fact that SE sees Nier as a brand and the success that it had in Japan should guarantee a sequel. If Taro is on board or not, we’ll see… If he isn’t though, I doubt it’ll be interesting.

  • PrinceHeir

    please make a Neir II sucks they were absorbed by AQ Interactive but what can you do. i heard their company was not doing that well not to mention the the director of the game just recently left to pursue other things.

    oh well guess this will be one of those Square games that never had a sequel. Xenogears, Vagrant Story etc…

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    If I’m reading this correctly, Star Ocean 4 and Yakuza 4 didn’t quite live up to expectations, but people are anticipating the next ones anyway, while God Eater more or less lived up to expectations, but people aren’t craving the next one?

    I find that a tad odd.

    • That’s what the chart says. I believe though it’s because those games are established franchises while God Eater is new. You know a brand recognition thing.

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        That’s true… I’m always curious about the next FF…

        It probably helps too that the next Yakuza has Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1 and looks utterly insane.

    • Have you seen the next Yakuza? I haven’t even played 4 yet and I’m more excited about Of the End!

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        Heck yea! I’m not even into zombies or shooters much but it looks sooo crazy (batting the pin off a grenade into a monster’s open mouth etc.) I can’t help but want to play it.

    • Erm, I’d played some God Eater demo. Well, maybe you can say that its a demo and it might not be the same as the full game still, personally I did not really like it very much. The changing of weapons are cool, but the surroundings just did not kick in any enthusiasm in me to buy the game though. So for Japan who likes monster hunter type of game, God eater is a good game but, it does not really makes you want to continue it.

  • Exkaiser

    It’s nice to see Etrian III and Kenka Bancho 4 be well-received.

  • If only we have the young nier… sigh..

    • Young Nier was released in the west as DLC due to fan demand.

      • PrinceHeir

        what about the relationship? did it also change? or just the same just different face?

        • Neckbear

          Of course it’s the same, with just a different face.

          Even so, I don’t really get why people want Young Nier so much. Honestly, the role as a father fits the setting better than the role of a brother.

          I guess I just grew too fond of dad Nier.

          • PrinceHeir

            i kinda like the the character design more. since he’s more fast and agile though i cam see why you like the “dad” version since he too is badass.

          • For me, it’s because he’s disgustingly ugly. I don’t like the character design whereas I like Young Nier. Other people may have their rationale such as feeling the opposite of you. Call me shallow if you like, and I will probably agree, but that’s just how I feel. We all do this anyway, some to a greater extent than others.

          • ECM

            He is ugly but that was actually part of the charm: a Japanese video game with a protagonist that isn’t either a hyper-feminine male or a near-loli female.

            Good game, but I did find that it kinda meandered too much and the main narrative was frequently drowned by all the fetch quests.

          • goronyan

            well, for me i bought Replicant because i’ve found Hulk-Nier way to ugly and, since I have a older sister, be called as onii-chan by a young and cute sister worth all the entire game.
            Besides that, the only thing that differs Gorila-Nier from young Nier is that he don’t grow up in the game and the fact that he is an ugly father.

          • Aoshi00

            I got endings A & B for Nier, but only played a little of Replicant (I got to the factory finding the brothers’ mom), the major Kaine censoring was very distracting though. And the design for the kid version of younger Nier (Cloud) does nothing for me either. Dad Neir and Eng. dub for Kaine and Grimoire Weiss for me all the way :)

        • Just the face. I don’t think Sqaure was at all too happy about having to import Young Nier. Fan demand seemed to be high enough that they just had to listen though. Square is convinced that a proper RPG hero must be in the vein of a hulking brutish type to appeal to the west. At least according to an article I read.

          • PrinceHeir

            i think it was the US and Europe branch of square that kept bitching about to change the looks. it’s not bad but i still prefer the Young Nier.

            i can’t even believe how square got fooled by them. no disrespect but if i want a western game i’ll buy one that is made by them same goes to japanese as well.

            this kinda reminded me of Devil Kings all over again(at least the story didn’t change drastically)

          • I am honestly surprised how simplistic the view of the US and European branches are in regards to western taste. Not all of our heroes look like ugly rejects from Gears of War. It’s like they are just as out of touch in regards to what American’s like. You don’t have to model a character after the hulk in order to appease us. And out of all the time they took reconstructing a whole new character fans wanted teh orginal character anyway. Besides, as you said, if I want to play a Western game I will pop in my copy of Prototype.

          • it sounds like its either there are a miscommunication, a sabotage, poor decision of the company in hiring reliable staff or all the above?

      • badmoogle

        So is it possible to play as Young Nier from beginning to the end of the game if you buy the DLC?
        Or is it only for the 15 missions?

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          Only during the missions.

          • badmoogle


        • It’s DLC

    • There’s no point in having young Nier. They’re the same exact game. Not only that, but older Nier is the original Nier. Young Nier was created later on for Japan.

      • the point is not the story.. we know its the same.. but, eventhough i do not mind the face when i am playing the game.. still, if its the younger version, I can feel more love towards it..

        Reason is because i like bishonen which is just the same as many guys out there who loves actress with big boobs and pretty face…don’t you think its a let down if the actress looks mediocre in a great movie? Do not tell me you are ok with it as long as the plot is good! Because if that is the case why should actresses or actors look good in the first place? Same goes to gaming! Visual is part of everything!

        also since many people do mind about the designs, it is better for SE to cater the taste for a group of supporter who will buy your young good looking protagonist for sure than having old man, in order to target a new group of gamer whereby the possibility of supporting the game is unknown… if not,atleast get a better old man design.. like snake from MGS.. cuz he looks very cool..

      • Barrit

        I hear a lot of people saying this, but after playing both games, I have to say the younger Nier seems like the original. I’m sure they probably said that so “Westerners” can feel special or something and buy the horribly ugly barbarian version. (marketing)

        A few examples of why I think the younger Nier was the original (I’ll refer to the US version as Nier and Replicant for the JPN version):

        ****Possible Spoilers****
        1. If you’ve played both versions, the graphics on Replicant are clearer and crisper. The colors also seem richer. You can clearly tell by looking at the hair on characters especially. I’m not saying it is a HUGE difference, but it was definitely noticeable to me. It just looks like the superior copy in my opinion. Also, a lot of the graphics don’t have that annoying “glow” effect. I’m not sure if this is the right term, but Neir looked like they put too much bloom on the graphics or something. Maybe this is just how it shows on my TV and no one elses, but Neir’s graphics just seemed off.

        2. There is a point in the game where you are told “You look different, you look stronger.” If old Neir was the original.. do you really see any difference in Part 1 & 2 besides the eye covering change? I sure don’t. I played Neir first and even then I was thinking how that line just didn’t make sense. It makes a lot more sense for Replicant, since he is 16 at the start of the game and is 21 in Part 2. He looks different, and he even has a different voice actor for both parts.

        3. The Shadowlord’s character design for Replicant just seems as if they put more effort into it. His face just looks way cooler, has more detail to it, and he doesn’t simply look like a copy of the protagonist put through a shade filter, so to speak, like in Neir.

        4. The speech Weiss is giving at the end of part 1 after regaining consciousness just seems to flow better in Replicant. In the US version, there is a part where he’s going on about how “.. I have friends and sure they whine alot..” and Kaine says “Hey!”, but when she says that line, the timing just seems really off. It seems they just stuck it in to fit the animation of the Replicant version that was done first.

        Anyways, that’s just my 2 cents on the issue.

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          He is the original. There are more examples that show this, but they’re spoilers, so… Here’s a bit of an article that was on Siliconera a few months ago:

          “Originally, the young Nier was the only main character. “I made the youthful version (the protagonist of Nier Replicant) first, during development Saito-san (producer) talked about considering overseas markets,” Trao Yokoo, Director at Cavia, explained in an interview with Inside Games. “At Square Enix’s Los Angeles studio we had a discussion, it was said having a fragile young character was not possible. So, I started preparing a macho protagonist for North America.””

          There you have it. About old/barbarian Nier, I know I’m being superficial, but damn, is he ugly.

          • Oh, you’re not being superficial. I am not exaggerating when I say as someone who has played videogames since the days of Coleco, he is probably the worst character design of a main character from a game I loved, ever.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            I’m glad I’m understood by my Nier brethren =P He is. Definitely. I just…. Eew.

          • Barrit

            Hey I hear you. My wife who doesn’t even play games and usually doesn’t comment on what I play happened to pass by during a cutscene of Nier, and stopped to say “ewww, he’s so ugly!” They just really went out of their way to butcher his face.

          • Your wife made me laugh xD

        • Aoshi00

          The younger was indeed the original, the midpoint of the game was supposed to be a time skip thing like Naruto. Still I love how old dad Nier has turned out, and they make fun of him being a barbarian in the game. Also Cero D instead of Mature just kills it for me, the Jpn Kaine has been reduced to only a little more vulgar than Barret in the Eng. FF7…

          • Barrit

            Yea I noticed that about Kaine too. She still does cuss in Replicant and it was pretty hilarious to hear the *BEEP* over the curse words, but there were other parts in the game where she cursed in the US version, but in Replicant she didn’t curse or they just used a less offensive word that didn’t need to be censored out (like saying “damn” instead of dropping the F bomb). I really have no clue since I don’t speak Japanese. Judging by her tone alone though, I agree, she didn’t seem as vulgar or as harsh to her friends.

            Another difference between the 2 games I noticed were that Kaine’s areolas in Replicant were a lot lighter or didn’t seem to be there at all despite how high the cuts in her outfit over her boobs were. That was expected though given the difference in the ratings like you said.

          • Aoshi00

            The censoring just felt a little out of place to me after playing the US ver, the sound were bleeped out and the text was like #%#^[email protected] so it was like you know she’s cursing but contents are up to the players’ imagination.. while in the Eng ver her mouth was so foul grandma would want to stick a soap in there, and she was hilarious too, imagine Samuel L. Jackson getting bleeped everywhere losing the rogue effect.. the cool thing about Kaine is she might sound vulgar but she’s a very sweet person who cares about her friends deep down.I haven’t gotten very far w/ Replicant yet. They used the word like “yarou” (bastard) and such, but overall the censoring was really heavy, like when Kaine confronted that giant monster that killed her grandma, in Eng she spills out everything that she’s going to do to the monster, in Jpn it was a bunch of symbols I really didn’t know what she was talking about.. Plus the Eng voice acting was better for me. Peter (Ikehata Shinnosuke) was OK as the Jpn Grimoire Weiss (he was the voice of both Caim and the red Dragon in Drag-on Dragoon), but the Eng VA was just too good, I love the dad being a big goof too, and he had trouble fishing because he’s a “barbarian” :)

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          Ack. I had just convinced myself Gestalt was better but your talk about Replicant being the original just screwed me up again… Especially when it’s noticeable. Lower resolution, duller colors, and increased bloom for compensation are all signs of a port. Which doesn’t make sense if Replicant PS3 was the lead platform; all they needed to do to turn it into Gestalt was replace the protagonist’s model. But that’s apparently not what they did. What they probably did do, is port the 360 Gestalt, unchanged and everything, back over to the PS3. Gaaahhh.

          Oh well it’s not like I can play Replicant anyway, I can’t relate to the bro-sis relationship, and the loss is minor at best so I’ll just suck it up. But Square really made a mistake doing 2 versions. A big mistake.

      • Actually, that’s inaccurate. Young Nier was first. There’s plenty of articles about it if you look for them.

      • Where did you hear this?

  • It’s a shame this excellent game sold poorly here, not that I expected otherwise. GOTY for me, by a long shot.

    • Neckbear

      I blame the reviewers for being the assholes they are.

      Ah well, I share your feelings. It is of the best games released this year.

      • I blame the character choice, honestly. It’s what kept me away from it.

        • OneOkami

          Same here. Forgive me as I know it may sound crazy but I’ve yet to try this game simply because of that fugly dude on the cover. I would not be surprised if it sold better had they just given us Replicant. In fact, if/when I do play this game, it’ll probably be Replicant (like 99.9999% probability).

        • Well, I blame myself for being judgmental and my incapability to enjoy ugly main character.. But hey! I’d tried it already! So, yea.. I’d done my part of justice towards dear ol’ SE… XD

    • ShinGundam

      At least it sold very well in Japan, remember how everyone downplay it before release. :(

  • neo_firenze

    Nier deserves every bit of that good reception to the finished product, one of my favorite games of 2010, if not THE #1 pick. And it did it in spite of fairly low expectations.

    Does seem to say something about Square-Enix failing to properly market the game prior to release though. It succeeded based on positive word of mouth, but people thought it would suck. I had low hopes for it myself, even though I really like cavia and was a fan of the Drakengard games – Nier ended up as a very pleasant surprise though. They sort of marketed it as a meathead western action game, which is very far from what it truly is.

  • I can honestly say that it was old Nier that kept me away from the game for so long. He’s an ugly character model. He looks like an elderly caveman into S&M. Had they gone with the brother/sister story and gone with young Nier, I think the game would have sold so much better in the states.

    That said, I finally picked up the game a few weeks back and I loved it. I only picked it up because of all the recommendations from everyone here because I found the character model that unpleasant (in fact, there were a couple times where I’d rotate the camera while playing and be reminded of how much I hated his look). It’s a great game in that I can say when I beat it, it felt too short. I was going to say, “It’s fun, but it’s only 5 or 6 hours long,” only to look at my complete time and saw that I had been playing for 25 hours.

    That is something, if I can play for 25 hours and it feels like only five.

    I’m pretty much going to be giving this game as a Christmas gift to people like I did Valkyria Chronicles, since people really should try it.

    It’s just a shame they underestimated Western tastes like that or people wouldn’t have to be pushing it so much by word of mouth.

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Oh man, when I noticed that in the 2nd half he had most of his face covered… Such a relief. That way, we’re only left with his mask and the badass voice.

      • As someone who plays BlazBlue, it immediately hit me that it was the same English voice actor as Tager.

    • lol.. elderly cavemen into S&M… Nice depiction there.. XD

      but yea.. i got it after word of mouth too.. seems pretty clear to me that SE thought that western gamers are mostly meatheads who love FPS RPG… Well, still its not entirely their fault though because thing is, who exactly did they hire back in the USA to made such decision? And then who design it and approve of the design?

      Anyway, no point complaining over spilt milk.. Hope SE will not do such stupid decision again.. Also, I hope someone can relay such message repeatedly to SE ..

      • Aoshi00

        The adult young Nier is cool, but I don’t like the kid version looking like a chicken head.. I thought the caveman w/ the mask looked pretty cool too, Batman cool :)

        I found this cool video w/ everyone together like a big family :),

        I gotta tell you, I like good looking girls but I’m sick of pretty boys in JRPGs, maybe the caveman was no looker, but it was a breath of fresh air.

        • I love the game but I still wish they had gone with the young Nier. I relate so much more to characters like that, being a tall skinny guy with long hair. Plus, I’m an older brother of two sisters, so the brother/sister thing would’ve worked for me.

          Still, it was a great game. Just wish they had gone with a better design choice.

          • Aoshi00

            All I’m saying is the Jpn Replicant ver is not perfect that everyone clamored it to be either. We might have gotten the caveman instead of pretty boy, but our ver is uncensored and we have superior dubbing, also dad vs bro which is more of a personal preference, for me it was for the better. It’s worth noting that both Replicant and Gestalt are highly rated on Amazon Jpn, both at 4 out of 5 stars, so it seems that most gamers there weren’t bothered by the superficial looks either and just immersed in the story to care, whichever version may be. For me, I’m more than satisfied w/ the Eng localization, overall I think we got the better end of the deal.

          • I look at it this way. We got a great game. It could’ve have been even better.

          • Aoshi00

            My only complaint was the game doesn’t have more than 3 save slots.. so many epic and touching scenes worth saving..

    • Barrit

      Same exact case for me! I had seen this game while browsing around online and in stores, but I always overlooked it because of the main character. The box art and character design just gave me the impression it was going to be a cheesy, crappy game. The cover just screamed “generic, low budget game” for some reason. Maybe it was the bad, not so distant memories of the Conan MMO, which I didn’t enjoy as much as I had hoped. It’s a shame they did that to the protagonist in the West to appeal to new players that probably don’t care to play RPGs anyways.

      I hear you on the hours though. My first playthrough was set on hard, had 100% quest completion, and I had all materials to max out all weapons before the ‘point of no return’. I had a total playtime of 90 hours right before ending A. I loved the story and tried to make sure I didn’t miss any cutscenes or background info on any of the characters. While playing for ending B, I fell in love with the story even more because of all the additional info you get. Such a great game!

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    Damn straight. It soared past many other games (all the games I played this year), nothing comes even close. Screw beautiful shiny graphics, it’s all in the story/universe and in that regard, Nier is king.

    Just got my Grimoire and OST. I have a lot of translation ahead of me… Just need to get Replicant sometime, and my custom made Collector’s Edition will be complete <3

    EDIT: OK, so I just read that an Arrange Album was released yesterday, and that a Drama CD was announced for March. Guess what, Taro is back to write the scenario =D Great stuff!!

  • Speaking of young Nier, is the DLC worth it for Nier? Was thinking of picking it up this weekend. Does it further the story any? I know it’s supposed to be a flashback, but is it just an excuse to use the better character model in some challenge waves?

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Man, I’m terribly biased when it comes to Nier, but I’ll answer anyway.

      Ok, there are three new weapons, all based on Angelus (people who played Drakengard know who I’m talking about), 2 new outfits for Nier, Kainé and Nº 7, which are Kabuki and Samurai themed. There are 15 stages in which you kill shades, while hearing remixes of music from the game. There are visual filters applied to each stage. Also, between each stage, there’s info regarding the Black Scrawl and how it came to be. It’s straightforward stuff.

      Hey… That was pretty unbiased, after all! I bought it. It was more Nier (the good looking one too!), and that was enough for me.

      Oh, yeah. You can only play with nii-chan Nier in the DLC. You can use the weapons and costumes in the game itself, and that’s it.

      • Thanks a lot.

      • Aoshi00

        I played the DLC but couldn’t finish the 15 stages before… the rearranged music is okay.. you know there’s a 2nd soundtrack coming out for the remixes? I don’t think I’m picking that up though.. Or maybe I will just to be a completist.. I want my dad Nier pillowcase and wake up to his mug lol.

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          Dad Nier pillowcase xD

          Yeah, I was thinking of not getting it too, but… Now I’m even thinking about picking up the drama CD! I’m out of control. Someone, stop me!

          • Aoshi00

            There’s a drama CD for Nier!!??? OMG, need to GET!! (I sound like TS w/ Naruto lol). I love drama CDs, even the one that came w/ the FF13 soundtrack (they acted out the first chapter of the episode zero prologue), I got the one for Magna Carta 2 also.. Maybe I’d get the 15 Nightmares & Arrange Tracks too, never too much Nier :)

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            There will be! In March! Here:

            And it comes out on my birthday! This… It’s surely a sign. I AM COMPELLED TO GET NIER RELATED STUFF. We’re worse than TS =P I’m gonna be so broke.

            I wanted to get Vesperia and Graces F after Christmas, but now that I bought the Grimoire and the OST, the urge to buy Replicant increased, and then there’s the Arrange Album… And the Drama CD…

            Oh crap. Replicant and Vesperia first, and I guess I’ll see about the rest later!

          • Aoshi00

            Thanks for the info, that’s mighty schuuweet! 2 CDs and new scenarios and new CG artwork, must-get! You won’t regret Grimoire and the OST though, they would be your proud collection, the arrange album is a maybe for me, but I’m getting the drama. I guess we can’t blame TS for loving Naruto right :)?I’m so behind though, still one weapon short of ending C, and I’m only a couple of hrs in for Replicant.. before I finish either of those, I’m not touching the Grimoire for those juicy details because of spoilers..Good thing I’m not a huge Tales fans, otherwise Vesperia and Graces F would set me back like another $200.. I’m pretty broke alrdy w/ so many imports like Last Story and those Cave shmups.. and w/ all the Ni no Kuni talk I caved for the magic book as well (even though I can’t stand Ghibli’s amateur voice acting, but I love Joe Hisaishi’s music).

            P.S. If Nier sold that decently and we still see so many products, Taro Yoko might just work on a spiritual successor or something.. it’s known to happen, some work started slow and picked up steam and later they go for the sequel.. anyway, the drama CD news made my day :)

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            At your service! Oh, the OST is perfect, as we both know, and the Grimoire is beautiful (D.K. designed a bishoujo version of Yonah, you gotta check it out =P)! I’m planning on translating it bit by bit, to refresh my Japanese… That’s why I also want to play some Japanese games, so I can hear and associate kanji to their respective pronunciation too. Got any tips for me? Any freeware programs/sites that allow me to search for kanji by writing them? =P I know Wakan, I know Nciku, but their Japanese page doesn’t work. I really need to work on memorizing kanji…

            You’re so close! Don’t forget to have a save file at the entrance of the castle, so that, after getting C, you can see ending D by picking the other option.

            In a way, I guess it kinda helps “only” having two systems, because I just wouldn’t be able to buy everything I wanted if I had more… Even now, there’s a lot of stuff I wish I had =P But I’m missing out on a lot of great games. Oh well. Ni no Kuni is worth it just for the book, it’s incredible!

            He’s the one writing the scenario for the Drama CD, SE sees Nier as a brand, Replicant was successful, Taro wants to expand upon the Nier universe… I’m hopeful =D

          • Aoshi00

            whoa, that’s it, at the end picking one choice would give C and the other give D (I think I heard that before), I better get on it. It’s a shame to call myself a Nier fan w/o seeing all 4 endings. I’m just missing one quest for the King for that last weapon and the temple kind of kicked my butt before so I was scared of trying. Yea, having all the systems make you just want to buy all the good games that come out on them.. you don’t want to know how many of each system I own (I think I really got carried away this gen), and the controllers too. But I hate to miss out on great games for not having that system. The 360 has a lot of games I want (Mistwalker first lured me into it).The Ni no kuni book does pack a lot of volume, that dang Christmas commercial w/ the little girl got me :) And I figure I might as well get some use out of my Mario XL..Hm.. I’m not very familiar w/ kanji learning software or websites.. I guess you just need to read and read and read.. manga w/ furigana is the easiest, games, magazine, online, whatever.. just constantly be exposed to it and straight memorization.. there’s really no way around it, you just keep building on it.. if you have a little dough, taking classes is effective too, but I guess kanji is another beast.. like w/ any language, just need to love it and stick to it as much as you can, don’t know if it sounds asinine, but that’s my experience of learning a foreign language..

            EDIT: if there’s one thing I want from Nier, it’s more than 3 save slots, there were so many points I wish to save at and go back to watch..

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Yeah, one of the Labyrinth weapons, right? If I remember correctly, it’s an easy quest… Nah! I mean, they’re nice new perspectives, but it’s not like they expand a lot upon the story. I just see them as nice extras =) One of them… GAH, I mustn’t. It sucks that it only has 3 slots, but that way I got an excuse to replay it now and then =P

            Well, I’ll get other systems whenever I can… For now, I won’t be able to play Mistwalker’s games (c’mon guys, make one game for the PS3 =P).

            That was how I got to learn English. Playing games, seeing movies, hearing music… Gotta do the same for Japanese, I suppose. Kanji is really a great barrier. I’ve already studied the language for a couple of years, but I’m really lazy and never got around to memorizing kanji… Now I feel that not knowing them is really stopping me from learning further. Guess I’ll start doing that now.


          • Aoshi00

            I see, it least I’m not missing anything substantial, I felt Ending B enhanced the story greatly though because it’s the other side of the coin. But I need to finish one day and go read the Grimoire (there’s extra novellas in there too).

            Yep that’s mostly what get people interested in learning a foreign language, popular culture like music or drama. It might be easier said than done, but if one could at least learn 2 a day, that’s alrdy like 700 chars per year, or even just 1 then at least 365 a year, of course there’s vocab and stuff, but still it’s just a build up process, kids learn them by repeatedly writing them too.

            BTW, I ordered the Nier rearranged OST from P-A :) So much stuffs to buy I really don’t think I should get both ver. of Catherine (all the shops just raised their price after the artbook announcement, I should’ve ordered sooner, most games were raised $5 too because of the exchange rate).. question is which one, guess PS3 region free should be the one even though I like the 360 cover better…

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Yeah, I gotta take it slowly. Otherwise, I won’t learn a thing… But I’m so lazy xD

            You did? Oh man, lucky =P I will too, whenever I can. In the mean time, here’s a sample of what you can expect from the album:


            8-bit Nier goodness, that’s right!

            About Catherine, you usually play most of your games on the 360, right? Why don’t you go with that one for now, it’s got your favorite cover and all! I’ll just wait for Atlus USA and import it =P

          • Aoshi00

            Pure 8-bit awesomeness, I love the Popola/Devola song! Yea, I read about that from the Amazon Jpn reviews saying some Zelda-like music, the track list is like some from DLCs, some new rearranged pieces and this 8-bit tune, so for about $20 this 2nd soundtrack should be worth it, their high reviews helped me decide too. Yea, I guess I should go w/ 360 since I prefer the controller and achievement (playing Naruto UNS2 now, I love the towns unlike FF13..) I do like the PS3 cover too the more I look at it, don’t want to miss either (also the main Catherine felt more suitable for the title…)wow, listening to the 8-bit Nier melodies felt like I was transported to another world, the soundtrack is just that powerful.. The fast one sounds like Megaman :)

          • Yeah, I had hope for Mistwalker after Ken Kutaragi was fired from Sony, since I remember an early interview for Blue Dragon, where when asked if they were making any PS3 titles, Sakaguchi said, “The machine’s architecture is tricky and I don’t like Kutaragi.” By now, the architecture has been figured out by just about everyone these days (even Valve, for crissakes!), so that problem is gone and if it all came down to one person…hey, he’s gone! Feel free to talk to the new people, who, aren’t actually new anymore by now…

            But in the same interview he did say he had no plans on making anything for the Wii. Fast forward a couple years and we have “Last Story.” Maybe he’ll rethink his PS3 position too.

          • Aoshi00

            I really don’t mind so much which system Mistwalker games (or any game) are going to be on, but being on HD consoles would be nice, as long as it’s not on portables, because I really don’t feel like playing a long RPG on handheld if I don’t need to (I really did like ASH though, I think it’s so underrated, I would gladly play it again if it’s localized one day, doesn’t seem likely now). I’m no fan of the Wii in general, but I’m very impressed by Sakaguchi pulling out all the stops and coming up w/ graphics that look this good, he said he doesn’t want to use the excuse of hardware limitation and be lazy and complacent. The thing w/ Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey was to get Jpn gamers to buy a 360 to play JRPGs, but it seems like the trend is people prefer playing games like Monster Hunters on the PSP or Pokemon on the DS, anyway you slice it JRPG’s market has shrunken somewhat even in Jpn, and also in the US. But that worked because it was JRPGs that got me into 360 (BD, LO, Trusty Bell/Eternal Sonata, Vesperia, SO4, Operation Darkness, and other Jpn otaku games too, though some titles are ported afterwards, but it still has VNs and you only get [email protected] and Dream Club ports on the DS and PSP).I dunno about the relationship btwn Sony and Sakaguchi, as long as he continues making quality and fun RPGs like he has been doing, I’m extremely grateful to him because he’s one of the reasons I could still tell myself why I play JRPG (Cavia too but they’re gone now). But I agree w/ you, more PS3 Mistwalker goodness would be cool, because I have a bad feeling Last Story just wouldn’t sell that much, a 3rd party title on the Wii regardless of quality.. I hope i”m wrong though, and sales carry thru if the game is a gem and good word of mouth travel (he’s the creator of FF, for pete’s sake, not Toriyama Motomu or Nomura Tetsuya.. this guy’s contents over style..). And people could say they don’t care, I would miss my trophy/achievement in Last Story, maybe there are in-game awards, but they just don’t feel the same..

    • Barrit

      It was worth it for me simply to get the Samurai costume. Anything to change from that awful Aladdin/pajama looking outfit Nier wears!

  • Aoshi00

    So Nier is the 180 degree opposite as FF13, FF13 was hyped thru the roof, sold a gazillion copies and half of the people were let down and bad word of mouth followed, people couldn’t sell their used copies fast enough. While people expected nothing from Nier and it turned out to exceed everyone’s expectation and good word of mouth made friends pick up more copies.. also 4 endings warrant multiple playthrus unlike FF13.

    Personally after I’ve seen the initial trailers, I knew the game would be epic, and I’m glad the game lived up to my anticipation and then some.

    And forgive me for the FF-13 “bashing”, Nier’s story and chars made FF13 look like crap. Nier’s story and chars moved me to tears, while FF13’s stock chars stirred no feelings at all, unless you count anger wanting to smack them…

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      What? You don’t think J-melodrama is the most compelling form of storytelling known to man?! ;)

      • Aoshi00

        I’ve seen my fair share of J-dramas and Toriyama Motomu (fake Tori) got nothing on it.. Snow wanting to get some does NOT count lol.. the moment that made me excited a little was when Hope tried to trick Vanille he “likes” her on Gran Pulse, damn Hope has some hope left in him after all.. and I just imagine Lightning holding the big baby to sleep..

        I like my melodrama in FF or RPGs, but 13 just wasn’t it… felt neither here nor there..

    • Honestly, though, I see FFXIII and Nier as two completely different games. It’d be like saying the story of GTA IV is a better story than Soul Calibur IV. I liked both, but I have a hard time comparing the two, as I found them very different from each other, and I’m not talking quality.

      • Aoshi00

        well, not really, I compared them because they’re both supposed to be epic RPGs, even though one it’s real time and the other action for the battle system, but they’re still JRPGs. Can’t compare a sandbox Rockstar game to a fighting game. Also I kept comparing them because they are released around the same time (2 months apart for the US) and both came from Square, even though Cavia made it and S-E only published it, I just couldn’t help but think they could learn from Cavia (RIP) a thing or two about making a truly fun and epic RPG, it’s not always about million dollar cutscenes (though that’s not a bad thing but can’t depend solely on it)… I’m listening to the 8-bit Nier music on the 2nd OST right now, I literally need to fight to hold back my tears because they conjure up the image of the story, everything about FF13 was just so forgettable… after you played it that’s it, you don’t think about it for years later. BUT, I remember the parts from the Episode Zero novel, that had some good stories and char development in it (there was just so much emotion in Nier or the old FFs, I tried to feel that in FF13 but couldn’t for various reasons, linear gameplay was frustrating for me for one), not in the game though. Nier though is a classic and I sure won’t forget it any time soon and will go back to replay it, not FF13 though.. not knocking it, FF13 was at most a decent RPG, far from being a good or a great one, let alone a memorable classic like the past FFs. Thinking back FF13, the only thing I could say about it is some of the battles were fun and it had good graphics, that was pretty much it, but the standard for Final Fantasy can’t be this low right.For me Nier came out at an opportune time washing away the bad taste left by FF13. FF13 would be something that makes me lose hope and interest in JRPG, while Nier is something that reminds me of why I like and still continue playing JRPG.And I’m just pointing out the polar opposites in terms of people’s anticipation and reception of both RPGs from S-E, one that was built on the long established franchise hype alone and didn’t live up to it, while the other new IP was the complete opposite, which I found quite ironic.

        • Honestly, I see action-RPG’s and JRPG’s as two separate genres, really, just as I view JRPG’s and WRPG’s as two separate genres as well. Then there were also two different development teams (with Cavia being who made Nier). The only thing that the two have in common are that they were both released by Squeenix, they were both for the HD systems, and they both involve items and hit points. They honestly don’t seem alike enough to compare them.

          And honestly, I didn’t find Nier to be that epic. I found it to be a very small-scale personal story of a father’s love for his daughter. Sure, there were some big things that happened AROUND the plot, but no matter what he does at the end, the only real difference will be a personal one for him.

          Final Fantasy XIII’s story involves the entire world of Cocoon as people know it. It’s on a much bigger scale to me.

          I don’t see the similarities enough.

          • Aoshi00

            But you can’t say you can’t compare these two JRPGs, otherwise no games could be compared w/ one another because each one will be different from the next, even if they’re the same genre. After I play Last Story, I will compare to Lost Odyssey, Xenoblade, FF13, etc even they have totally different stories and battle system that’s granted.It’s like sometimes people ask others’ recommendation of which RPG to buy for the 360, Lost Odyssey or Mass Effect, those are different like apple and oranges, but Nier and FF13 can definitely be compared. But when you mention Soul Calibur or GTA IV, then Soul Calibur should be compared to Tekken or Street Fighter, and GTA IV to Red Dead Redemption or Prototype, at least those are still w/in the same genre, not Soul Calibur to GTV IV, FF13 vs Nier definitely is w/in the range to be compared.The scale of Cocoon is big (unfortunately I hardly felt it at all, compared to the grand scale I felt in FF6-10), but the point boils down to the 6 main chars’ destiny. I just watch this Jpn Nier trailer (has your favorite young Nier in it), tell me that is not epic. Every time I watch these I cry a little I think..

            and here’s the old man one..…you don’t need like 10,000 on the battle field Lord of the Ring to be epic.I always compare FF to FF, and even FF to another JRPG, like I compare Chrono Trigger to Blue Dragon, etc, if you can’t make that comparison, then frankly nothing can be compared at all. Even each FF has a different battle system from another, like turn-based, real time MMO-like, and now real time + turnbased in FF13, but you can’t say you can’t compare FF 13 to 12 or to 6-10.FF13, I watched the trailers again now, they don’t remind me of how great the game was, they just made me think the trailers were much better than the game. Also good RPGs always boil down to stories on a personal level, that’s what make them so memorable.

          • See, I wouldn’t even compare Soul Calibur to Street Fighter. You can compare Soul Calibur to Tekken or the PS2 MK games, but not to a 2D quarter-circle based fighter. Totally different set of skills involved in the two different types of fighters.

            Nier is an action-RPG to me, while FFXIII is a turn-based RPG. It’s a timed turn-based RPG, but it’s still a turn-based RPG. You do actions through a menu. In Nier, the actions are real time. You could easily compare FFXIII to Chrono Trigger, but you couldn’t accurately compare it to Zelda or Okami or Nier or Kingdom Hearts, which are, to me, a different genre. You can compare Nier to Beyond Oasis, for example. But, you couldn’t accurately compare it to any of the FF games, good or bad, with the exception of Dirge of Cerberus and Versus XIII.

            There’s too much variation in styles.

          • Aoshi00

            Of course, Tekken, Street Fighter, Blazblue, Soul Calibur, etc are all different kinds of fighting games, but it’s crazy to say you can only compare a Tales game to Tales game, and not other JRPGs. I don’t know why you can’t compare Zelda (Twilight Princess), Nier, or Kingdom Hearts to one another, again, it’s crazy to say one could only compare KH1 to KH2 to BBS, then no two games can be compared even w/in a genre based on your logic. Like if people ask me which is a good platformer, choices could be Contra, Mario, Donkey Kong, Kirby, those are valid comparison and preference depends on the person’s taste. For me, comparing all FFs is fair game, even though many entries have different gameplay style. Otherwise you can’t even compare 13 Versus to 13, or the rest of the FFs, this is not FF Tactics, FF Online, or Crystal Chronicles we’re talking about.Also I don’t know why you bring up the point of one being an action RPG and the other linear turn based RPG. I was just saying FF13 and Nier are complete opposite in terms of their hype/sales/reception for both JRPGs. FF13 sold millions of copies because it had the word Final Fantasy in its title (people expect a certain quality form it, good gameplay, big world to explore, memorable characters and stories, mini-games, etc) while most people were skeptical of the new IP Nier coming out of a much smaller studio w/ much less advertising, yet it surpasses everyone and anyone’s expectation, FF13 did the complete opposite, did not live up to the hype at all and disappointed many (it’s close enough to make me swear off future FFs, it’s almost the last straw). I’m not talking about how close or different they are in terms of story or gameplay.

          • And as far as scale, to me, you do pretty much need something HUGE going on before I feel the word “epic” can be employed. In Nier, keep in mind, I’m trying not to do any spoilers here, whether he succeeds or fails, at the very most, he could save his village and his daughter. The world is still screwed. It’s very small scale, but it feels bigger because we feel for the main character. You didn’t feel anything for the FFXIII cast, so it didn’t feel as big to you. It did to me. It felt like the stakes were higher than they were in Nier, but not on such a personal level. In fact, I’d say that the characters pretty much learn that they have to put their personal desires aside in order to find a way to defy their focus.

            It’s the difference between a full scale war and a guy fighting an intruder in his home. Of course, the intruder situation feels bigger, because it is personal, it effects the things that person loves. In a war, it’s personal to the people fighting it, but to the people back home if none of their loved ones are involved, it’s somewhere else. It’s far away. Yet, it’s still the bigger battle.

          • Aoshi00

            Yes, the backdrop could be of grand scale, but just like movies if they are no memorable personal stories as the focus, then everything (no matter how big or epic the backdrop is), is empty and meaningless since one can’t relate to it, FF has always been about drama, and many JRPGs as well. When Tidus and Yuna and her guardians fought Sin and wanted to save Spira and her life, I felt it, but not Cocoon in FF13, it felt senseless and cheesy to me because the character development was just not enough, I couldn’t care less if they turned to Cie’th, the presentation, pacing, linear nature, CG to CG cutscene, no towns, weak villain, no exploration, no mini-games, etc all threw me off and didn’t enable me to feel for them. Also like I said many times after reading the book to compliment the experience I could appreciate the game more, much more, but not by playing the game itself. FFX, I did not need to read another book to make me relate to the chars and appreciate the story and their plight. For FFX and Nier, there were towns to visit, you talk to people, feel immersed in it, feel like you’re part of it (even in the desolate world in Nier, but I felt like I was transported to there, that’s the great thing about fantasy RPG, and the giant Shade boss fights, the petrification scene, all pretty epic to me, or when the King led his subjects to fight the wolves to avenge his slain wife, or when Kaine’s village got blown into oblivion, you didn’t feel it was epic and make your hair stand up?), both Spira and Nier’s world felt otherwordly. Cocoon and Gran Pulse have a great premise and set up, because the preliminary scenario was written by the same guy who did FF7, but I thought Toriyama did not follow thru competently w/ his execution at all (he directed X-2), which is unfortunate, at another director’s hand maybe it could’ve turned out to be better.Also, it doesn’t matter what kind of JRPG it is, there’s good RPGs and bad RPGs, after I finish FF13 in 3 months, my opinion was I wasted time playing a bad RPG/FF, while after finishing Nier in a couple of weeks, I felt like I haven’t played such a good RPG, JRPG or game in general in a long time. Just like I would compare Last Story to Lost Odyssey, Xenoblade, FF12, or FF13. If you say one can’t compare Nier to FF13, then it would be impossible for anyone to make something like a list of top 10 RPGs, because one would need to find the exact type (gameplay and story) to compare any game, it would be like top 10 action RPGs, top 10 turn base RPGs, top 10 strategy RPGs, etc, even then they would be sub branches for each genre, instead of comparing all single player RPGs and coming up w/ the top 10 games, you would have several lists of top 10 RPGs which is ridiculous. Even when people include both Western and JRPGs in their top 10 RPG list, it just means 10 favorite RPGs in their life. Like Mario RPG and FFX are different, but I could say they are in my top 10 compared to all the RPGs I’ve played. But you can’t compare say NBA Jam to Need for Speed. I’m playing UNS2 right now and sad to say it’s much more fun than FF13, at least it has towns and you can to feel the scale of Konoha and Hidden Sand.

          • See, once again, and we’re getting into the plot of FFXIII, which is completely off-topic. I did feel an emotional attachment to the characters of FFXIII and I didn’t read the book, but that has nothing to do with anything. I was bringing up that I feel the word epic is overused and should be reserved. Nier can be great without being epic, which by its very definition would imply large scale. In fact, one of the definitions of epic would be “surpassing the ordinary (especially in size or scale).”

            Now, one could use epic as a noun, wherein it would describe both Nier and FFXIII (“An extended narrative poem in elevated or dignified language, celebrating the feats of a legendary or traditional hero”), but you were using it as an adjective, where it doesn’t apply.

            Oh, and where did I say you couldn’t compare Nier to Zelda or Kingdom Hearts? I actually said those would be a better comparison to Nier than a turn-based RPG. What I said was that you couldn’t compare Final Fantasy to Zelda and Kingdom Hearts because they’re a different genre. I also consider strategy RPG’s to be ANOTHER genre too. I wouldn’t compare Disgaea to one of the regular Final Fantasy titles or to, say, Shadow Hearts or something, but I would compare it (Disgaea) to Valkyria Chronicles or Final Fantasy Tactics.

            I brought up the type of games they are, because I don’t see a comparison between the two of them. I know you like to bash FFXIII and that’s your choice. You didn’t like the game, but if you brought it up in say, the Final Fantasy XIV thread, I could see why you would and wouldn’t have complained about it. Here, it just seems unnecessary. Okay, one game got hyped and the other didn’t, but okay, so Yakuza 3 didn’t get hyped up and surprised a lot of people too, in a positive way. Not only that, but there could be an argument made that Yakuza is an RPG of sorts. Why wouldn’t you bring up Final Fantasy XIII in an article about Yakuza? Do you get what I’m trying to say? It just seemed like an unnecessary opportunity to bash the game.

          • Aoshi00

            I remember you once said FF13 was not the best RPG for you, it wasn’t even be one of the top 10 or top 50 to you, but you said it was not a bad RPG nonetheless. It’s not direct comparison. I have played for example maybe 300 RPGs in my life, when people ask what’s my top 10 or top 5 RPGs, do I need to make 10 different lists separating into each sub category of JRPG? I could see broad differentiation like single player JRPG or MMO being different, or WRPG vs JRPG, but still to some these are just RPGs, so I could say my top 5 are Chrono Trigger, FF6, FF7, Nier, Mass Effect, because out of the hundreds of RPGs I’ve played, I like those 5 the most (just an example), I could break them down into top 10 strategy RPG, top 10 action RPG, top 10 turn-based RPG, and then within them break in another two categories, Western vs. JRPG, the would give you 60 RPGs, that’s not even your top 10 anymore. Based on your logic, there would be like 100 different categories for GotY. It’s like people could ask me what is my top 10 favorite movies of all time, I could pick from different genres, not top 10 horror, top 10 sci-fi, etc.I compare them because these are the most recent JRPGs that I have played form beginning to end. One I felt was very good the other I felt was horrible. So I cannot compare them in the same light? What should I compare Nier to then, must I compare Nier to another action RPG? I’m comparing their story, pacing, music, presentation, amount of mini-games, all are common elements to all RPGs. So what if their battle system are different? Xenoblade has a different battle system, Xenosaga has a different battle system, many FFs have a different battle system, Tales has a different battle system, so because they play differently, I can’t compare them and rate how much I like them even though they’re all JRPGs? I could still say I like one better than the other, considering the many elements shared by all games in the RPG genre.Also in this article, the point is Nier sells more copies not because of hype of good word of mouth, a very underrated JRPG, while FF13 is the complete opposite, a game based on franchise fame pre-sold millions of copies, people bought them w/o question, overrated, didn’t depend of word of mouth (in fact it got really bad word of mouth, that’s why people rushed to sell their used copies flooding the market). It’s completely different sales pattern for 2 JRPGs both shared the S-E label. You could say Call of Duty is from S-E in Jpn too, but it’s silly to compare a FPS to a JRPG. Both Nier and FF13 are definitely JRPGs. And after I play Last Story, I would compare it to Nier and FF13 as well, in terms of how much I like them. based on your logic, I could only compare Last Story to something like FF12.Many people have played both Nier and FF13 here, maybe some prefer Nier to FF13, some prefer FF13 to Nier, some like both, some hate both, I’m saying I prefer Nier to FF13 out of the 2 recent JRPGs I’ve played. FF13 was forgettable compared to the past FFs or other RPGs, while Nier felt like a classic compared to many past RPGs. That’s my opinion. I never said others can’t like FF13, I’m just giving my reason of why I didn’t like it, and giving the reasons why I liked Nier, that’s all. Don’t know why you need to nitpick on subgenre, semantics and such. FF used to be a benchmark for other RPGs to be compared to as well, for its gameplay, exploration, story telling, character development, etc.Many people liked FF13 like you, many people hated FF13 like me, can’t we just accept that? It’s like I stepped on your tail or something. FF13 is the most polarized entry in the whole history of main FFs, even 14 doesn’t take that honor because 95% of the people just hated it. While 50% like 13 and the other 50% didn’t.Personally, Nier to me is a timeless classic JRPG, while FF13 is a garbage FF/JRPG. I think we just need to agree to disagree. I don’t know why we have to go over that so many times, as I feel like this is a waste of time, no offense. Every time you get on my case when I said FF13 is not good. It’s like people complain about the Tales series not being brought over, and there are those who complain about people complaining.

          • Honestly, I’ve yet to see a single post on any website where someone says they enjoy FFXIV. lol. You’re completely right that it’s not even a polarizing title. It’s a universally reviled title. The most positive thing I’ve seen about it are people saying they’re waiting for the updates to make it better.

            As for my top RPG’s, actually, I do separate them in categories and Disgaea or Valkyria Chronicles (which is honestly, my favorite game of this generation) would not be on my list of favorite RPG’s, but would be on my list of SRPG’s. I’m all crazy obsessive-compulsive when it comes to stuff like that. I often forget that nobody else is. lol. If I were to list my top 10 RPG’s, there wouldn’t be a single action/strategy/or Western RPG on it.

            In fact, what the hell… :)

            10. Resonance of Fate
            9. Xenosaga 1
            8. Persona 4
            7. Phantasy Star IV
            6. Xenogears
            5. Suikoden V
            4. Lunar: The Silver Star (Sega CD version)
            3. Shadow Hearts: Covenant
            2. Suikoden II
            1. Shin Megami Tensei: Nocturne

            I would have separate lists for my favorite SRPG’s and Action RPG’s. Western RPG’s would have to be a top 2 list, because I’ve only ever liked 2 (I’m HOPING Mass Effect 2 is as good as people say it is, so I can make it a top 3 and then, later in the year, a top 4, but I remember Bioshock). Oh, and Final Fantasy XIII would definitely make my top 50. It just wouldn’t make the top 10. If I really had to think it over, it might be at the end of a top 20, but it’s too late for me to make an expanded version of my list.

  • 51 Comments in just 3 hours, darn, Ive got nothing to add…

    Well except for the fact that I didnt know there was going to be another Resonance of Fate.

    • Aoshi00

      I have one thing to add, “Play Nier Now!” I mean it.

      • I have to play Resonance of Fate first, well and thats after I finally play FFVII which is after I play Ocarina of Time this December. People are making me leave my comfort zone of games and I want to try these olde games to try to get an appreciation of them so I dont sound like a fool, lol.

        I heard that Nier doesnt offer the type of story Im used to (tales of friendship and how hard work and dedication pay off, while saving the world through melodramatic events)

        • Aoshi00

          I repeat, Play Nier Naaooo, everyone has told me they loved it as soon as they start and couldn’t put down their controller (I see them on PSN w/ Nier next to their avatar for days!). It’s well w/in your “comfort one”. It has tales of friendship and sacrifice, it has a father’s dedication and unconditional love for his dying daughter, and it has a dying world (not going to tell you if it would be saved in the end, how many times do you want to save a world in JRPGs anyway), as epic and melodramatic as they come. Makes FF13 look amateur by comparison :P Not to mention epic and moving soundtrack as well. You are 13 yrs too late to play FF7 alrdy, that could wait, but not Nier. Maybe when you play it 2 yrs later, you would kick yourself asking why you didn’t start 2yrs ago, I kid you not.

      • Is it that good? i normally really think carefully before getting a ps3 game, since those are the most expensive and i gotta import them, i like action games, but i dont like the fact that they are too short (like god of war) , im waiting (*cough* saving) for Artonelico3, and i also want to get atelier rorona and trinity universe, heavy rain assasin´s creed brotherhood, and of course the prequel of agarest wars, but this one still has a long way to come

        • Aoshi00

          It is that good Wildarms, I put my reputation on the line, you will not regret getting Nier :) You need to drop what you’re doing and get it ASAP. And you hear from the initial critics here, they were blown away too :) Amazon is selling it for $28.70 right here, I could get it for you and ship it to you if you want (if you feel comfortable about it), provided it wouldn’t be hit w/ too much customs fees.. I wish I could send my copy to you right now, but I have it on 360 (and Replicant on PS3 of course)..

          The game is so so good, the first play thru would net you at least 20+ hrs, and doing sidequests plus 3 more endings would make you appreciate the game even more, I think I might have like 40+ hrs going to get the 3rd ending..

          • Haha lol, then i might try to get it, and thanks for the offer, but i dont want to trouble you :P…., i pay the game’s price, can only get it from amazon (changed to my currency (and this is the expensive part)) and i already have a method with some company, i just gotta pay 5 bucks to send the game from the US to here. Of course, it takes like 1 looong month.
            I might order pretty soon it if its that cheap though O.o, depends on my mind’s state after tomorrow’s test..

            Also, ive been thinking a lot lately to get my first game from playasia (i have my eyes in tales of vesperia for ps3) it would be like, send the game to the US and then use the same company to bring it. Have you used playasia? o.o how long it takes for a game to reach the US? Also, how much the price changes with the shipping o.o?

          • Aoshi00

            No prob, just want my brethren to enjoy this breath-taking masterpiece :)

            Have I used Play-Asia, lol are you kidding I’m on siiconera aren’t I, they’ve taken so much of my money…yea they’re rock solid, not the fastest shipping if you choose the cheapest method. For the slowest, it costs $3.90 to ship a regular game to the US (more for those w/ heavy artbook like Ni no Kuni has $16.90 for cheapest shipping, for Vesperia it would be $3.90). I suggest Yes-Asia too, it’s free shipping for orders over $40 (most games are over $40 by themselves as you know), so what you see is what you get. Yes-Asia carries even more items as well and if they don’t list it there you could request for special order free of charge, I even get manga and CDs from them too occasionally when the stinky Kinokuniya only has some books in their “west coast” store..

          • Ok thanks xD, darn, first thing i saw when checking yes-Asia… Shining Hearts T_T omg too temping. And ohh so many little thing i would love to have, tales of vesperia necklace?! im sold T_T… well, im sold, on a imaginary way, anyhow, ill be trying to save money, and gotta study a lot so i can freaking get a job and be happy

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      What Aoshi said.

      Do it, TS!

      Oh, and just because people are expecting “the next game in the series”, it doesn’t mean it’ll happen. It’s just that people would be interested in playing a possible sequel. I think that’s how you should look at it.

      • I thought that would mean a next in series is coming, next in series are only made when there is enough fan response, right?

  • ECM, Dante from Devil May Cry was hyper feminine? Are you an idiot?

    • ECM

      A reasonable reading of my comment might conclude that I was making a generalized reference, not that it applies in *every* single case (duh?)…but, this being the Internet, faux (and silly) outrage is far more satisfying, right?

      BTW, have you seen Dante lately? Oh, you have…I rest my case.* (I’d also point out that Dante is far, far from ugly and far from super masculine, especially in comparison to Dad Nier.)

      *Yeah, by NT, but Capcom gave it the thumbs-up, thus reinforcing my point and kinda blowing yours away.

  • EvilAkito

    I went into Nier with extremely low expectations but came out thoroughly impressed. I’m glad to see that so many people seem to love it.

  • vrakanox

    Because Nier was an amazing game :)

  • KShirokan

    I’m highly disappointed that Kenka Bancho 4 was never localized (5 is in development, so it most likely won’t be)

  • Hmm… since it did so well, does that mean it might be re-released in an Ultimate Hits or cheaper version?!

    Urgh, this is wishful thinking on my part. I really want to get Replicant but it’s so expensive. =/

  • Star Ocean: Last Hope one is interesting. With the satisfication level low and yet the interest in a sequel high. Not too surprising though as the first three Star Ocean games are good in their own way.

    • Ive been hoping for another Star Ocean, surely the developers have been working on something, I hope.

    • There is nothing good about the third one. It was like the developers had just seen the Matrix or something when they couldn’t think of how the game should end.

      And the fourth, honestly, is underrated. Vastly underrated.

  • glemtvapen

    Nier’s success is an unexpected turnout but this is Japan chart correct? Many people here are saying Nier was great but I want to know the stats from the US? Was it a flop, or a success? Was the Squeenix genius who was behind the events to replace a bishounen to Conan the barbarian right on the mark?

  • Souji Tendou

    Really….? I’ve tried NieR (X360) before and the gameplay is crap imo, especially the boss.

    Seriously, I’m confused about this design decision. We MUST break all the runes (or whatever its name is) on the boss to progress. But if you failed to break all the runes, the boss health goes back to how it was before. That was the biggest WTF in the game, imo. <__>

    /End Rant

    Sorry guys, I just really hate NieR, specifically the gameplay. -_-

    • Sounds like you just suck at it, honestly, and are trying to blame the game for your lack of skill.

  • Xien12

    Or they can take another one of Drakengard/Drakengard 2’s other alternate ends…

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