Storm And Crimson Viper Electrocute Marvel vs. Capcom 3 [Update]

By Ishaan . December 9, 2010 . 9:00am



New Marvel vs. Capcom 3 videos over at Gamespot have just confirmed that Storm and Crimson Viper will be joining the game’s roster of playable characters. Additionally, the video at the link above also gives you a look at Spider-Man in his symbiote costume.



Capcom seem to be rolling new character reveals out at a steady pace. I wonder how many more they have left to show off. Personally, I’m still holding out for Psylocke and Strider. What others are we missing?


[Update: New Youtube videos added.]

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  • YUS! Storm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111

    Thats all I needed to know, game is now a must buy!

  • urbanscholar

    I’m not sure what I’m more impressed by how C. Viper gels so well or that her focus attack is in the game. Also obligatory storm is making it rain as well.

  • ryukazama

    Strider has been deconfirmed, unfortunately. Sad times.

    • I’m sure they’ll toss him in as DLC at some point…too lucrative not to. :P

  • xemnas

    Im pretty sure they deconfirmed strider a while back….and the entire roster was leaked…these two “reveals” tie in with that leaked roster.

    • Those leaks change every time a new character is rumored. I don’t believe any of those lists. C. Viper’s silhouette was showing in one of the other character’s portraits, so people already knew she was going to be on there, and then, suddenly, she appeared in “leaked” lists.

  • Aara_Malik_Davoodi

    Storm was a given. C. Viper’s a waste of a spot imo. They could’ve spent the time, money and effort on someone else, like Batsu, Strider or Hayato

  • PrinceHeir

    hell yeah Viper is in the game :D

    good to see they used Michelle Ruff as the voice of viper from SSFIV. i wonder if there’s a dual audio track too since i also heard some japanese voice in the game not to mention this is also being released in japan.

    all we need is Juri, Gene, Vergil maybe one of the members of Killer 7(Dan Smith maybe?).

    i know strider has been deconfirmed but that doesn’t mean he’s not gonna be playable in this game. maybe they can change their mind in the future and release him as DLC.

  • C Viper looks easier to use than her counterpart in SF4… But of all the people, why her D: Does Capcom really can’t think of anyone else they can fit into the character slot?

  • krokounleashed

    Hell yeah for Storm

  • Pichi

    Excellent! Glad to see Storm in.

  • Ironman has good tastes.

  • raymk

    I”m glad they got this costume for storm and not her white one. This costume falls more in line with her original debute costume and i love it. Most everyone knew that c.viper was in the game due to that old silhouette

  • Guest

    With 3 street fighter games coming out you think they’d hold back on the SF characters. Seriously how can they ignore Captain Commando and Strider?

    • Because they haven’t had a game featuring them in years, other than MVC2. I like that they’re sticking with relevant characters this time.

      • Guest

        Because Arthur, X-23, She-Hulk, MODOR, Nathan Spencer and Trish are so relevant right? I don’t have anything against Arthur I like but everone else I named is pretty much a waste of space. Hell even Viewtiful Joe isn’t “relevant” anymore by your standards.

  • Yet another reason why I won’t be picking this up, lol. C.Viper is used for a character slot which could have been used for a Rival Schools character. If they wanted to add another female character from SF, they should have at least made it a more iconic one, you Sakura.

    Ah, well..good for the people who like C.Viper and Storm I guess. I’ll be too busy playing Arcana Heart 3 to care about this title when it comes out anyway, heh.

    • FireCouch

      No one cares about Rival Schools. People care about Street Fighter IV. It really makes no sense why they would ever have a rival schools character. The only people who want Rival Schools characters are those who are perfectly fine playing mediocre anime fighters and want some anime cliches in their games.

      And why do you choose Sakura as the iconic street fighter character? She is a clone of Ryu. That would be a much worse choice.

      • I disagree, that was one of the things that made me like Tatsunoko vs capcom so much was all the smaller time characters. While 3 has a few of them, their not many… and the ones we have are more reusable than new.

      • Ouch.

    • Why would you want another Shoto? I love playing as Sakura in SSFIV, but the whole point of this game was to NOT have clones. Not only that, but as was said below, the Rival Schools franchise is no longer relevant. I loved Project Justice, but that was almost ten years ago. Unless they’re doing a new game in the series, there’s no point to putting in a Rival Schools character. If we should be upset that anyone didn’t make what is actually a pretty close to perfect roster, it would be Gene from Godhand. Now, HE deserved a lot, even if there will never be a Godhand sequel.

  • hadjimurad

    i never really played with C.Viper in SSFIV, but i must say she looks fun and hotter in this video. my main complaint (minor, i guess) is that it all looks too dark. more brightness or less saturation or contrast? don’t know which one, but it looks too dark.

  • Viper looks great but Iwould have much preferred Juri.
    Glad Storms in, Now all I need is an Onimusha Rep, Strider, Megaman EXE(not gonna happen but he would have a limitless move pool to pik from), Gambit (deconfirmed I believe), Iron Fist and Venom. And a few more worthy Capcom Villains.

  • Fonic

    Pleased with Storm but Viper seems like a bit of a waste. I liked her well enough in SF4 but it seems like there are better choices even from Street Fighter alone. Ibuki or Juri for instance.
    Definitely hoping for Psylocke and Strider as well.

  • AaqibRawat

    Saw storm a mile away.
    c viper ugh a waste

    im sad :{

  • I would’ve preferred Juri to C. Viper, but there were a lot of worse choices they could’ve done.

  • Fonic

    It would never happen but I’d love to see a Breath of Fire character. Any of the Ryu’s or perhaps Rei or Katt.

  • ForeverFidelis

    Storm’s cool.

    Would’ve rather gotten Cody or Hakan than Viper.

    Really now that there are going to be no more Darkstalkers characters, no rival schools characters, and no Gene, all I want is Date Masamune

  • So glad Storm is in the game.

    And C. Viper…really? Waste of a female spot.

  • fermented

    It should be obvious why Viper was chosen to be in MvC3 when you realize how much of her design was influenced by Captain Commando.

    In SF4 she was a MvC/Guilty Gear style character in a Street Fighter game and thus had to be balanced with the rest of the cast by having low stamina and crappy normal moves, but now we can see how far Viper can go in an actual MvC engine.

  • Personally i’d rather have Juri then Viper

  • Unlike most here it seems, I’m digging C.Viper being included. She was my fave character in Street Fighter IV (though mainly for her design, not because of show she played, though I did like her move set). As Aara said, Storm was an obvious choice due to her immense popularity in Marvel vs. Capcom 2.

    The game just needs Sentinel now and it will be Marvel vs. Capcom 2 tournement at EVO 2010 all over again lol.

  • No Ken? MODOK and X-23, but no Gambit?

    No Thanks.

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