Dive Into Allies To Use New Weapons, Overdive Kill Enemies To Get DNA Chips

By Spencer . December 13, 2010 . 12:50pm

The overdive system in The 3rd Birthday does more than let Aya switch locations. When you swap mind and body with an ally on the battlefield you get to use their weapons.


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After Aya tests out a gun she can buy it by spending BP (battle points). Aya gets to keep the guns players equip before a mission starts even when she dives into another character. You can further customize guns inside the Weapon Bank with parts to raise their stats. Guns in The 3rd Birthday have five parameters: weapon power, bullet power, bullet impact, handling, and range. Aya also has five weapon proficiencies: handgun, assault, shotgun, sniper, and launcher.


As a finishing move, Aya can also kill the Twisted by diving into them. This move, called an Overdive Kill, nets Aya DNA chips. Players can fix and fuse these chips on her Over Energy board to gain access to new abilities.




The cross healing ability, for example, adds a fixed chance that Aya will recover some life when she triggers a crossfire attack.


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  • Swap Mind and Body? Isnt that what we are doing in Mindjack?

    I have a question, why is it called the 3rd Birthday again?

    • FireCouch

      It’s called 3rd Birthday because technically Aya is only three years old. She is actually a clone of someone else. You find that out in the First game pretty early on.

      • Aren’t you talking about Third Eve who is the clone of Aya? or am I missing something here?

        • Ereek

          I actually think he was trolling him, since there are a few people who don’t like TS here.

      • neocatzon

        3 years old? she’s still a minor, is this game even legal?

    • Ereek

      Well, I’ll do my best to avoid spoilers here. . .

      Your first question would be answered if you played the first two Parasite Eve games. It’s just done a bit differently in this game, but it exists in the first two as well. It’s less that she’s entering someone else’s mind, but instead literally controlling them down right to their very cells. It’s likely the original mind is there, but Aya is just forcing it into submission.

      As for the second, the official description is that it’s the time of Aya’s Third Birth. . .which has to do with the true ending of Parasite Eve 1 and likely what happens after the events of PE2. It might be easiest to think of Aya having something like a virus or disease that goes into remission when it’s unneeded. This will be the third time Aya’s “virus” would be necessary.

    • PrinceHeir

      actually the 3rd Birthday is only the third revival about Aya, it has nothing to do with the previous games(even though there are cameos here and there) not to mention square specifically said they intend to make this kinda like a reboot(but instead of using new ideas, they’re using pre existing ones but mixing them up with new ideas) not to mention the monsters are now different than the novel.

      i wouldn’t called this reboot but more of a spin off(non-canonical). they already drop the Parasite Eve title(due to the license being expired and refusing to renew it) so it make sense in a way.

      can’t wait to play this game. reminds me of Dues Ex HR customization which ironically is also a part of square enix with a mix of MGS peace walker and acid games

    • Guest

      Giest – Gamecube

    • tubers

      Some guesses and facts:

      – 3rd installment of a game where Aya is again the protagonist.
      – 3rd step in Aya’s evolution (according to one dev in SE “This is the new PARASITE.” [taking over bodies and controlling them]). IMO unnatural, since the use of the Overdive Machine but hey she’s the only candidate (I bet Eve too can use it).
      – 3rd Person Shooter.


  • Can I dive into Aya? :D

  • evilmoogle

    It’s Headshot time!

    You can do that, right?

  • NoElixirs

    Customization is looking both enticing and promising. I wish the overseas release date would be crunched down further to January!

  • ChaosPaladinFayt

    yes! thank you! at last…i can customize ma guns….always wanted to customize sniper.. =P

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