Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection Has A New CG Trailer

By Ishaan . December 19, 2010 . 9:54pm


Want to know what Cecil and Rosa’s son is supposed to look like when he isn’t shrunk down to a sprite? This new promo video for Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection, created in the same style as the CG cutscenes for the Nintendo DS Final Fantasy IV remake, gives you a pretty good look.


Final Fantasy IV: Complete Collection is currently slated for a Spring 2011 release on the PSP. You can check the official website out here.


You can view more videos at the official site. Here’s a few screenshots to give you a clearer look at the game:


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  • Wow I hope tons of similar quality cutscenes are spread throughout the game, it was simply koala tea!

    • Testsubject909

      Is that a brand or tea actually made out of Koala?

      By the way, how many times does the trailer have to say the following: “Final Fantasy 4”

      Even at the end, he says it twice in a row… You think we’d get it by then.

  • Never thought I’d be so excited to play an FFIV remake. This looks more appealing than the DS one. Final Fantasy I & II looked great on the PSP. I don’t think the character portraits are redrawn by Yoshitaka Amano, are they?

  • puchinri

    It does look pretty nice all around. If I get a PSP, it’s certainly something to consider.

  • Sold.

  • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

    Hats off to Visual Works as usual, but not a big fan of splicing state of the art CGI into charmingly retro 2D games. Side by side it does favors for neither and the sudden switch in game is disconcerting.

    I went back recently to FFIV (the compilation with Chrono Trigger) for the PSX, and while the 2D is immortal (YES IT IS SHADDAP), the inserted 3D cutscenes didn’t hold up so well. It was jarring. Splicing new tech into old tech will inevitably turn awkward when the new tech becomes dated as well and you have an inconsistent package of old tech from two different eras.

    It’s like when George Lucas spliced 1995 CG into the 1970s Star Wars, and worse, replaced the original actor for Anakin with Hayden Christensen at the end of Return of the Jedi.

    And now I can’t stop laughing… George Lucas… Square Enix… So many similarities… So much milking…

    • well, yea.. It will feel kinda weird having retro 2D look then have a CG cutscenes halfway through the game.. it sort of feel overthrown by the sudden change… but, it is still different than George Lucas insertion of high def CG into his 1970s trilogy..

      Because unlike movie, games give you more time in between the scenes while movie has this continues flow with no time for you to adapt visually. Therefore, if a change occurs in the story climax, it is almost a tad bit unacceptable and irritating for the brain when perceiving a change..

      However, since this is a game, I personally do think that it will somehow work and it will also create a very vivid memory on most of us because of the refreshing emergence of the CG. But it gives you the time for your brain to adjust towards the difference. Also you were kind of expecting it too after reaching certain stage in the game.

      Just like FFIX, from the tone down visual during the gameplay to a higher definition CG cutscenes, the appearance of it just make me smile in awe for its beauty.. The contrast just somewhat maximize my indulgence. I know its 3D but I think the concept still applies for 2D just abit to the extreme..

      • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

        I see what you’re saying. And to an extent, I agree. But my stance is that only the FFs native to the PS1 and onwards (FFVII->) should have pre-rendered CG cutscenes.

        To me 3D is something that can always be improved upon, but 2D at each stage of detail is a already an effective art form. In other words, the 3D of PS1/2/3 era FFs always look better in my imagination supplemented mind anyway, but with the SNES FFs I never (needed to) picture the characters beyond their lovable pixelated selves. That to me was their reality in totality, a chibi, abstractly expressive reality I loved, not a low quality visual representation of what should be.

        The jump to CG from real time in 3D FFs aren’t jarring because 3D to better 3D is like a nearsighted person putting on a pair of glasses for the first time (a perfect realization of what I imagined it was s’pose to be like anyway), while jumping from cuddly 2D to sharp 3D is like being transported to a different universe.

        EDIT: You’re saying Star Wars force it on you simultaneously while FF gives you a break to adjust. I get that too, but a game in the end is still a continuous experience; I can’t decide on which bothers me more.

        • Well, yea, I get what you mean and I agree…

  • The voice (Ceodore’s most likely) sounds like Romi Park.

    • lol that’s what I totally thought too. Soo she’s Zidane and Ceodore?

  • epy

    While I am happy to get a chance to play the After Years, I wish they would have made the same visual enhancements to it they used for FFIV.

  • PrinceHeir

    good to see PSP is getting alot of retro games lately.

    now FFV and FFVI collection pack would be Godly with redone artwork(same vein as this)

  • Honestly as nice looking as CGs are, I’d much rather get extra bosses or more story. SE has gone to the brink of ruining story telling with their CG massacre. Yes, 3mins of beautiful graphics is nice, but to me, 3 mins of a boss fight would be better…

  • Any idea if the JP version will have English like with FF I and II on PSP?

  • MrRobbyM


    Damn square, I may have hated XIII and never want to replay it again, but you’ll get me to buy IV 100 times before i die.

  • SupaPhly

    I really do hope they give the same treatment with FFV and FFVI because I prefer this over the 3d remake on the DS

  • Guest

    They should just remake the whole game using Dissidia or Crisis Core like graphics

    • WonderSteve

      They probably think it would cost way too much.

    • gatotsu911

      Ewwwwwwwwwww, PLEASE no. Hi-res sprites are way prettier than dated, poorly-designed 3D graphics will ever be.

      • neon6

        What, you don’t care for 2006 graphics?

      • Guest

        Are you from Bizarro World or are you just trolling me?

        • gatotsu911

          I ought to ask you the same question! Graphically speaking: Between Dissidia and this, which game will still look good in 10 years?

          • Guest


            Because this game doesn’t even look good for 2006

  • woooooooooooooo!

  • *silent*……….

    OMGWT*BBQ…. The CG is so so so attractive…At first I do not care about it but now It got my blood pumping, wanting to play the game. However, as much as I would get this game, I certainly do hope that they give it an overhaul… Or, at least make it to a FFXI like gameplay graphic instead of 2D although I do not mind it as much…

    Oh dear… speaking of FFXI, It is just epic… The environment is so absorbing, everything is so colourful but not too bright.. The mood is just beyond word… SE please do something about you franchise and return to the glory you once have!

  • I would’ve been a bit happy if The after year was remade for the DS using the same graphic the DS IV had. It’s a bit too late for them to release the after years for the psp, I mean everyone is japan pretty much have a wii and I’m sure they played the wiiware version. In my case, ill pass unless a really good special edition was to come out for the EU.

    I’m not sure but, didn’t wada say ““We have to reconstruct all our brands again, and make them into something perfect. I regret the fact that we let them all get so sloppy.”? *sigh god dammit we’ll be seeing so much…rerelease. This is yet another way to milk money out of existing series *sigh

  • joesz

    This CGI trailer looked surreal!
    But a CGI Cecil is not a good idea.he looks like a drug queen.

  • gatotsu911

    You know, with every new update that comes out about this game I feel like more and more of a sucker for having bought the DS version.

  • KOOL it with the the Star Wars comments, it was George Lucas’ decision to do that not Hayden’s!

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