Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Hops On A Big Whale, Arrives In March

By Spencer . December 27, 2010 . 9:40pm

imageSquare Enix set March 24, 2011 as the release date for Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection. While we’ve seen half-a-dozen ports and remakes of Final Fantasy IV, this may be the definitive version of Cecil’s outer space journey.


Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection for PSP sports new 2D graphics for the original game and the opening movie from the Nintendo DS remake. Final Fantasy IV: The After Years, a direct sequel to the game starring Cecil’s son who goes on his own albeit similar quest, is part of the package too. Square Enix gave this a facelift and a new scenario that connects the two episodes.


March is going to be a busy month for Final Fantasy fans in Japan since Dissidia 012[duodecim]: Final Fantasy is due a few weeks earlier on March 3.


imageUpdate: Square Enix is selling a limited edition Final Fantasy IV Complete Collection Ultimate Pack on their e-store. This collector’s set includes the PSP game, guidebook, Final Fantasy IV: The After Years original soundtrack, and an original art collection for 9,445 yen ($115).


A standalone game costs 5,980 yen ($72), 4,980 yen ($60) if you buy a digital copy over PlayStation Network.


A tip of the hat and rare pink tail to L.R. for the heads up. Thanks!



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  • so many good games this spring. JRPG heaven.

    • Yes, but not enough money. My wallet is crying.

  • Dunno if you guys saw it, but there’s a LE Box for japanese buyers, too. Comes with an artbook, guide (???), and a CD.

    • Testsubject909

      And since this is Squeenix we’re talking about, you can bet your ass we’ll never have it.

  • Any love or nostalgia I had for this game was crushed out of me by the DS remake a few years ago. Only game I have ever taken the time to beat out of spite.

    • zhemos

      Props to you for actually beating it, I gave up 5 hours in and started playing through the original on GBA in an attempt to erase all the memories I had of the DS remake.

      • I got half way through. Nothing wrong with the DS remake though, unless 3D chibi models aren’t your kind of thing.

        • neon6

          You really can’t have something like Kefka obliterating half the world in those chibi models. It really just undermines the story and the impact those events are supposed to have.

          • Kefka was in Final Fantasy IV DS, eh?

            And having sprites that don’t really do much is so much more impactful, eh?

          • neon6

            I was giving an example on how a possible remake of FF6 following in the footsteps of those shafted remakes on the DS. In my opinion, those 2D graphics aren’t as bad as those horrendous chibi models.
            But you have to agree, it was kind of funny in a way to see the graphics go from this:
            to this:

          • M’iau M’iaut

            I’d expect something along those lines is why we haven’t seen VI get taken care of. I-V fall under the ‘8-bit RPG’ umbrella (regardless of the system) in that folks accept them as old skool sprite fests. VII is VII and whatever they do with that, the VII Peeps will buy and love.

            VI however, is an island. It has the story, scope and characters of later Final Fantasys, but the looks of a game before. If they only port — not that allowing today’s folks to understand VI’s greatness is not valid reason — you’ll get negativity calling it just a ‘cash in’. As such, they would need to do more, the likely candidate being a look akin to Crisis Core or Dissidia, neither of whose engine would be a good fit with VI.

  • Square Enix is trying to squeeze all the profit they can get out of this fiscal year, lol. You go SE, you go!

    • Why so enthusiastic? Do you own stock in them? lol

      • With the direction they’ve been headed, I wouldn’t dare own stock in SE.

        • Why, they can only go up from now, unless
          A) Tomb Raider turns out to be truly horrible
          B) KH3DS fails to excite
          C) The West doesnt embrace Tactics Ogre nor DIssidia: Duodeceim nor DQ6(?)
          D) FF14 remains broken

          I think those are all impossibilities.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            A) Such wouldn’t surprise.
            B) It didn’t exactly excite on the DS/the day the PSP had was short
            C) The West didn’t embrace Dissidia outside of the core/Tactics Ogre is
            about as old skool as a TRPG can get
            D) FFXIV needs a complete do-over, they still seem to only want to ‘patch it up’

            Those aren’t impossible, either.

          • neon6

            Dissidia wasn’t embraced by the west because it wasn’t a real fighting game. What kind of fighting game forces you to level up your character and plays like Virtual On?

          • Testsubject909

            “They can only go up from now, unless”

            Yeah, you know. That last word in that first phrase kind of dismisses that first part you just uttered…

            That and. M’iau pretty much summarized what could go wrong.

        • There are actually plenty of investors who would agree with you. The day after they made their recent profit forecast, their stocks dropped from 1599 to 1435.

  • zhemos

    Let us hope that 2011 isn’t another *remake* year for Square Enix.

    • Yukito

      We can hope, but the chances of it happening ARE pretty great. They get like one big game out a year if that. (Not speaking of other places like tri-Ace and such that they only PUBLISH, I mean them themselves)

    • as long as they aren’t making “quality” games like final fantasy XIII and XIV

  • Hours

    Cool, now announce a US release please SE.

    • For some reason some people think this game isn’t going to make it here. I think it’s because of the PSP2 around the corner.

      Dunno if I agree… this is FF, AND a popular one. Why would they pass it up here?

  • PrinceHeir

    Final Fantasy V and VI for PSP or PSP2 please :)

    • M’iau M’iaut

      IV continues driven into the bloody ground while VI just sits.

      Something is rotten in Denmark…….

    • Tom_Phoenix

      A remake for the 3DS is more likely.

      Quite frankly, though, VI doesn’t really warrant a remake….and I don’t mean that as a criticism. The game looks fantastic to this day. A port is all that is really necessary, in my opinion.

      • PrinceHeir

        nah i just want the same treat as FFI, FFII and FFIV did with the PSP. updated artwork, add a boss or dungeon, and smooth framerate and that good to go :)

  • Yukito

    No thanks Square Enix. I will wait for the inevitable next Final Fantasy 4 collection you guys do. Too much coming out next year to bother getting this game yet again.

  • Limited edition sounds good. Wouldn’t mind seeing it offered to Europe (or North America).

  • thebanditking

    Wow that looks awesome, I would spew about how much I want it but it will never see western release, I will settle for a US/EU release date/confirmation.

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