Xenogears And Other Squaresoft PS1 Classics Coming To PSN In North America

By Spencer . December 29, 2010 . 2:02am

image We report about Square Enix PS1 games popping up on PlayStation Network in Japan all of the time. This time the news is for North America.


Threads of Fate, Vagrant Story, Legend of Mana, and (a personal favorite) Xenogears are on deck for PlayStation Network.


The ESRB rated all four games for PSP and PlayStation 3 with Sony Computer Entertainment America as the publisher. When the ESRB pegs SCEA as the publisher they mean these games will be released as downloadable PsOne Classics in North America.

  • Ereek

    This is excellent news.

    I have nothing really to say here, but I’m posting mostly because I (always) want to show love and appreciation for Xenogears. The more people who can play it, the better.

  • malek86

    “Threads of Fate, Vagrant Story, Legend of Mana, and (a personal favorite) Xenogears are on deck for PlayStation Network.”

    And Chrono Cross? Where is Chrono Cross? Nooooooo!

    • These are just the Squaresoft games that the ESRB leaked, not the end of PS1 classics forever.

      I imagine Chrono Cross could come later, but that’s just a personal guess.

  • Draparde

    awesome, xenogears and legend of mana are so a buy for me!

  • Testsubject909

    DAY 1 PURCHA…a…. actually, I don’t need to.

    *looks at the physical copy of Xenogear[corrected], Legend of Mana and Threads of fate amongst his library of games*

    Oh sure, Xenosaga is actually my sister’s, but hey… The only game I’d really need to buy out of this is Vagrant Story. Never finished it. Shame on me, I know…

    Oh yes, and I forgot to add…


    Sorry about the Xenosaga thing. Had a moment of stupidity there. Must’ve been too awestruck for my memory to work good.

    • Article says “Xenogears”, not “Xenosaga.”

      • ChaosPaladinFayt

        LOL yea for a second i was like YEAAAAA XENOSA- oh wait, it’s xenogears…oh wait, YAY XENOGEARS!!

        • Testsubject909

          Reverse here. I went “XENOGEARS!”

          Then wrote Xenosaga.

          But hey, I’m glad my moment of stupidity enabled a conversation up there, it’s always good to see gamers talk in such manner, as well as spread the education of our gaming history.

      • I once playd Xenosaga 1, it seems it was a pretty good game but i seriously cant remember why i didnt beat it (or got too far on the game), and then xenosaga 2 and 3 came making me curious.

        Is this game related to xenogears in any way? or Xenoblade too…? I don’t know if what im asking is stupid but well, is better than to stay ignorant.

        • BK0000

          The Xenosaga series is a reimagining of Xenogears Episode I. It reuses a lot of ideas from Xenogears Episode I, but they aren’t connected.

          Xenoblade has nothing to do with Xenogears or Xenosaga. The Xeno name for it was just a marketing ploy by Nintendo.

          • Oh i see, thanks a lot for the info :D

          • holyPaladin

            It’s sad to see BandaiNamco have to stop Xenosaga series…
            Did BandaiNamco own Xenosaga IP?

          • I think they do… ’cause I see Kos-Mos stuff appear in other games of theirs.

          • memoryofwater

            Xenosaga ran into quite a lot of issues during development (all caused, like ‘gears before it, by an overabundance of ambition, so they’re interesting flaws, if nothing else) which led to cutting out a great deal of material from the final releases, changing the course of the story and a general rushiness in ending everything. It was always intended to be a finite series, though, although the original guesstimate was something like six episodes. It ended well enough, and I’m glad it got to end at all, honestly.

            As far as Namco Bandai, I’m not super positive but they do clearly have some ownership of the Xenosaga IP, as they’ve used the characters in a few totally random games like Super Robot Taisen OG Saga (which…hey, what do you know? :p) and promotional weirdness like Xenosaga Freaks. They’ve never gone overboard or released anything canon without Monolith’s approval, and I hope they never do.

            Also, yay Xenogears and Legend of Mana!

            Also also, Siliconera is the only place on the whole wide interwebs where anyone knows that Xenoblade is totally unrelated to the Xeno series. Yay Siliconera!

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      You darndest sonofabich. You actually still have the physical copies. D:<

      • Testsubject909

        I’ve got physical copies of games from the NES era and some Sega games like Nights into Dreams.

        You damn right I’ve got physical copies of some of my beloved games…

        Like Granstream Saga, SaGa Frontier 1 and 2, Lunar Silver Star Story Complete the collector’s box, Bushido Blade 2, Koudelka, Breath of Fire 3, etc etc…

        My PS1 collection though is relatively very small in comparison to my PS2 collection, and my PS3 collection is starting to grow beyond my PS1 collection…

        Oh, and I recently got my hands on Dragon Quest 7, it was used, for 20$, but it was in pretty good condition. Only the booklet was a bit raffled up but even then it wasn’t substantial.

        Oh, and I also bought one of the new still sealed Persona 2.5 copies when Atlus re-sold them… And I opened it up to play it. I can imagine many collectors across the world crying at that fact. But it was a battle at the time.

        My collector tendencies that began to grow a few years back, versus my gamer tendencies, who knew I had never finished Persona 2.5, and knew that I wanted to complete this love for the series by finishing the game…

        My gamer side won and left my collector side crying. Still, I do my best to keep my games in pristine conditions.

        • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

          That’s great, really. Seems like you have some great (and rare) games. Having sold my PS1 most of the games went with it. Still have a handful of JRPGs…

          What I really regret though, is no longer having my Dreamcast along with some of the best games I’ve ever played in my life. I’ve stopped selling my games/systems in recently years though, so my PS2 collection is pretty massive and my PS3 collection is growing as well.

          I too, have grown a collector’s mentality about keeping my games as pristine as possible, disc, box, and cover.

  • :D

    I’d say more, but my face is stuck like that. :D





  • WonderSteve

    Oh My God. That was a long wait for Xenogears.

    Glad to see if finally on PSN


  • SolidusSnake

    HALLELUJAH, I finally get a chance to try Xenogears, which many would have me believe to be one of the greatest games of all time. We’ll see if they’re right or not *cracks knuckles*

  • joesz

    I misread it as a sequel to Xenogears,would like to see that happen.

    • apstorm

      Considering Xenogears was the end of a ‘saga’ (those of us that remember the final screen after all the end credits and final cutscenes) … I think what would be waited on are proper prequels. Especially considering the general response of Xenogears fans to Xenosaga (which was technically a different story, albeit with familiar key figures).

      • I could have sworn that, after the credits, it said that Xenogears was part 5 of 6.

        • Well, to be fair, it only said “Xenogears Episode V.” It wasn’t until the Xenosaga series was announced as a six game project that people thought that Xenogears was going to be remade as Xenosaga Episode V and that it would get a sequel.

          1 hour later Edit: Okay, so apparently the Xenogears Perfect Works book was the source of the 6 Xenogears episodes idea.


          Just in case you’ve never read a fan-translated version of the Perfect Works book.

  • vall03

    finally! waiting for them is going to take a while, unless of course they’re planning to release them for the last PS Store update of the year

  • Kirbysuperstar2

    Well, I’ll bypass Xenogears (I don’t want to pay money for eighty hours of bad Evangelion fanfiction, thanks) but I’ve wanted to try Legend of Mana and Threads of Fate for a while now, so I’ll nab those.

    • Lolwhat? In my opinion Evangelion doesn’t even reach half of xenogear’s story quality (without counting that is pretty different)

      • Aiddon

        though they do have running out of money halfway through in common. As to which is better, flip a coin, they’re about the same. Eva was a bit more insane

        • Of course if someone say xenogears is about religion and robots anyone could easily say is close to evangelion, but after playing the game is easy to see how different it is.

          Very easy.

          Too easy.

          Way too easy.

          No more 24 min chapters with shinji sitting in a subway please.

          Easier than easy.

          The beginning of the game is so cool btw, this is a game every rpg gamer must FEEL.

          Read the next paragraph only if you have at least played the game for an hour! (Or at least left the first town)

          Oh and i will never forget this, did you guys noticed how the girl that was getting married at the beginning smiled when she was getting killed… x_0 she was really about to kill herself for marrying that dude haha

          • Kirbysuperstar2

            Right. Evangelion has Shinji sitting on a train for extended periods of time, Xenogears’ entire second disk is “guy sits on a chair and tells you about things that may have been interesting to play”.

          • Guest

            There’s a reason for that: budget issues. Square was pumping money into a Final Fantasy game at that time, VIII if i remember correctly. Other projects got hit by this, thus those parts in Xenogears disc 2.

            Also, Evangelion’s last episode from the original series is basically all those parts of Xenogears “guy sitting on a chair telling the story” but far worse. Not to mention that your description of Xenogears applies more to the Xenosaga games. Awful awful story and characters, but, that’s a discussion for another day.

            As for this news, nice. Now, release EINHANDER TOO DAMMIT!

          • I object on the Xenosaga comment!

      • Fonic

        Yeah I’ll take Xenogears over Eva any day of the week. Then again, it is my favorite PS1 game.
        Anyway, great news.

    • holyPaladin

      Eh I love both of them
      Although Eva a bit more because of Asuka :D

    • Jirin

      I think you have it backwards. NGE is Xenogears fanfic, written by a sexually frustrated thirteen year old goth kid.

    • zhemos

      Xenogears is not even close to being similar to Evangelion. What game are you playing?

    • Pesmerga00

      Stares at you uncomfortably. :(
      It’s Super Effective!
      Kirbysuperstar Fainted.

  • urbanscholar

    Am I willing to pour in another 70+ hours of my life to Xenogears again? You damn right I will.

  • Aiddon

    ’bout FRIGGIN’ TIME! Vagrant Story and Xenogears are two of the finest videogame stories I ever experienced. Though it is telling that I’m looking forward to ten-year-old titles instead of Square’s current catalog

    • urbanscholar

      I agree but I also believe this is what one would call timeless classics.

    • RupanIII

      Haha I was thinking that too.. seems like I get more excited about re-releases of classics, even stuff that I have already played like Xenogears, than new stuff these days.

      Anyway, awesome news! Always appreciate the chance to play classics I missed during the PSX days.

      Also, moar plz.

  • omffg xnogears x0x

  • Billy Añonuevo


    Maybe this time I’ll finally get around to finishing it.

  • YoctoYotta

    I’ve got an original copy of Xenogears, but I’ve been waiting for the PSN release so I can play it without potentially mucking up in the discs in my PS3.

  • Arcm

    Well I’m one giddy 25 year old man…. Xenogears is my favorite ps1 rpg so being able to play this game on the go without having to pull it out of my closet sounds amazing.

    • Yusaku_Matsuda70s

      You’re lucky to have that game in your closet.

  • Awesome – a bunch of Square games I missed out on the first time around. I will definitely be picking up Xenogears and Vagrant Story and the rest will probably follow close behind. Keep ’em coming SQEX!

  • Guest

    I noticed Japanese PSN has both Parasite Eve games & Legend of Dragoon up…we dont have them yet do we? And if not, when?

  • [The Hunter] Doomrider

    YES!! Square getting its act together!

    Xenogears!!! Shivers and stuff <3

  • This is good news, even if I already own Xenogears and Vagrant Story. The more people that get to play those, the better.

    • thebanditking

      I own them as well, but I can’t play PS1 discs on PSP now can I? I am so excited for these titles, by the end of the generation I will likely have every major PS1 release on a PSP memory stick. I still can’t believe how amazing that is, back in Junior/High School my friends and brother use to sit around and contemplate how amazing it would be to have some of these PS1 games portable without loosing any quality in either graphics or sound, its one of those things that makes the PSP one of my favorite hand held consoles, only second to the GBA.

      • Ah, see, I don’t play portable systems, but as I said, the more people who get to play these the better.

        The only way I might invest in a PSP is if I start touring again. Not sure if that’s going to happen at the moment.

  • YES!

    Hopefully these won’t take a billion years to come out like S-E’s last games.

    • Exkaiser

      Front Mission 3 didn’t come out too long after it was rated, only about a month.

  • Vagrant Story!! At last!!! ^^
    I’ve been wanting to play that game for almost a year now. And Xenogears too!
    Now, just give us Chrono Cross too…

  • LynxAmali

    YES! YES! YEEEES! >_<

    I'm happy now. Xenogears will be mine once again. T_T

  • It´s about time:)

  • So whats the chance that these games are going to be $6.00 each?

    • LeonAlabard

      I bet that Xenogears will cost $10, like the Final Fantasy’s games, but Threads and Mana will be $6 for sure (well, I hope at least).

  • Square Enix ….thank you…
    Legend of Mana. Finally. One of my wishes came true.

    • thebanditking

      S-E may have given the OK but Sony is listed at the publisher, so it would seem that Sony has more interest in keeping Square fans happy then Square, lol

  • CoolChibi

    Fina-fucking-ly! Downloading that Vagrant Story and Threads of Fate! Where is Brave Fencer Musashi though…

  • Barrit

    I loved Legend of Mana! I hear so many good things about Vagrant Story and Xenogears I can’t wait to play them! Don’t make us wait too long!

  • thebanditking

    Thank You Sony! Anyone else find it amazing how excited gamers get when companies give them a reason to spend money? You would think it would be the other way around. I wonder why Sony and not S-E is bringing these to the PS store? Sure Sony has been a long time partner with Square and back in the day many thought the two inseparable but S-E is big enough to bring out their own titles. Perhaps those financial downturns hit harder then I imagined.

    Still this is such fantastic news Xenogears returning and Mitsuda will be releasing his fully orchestrated Xenogears album in February.

    • Exkaiser

      SCEA publishes all the PSone Classics, apart from the imports which I believe have MonkeyPaw as their publisher.

      It’s how they know the games are going on the PSN just from the ESRB rating.

    • Just a little correction here – Exkaiser is pretty much correct. It’s not that SCEA is the “publisher” so much as that’s the way the ESRB lists PsOne classics. Of course SCEA gets a cut of the revenue, but it’s up to the actual publisher, in this case Square Enix, to green light PsOne Classics and Sony Computer Entertainment [insert region here] to say “OK.”

  • jarrodand

    More Enix please?

  • SneakyHawk

    Great! Now I can give Xenogears a shot!

  • Exkaiser


  • Buying Vagrant Story and Xenogears. I’ve never played a single PSX game, soooo yeah.

    • Hehe, you’re not the only one on here…

  • Pichi

    I’m glad to see my dream of playing Threads of Fate and Legend of Mana come true!! Thank you SE!! Just do a few more titles for maximum gratitude!!

  • Guest

    Yes! Finally! Now, please release them early in the year rather than as E3 “surprises.”

  • zhemos

    I can finally play Threads of Fate. Ty sony.

  • Even though the game wasn’t made by Square Enix I am still waiting for Legend of Dragoon.

  • ….


  • Oh god… once i saw Front Mission 3 (which i´ve been playing everyday :´D ) in the NA PSN, i knew something was going to happen T.T , now please release Einhänder !!!!!

  • thaKingRocka

    I will probably throw money their way for these games just to encourage future releases like Bushido Blade and Einhander.

  • Rarutos

    I have hype. So much hype.

  • Vagrant Story.

    F*ck. Yes.

    And Xenogears and Legend of Mana. About time we got some good ol’ classic RPGs on here.

  • oh cmon, bring chrono cross to US PSN too!!

  • Sorry but this needs to be said..

    **** YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 365#$#!%$#%@!!!! WOOOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yeeeey!
    My chance to play Threads of Fate and play Xenogears again :3

  • As long as SCEA is doing this, I suspect a PS+ discount. Do not disappoint me Sony. This could be part of a New Years event.

  • HarryHodd

    I”ll be buying all of these. Great news!

  • cj_iwakura

    I w o n d e r i f t h e y’l l f i x Xe n o g e a r s ‘ t e x t s p e e d. . .

    • That is part of the charm x-x

  • j.

    Yay I so did not want to fork over $40 to some eBay dude to play Vagrant Story again. can’t wait.

  • rainfire2010

    Finally. I remember playing Xenogears as a kid but I never got far….

  • puchinri

    YES! Finally. ;u;
    I kind of still want an actualy hard copy (disc, manual and everything) of all the games, but if I can get to play them at all, I’m happy. ♥

  • So how many mops towels and number of pants are we gonna need after this fangasm has ended?

  • Do you know what was great about Xenogears. You could take a 20 minute nap every 5 minutes and not miss anything. Seriously, How many cut scenes do you need for one game. And why the heck do they have to be so long and complicated. Xenogears would have been a thousand times better if it would have had a third of the cut scenes, and if the story wouldn’t have been so hard to follow.

  • Ooooooooh, Vagrant Story! Awesome! I’ve been wanting to play that game for the longest time. :D

    And it’s great that they’re re-releasing Xenogears, more people need to play that game!

  • Joanna


    I’ve wanted to play these cause I never had a PS1 (used to play on my friends but she only had the FFs).

    So this is really good news. Hm, I’d love to play these portable. Maybe it really is time to buy a PSP…even though I know my backlog cannot take it.

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