• PrinceHeir

    i thought the header pic was a girl on handcuffs lol ^^

    how many levels are these? up to 100 or more?

    • evilmoogle

      Original is lvl 200.
      Plus, you have a class lvl wich caps at lvl30.

      • d19xx

        Infinity increased the type class lvl to 50

  • Apollokids

    this depends on how the enemies levels scale well into letting you reach level 100. southpark taught me i could reach max level in WoW by slaying lvl 1 monsters…yeah

  • maxchain

    Will it be like the first, uh, Phantasy Star Portable 2? If each episode’s just one mission, there’s no way I’m riding that out all the way to the level cap. Y’know, theoretically, if they were to announce it for the US. (Please SEGA?)

    • http://www.facebook.com/jstack Jon Stachewicz

      Well that’s how it was for the story, at least. There were many more Open and Tactical Missions, as well as the requests given at the Cafe. Even the PSPo2 demo had some of those

      • maxchain

        Say whaaaat? I cheated myself!

      • https://twitter.com/#!/SplashdownTiger STiger

        Too bad the level cap in the PSP2 demo was 15…

  • Testsubject909

    Wait… wait, I had to reread to understand, we can level up to 100 IN the demo, as opposed to In the game? So… just what kind of max level will there be?

    Will the game live up to it’s title? Infinite Level with no real cap? If so, that’d be a bit extreme….

    • kactaplb

      There is a level cap, but you are able to rebirth infinitely, giving up your levels for increased base stats.

    • https://twitter.com/#!/SplashdownTiger STiger

      200 is the max level in Phantasy Star Portable 2… so they probably kept that as the cap in Infinity.

  • http://www.samuraiprincess.com Mr Fwibbles

    What’s that about a yellow man jersey?

  • http://twitter.com/gabriel_may_uk Gabriel May

    “All progress made in the demo can be carried over into the full game.”

    Knew it. This is game breaking as their will be obsessive PSP players that will achieve this and people can just piggy back off them, going to dungeons they normally couldn’t due to being too low levelled.

  • Guest

    PSP’s been adding some meaty demo’s I noticed the lengthy God Eater Burst, then Monster Hunter then Lord of Arcana which like God Eater, also had a save option; now this game….when are we gonna get meaty PS3 demos?

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