No Lunar: Eternal Blue Remake On PSP, Remaining Lunar Novels Coming

By Ishaan . December 30, 2010 . 12:06pm

One of our enterprising readers, Olivia, recently got in touch with Game Arts to let them know that she enjoyed their remake of Lunar: Silver Star Harmony on the PSP, and the release of the first Lunar novel on Amazon’s Kindle.


Along with her message, she also attempted to inquire about a PSP remake of Lunar: Eternal Blue and whether or not there would be more Lunar novel releases in the future. Game Arts sent the following reply her way:


Thank you very much for your email about our “Lunar”.

We appreciate your interest in and selecting our products, and we are very happy that you are satisfied with our “Lunar”.

At the moment, we have no plan to release “Lunar Eternal Blue” for PSP unfortunately. We will release the rest of the Lunar novels in English, but the date of release has not yet been fixed.

We hope you keep on enjoying “Lunar” series.

Sincerely yours,

Game Arts


So, the good news is, the rest of the Lunar novels are definitely coming  over in English. As for a remake of Eternal Blue, this is one of those subjects that both Game Arts and Xseed (as Silver Star Harmony’s U.S. publisher) get asked about a lot.


In the past, they’ve both said that they acknowledge the interest in a remake of Eternal Blue, so we wouldn’t take “no plan to release Eternal Blue for PSP” as an outright “no” just yet. Perhaps Game Arts will consider the project for another platform.


A deep bow to Olivia for the stellar investigation work!

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  • NeoTechni

    Thats ok. Most PSP owners can just use the PS1 ISO.

  • Pichi

    Hoping all this would lead to a Lunar 3 one day.

    • WonderSteve

      Keep praying to Althena…

      It’s been what…15 years of waiting already?

      • Testsubject909

        Hey… Gran Turismo 5, Duke Nukem Forever, Marvel vs Capcom 3….


        • WonderSteve

          Keep praying to my avatar then :P Not only to Althena, but to Lucia too.

          For God’s sake, I hope Lunar 3 wouldn’t be like what Grandia 3 did to the Grandia series. Grandia 3 was a piece of garbage.

          I thought Lunar: Dragon Song/Genesis was going to killed the Lunar franchise forever. I couldn’t believe it when Game Arts announced Silver Star Harmony.

          • Testsubject909

            Lucia is Althena’s reincarnation, technically, she’s Althena.

            Two goddesses, one stone.

            …Why did you remind me of Dragon song…

            Why… There is no goddess…

          • WonderSteve

            I don’t think that’s quite correct, Lucia’s status is always kind of “murky” even at the end of the game.

            The director said think of her as a “twin” to Althena.

          • Grandia 3’s story was pure crap, but the gameplay makes up for it. And this:

          • WonderSteve

            The battle was fun, but I can only go so far when the story is bad.

            I got so sicked of Alfina’s “believe in the power of love” and brother chasing.

            The only other redeeming point of G3 is Noriyuki’s music.

            I am going to be so disappointed if Lunar 3 doesn’t have music composed by Noriyuki. It is like Macross without Haruhiko Mikimoto’s character designs. That’s why Macross Frontier is always second rated in my view.

          • I can’t help but imagine warping sounds when I hear that…

          • Alfina deserves to be punched in the face, no less. However, one thing that makes me irritated about G3 is Miranda leaves early game. She’s the coolest character in the game with the nicest moves and she doesn’t even get a couple of hours of spotlight? ARGH.

            I haven’t had the chance to watch the original Macross, but I find Frontier quite entertaining..

  • DarkWaterClone

    I would be fine with a PSP2 launch title of Eternal Blue or better yet Lunar 3.

  • So is Olivia head of the Siliconera investigation team?

  • PrinceHeir

    like the art style soo retro fee like :D

    good to see we’re getting the novels :)

    • Apollokids

      animes back in the “hand drawn” days are so lush and beautiful and certain aspect flow realistically like clothing and hair. The cold draw of CG cells has made the new anime era a marvel for the eyes, sacrificing in its wake- heart and soul.

      • PrinceHeir

        yeah i kinda miss them but the drawings nowadays are also gorgeous ^^

        example Durarara! or even the Persona series. they have vibrant colors yet they gave you this kinda colorful feeling, idk i just enjoy looking at those art :)

      • Hetare Kaiser

        Just because a computer was used as a tool in its creation doesn’t mean it isn’t hand-drawn. Neither paint or ink give something heart and soul, human hands do. And that is still unchanged. (Also, wouldn’t that mean that sprites couldn’t have heart and soul?)
        Besides, I’m pretty sure both the portraits and animated sequences in Lunar were made digitally.

  • Random fact: Did you know Lunar means mole in Spanish? And not the animal kind. Okay it can also mean “of the moon” but it’s not as funny…

  • Hours

    I definitely wouldn’t take this as an outright no, more of a “not now”, or perhaps they are working on it but aren’t ready to go public yet.

  • epy

    When I read the headline I was like “NOOOOOESSS” but after reading the response, it sounds pretty much like standard company lingo for “I am not going to tell you”. I mean, even if they had the Lunar 2 remake done and ready and were to announce it tomorrow, they still would tell “we have no plans for it” to a random person asking them about it, thats what announcements are for.

    I for one hope and expect Lunar 2 to be remade for PSP.

    • Ladius

      Yeah, I don’t think the headline is spot-on in this case. As you just said it would be unheard of to announce a game by answering a fan’s email XD

  • Testsubject909

    Hmm… It’d be nice if there was a remake.

    I remember Lunar 2 quite fondly. At one point I just popped it in, and three consecutive days of gaming later, I had finished the game, including the epilogue and some of the secrets…

    I don’t own Lunar 2 though… Ah, back in the days when I actually rented games relatively often…

    Mind you, I still have Lunar Silver Star Story Complete. The collectible PS1 box…

    And a friend of mine found the collectors’ edition of Lunar 2, used… With every extra… Including locket…

    Yes, even I wonder who the idiot was that sold that… In a way, it’d be as miraculous as meeting someone who’d be wanting to sell his complete Earthbound package for minimal price because he just doesn’t feel like owning it anymore…

  • WonderSteve

    Ah..hopefully they change their mind soon.

    I like Eternal Blue more than Silver Star.

  • hush404

    Bummer. I would buy a remake of EB

  • Catnipcookie

    And now I have the sudden urge to play Eternal Blue…

  • cj_iwakura

    To anyone who wants Lunar 3, look at the last time GameArts tried to make a new Lunar game.

    You sure you really want that?

  • I’m glad they’ll continue to release the game novels. I finally got Lunar Silver Star Harmony, over a decade after seeing an ad for a collector’s set in a gaming mag (EGM?) and wanting to play it so bad but never being able to get it. I’m really enjoying it so far.

  • Hexen

    they’ll do this when they’re already finished making ports of Lunar Silver Star on every console available.

  • I swear their have been sending this to everyone i got a reply message like that from game

  • xxx128

    I dont care much about lunar 2. But i am patiently waiting for lunar 3 :/

  • Awesome. My copy of Eternal Blue on the PS1 will continue to be super-valuable.

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