Ruined Square Enix Offices Found In The 3rd Birthday

By Spencer . December 31, 2010 . 1:04am

The 3rd Birthday is loaded with inside jokes and strangely enough for a Japanese developed video game self-deprecating humor. Dig through the rubble and you can see Square Enix’s offices… or what’s left of them.




Square Enix doesn’t have offices in New York, that’s where The 3rd Birthday takes place. Technically, New York isn’t under siege by stringy creatures either so we can throw realism to the wind. This isn’t the only gaff the developers made about Square Enix. Yoichi Wada, CEO, appears in the PSP game as a business strategy author.

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  • joesz

    this is strangely funny,But you guys promised you wouldn’t talk about it anymore.

    • Testsubject909

      I thought they only promised not to talk about the Shower scenes anymore…

      • joesz

        I don’t know about that,I just read the small description box under the headline of the topic .I didn’t really click the topic due to spoilers.And the description said something about stopping talking about the game.maybe If I had clicked it,I would have known about what you were taking about.

        • That headline says “This is the Last 3rd Birthday Shower Post You’ll Ever See”.

        • Confused-chan

          “maybe If I had clicked it,I would have known about what you were taking about.”

          @[email protected]

          Title you can read without clicking “This is the Last 3rd Birthday Shower Post You’ll Ever See”

          @[email protected];

          • Testsubject909

            You truly live up to your name.

          • joesz

            Oh,Sorry,I think I made a mistake here.It seems I read the whole thing except “shower”.Most likely because I though they would stop talking about because the game was already out.

  • d19xx

    That office was destroyed prior to the siege. It was attacked by mobs who wanted to lynch Wada.

  • PrinceHeir

    i wish we could shoot Wada in this game one way or another O_O

    aww man after seeing this i might not be surprised if they end up like this sometime in the future.

    • Testsubject909

      Near future if you’re in Japan, I’d say.

      Squeenix’s future don’t look too bright.

    • Confused-chan

      @[email protected]

      “i wish we could shoot Wada in this game”

      PrinceHeir -> ヽ(o`皿′o)ノ

    • neon6

      I’m new here so besides the failure of FF13 failing to live up to it’s hype, I can’t exactly why everyone hates the guy.

      • Ereek

        Wada himself had very little to do with XIII. He’s the president of SE, so he makes “general” and “overall” decisions dealing with the company and finances.

        I believe what it comes down to is some people don’t like him making arrogant statements about thinking he knows what gamers (west and east) want from gaming – this is what ticks most people off. Others don’t like the direction that SE has been going and Wada is a good scapegoat. Both sides forget the fact that there are investors pushing at him for profits and that he has nothing to do with game development. . .

        • neon6

          Arrogant statements? Oh I get it, like that one time he said he’d begin firing employees if anyone tried something similar to The World Ends With You which was a flop.

          • PrinceHeir

            lol how the hell did TWEWY flop? it sold 140,000 units units in US and 190,000 units in japan. not to mention there are tons of positive reviews and the influence to the japanese population had an impact on it, not to mention it was actually one of square’s good new IP this generation. i don’t know what kind of flop your talking about.

          • RupanIII

            lol did he really say that? ‘Watch it, anyone around here try making a good game again and you’re through!’

          • That was only a rumor. But assuming he did say it, he didn’t mention TWEWY specifically. Some sources have something more along the lines of “If you guys try something not mainstream again, you’re fired.” Others have it as, “Don’t make games only you guys would want to play.”
            That was two and a half years ago though.

        • Tokyo Guy

          It’s him and the upper management in general. Talk to some of the people who work at SquareEnix (both the foreign and domestic staff) in Japan and they will most likely agree, less they don’t know what’s going on.

          I used to think it was only the foreign staff who felt that way, but unfortunately I know a few Japanese staff who have left the company as well because they simply couldn’t tolerate the situation.

    • You’re usually smart with your comments, so I don’t know why you’d make a statement like that. :(

      • PrinceHeir

        well im just sad how square has become this gen :|

        almost 80% of square’s mistake comes to this guy.

        i mean i wonder if sakaguchi was still head of square, and nobuo uematsu is still part of the music team, things would be very different. don’t you want a Vagrant Story sequel? or tactics sequel? chrono trigger sequel(well technically cross sequel) The Last Story and Lost Odyssey would have been square’s new IP. FFXIII might be different from what we got, so many possibilities.

        i just hope square doesn’t degrade into rare, though they have a FFVII Remake and KHIII up their sleeve so square isn’t going out yet.

        • And it’s not like you said you wanted to actually shoot Wada in real life. Just a game-representation of him.

          • PrinceHeir

            this ^^

          • Code

            rar, it could be a caterpillar-monster, which has a face and wears wada-esque glasses called a Wadapillar >w<' …Terrifying xox;

        • Ereek

          almost 80% of square’s mistake comes to this guy.

          I don’t think you know how big businesses work. Why not put the blame on something like the Board of Directors? Wada is just another scapegoat, just like Nomura.

          That’s like putting all of the blame on the President of the United States and completely disregarding the Senate and House who both have to pass bills before they reach him.

          Definition of Board of Directors, for the less informed:
          directorate: a group of persons chosen to govern the affairs of a corporation or other large institution
          a group of people, elected by stockholders, to establish corporate policies, and make management decisions

          Wada is only a single member of SE’s Board of Directors. He is, in absolutely no way, making every financial decision for the company. Putting all of the blame on him is nonsensical. Now, you can blame him for some of the ridiculous statements he has made in the past regarding gamer preferences.

          • PrinceHeir

            even though he’s not 100% fully fault, he still decides whether or not to pass a project, even if the board of directors decides these things he still needs to green light it.

            yes i actually blame he due to his stupid remarks ever since he became head of square.

          • Tokyo Guy

            No I don’t know about that. Nomura is given way too much authority and thus he is in many ways responsible for the problems at the company. As I said in my above comment, Japanese businesses are ran totally different from foreign ones.

            I don’t know about Wada per se, but the Board of Directors…can anyone confirm that they have any experience in the game industry at all? You need to remember that the BoD usually contains primary shareholders, and these people just care about money. They know nothing and care nothing about games. So it is quite easy to see Nomura being given excess privileges and clout simply because they need to feel confident knowing that someone “knowledgeable” is making the decisions they can’t.

            With Square’s profits being non-existent this year, perhaps that will change…

    • Code

      Saying you wish you could shoot people is never in good taste TpT;

    • PrinceHeir

      why are people taking my statements to seriously? do you really think i want him dead? he ordered T3B Team the last minute of the game to include him in some sort of cameo of T3B, and i only suggested that a representation of him as a monster. do i hate the guy? well hate is a strong word so im just gonna use “i don’t like him”, ever since the merge of square and enix their games weren’t on par with their last products, i mean where do you go from a company that made chrono series, parasite eve, FF VIII-IX, vagrant story, heck they even funded other projects like star ocean and valkyrie profile. i might being nostalgic here but im just sad how square is slowly turning to a shallow of itself. yes Kingdom Hearts and The World Ends with You are great new IP’s but you really can’t compare their achievements past gen.

      well i don’t hate any siliconera member, im just surprised at the reaction at my statements, apologies if i went overboard. i still love you guys and this site ^^

      i’ll never leave this site, even if people hate me, i just love this site so much, almost every thread you’ll probably see me one way or another. and the staff here are just so generous ^^ Ishaan, Spencer and the rest of the crew are just too awesome :)

      Happy New Year Guys hopefully you continue your awesome work for the years to come, i love the new long comment bar :D

      /sorry for long rant

      • Wait. Just curious, where’d you get the idea he forced the team to put him in as cameo? Especially one that has him as an author of a business strategy author on how to handle turnovers.

        • PrinceHeir

          well i think my theory is that the reason why he got in the game is because the square staff wanted the shower scene(due to popularity demand), so maybe they made a deal saying “okay i’ll approve this scene but put me in one way or another” again i might have some mistakes on the way i word my statements so my mistake.

          and why would square put him in the game out of the blue? i wasn’t expecting him to be in the game some form or the other. so why now?

          • I think you have the wrong idea about how involved a CEO and the Board in a game company is in developing a game. The Board of Directors usually just approves of a game concept and the final product. When shown the final product, their not going to be shown everything in a game. It’s usually just a demonstration of gameplay.

            Square has always put inside jokes in their games. The business strategy book is about how to handle a change in a company when (important) people leave the company. Do you see the irony in that? Although… Perhaps it’s not ironic jab at Wada. … I’m not sure, but Square-Enix is making fun of themselves about how many people have left the company or something like that.

          • PrinceHeir

            well im not really familiar on how square approve of their games, actually you might not know wada might have a big decisions on the development side(or not) like “oh you can’t show this to the board like that, change it up” he’s not the CEO of Square Enix for no reason.

            can you enlighten me with other jokes square has put over the years?

          • Tokyo Guy

            True, but I think Wada is in many ways, comparable to Steve Jobs. The only difference is that Jobs gets results and record-shattering revenue whereas Wada seems to be continuing a trend of year-on-year problems and now losses.

            And I think it’s perfectly acceptable about blaming a CEO for the problems at their company. They are the public face and therefore they are going to be “attacked” so to speak. They are also responsible for the company culture, the major decisions, and the work situation. They make the big decisions and thus they are to blame for the mistakes.

            I’m not sure how familiar anyone here is with the way Japanese companies work, but it’s not based on a talent or skill system, it’s based on seniority and moving useless people around. There is a HUGE difference between the way domestic and foreign companies work, and that’s a major reason a lot of people here are becoming more and more interested in working for foreign companies.

            I mean, to give you an example; it’s basically impossible to fire someone in Japan. If you show up and do what you are told, they can’t fire you. And you will be promoted. Even if you have no talent or ability whatsoever. This is the drawback of the lifetime employment system…

          • @PrinceHeir Er… Well okay. Perhaps not “always” and necessarily “inside” jokes, but they’ve put in out of context jokes as early as the first Final Fantasy with the gravestone that reads “Here lies Roto/Link”(Depends on which language you played it in). Sometimes they’ve even put in an entire “dev room” into a game. While this last example may or may not be actually a tribute than rather a joke, the Yiazmat from FFXII is the closest example to the Wada magazine joke in The 3rd Birthday.

            @Tokyo Guy While I can agree about the comparison to Jobs and that it’s acceptable to blame a CEO for the company’s problem, I was just wondering why PrinceHeir thinks Wada forced that cameo into the game. He’s not the only to come up with that theory either.

            And I’m pretty familiar with how the Japanese companies treat their workforce. It’s pretty much like that in Hong Kong as well. Perhaps the book cameo is a jab at that system in general.

      • I think it’s because the comment was so extreme – writing that you want to shoot a real life person, even in game form, for running a company is jarring.

        The community here (I hope) steers towards more pragmatic conversation.

        • PrinceHeir

          well okay i may have really went overboard there so yeah apologies, won’t happen again next time, im sure of it.

          though at least nobody took it to seriously, im just surprised at the reactions nothing more.

  • Xeahnort

    I beg you, please stop spoiling/ruining The 3rd birthday

    • then stop reading the 3rd birthday related article? i think you’re at fault here :S

      • Yeah, but the headline itself is a spoiler.

        • spoiler what? i didn’t know a ruined SE offices is part of the 3rd birthday plot…unless all of a sudden it is. This is just an easter egg.

          • And the fun of an easter egg is discovering it yourself.

    • Confused-chan

      *reads 3rd Birthday post* and comments on it

      @[email protected]

      Don’t spoil it!

      @[email protected];;

    • Tokyo Guy

      This post has absolutely no bearing on the game’s plot or content whatsoever. It is totally trivial and thus you don’t have to worry about something being ruined.

      With that said, I think sites like this (and many others) seem to place a priority on reporting anything and everything so as to get more hits, and the end result is that stuff like this will come up simply because discretion is apparently not used.

  • Aiddon

    This is probably what IS going to happen to SE (though mostly the Square side) considering their poor track record as of late with only the remake of Tactics Ogre being worth the time.

    • Exkaiser

      Can they drop the Square part and start just being Enix? I liked Enix.

      • Aiddon

        that would be nice. The Enix/tri-Ace side is practically unscathed.

  • Well, maybe SE in the future will only be publisher for small companies… But, please stop bashing on SE already… No matter what, they still did bring allot of fun to us before.. People make mistake and have their down time you know… SE is a company full of humans not robots… sigh…

    • badmoogle

      I don’t think the Square you remember has anything in common with the SE of today.

      • Aiddon

        A mistake is when you make one or two new or smaller titles that don’t do so well. When you mess up multiple titles in KEY series (such as FF) that’s not just a mistake, that’s a travesty. And now they messed up the attempt to revive Parasite Eve.

        • godmars

          Yeah, the whole Square/MS alliance is more a benchmark of when things went wrong more than anything else. The shift from Nintendo to Sony back in the day resulted in improvements for them as well as gamers. Whereas the one to MS this console gen not only has their level of quality seem to have suffered, it wasn’t even a full shift.

          • Aiddon

            I…don’t see how the shift to going to MS or even multi-platform had quality suffering necessarily. At all. And the shift to Sony from Nintendo wasn’t really a shift in quality so much as popularity. I’m just going to chalk up the current state of things solely on Square instead of MS. Most other companies DEALT with going multi like CAPCOM, Ubisoft, SEGA, and Arc System Works with NO drop in quality

          • godmars

            Its more about the shift to HD in general, which only a few game companies were even half ready for – none of them Japanese – than anything else. Its just that the public statement of support which then resulted in nothing. When the Nintendo/Sony move happened there was also the move from carts to CDs, as well as more freedom to explore more mature themed plots because Nintendo was more family/child oriented with a stringent approval system.

            What’s happening with Square now is mostly its own fault, but MS isn’t wholly innocent. They offered incentives, but then were more concerned with what Sony was going to get than what they were. Why FFXIII had be released the same day in the West.

            You’re also wrong about Capcom, Ubisoft and especially Sega. Both exclusives and multiplatforms have suffered from all of them. Again, it has more to do with shifting console gens than any preference between the 360 and PS3.

          • I don’t know, I think Sega has certainly done better this gen than last gen, not only giving each of the systems their own exclusives, which is a good thing, but with making deals with several developers for multiplatform exclusives. Sure, we can point out how bad their port of Bayonetta was, but they learned from their mistakes, as you can see with Platinum doing all versions of Vanquish by themselves.

          • I remember reading an article, way at the beginning of this gen, where Wada said that they were purposely going multiplatform because they didn’t want any one console maker to be dominant this gen, like the PS2 was last gen. It’s why they made Dragon Quest IX for DS and Dragon Quest X on Wii instead of PS3, which is pretty much what everyone expected after Dragon Quest VIII was on PS2. In fact, at times, I felt like Squeenix resented having to even make PS3 games.

            I wouldn’t say that the shift to multiplatform is the only reason for the slip in their quality this gen, but it was definitely a factor. The shift from Nintendo to Sony certainly helped them make higher quality games, as staying with Nintendo would’ve doomed them to be stuck on cartridges. And the shift from PS2 to PS3, instead of multiplatform certainly would’ve had allowed a similar leap. You can do a lot more with a 50GB disc than a 7GB disc, afterall. Not to mention, Sony’s advertising made Final Fantasy a success for the first time (Sony-present could certainly learn a lot from Sony-past, when it comes to advertising. It’s obvious Microsoft learned from it).

            But, I’d say more of a problem was the focus on what type of games sell in the West. For example, when people heard there was a new Front Mission game, fans of previous Square games were excited, only to discover it was being farmed out to the developers who killed the Silent Hill franchise. Why would that have even seemed like a good idea? Obviously, because Westerners like games with gun in them, not having to think about stuff, so why not try to win a new audience? All the Front Mission fans will buy it just from the name, right?

            But that’s not how it worked. Front Mission Evolved was a flop, as it should have been. Nier flopped in the States mostly because of, once again, the assumption of what Westerners like.

            Squeenix definitely suffered from going multiplatform in every way but finances (one could even argue that it didn’t really help them financially, as I imagine had FFXIII stayed PS3 exclusive MOST of its 360 audience would’ve eventually picked up PS3’s to buy it. I can name four 360 owners I know personally who had planned to buy PS3’s until the 360 version was announced. As I have said many times: software sells hardware), but I’d say their drive to please the Western market has been just as detrimental.

          • Resentment or wanting to change the tide of the market has nothing to do with it. Dragon Quest games are traditionally put on the platform with the highest installbase and tend to release toward the latter years of the console’s life. This holds true for both DQIX and DQX.

            Bigger doesn’t always mean better, as Square’s portable games output clearly shows. Arguments like that can contorted in any way you want them to. One could argue that in Square’s case in particular, the more limitations they have, the better games they produce.

          • Well, some of us don’t play portable games, so they could be the greatest maker of portables ever, but it doesn’t help any of us, especially when we became fans through their console games.

            Not to mention, people don’t seem to want to face the facts that the DS sells as well as it does because of the games put out for it. Had those games been out for a console system, that system would’ve sold just as well. Software sells hardware, whether you want to admit it or not. It’s absolutely ridiculous to think otherwise. It’s why I think console exclusives are such a good thing. If there were 20 great exclusives for all three console systems, I’d own all three console systems. But hey, if people want to honestly think that diluting everything into multiplatform games was a good thing, they’re free to believe that. There were people who believed the earth was flat, too.

          • I will make one correction on myself. It was not Wada who said they were purposely not supporting the PS3. It was Michihiro Sasaki, senior vice president of Square Enix, who told the Wall Street Journal in 2006…

            “We don’t want the PlayStation 3 to be the overwhelming loser, so we want to support them. But we don’t want them to be the overwhelming winner either, so we can’t support them too much.”

            So, if that doesn’t prove the point that there is a definite anti-PS3 bias from Squeenix, I don’t know what does. It was part of a failed strategy to be king makers, this gen, and take away one of the reasons why Sony systems dominated for the last two generations. Did it hurt Sony? Yes, but one cannot argue that Squeenix’s entire console output hasn’t suffered at the same time. Maybe they would’ve continued to fall had they stayed Sony exclusive. But we’ll never know.

          • malek86

            I still don’t see how Squenix has suffered from going multiplatform. You are always making a big fuss over the whole DVD vs. BR thing, but seriously, show me one game where Squenix was actually forced to drop the quality of their games due to it. The only time when it apparently happened – FF13 – they still made the PS3 version as good as it could have been, giving the compression and worse treatment to the 360 version only. So I don’t see the problem.

            Now, if you wanna tell me that Squenix made a bad choice in going with MS at the start of the gen, that’s fine, and I would probably agree with you. But it’s got nothing to do with how multiplatform games somehow resulted in a drop in quality. Heck, i would even tell you that they probably should have been multiplatform from the start, rather than initially supporting only the 360.

            What resulted in a drop in quality was their attempts to cater to western audiences. Notice the word “attempt”, becuse they failed miserably. Nier flopped hard: would you really say it “appealed” to western audience? Its failure tells me it didn’t.

            What really hurt Squenix this gen, was their mistaken views on what western audiences really like, and possibly not going with Sony at the start. Not multiplatform, believe me.

          • Well, you’re still agreeing with half of my point.

            And I agree, though, that they should have made their multiplatform strategy go both ways if they were going to go “multi-platform.” It’s funny how most of the time, when I hear someone talk up multiplatform gaming, they are actually talking about PS3 titles being put on other systems. When you suggest 360 games or, God forbid, a PSP-title being put on PS3, suddenly, you’re asking for too much. But after that quote I posted from The Wall Street Journal, we can see why they didn’t actually support the PS3 initially.

          • I know you love your little “software sells hardware” line, but it’s not that simple. The DS is what it is primarily because of development costs and the relative ease of development. People can afford to try different things with DS games because you don’t spend a bomb developing them. It’s not as simple as “software sells hardware” because it’s a mutual deal.

            You just sound like you’re bitter about people not treating the PS3 like they did the PS2. “Resentment” toward PS3? Why in God’s name would they be resentful of the platform on which they put their premier, biggest-budget title and talked it up over and over and over again? That statement about not wanting any one console to be dominant was simple arrogance, nothing else.

            This whole PS3 zealotism of yours is getting annoying. You twist and de-rail every argument you’re in around it, and it really makes you sound rather silly.

          • karasuKumo

            I cannot agree with this more considering I bought a PS3 for XIII and XIII Versus. Hopefully they have learnt from their mistakes and it will lead them to make better games in the future.

            I don’t see why they have this “there’s too many on this platform let’s develop for another” attitude. They should develop titles for the platforms that work best for that particular title.

            They said themselves that The 3rd Birthday is best enjoyed if you play it on the TV using an adapter cable (“The best way to play The 3rd Birthday, according to director Hajime Tabata, is not on a PSP”). In my opinion they didn’t develop it for the PS3 simply because there’s more PSP owners than PS3. I’m sure it’s a good game but it just goes to show they’re more interested in money than the full potential of a title.

          • So, the fact that the Sasaski statement lines up perfectly with their treatment of a particular console doesn’t mean anything? It’s just pure arrogance, right? Remember when Last Remnant was supposed to be multiplatform? Remember when FFXIII was an exclusive? Remember when FFXIII Versus exclusivity wasn’t in question? How about the fact that they’ve made plenty of 360 exclusives and even have another due soon, in the form of Gun Loco (not that I’d want it to be multi-platform, but still)? It’s all good to call people zealots and mock their views, but the facts still remain in my favor.

          • You aren’t making any sort of intelligent, fact-based arguments here. You just want more PS3 exclusives, and you somehow try to bring this up in every discussion you’re in, regardless of the actual topic.

            The Last Remnant ran into major development issues overall, by Square Enix’s own admission. If you bothered to read up on what happened to that game, you’d know it was an uphill battle for them all the way, the biggest hurdle being first localizing Unreal 3 into Japanese.

            Nothing…and I mean nothing…could have made the PS3 the market leader this generation like you seem to keep implying. It was priced wrong, and it was technically challenging to develop for in a time when Sony’s competitors were focusing on ease of development. You can point fingers all you want, but the fact is that a large portion of the PS3’s problems could be attributed to decisions on Sony’s part.

            If you wanted to make any sort of rational judgement, you’d know that being multiplatform is usually in a company’s best interest so they can remain stable, attract a larger audience, and continue to make more games. Blu-ray or PS3 architecture have absolutely nothing to offer in exchange for exclusivity, except in some rare cases.

            Some games are also exclusive if the publisher feels that a series is tied to a particular platform and wouldn’t perform well anywhere else. Final Fantasy is not such a series. It’s been associated with many different consoles over the years in one form or another, and it is perhaps the most mainstream Japanese RPG that people outside Japan are interested in. Wanting to put it on as many systems as possible isn’t resentment or betrayal or whatever else you want to call it…it’s a smart business decision.

            Times are tough, console games cost a lot of money to make, portables are more popular in Japan and the console market over there is in shambles. Whether you want to face facts or not, this is the present market situation and nearly every single decision that publishers make is based around the market conditions. Learn to adapt?

          • You and I seem to be coming at this from differing perspectives. You are coming at from purely a sales perspective while I’m coming at it from both a creative and sales perspective, when it comes to advantages. Why did Nomura say that he had to know whether Versus XIII was going to be exclusive or multiplatform when he first started making it? Because, from a creative perspective, they are two different things. The size of the palette you have to work with, creatively, is different. Wouldn’t Square have been able to make more money if they had gone multiplatform back in the N64/PS1 days? All they would’ve had to do is make sure that each game for the N64 and PS1 was still able to fit on an N64 cartridge. Can you tell me how that is any different from the current situation?

            But when I say that software sells hardware, I am talking from a sales perspective. When 360 sales picked up in Japan for a bit, what caused that? The various Namco and Square exclusive RPG’s. When the PS3 started to overtake the Wii in weekly sales in Japan, what caused that? Tales of Vesperia PS3 and then later Final Fantasy XIII. What is causing the PSP to overtake the DS right now? Monster Hunter. Are you going to deny that people didn’t buy a 360 for Halo or a PS3 for God of War or a DS for Pokemon or a Wii for Zelda?

            Not to mention, I agree with you that the launch of the PS3 was a disaster. Ken Kutaragi came very close to killing the brand with his mismanagement of the launch and game exclusivity. In fact, if I blame anyone for the state of games today, I blame him and his unending arrogance.

            But you know the funny thing is, that if you were to look above, I even said that a certain team-up of developers working exclusively for the Wii would get me to buy one. Do you see me going, “No! They should only work on Sony products?” Exclusives are good for the industry, because they help consoles build an identity. One of the things that bothers me so much about Microsoft is that, rather than build their own, they simply decided to buy out the identity that others had made for themselves. It’s never about putting the future of gaming ahead with them. It’s about making sure nobody else has it. Can you honestly say that Rare moving to Microsoft helped anyone? Look at their Nintendo-era output compared to their Microsoft-era. The only ones who benefited were Microsoft, because now Nintendo doesn’t have Rare anymore.

            Also, on a side note, technical problems didn’t stop Last Remnant from coming out, in a greatly improved version for PC.

            Oh, and as for hyping up their biggest title, I seem to recall all of the commercials for it having a big ol’ 360 logo at the end. I also recall the special bundled systems being 360’s in the States. But what do I know, I’m just a silly zealot.

          • PrinceHeir

            i agree with some of your statements but the fault is not entirely for microsoft or the multiplatform move, it was square’s fault to begin with, yes maybe microsoft payed square alot of money to advertise their games in the name of brand, but who still calls the shot? who still decides what platform of games to be released? square.

            yes microsoft may have offered millions of dollars to put FFXIII in the last minute for 360(assuming they did), but who accepted the money? square which i don’t blame, they can actually decline the offer(like koei did when square tried to buy them) but they didn’t? you wanna why? because there are a company, and companies want to make as much money as they can. actually it has nothing to do with the 360 limitations, square can actually make the PS3 first as lead platform, put all the supposedly content on PS3 then after maybe 1 year after it’s release, release it on 360, but microsoft wanted it the same time as the PS3(due to it’s popularity) and offered square money(assuming they did).

            i think what ishaan is trying to say is that you are trying put all the blame on the multi platform move on microsoft, but in the end it is square’s decision, if your gonna blame someone blame square.

            the problem is square is trying to development tons of tons of games at the same time, yet they can’t even finish the ones they started with(Versus XIII), can you even believe we already have 2 Numerical FF games, TWO NUMERICAL games and still we don’t have Versus XIII. im glad T3B is done so that they can focus with agito XIII but the long wait with Versus and some titles not exceeding fans expectation(purely subjective but 1 game i think you’ll all agree is the abomination that is FFXIV) is one of the more reasons square having a bad reputation, add wada’s remarks and the board of directors decision and i can tell you, your not getting a good feedback for the fans,

            what Square should have done is announce Versus XIII as a new game this upcoming conference(instead of 5 years ago) and just tell to the people it was in development this past 5 years. put all the trailers we got the last 5 years as one show and that would hype the hell out of fans. people will say “can you even believe there’s a hidden FF game this past 5 years that we didn’t know about?” heck they might even announce another XIII installment(since they said they wanted it available to all platforms maybe a wii or DS game who knows?)

            square got arrogant this gen and it cause them alot.

      • well, they still have the square staff after the merge… i do not see what is the problem with that, except maybe the largest shareholder which is enix CEO…Is causing a havoc or wada from square is sabotaging the company..

        alright, maybe its not really the same anymore.. but, the bashing still hurt people who use to be from square.. they did tried their best.. lets not forget about them aye?

        • Don’t waste your time. SE already has this reputation and no matter what they do people will find something to complain about. Also remember this is the internet’s opinion not everyone elses. If you wanna know what people really think of them just look at sales FF13 had good sales despite the backslash (and everyone I know in real life had enjoyed the game). It’s like the Tales series, you would believe that everyone in the world wants the games released stateside, but that’s the internet’s opinion, in reality no one really knows about the series and that’s why they don’t sell.

          • badmoogle

            “and everyone i know in real life had enjoyed the game”

            Strange.Everyone i know in real life hated the game.:/

            @mach:That was exactly my point.

          • mach

            OMG, anecdotal evidence is useless! What a revelation!

          • And my experience has been the opposite. Neither of you proved anything nor am I proving anything except that we all have friends who have differing opinions on the game. All of my real life friends loved Final Fantasy XIII. All of yours hated it. All of Angel’s loved it. I’m sure if you asked twenty other people, they’d all have one or the other. Some might even have a mix.

            In the end, I’m not sure outside of polling every single person who has played the game whether one can say if it’s a more loved or hated game than any others in the series. Used copies showing up in stores doesn’t say anything either, as many people just sell the games they’ve beaten whether they like them or not.

        • badmoogle

          Well as strange as it sounds people bash the things they love and care about.If they didn’t care they would simply ignore them.
          And when you hear excuses like “HD towns are difficult to make” can you really blame them?

          • mach

            That particular “excuse” was only given when they were discussing why a FFVII remake was infeasible. People need to stop taking it out of context.

          • badmoogle

            Um it was obvious they used the FFVII example to make their point about the absence of towns in FFXIII.

          • mach

            No, it wasn’t. The quote came from an entirely unrelated interview and
            people like you just assumed it had to do with FFXIII. FYI, XIII DID have
            townlike environments like Palumpolum, Oerba, the amusement park, etc. (they
            just featured enemy encounters instead of shops). Squenix didn’t leave out
            inns and shops because they’re too hard to make. They left them out because
            the game’s battle system made traditional towns unnecessary and because the
            game’s story made them inappropriate (it would make absolutely no sense for
            fugitives living in an omniscient police state to stop and go shopping in
            Palumpolum for two days).

          • mach

            No, it wasn’t a quote used to say anything about FFXIII. The quote came from an entirely unrelated interview and people like you just assumed it had to do with FFXIII. FYI, XIII DID have townlike environments like Palumpolum, Oerba, the amusement park, etc. (they just featured enemy encounters instead of shops). Squenix didn’t leave out inns and shops because they’re too hard to make. They left them out because the game’s battle system made traditional towns unnecessary and because the game’s story made them inappropriate (it would make absolutely no sense for fugitives living in an omniscient police state to stop and go shopping in Palumpolum for two days).

          • Aoshi00

            So when S-E said they literally lacked the skills to make a game w/ as much content as FF7 in HD w/in a reasonable time frame, you defend their skills? That’s a very discouraging statement from a once great company, when you have other companies making HD games in a much shorter amount of time and much more content than FF13.The argument they were fugitives and hence no towns makes no sense at all, I don’t know why it got brought up again and again, why were they zipping thru the Nautilus amusement park and nobody cared or arrested them, because why? Nobody recognized them or knows what they look like. They could’ve made more town environments in the form of flash back such as the Bohhum beach (instead we get several paragraphs in the datalog summing up many events). But they can’t make more, why? Because they said making a game with as much content as FF7 (or 8,9,10) in HD is impossible for them at this point and would take them dozens of years. Blue Dragon and Lost Odyssey had even more environments than FF13’s barebone straight path structure, and I’m guessing Last Story would have a bigger and more interactive world than FF13 as well even though it’s on the Wii. LO and BD had ships and overhead map at the end like the past FFs, even in FFX you could explore your ship and pick a location to explore despite not having an overhead map. The ship in FF13, it was in cutscenes.And people criticize about it because they cared and wanted it to be good, I wouldn’t say anything about FF11 or 14 because I don’t care about MMOs, but when they make mediocre games for the main FFs and killing a franchise, people have a genuine reason to be disappointed. Yea, the game did sell, in the first week or so, because it was a Final Fantasy, people expected great things, not just a decent/okay/bad game. Some claim their friends in real life all liked the game, as if it’s a fact everybody on earth liked it. My friends kept telling me how bored they are w/ 13 and just couldn’t go on, I even recommend to try and stick to it (just to see the graphics if anything) but they can’t, personally I had to force myself to finish the game on several occasions, but that’s just my opinion, or my friends’ opinion. The game’ reception is split in dead 50/50 at most, even more so than FF12.You might label me as a hater, if I were, I wouldn’t bother getting the Episode Zero prologue novel, the LE soundtrack w/ the drama CD, or FF13 Int’l Ulitmate Hits w/ the Episode i epilogue novel because the main game just lacked so much to be desired. And then you would have people saying “the game could’ve benn so much more if it weren’t for going multiplatform”, bull, it would not have any more content than it does now, they said they could do it, but it would just take them 40 yrs, w/ FF7 as an “example”, for the giant world, minigmes, sidequests it had, which FF13 had none of.

          • badmoogle

            They were heavily critisized for the absence of traditional towns in FFXIII.Then in an (indeed) unrelated interview about FFVII they decide to make this remark where they could have easily avoided it.If you think that this was a coincidence then please do.But almost everyone immediately connected their comment with the FFXIII criticism of its lack of traditional towns (and the variety in gameplay they offered.)

            Even if you take that remark in its FFVII context it was still a laughable excuse.
            Anyway we’re really off topic now.

    • I feel as if now people who liked Square expect too much out of them as Square Enix. It’s not that their games are really that bad. More than half of their games out there get solid or great reviews, and are a lot of fun despite all the bashing. People will always have something to complain about it seems.

      Maybe they’re not the same anymore, but that doesn’t mean the developers don’t spend the time and money to make quality products(maybe, except for FFXIV xD). The very reason I bought a PSP was technically because I wanted to play some Square Enix games(And Metal Gear Solid, but I digress) since I didn’t have any sort of Playstation, and I still don’t regret buying one instead of a DS.

      Believe me, I’ve played Squaresoft’s games too, and I understand why some people would be so heated about this. But that’s their problem. They have this sort of disdain towards SE, yet they expect highly of them anyway. It doesn’t really add up. I think even now, SE is still one of the better publishers and developers out there.

      • godmars

        Its more like SE presents/promotes themselves to a high degree, then fail to deliver. Presenting things in select, behind closed door presentations, heavily going after any leaks, then announcing changes and by the time they actually honestly start showing footage its something not up to par with whatever leaked.

        SE needs to set a standard, keep to that standard, then show results when its actually ready to everyone.

        • I suppose you’re right about that. Still, the games I’ve played by Square Enix were great games for me, and I have not much to complain about.

          Then again, I haven’t played any current Square Enix games outside of the PSP, games like Crisis Core, Dissidia, or War of the Lions.

    • godmars

      Sorry, you’re talking about Squaresoft. Not Square Enix.

      • nyrjin

        I liked Enix better, but I did like Squaresoft as well. Either way, even a few games after the merger were good, probably worked on earlier, therefore finished separately though.

      • Tokyo Guy

        Yes. SquareEnix is a totally different company. It’s funny how we all thought Enix would be the one that changed for the worst, and yet I think in the end, it is Square. Enix did absolutely nothing save for commission other companies to make its games and take the credit for them (hello Dragon Quest). Square, on the other hand, actually MADE games and put a lot of work into them. There is not a single person who likes JRPGs, IMHO, who would not list at least 2 of Square’s games on their list of the top 5 JRPGs from the 16/32-bit era. I might even list Square games for all 5 of them really…Chrono Trigger, Xenogears, Chrono Cross, Final Fantasy IV, even Parasite Eve…

        The problem, IMHO, is that Square no longer needs to do anything to make money. It can just whore out Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy, and to a lesser extent, Kingdom Hearts. This is much with the Howard Stringer Sony, where the company doesn’t need to make anything new anymore, just churn out crap with the Sony name on it. Enix’s intellectual property has basically assured Square of financial stability with zero risk.

        The Dragon Quest series has beyond sold out in recent years. There are card games, virtual card games, spin-off crap, etc. The series used to be respectable with limited marketing products yet great games, yet now you have pointless drivel like Dragon Quest Monsters Joker 2 Professional. Absolutely pointless save to rehash basically the same game and get money all over again from the otaku who can’t control themselves.

        I want to see the company that produced even the PS2 era games…not even PSOne or SFC. I’d just settle for the PS2-era quality. As is stands today, I can’t think of a single PS3 game made by SquareEnix that I would recommend.

  • Square-enix: “What? we didn’t put that in the game”

    *insert Twilight Zone intro” LOL

    • RupanIII

      Speaking of which, anyone else watching the Twilight Zone marathon? Ah TZ marathon, where would my New Years be without you

  • Well… It’s not like this is the first game where they have deprecating inside jokes. Yazmat comes to mind…

  • godmars

    You know who else makes fun of themselves, Uwe Boll. That’s who you’re putting yourself in a class with Square, Uwe Boll…

    • mach

      Such flawless logic! Ooh, and you know who else made fun of himself, Mark Twain. That’s who Squenix is putting themselves in a class with.

      • godmars

        Except that both examples are/were consistent throughout their careers. Twain consistently amusing and/or thought provoking – as well as self-deprecating – where as Boll has been, well Boll. Started letting into him till only after the fact.

        Square, what with being a corporate entity and all, not an actual person, was good on average at the start of its career but has since become bad. Can be said to be living off its once good reputation. Which then makes self-deprecation, something they didn’t use to do, a sad sign of acknowledgment of their failures.

        • mach

          Games like Chrono Cross say hello. Have you ever been in the secret developer’s room? It’s full of self-deprecation. Remember lines like, “If you notice any clipping, it’s a feature!”

          Honestly, your reasoning is quite possibly the most absurd thing I have ever read.

  • Well this will happen if they dont let Nomura take over the company and start again to develop only for the PS3

    • Don’t you dare start that over here.

  • So the future has been predicted. Something tells me this will happen when they get around to remaking Final Fantasy V and VI

  • RPGRocker

    Mistwalker, Monolith Soft, and tri-Ace should get together to form a new “dream team,” like back in the Chrono Trigger days. In the minds of true RPG fans, the Square Enix offices have been in ruins since the merger.

    • Aiddon

      that would be awesome, especially if you got Masato Kato along for the ride. Though considering that Monolith is owned by Nintendo it would probably be made for the Wii. Still, head esplode.

      • See, that sort of thing would actually make me proudly buy a Wii, provided the games were localized.

  • RupanIII

    So Wada is portrayed as a business strategy writer, then they show burn-out SE remains? lol some dissent among the ranks, perhaps?

  • While I’m not exactly fond of some of the newer Square Enix stuff, I don’t think we should bash them so much. Seriously, I think sometimes nostalgia just makes everything look better. Squaresoft and Enix seperately didn’t always create perfect games back then either. I think it’s totally understandable why SE has become the way it has. They’ve been continuously trying to innovate and expand their markets – and that’s exactly what should be done to cater to this generation’s shorter attention span. There aren’t as many people who can sit and enjoy a good turn based game now as there used to be.

    Take Final Fantasy 13 for example. The battle system was almost something completely new that they were trying out, and I think it succeeded to do what it was supposed to do. Though not all characters were developed well, what Final Fantasy game in the past had? I’m pretty sure Yuffie didn’t learn a thing after the events of FF7. Or Quina didn’t exact do anything either.

    Anyway, while sometimes SE doesn’t handle things smoothly, just remember that “back then” wasn’t exactly perfect either.

    • Aoshi00

      Nostalgia might have something to do w/ it, but playing Chrono Trigger, FF7-10, etc years later again still feels more fun than replaying FF13 speaks volume about how enjoyable those games were. They weren’t just fun 10+ yrs ago, they’re still fun today. Or like Turtles in time for the SNES, that’s the definition of timeless classic for games or movies, you could rewatch or play them countless times and they’re still great. Would FF13 be ever considered a classic in the future? Do you want to play it from beginning to end again, two more times, three more times? Not very likely (many couldn’t even finish it once even if they tried). There are many titles that are indeed timeless classics though and only get better w/ time like wine, and not illusion in our mind. There’s just not much to remember FF13 by, especially in the long run. Games like Nier on the other hand, I don’t think I could forget it in the years to come even if I tried, alas it was made by Cavia, not SE.

      • RupanIII

        I agree- I’ll be the first one to admit being swayed by nostalgia sometimes, but it’s definitely not the whole story, and you can’t write off the massive discontent with recent SE developed (not published) titles as just ‘rose tinted glasses’ effect. After all, there are plenty of younger gamers out there who have gone back and played past gen classics (earlier FFs etc) and actually prefer them to today’s stuff. I always point to the example of one of my best friends, he’s a total graphics whore and started gaming on PS2, likes bubblegum characters/stories/etc, and he didn’t like XIII, so you can’t generalize and say it’s only nostalgic curmudgeons who are displeased with recent SE developed fare. (nor, for that matter, can you generalize that nobody liked XIII, etc)

        Okay, New Square is like New Coke (or is it Jello pudding..) Time-tested formulas (original coke / turn based gameplay, world maps, towns, etc) abandoned under the banner of ‘innovation.’ Some people will like the changes, but it’s only natural that there will be a huge backlash as well ;P

        • Aoshi00

          Coke Zero instead of regular Coke, and I want my calories! No Diet for me please :)

          • RupanIII

            lol me either, the fake sweeteners like aspartame give it a weird taste imo

          • malek86

            And it’s cancerogenous too.

            But I solved the problem by not drinking any kind of carbonated stuff anymore.

      • Joanna

        Yeah, I genuinely think Chrono Trigger and FF6 are good games. I actually played those two not so long ago, 5-6 years ago I think? (never owned a SNES, I know, how could I not? I just wasn’t into games when I was a kid) and they have been on my top 5 list ever since. People say that it’s the first FF that you love the most, but I played 6 after 7 and 8. Still need to try 13 to see if I will like it…but I’m waiting till it’s priced less so I don’t waste my money if I end up hating it.

  • WonderSteve

    I enjoy Aya’s shower spoiler way more than the ruined SE!

  • I think people might be overlooking the fact that Square Enix are one of the best portable game developers in the business. Being multiplatform or westernizing or any other theories people might want to propagate in their own interests has absolutely nothing to do with it. There are plenty of great multiplatforms games this generation.

    Square’s only problem is bad/inefficient management of resources on the console side, and honestly, there’s a whole bunch of people you could blame for that, including producers on individual games. There’s no “one” person because of whom Square’s console output is lacking. Anyone trying to blame Wada is out of their mind.

    If anything, Wada’s initiative to acquire Eidos is one of the smartest things a Japanese company has done this generation. Remember, one man might want to change a company, and he might be its president, but unless the employees want to change, it’s going to be an uphill process all the way.

    • malek86

      For a japanese-oriented blog, it seems that most of the commenters here don’t really like portable consoles. Kind of ironic, in a way.

      • badmoogle

        I don’t know about others but personally i have all portable consoles and i’ve bought quite many portable SE games in this generation.This holiday season for example (partially because i was away from my home consoles) i’ve decided to play only on my DS..
        However no matter how much i like some PSP or DS games if you asked me where i would like my favourite franchises to be released at,i would have said on home consoles.And i’m not saying that because i’m an HD whore,or because i only like to game on big plasma tv’s.No,i say that because from a design perspective there are simply so much more the developers can do with a home console system from a design perspective.
        Unfortunately when it comes to home console development,many devs are focusing much more on pretty graphics than on ways to expand the gameplay choices of their games.:/

      • Aoshi00

        Why is it ironic? Like badmoogle said, I have the DS and PSP as well (in fact 4 DSs & 3 PSPs including the Go) and have a big library of games for each, but at the end of the day I still prefer getting console games for Peace Walker, a new Parasite Eve, or KH3 where you don’t need to squint at the screen and can played w/ two analog sticks, that’s just my preference. But for Ni no Kuni, somehow I only like the DS ver and don’t care much about the PS3 ver (just look like your regular celshaded game..), would get the PS3 game though if the DS game is fun (just started, looks great, even though the voice acting is a bit distracting, oh well I’ll live w/ it..).Sure, this is a site that covers many Jpn games, but portable or cellphone games are popular in Japan among Jpn players, I assume most of us here are from the US and elsewhere, and I’m not Japanese and I don’t play games on commute, and I’m pretty sure most of us don’t care about cellphone games either (other than iPhone mini-games I guess)… S-E certainly did quite a good job on the portable games, I guess their skills just aren’t that adequate w/ HD yet unfortunately (takes them a very long time).Like I’m excited about Last Story now, would I be if it’s only a DS or PSP game, maybe, but not as much as now being a beautiful game on console.. I like the nunchuck and remote setup too, I played Muramasa that way.

        • malek86

          It’s ironic because, while many here don’t like how companies such as Squenix or Capcom are “westernizing their outputs”, if they were to just cater to the japanese market like many would seem to hope, we would see a whole lot more portable games.

          So, we don’t want their “westernization”, but we still want them to cater to our “western” preference for home consoles. That would be too easy.

          • Aoshi00

            Well all my life I have only played games on consoles and I like playing games from Japan, I don’t care about cellphone or PC games. So cellphone games are popular in Jpn too, does that mean we have to like cellphone games because we like games from Japan and accept that as the norm now? So you’re saying for Japan to make games for consoles is part of westernization now? Portable games might be cheaper to develop, but that’s taking the “easy” way out as well, we might as well be stuck in he stone age.

            It’s like saying Moe is prevalent in current anime nowadays (just like portables are more popular in Jpn) . I like Jpn anime/manga, does that mean I need to watch/read moe to suit the Japanese taste? Why do I need to prefer portables, the experience is not the same as console games. And if they’re so hellbent on making games just for the portables including shooters, then please stop being so stubborn and add that second analog stick in.. well, 3DS is not going to have it, let’s see if the PSP2 would..

            If S-E can’t make decent big scale JRPGs for the consoles, then too bad, somebody else makes them like Mistwalker for the 360 and the Wii.. or I’m just going to play Mass Effect, even though shooter is not my first choice, but if that’s the only way I could play a decent console RPG..

          • malek86

            Well, that’s the whole point. Japan is stuck a bit behind right now. We want them to get back on their feet, but unless they also try to cater to western markets, that probably won’t happen. On the same time, we don’t really want them to cater to western markets because we liked their previous japanese-like games. The only way they could stand on their feet without catering to western tastes, is to support the portables market instead: but that’s the easy way out, like you said, and besides, we get back to my previous point about people here not liking portables… so apparently this is not a good solution.

            Isn’t it a difficult situation? Maybe ironic wasn’t the right word, true. I just meant to say that apparently some people can never be truly satisfied.

      • Why is it ironic, though? The shift for Japanese-centric games onto portables is a recent thing. Go back a generation and everything from Japan would be on the consoles, while the portable systems were merely an afterthought. Then a few high-profile titles were announced for the DS and PSP and that’s what sold them in Japan. They started to outsell the consoles, so developers in Japan started making more games for them.

        However, that doesn’t mean that because there’s a trend in Japan, we’re all supposed to follow it. I mean, ganguro was a popular trend there too, but I don’t see many of us doing that.

        In the end, many of our tastes were formed over the last four generations, before the sudden shift to portable systems. Sure, the Gameboy and Game Gear received an occasional table scrap or two, but everything of note was on the consoles. From the NES/Master System days to the N64, Saturn, PS1 days to the PS2/X-box/Gamecube days, portable systems were a secondary concern.

        Maybe it’s easier for someone who just got into gaming in the last three years to accept portable systems as being the dominant platforms for Japanese games. I probably wouldn’t dislike this trend so much had I started playing during it.

      • Nah, it’s just a few people that ruin everyone else’s fun by whining in every portable thread. I don’t know how much more of it we can put up with.

        • So, having a different opinion is a bad thing now? I didn’t call anyone a zealot or silly. I’m trying to have a intelligent debate, presenting facts and quotes, something the internet is sorely lacking. Why have a talkback at all, if there is such a thing as an acceptable and an unacceptable view?

          • Code

            But we’ve heard your view on this subject a whole lot now, over a whole lot of posts on the site T_T’ Why have comments at all on every news story if your going to post the same thing in everyone of them T__T’ It’s not that there’s any right, wrong view it’s just getting exhausting reading the same argument every time something remotely touches the subject of, square, portables, and multiplatforming xpx;

          • You can just not read it. There are certain posters who I don’t read what they have to say anymore, since it’s nothing but idiocy. If you feel that my posts are such, then ignore them. Pretend I don’t exist.

          • Code

            @Charles Lupula
            Oh yeah I know that >w<' no offense but it kind of is the reason I dipped off on following some of your posts though x_x' But I imagine for people like Ishaan who have a responsibility to the site and moderating stuff, it's probably gotten a bit wearing.

          • @Code
            Oh, no offense taken. ^_^ I perfectly understand that some people may not agree with what I have to say and that sometimes, I end up having to drum things into people’s heads because I feel like they don’t listen to reason. That can get annoying, I’m sure, for some. I know I get annoyed when certain people take the time to turn every thread into a “why I hate FFXIII” thread or a “Nomura is everything wrong with Squeenix” thread. But, as I said, I simply don’t read those posts anymore.

            I think a lot of it has to do with the dismissive nature of some of the responses people give when responding to me. I take that as a sign of personal disrespect and some would say one of my failings is that I’ve never been able to let any perceived disrespect go. I learned, early on, in life that when someone challenges you, you answer it.

            In a perfect world, I could post something once and then there’d be a serious discussion about the subject and its pros and cons. But while I try to take the high road, I find myself being called silly or a zealot or a fanboy and I dislike that. And when I dislike something, I can’t help but react.

          • (replying here since the other posts have hit their reply limit)

            The thing is, everyone will always have a different opinion. You can’t/shouldn’t hope to drum things into anyone’s head. A discussion is one thing, but forcing your opinion on people by bringing it up over and over again is annoying.

            Not to mention, we’ve all had this discussion before, and people have replied to yours thoughts before as well. Several times, in several different posts. Why keep bringing it up over and over again in the hopes that people will suddenly agree with you overnight? It contributes nothing.

            You can have your opinions, sure, but common courtesy dictates that in doing so, you don’t prevent other people from carrying out discussions of their own. Just as you feel compelled to defend your argument, other people that disagree will feel compelled to try and shoot it down. Turning every comments thread into a “Why isn’t this on/exclusive to PS3?” achieves nothing.

  • Code

    rar, neat little easteregg, I approve >w<~! I always enjoy stuff like this.

  • badmoogle

    I find the discussions about SE in this thread to be far more interesting than any info about the 3rd birthday lol.:D

    Btw i would have liked to reply to some posts in particular here but unfortunately the reply option is no longer available.:/I think it’s one of the features that needs to be fixed in this site…

    • Code

      Yeahhh, it’s been like that for a long time, usually I’ll just reply with an @ tag once it hits that point.

    • Actually, that reply limit is in place because comment width keeps narrowing as replies go further down…it starts to look pretty ugly and disorganized after a well, haha. Just reply to another comment by the same person if you find the reply limit has been reached. :)

  • man, i just played this part. i need to find someone with a Japanese bonus card btw… i got the Asian version T_T FML for being a few bucks cheap.

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