100,000 Copies Of Recettear And The Future Of Carpe Fulgur

By Ishaan . January 2, 2011 . 12:00pm

Over at their blog, Carpe Fulgur co-founder, Andrew Dice, has an announcement to make — namely, that Recettear has sold over 100,000 copies, thanks to a nice boost provided by the recent Indie Games bundle on Steam.


What do the finances associated with those sales mean for the company’s future? More financial stability for one thing. And the  added ability to go out to events like the Game Developer’s Conference or Comiket to network with the rest of the industry, and decide whether or not (and how) Carpe Fulgur will expand to consoles in addition to the PC.


It also means that a lot more indie developers in Japan have heard of Carpe Fulgur through Recettear’s success, and that they’re willing to work with them to bring their games over. Recettear’s performance suggests that the foreign doujin (Japanese indie) games market on PC is sizeable enough to be worth supporting.


Carpe Fulgur’s next project is Chantelise, also developed by Recettear developer, EasyGameStation. That’s due out sometime in 2011.

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  • Pesmerga00

    I’m glad it was a success. Good for them!

  • DarkWaterClone

    Great news to hear for Carpe Fulgur & Recettear. I was wondering does the team at Carpe Fulgur know if EasyGameStation has any plans on bringing their games to PSN or XBLA & if so would you (Carpe Fulgur) bring them out of Japan?

    I saw you (SpaceDrake) on the NISA forums talking about the Atelier series. Does this mean Carpe Fulgur might work with NISA to bring out the Atelier games or other games NISA has the rights too?

    Though I have no idea how hard it is to get the rights to a PSP dev kit or any other system for that matter I just am looking forward to see what Carpe Fulgur can bring out next be it PC, Console or portable system.

    One other thing I am wondering about with this great news will Carpe Fulgur be able to grow as a company? Be it taking on more tasks or hiring more employees?

    Again great news for Carpe Fulgur & Recettear. I can’t wait to see what the future holds for Carpe Fulgur.

    • Day2Day

      Actually, it would work really well on PSN or XBLA, since it plays with 4 mapped buttons as opposed to the entire keyboard.

    • “I was wondering does the team at Carpe Fulgur know if EasyGameStation has any plans on bringing their games to PSN or XBLA & if so would you (Carpe Fulgur) bring them out of Japan?”

      Right now, no plans. There’s a *lot* of hurdles to getting Recettear (or Chantelise for that matter) onto a console. It isn’t designed for widescreen, neither party has devkits right now, and as I intimated in my blog, I at least am not extremely eager to get involved in console politics, even though some really great games are being left fallow on various platforms. And, at this point, I’m not sure how many more sales a console version of the game would really get.

      “I saw you (SpaceDrake) on the NISA forums talking about the Atelier series. Does this mean Carpe Fulgur might work with NISA to bring out the Atelier games or other games NISA has the rights too?”

      I’ll say this much: if NISA needs the extra manpower, we’d be more than willing to do the actual localizing, especially on titles like Atelier Lina which have no business being left fallow in Japan.

      “One other thing I am wondering about with this great news will Carpe Fulgur be able to grow as a company? Be it taking on more tasks or hiring more employees?”

      Well, as the blog said: we do have the option of expanding beyond the PC now. More employees, though, will have to wait until we actually have enough work to justify hiring them…

      • GP

        “Right now, no plans. There’s a *lot* of hurdles to getting Recettear (or Chantelise for that matter) onto a console. It isn’t designed for widescreen, neither party has devkits right now,”

        Aren’t there companies that can do porting out there? For example, the PC ports of Final Fantasy 7 and 8 weren’t ported by Square but by Eidos.

        • It goes a bit beyond “just hiring someone”, though. The art assets would have to be substantially rebuilt from the ground up to support a 16:9 screen ratio, and that’s just for a start.

          Believe me: if it was easy, we’d have done it already.

  • Neckbear

    Chantelise, huh?

    I’m surprised they’re bringing it over, given that, my guess is, part of the success of Recettear was because:

    1. It did not have an english translation, if I’m not wrong. (Chantelise has an European version. Bland compared to Recettear’s one, yes, but it’s still english.)

    And 2. Recettear was pretty goddamn unique, while Chantelise is more of a standard affair.

    Ah well, congratulations on your success, Carpe Fulgur! Quite happy to see that there’s still a way of being a few dudes translating games and having a bright future ahead of you all.

  • Testsubject909

    Good news brings a good year. Hear hear.

  • JustaGenericUser

    Chantelise, huh? Territoire probably would have been better as the gameplay there is more unique compared to Chantelise and it has no english translation. But cool.

    • One does not preclude the other, that’s all I’ll say. Plus TT isn’t out yet, so…

      • JustaGenericUser

        Oh, it isn’t? I thought it came out already.

        Are there any other games you have planned besides Chantelise? I do have a suggestion or two, you probably know a couple of them already though.

        • Earlier in the year there were plans for it to drop at Comiket 79, but since EGS is hardly hurting for money at this point they decided to push the game back a bit further to give it that extra coat of polish and whatnot. They really want to get that one right.

          And we do have *plans*, we just can’t talk about them yet. :3 And we’re always open to suggestions!

          • JustaGenericUser

            Well, I do have a few suggestions. :)

            1. NISA hasn’t said anything about the portable Ateliers yet, particularly Judie, Violet, and Lina. It may be possible they can’t/won’t localize them for some reason. In this case, you guys may have to come to the rescue one of these days! Just leave the voices japanese, don’t worry about english voice acting. IIRC, Atelier Annie was japanese voice only. Same for Record of Agarest War, though that one was localized by AkSys.

            2. There’s a side-scrolling action RPG called Fortune Summoners Deluxe. Looks interesting; there’s platforming, plenty of action with pretty special effects, you have allies that you can switch around with, and the characters are cute — not to say cute characters are the most important factors. Nope. Not at all. Ahem… Don’t know the story, can’t read Japanese. I don’t know who the developers are, though; it’s not EasyGameStation, that’s for sure, so it might not be too “Easy” (har har har) to ask them since they wouldn’t know you. Wouldn’t hurt to try, me thinks.

            Official Site: http://lizsoft.jp/fs/

            Gameplay vid: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=08QVxoiXgvs

            3. Do you think you’ll get into translating non-eroge visual novels on the PC?

          • The Atelier thing, yeah, I’m not quite sure how that’ll go down. All I know is that Atelier Lina, at least, is simply too good a game to just leave fallow in Japan. Even if it doesn’t produce a ton of money, it still deserves to be translated just because it’s a good, fun game. We’ll have to see what can be done about that, though, as there are probably hurdles.

            Fortune Summoners is… something we’re familiar with. I’ll leave it at that. :) (That is not, however, absolute confirmation that we’re doing it. I’ll actually also say that MEL, the man behind Lizsoft, is a difficult man to contact, seemingly.)

            VNs for the PC, however, no. PC VNs are dead in the West. Full stop. Nobody has made any money at it, plenty of people have tried, there isn’t a single part of the gaming press outside of Siliconera and one or two other VN-focused sites that even take the idea seriously and would cover such a release.

            Brutal words, perhaps, but that’s just the way it is. Nobody is going to succeed at selling VNs on the PC in the West.

          • I just want to say that if Carpe Fulgur release Fortune Summoners in USA… i will sell my soul to him. Best sidescroller A-RPG of the last decade.

          • GP

            Sorry but I dont agree with you just because all the previous attempts to bring visual novels in America failed doesnt mean theres no market for visual novels.

            First off most visuals novels translated have been henti games people say sex sells but in video gamesits a liability when its porny instead of just suggestive because most retailers dont want to carry games rated AO so theres next to no retail sales unlike in Japan.

            Look at mangagamer and jastusa that has been doing this maybe 15 years their still publishing hentai games so obviusly the market isnt dead mangagamer is publishing allage games too like Higurashi i bet you a murder story like a Higurashi has a better chance than typical hentai or dating sim visual novels because many western people are put off by the harem and sex aspects with 2D anime girls.

            And Hirameki who published visual novels and went bankrupt after 8 yrs was forced out of business because they released a lot of games on video DVDs because they believed that to reach anime fans they had to be shelfed with anime except it failed and their anime play DVD didnt sell much but the other PC games sold better apparently.

            One of their games Ever17 which is more science fiction then dating sim was printed at least 3 times and sold decently another of their titles called Yojinbo targeted at the female audience sold well too.

            If they didnt bankrupt i bet you they could still move copies by getting the games on online distro services.

            And just because you cant get the attention of mainstream gaming press doesnt mean theres no market the gaming press doesnt usually talk about the myriad of casual games targetting the bored housewives crow. Obviously the publishers are makings lots of dough to keep making such games so theres a market even if the gaming press doesnt want to tlak about you.

            If its a science fiction or crime visual novel it can have crossover with people who arent anime fans.

            ANd i bet you there are people thinking nobody is goign to make money selling jrpgs on the PC too just like you are dismissing the possibility of realising visual novels

  • Tom_Phoenix

    While I am happy for them, it would be nice if they also used some of that money to invest in a print-on-demand service. I would certainly use it.

    • NeoTechni


      i dont like paying for downloadable pc games

      maybe if it were for psp or ps3, but not pc

      • Why wouldn’t you pay for a downloadable PC game, but a would pay for a PSP or PS3 game? I’m curious.

        • NeoTechni

          -PC is too easy to pirate. If I wanted a PC game I could get it for free
          -My PS3’s HDD is dedicated to storing games. My PC’s HDD runs a web server,
          holds all my movies, my programming, and a lot of other stuff
          -My keyboard is running on a crappy PS/2 to USB adapter that doesnt register
          button holding properly (which I learned the hard way while programming
          games on it) or multiple keys, and cuts out for a second every so often
          -I prefer a controller to a mouse, without having to set things up in
          -When I run games on PC, they take over the whole PC which defeats the point
          of running a multiple monitor system, unless you sacrifice performance/real
          estate and run in windowed mode
          -I don’t like having to install Steam to get games.

          • This is bullshit reasoning.

            -Same argument that I can get console game for free “Easily”
            -My PS3 HDD is dedicated to storing game, movie and running a window.
            -Get a game pad USB controler for your computer, I play recettear with that.
            -Run your game in window mode if you don’t want to take over.
            -Don’t use steam then, there is Impulse or GamersGate.

            Just register to replay to this, goodbye.

          • NeoTechni

            I was asked for my reasoning, I didnt expect to be attacked for it by some jerk.

            “-Same argument that I can get console game for free “Easily””

            Nope, PS3 has no piracy atm. And hacking all systems is decidedly harder than just downloading a PC game from thepiratebay which runs straight from the exe.

            “-My PS3 HDD is dedicated to storing game, movie and running a window.”

            Running a window? What’s that? That doesnt sound like it takes space at all.
            Your PS3 HDD is also not mine.

            “-Get a game pad USB controler for your computer”

            I already said “without having to set things up in XPadder ”

            “-Run your game in window mode if you don’t want to take over”

            I already said “unless you sacrifice performance/real estate and run in windowed mode ”

            “-Don’t use steam then, there is Impulse or GamersGate”

            So Recettear can be downloaded from those without having to install other software first? If yes please link me to the game, if no, then you shouldnt have brought them up.

            “Just register to replay to this”


          • NetscapePizza

            “downloading a PC game from thepiratebay which runs straight from the exe.”

          • Feynman

            So the very first thing you thought of as to why you would rather it be a console download is that if it’s on PC you’ll just steal it?

            Wow, way to be a jackass.

          • NeoTechni

            no, i had most of the list generated in my head before i started

            nor is it relevant if it was, its just that pc games have a lower perceived

  • PrinceHeir

    yay more PC japanese games FTW :D

    i wonder if they have a steam like service there? or you just buy games on the developer’s site?

    • mirumu

      Quite a few stores in Japan, both online and physical, carry doujin games (indie games). All of the ones I’ve bought have come in a CD or DVD style cases with fairly professional color covers and stamped discs. Some of the online stores also allow direct downloads in a style similar to Gamersgate.

    • GP

      Japanese indie games are often sold at one time events like Comicket, where indie games makers congregate. These people usually are doing this only a hobby.

      Many of these games can actually only be bought there, except for used copies.

    • PrinceHeir

      ohh i see, i guess PC gaming in japan is very niche huh? :D

      but games like stein;gates and chaos;head are really unique and interesting, have you played those types of games?

  • Wackoramaco87

    Congratulations to them, I can’t wait to see what other things they come out with! =)

  • Ladius

    I’m a bit confused, Chantelise has already been translated in english by DHM interactive for the european market, even if the release was underpublicized as hell and probably didn’t manage to move more than some thousands units.

    • The game didn’t get a North American release, though, which is the primary motivator for us to make our own version.

      But as the chips came down, let’s just say it’s better for (almost) everyone involved that we do our own version.

  • I’ve been playing Recettear recently– it’s a nice little game. Yeah, it’s not exactly the most intuitive thing ever, but it’s a nice game, and it seems made for multiple cycles. I just got my first game over at the 200,000 pix collection week, and I found out what you saved and what you lost in the new cycle. It’ll help me to better prepare in the future if I get hit with another game over.

    I wouldn’t mind more doujin indie games coming over here– maybe even some more popular series like Touhou could get an official release over here? Steam could always use some more shum’ups.

  • Sucessification!

  • ThePeon25

    I hope they don´t release the game in japan why shall we release our games in japan when they keep allot of the games for them self we should just do like them.

    Im glad Recettear sold well cuz it is a fun game^^

    • mach

      I have absolutely no idea what you just said. Seriously. Also, “allot” is not a word.

      • Allot is a word, but it’s not being used in the right context here.

        • Kunio_kun

          Let us allot a lot more time to this discussion…

    • mirumu

      You do know Recettear is a Japanese game right? We have Carpe Fulgur to thank for the English version.

      I’m glad it sold well though just as you say. Put me down for a copy of Chantelise on release day.

  • D

    Hurray for Carpe fulgur! let me suggest the next localization project: Princess Maker! (although I’m not sure if the series is indie…)

  • d19xx

    Capitalism, Ho!

    • Kunio_kun

      ^ B-o-o-o-o-o-o-oo… I hate you for your freedom!

  • Feynman

    It’s always good news when a bold venture like Carpe Fulgur finds success. Recettear was excellent, and Chantelise is great too… looking forward to that release!

    I’m glad that so far Carpe Fulgur is staying away from shmups and fighters… those are a dime a dozen, and easily playable without an English translation. Games like Recettear and Chantelise are far more interesting. I always get annoyed when some great looking game appears at Comiket and I have to sit there thinking to myself, “Boy that would probably be great fun if only I had any clue how to read all that text!”

  • Slashlen

    Read the full blog post and found it interesting, especially the part about pricing. I’ll admit to being one of those people who bought that indie pack on Steam just for Recettear.

  • Congrats, Carpe Fulgur. Here’s to an intriguing and successful new year. You’ve earned it.

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