Sengoku Basara: Chronicle Heroes Timed For Summer

By Spencer . January 3, 2011 . 2:51am

image Capcom is continuing the Sengoku Basara series with a new title next year. A Dengeki editor tweeted the date of the Sengoku Basara movie, June 4, and news of a PSP game.


According to the reporter, Sengoku Basara: Chronicle Heroes is on track for a summer release in Japan. Details, presumably from Dengeki, will be shared later. The title sounds like a follow up to Capcom’s last multiplayer Sengoku Basara game for PSP, Sengoku Basara: Battle Heroes, which was released in 2009. Thus far, Capcom have not announced any plans to release Battle Heroes in the West.

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  • joesz

    Interesting the PSP still lives through the Storm of HD consoles and…pachinko games.

    • And the PS2 is still receiving new releases

    • PSP has a lot more released than DS in japan lately though (and better games in my opinion)

  • d19xx

    A PSP game by Capcom that is not Monster Hunter? Is it April already?

  • Apollokids

    I watched the anime Sengoku Basara season 1 and its pretty good. The ending was really epic, worthy for a final boss. I wouldn’t spoil that though, so here is a video of Honda Tadakatsu.

    Season 2 is so so…

    • i loved sengoku basara, first time playing those kind of beat ’em all games so i guess that helped, all the characters were pretty cool, and i loved that there were so many chars/stories and moves.
      It seriously made me want to the anime.

      • Draparde

        i agree, my only complaint with SB heroes is that there where some not playable that looked cool :<. even if they do suck i'd still love the option lol

  • Is this another fighting game? Samurai Heroes is awesome so I wouldn’t mind another Basara game.

  • ForeverFidelis

    Any game with Date Masamune or Yukimura Sanada is always welcome

    Hopefully if they release it in the west, they’ll stick with the voice actors they used in Samurai Heroes

    • Testsubject909

      Date Masamune, Yukimura Sanada… and




      Seriously, wouldn’t be the same without…

  • Guest

    Still kinda pee’od that Date Masamune wasn’t in Tatsunoko vs Capcom nor announced for Marvel vs Capcom 3 but whatever this is still cool news.

    I’d like to see more of Capcom’s Asura’s Wrath

  • PSP benefits from the loyalty of the country. Every other region has given up on it. If Japan focus on the home consoles. They would be doing better business right. Imagine if games like Gundam Vs Gundam, Marcoss Frontier, Monster Hunter Series, and all the other games. THe PSP keeps getting over home consoles where on the Wii, PS3, and 360.

    • I think a lot of the PSP’s success (perhaps I should say hadnhedl success) in Japan is also a lifestyle difference. The way Japan plays games is different from the West. North American gamers like online play and big TVs are great when you have friends over.

      In Japan, gamers huddle around parks and McDonalds for multiplayer sessions, which ad-hoc games like MHP3 and Gundam vs. Gundam support. Also, when you’re commuting a couple hours a week on a train it’s nice to have a portable to play.

      So “better” business is a question of whether you’re making a game primarily for Japan like Gundam vs. Gundam and then seeing if it fits for the West or if you’re making a straight up international game.

      • Apollokids

        The psp is a success in japan because of the many number of psp’s which are held by people who are condensed in such a small country. The people are not evenly spaced out in japan (obviously)- they are gathered in huge metropolises which further condenses the number of psp’s relative to area. “gamers huddle around parks and McDonalds for multiplayer sessions”- this validates my point and it is unlikely that these scenes could be seen here in North America. The japanese have a fondness for their own products and technology as well. Well this is what i believe in any case.

        • The number of PSPs held is because they fit their lifestyle. If a company makes a product specifically for Japan wouldn’t it be natural for Japanese consumers to purchase said product if it lives up to their expectations?

          If it was only a “fondness for their own products” – why do Japanese consumers carry iPods instead of Sony branded MP3 players?

          • Apollokids

            A handheld gaming system (such as the psp and ds) is not made specifically for japan. It is made to play games. The japanese do not care who buys their products, as long as people buy it.
            And i do not talk of it only being one sided. The human condition is not black and white. When i said they have a fondness for their own products, it is only part of the picture. Why do japanese consumers carry ipods? Its the trend, the design, the support which give it an edge over sony branded mp3’s. When a product is good- it is good. Doesn’t matter if its made in japan or china or zambia.

  • Sword praying…Whatever will those crazy samurai do next. I mean it’s not like they are ever going to face a giant crab.

  • PrinceHeir

    more samurai games FTW :D

    what about a Onimusha 5 Capcom :)

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