Capcom Japan Want To Know What Games You Want On Game Archives

By Ishaan . January 5, 2011 . 3:30pm

Capcom in Japan have a separate Twitter account dedicated to retro games, named Capcom_Retro. Lately, they’ve been using it to gauge which of their PlayStation One games fans would like to see on Game Archives on the Japanese PlayStation Network.


Keep in mind that this is only for Japan, but if you’d like to make your voice heard, you can follow the Capcom Retro Twitter feed, and send them a tweet with the hashtag #Cpga2011. Keep in mind that some of Capcom’s popular PS1 games are already on the PlayStation Network.


Naturally, this doesn’t guarantee you’ll see the games of your choice going up right away, but it will help give Capcom an idea of what their fans want and should help sway decisions in the long run.

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  • Kris

    I know Rival Schools is statistically impossible because of voice actor contract issues, but still! Let’s harass them for it! :)

    • Testsubject909

      Had a lot of fun with that game. At the time, I think, it was either this or Soul Calibur I’d see at the local anime club.

  • PrinceHeir

    Megaman X1-X6, Dino Crisis 2, Breath of Fire Series, Rival Schools 1 and 2, a enhanced version Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower for PS3 as a downloadable game, Megaman Legends 1 and 2.

    oh and a Strider collection that includes all games and with enhanced upgrades that would make strider more known and it might encourage capcom to make a 3D strider game(same vein as Devil May Cry or Ninja Gaiden)

    once you release those i would be soooo happy ^^

  • SneakyHawk

    Breath of Fire 3 and 4, please. I’d like to own them. While we’re at it, Megaman Legends 1 and 2 unless it’s on its way(or its already likely to happen).

    • Exkaiser

      It’s unlikely that Games Archives will get DASH 1 and 2, since there’s already a PSP port of both of them.

      • how about an RE game? I noticed that the PSP doesnt have any RE games at all.

      • Kunio_kun

        Come on, would that stop a company like Square-Enix???

  • This> Breath of Fire Series. A billion times this > Breath of Fire Series

  • Guest

    Yes Strider 2 would be one of them.
    Along with:
    Rival Schools 1,2
    Megaman Legends 1 & 2

    then on top of that, for PSN:
    Rival Schools 3
    Tech Romancer
    Godhand HD edition

    • godmars

      Love to see an “open ended” version of Tech Romancer. One with addition mechs and arenas.

    • Definitely Godhand. It’s time to show people how good action games are made

  • Love Strider, Breath of Fire, and all things Megaman and Megaman X! :D

    They need to get on with making Breath of Fire VI, a next-gen Strider with HD sprites and a next-gen Megaman X/Megaman with HD sprites too ;)

    • Someone hasn’t heard of Megaman Maverick Hunter X for PSP.

      • Haha, I own that and love it ;) I dunno if I would constitute that as HD though :) Also, was a shame they didn’t make any more Maverick Hunter Xs after part 1…

        Personally I’d love to see a Megaman X9 on a next gen console. Same with a sequel to Megaman X Command Mission (MMX + RPG was like OMG <3 to me). Same goes with more Maverick Hunter X games on whatever platform (PSP2 or 3DS I assume).

    • YES I NEED BREATH OF FIRE, im almost out of breath of all this waiting…… HA Ha ha…haa…

      omgodz im so funny

      • Testsubject909

        I’ve got Breath of Fire 3 and 4 at home.

        But yes, I’d definitely put a vote for a PSN version of BoF3 and 4, if only so to tell people “GO GET THAT GAME!”

        …on a side note. Breath of Fire 3 is available on PSP.

        • You dont have to tell me that… *rubs breath of fire’s psp box* >8D

  • Megaman Legends, as I never played either of those.

  • Breath of Fire 3 & 4! I can’t care what you else you add as long as you add that!!

  • sdragon21

    I want only 3 games from Capcom for the PSN:
    Rival Schools:UBF
    Strider 2
    and Breath Of Fire 3.

  • C’mon Capcom. You have Rival Schools avatars on the U.S. PSN store, but you don’t have Rival Schools? What’s wrong with you?

  • cmurph666

    Everything, duh.

  • Breath of Fire, please.

  • heartless141

    Rockman X4 > X6 please :D i played those as some of my first games ever, loved it. and rocked it when i was 6. need those nostalgic feeling back

  • Hours

    -Rival Schools
    -Star Gladiator
    -Breath of Fire 3 & 4

    Rival Schools is the most important to me though. Make it happen Capcom!

  • The Misadventures of Tron Bonne. I have the game, but I think everyone needs to experience the Gesselschaft and its robotic crew first hand.

    Looking over the list I think having Nazomakaimura: Incredible Toons would be worthwhile to try out. As the name hints it plays very much like The Incredible Machine, but adding the GnG characters and awesome music looks fun:
    Other than that I’d want to see the Marvel fighting games.

  • Yukito

    Yeah…..Breath of Fire and Megaman games. All I got.

  • Darkstalkers Chronicles/Collections! Or arcade ports of them

  • Apollokids

    Tomba 1 & 2
    Klonoa: Door to Phantomile
    Samurai Musashi
    Fire Pro Wrestling G

    Breath of Fire 4 looks really good on a psp screen like in this video:

    • Code

      lol, well I guess they didn’t specify it had to be there games opo;

  • Code

    rar, I think everyone has it covered here >ww<' Rival Schools, Project Justice (although I've love a brand new Rival Schools game omo) Breath of Fire 3, Breath of Fire 4 (seriously the series could use some rekindling) Power Stone 2, Giga Wing 1/2. Maybe Mega Man/X Collections just for the sake of fleshing out the Mega Man games on there too!

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