Some Event Scenes Were Polished For Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep Final Mix

By Spencer . January 6, 2011 . 1:00pm

imageThe Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep team went back to the drawing board and revised some event scenes for Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix. Facial expression quality was improved so select event scenes are more lively in Final Mix.


Another new feature is the Theater Report, which you unlock after completing the game. This lets players view event scenes with English or Japanese voice acting. Not all scenes have this option, but for the ones that do you can compare the two language tracks. English voiceovers was one of the new features included Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix.


Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep Final Mix comes out on January 20 in Japan.

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  • Barrit

    Wow, that is a really cool feature. A SE release that actually has a feature with more than one language, wtf? It isn’t 2012 yet.

    • Ren

      All Final Mix games have dual language, but all the new scenes only have japanese voice acting, so they are actually played without a vocal track in the main story. You can’t play the story in japanese, but you can review all the cutscenes in it once you unlock teather mode(by having a clear game data) and once you unlock the japanese voices(by having a Re:CoM clear data on the second Final Mix).

      SE does release dual track games, just never in the west and they force you to unlock it and you can’t actually play in the original track. The only game wich they did multi track right was Star Ocean 4, but it was not developed internally.

      • Barrit

        o yea, you’re right. I totally forgot about Star Ocean. Shame that didn’t start a trend :(

  • Pichi

    If only SE would do these Final Mix editions overseas. I’m sure there are some who would appreciate such features.

  • A theater mode? That was a feature that was missing in their last RPG released for the powerful consoles. Final mix has so many awesome additions but Im glad its finally coming out, now they can focus on other intriguing titles. I wonder if Dissidia[Duodecim] will get the same Final Mix treatment

    • oh don’t worry i’m sure once this is done they will add another 3-5 games to their plate

      • Hopefully, we have no clue what is releasing after this Spring from them. (well apart from Tomb Raider)

    • Ren

      All their Final Mix games have teather mode, but I don’t know about their other big series. The first Dissidia got a japan only director cut(called Universal Tuning if I remember right), so Duodecim will probably also get one.

      You know Trist, that new Avatar of yours is the gayest picture of Tsuna that I’ve ever seen. And believe me when I say I’ve seen a life worth share of those. That’s what happens when your friend first reaction to being presented to a new anime is to search gelbooru and pixiv for the exact amount and level of sickness of the series porn. In front of my ten year old brother.

      • I like this one cause I want his “27” hoodie, its so cool. I was gonna use hyper Tsuna, but then I found one of the early days of Tsuna when he would throw off all his clothes, so….well, you know. I love all the images for Tsuna, lol.

  • Is there any chance that this game will hit EUR or US?

    • Maybe if Square Enix profits tumble then they will bring out this final mix out here. Would they really spend the time for it, considering their slate for 2011 is packed already?

      • don’t count on it. If they didn’t release the past two final mix in western region, why should they release this final mix? same thing with final fantasy international edition…or any other.

    • Ren

      No. Square has a thing for creating director cut versions of their titles, called ‘International’ for Final Fantasy and ‘Final Mix’ for Kingdom Hearts. They’ll always have the english voice acting, and most of the new scenes added to the game are normally voiceless unless you watch them in the teather mode in Kingdom Hearts on Japanese. No director cut version is ever released outside Japan(though I may be wrong in regards to FF, but I know no international version ever came to the USA or EUR after the tenth game).

      The closest we got got from a final mix was Re:Chain of Memories, wich was bundled with Final Mix +(there was no standalone version released) in Japan and was released as a standalone game one year later on the USA.

  • I sure hope that this indicates that Square’s willing to put dual voice in their upcoming games

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Don’t expect it. This was also a feature on previous two Final Mix editions and it’s also a feature on the JP 360 release of XIII, if I’m not mistaken.

      Japan only, in short.

      • Hmm, I’m quite certain only this is the only international edition that has dual audio. FFX had english voice, but you can choose the game’s language, and so far all international editions only offer english voice acting but japanese language for system menus and dialogue. Probably will have to ask Aoshi whether they offer japanese spoken dialogue on XIII.

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          Final Mix + had this exact same feature (Theater Mode with both English and Japanese audio tracks), but you’re right about the others (English with Japanese subtitles), sorry for the confusion!

          Still, Square has yet to release a game with dual audio outside of Japan (to my knowledge), and I’m not expecting them to begin doing so from now on…

          • My hopes.. killed in less than an hour

            *goes to weep in a corner*

          • mach

            *cough* Star Ocean 4 for PS3 *cough*

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider


            I officially suck. Still nowhere to be seen on Square-made games, though (I was only thinking about those, but you’re right).

            See, Ashgail? Weep no more, go get SO4!

          • Haha we totally forgot about SO4 because it’s not FF/KH. Sadly, i’ve already got SO4 and is a bit disappointed in it for several reasons. But I must say I applaud their effort for including anime style portraits back again in the game. CG portraits just doesn’t really do it for me. And the box art. God, I’m gonna print the JP boxart because it’s just so beautiful *____*

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            Sad thing is, I also have it =P But yeah, you were also referring to Square-made games, I suppose.

            Even though the characters and even the plot are completely forgettable (and the dungeons seemingly endless), I really enjoyed kicking the crap out of stuff in general! Played it for 80h (+/-). I remember I was playing through one of the bonus dungeons, but I couldn’t beat the boss at the end. Bah. Gotta try again sometime.

            And yes, absolutely great decision regarding the portraits and voice acting, such a little detail, and yet so important!

  • I don’t get why SE doesn’t releases this version as a digital download.

    • [The Hunter] Doomrider

      Disney Interactive Studios also have a say in the matter, and considering that other Square PSP games have been released on the PSN, I’m going to assume it’s Disney’s fault this one hasn’t.

      That doesn’t answer to your question (“why”), but I think that if it was up to Square ONLY, it would get released on the PSN, just like their other games.

      • Crisis Core is still not on PSN if I remember, so it cant only be Disney’s fault?

        • [The Hunter] Doomrider

          I see.

          I know Dissidia is there, 3rd Birthday is there (JP only, for now), Lord of Arcana is also there (JP only as well) and I assumed Ogre was on the PSN as well, but it’s not. Some are, some are not… So it shouldn’t be Disney’s fault about KH… Sorry about that, Disney!

          I should get my facts straight next time (even though I was assuming stuff =P).

          • Ren

            Actually, Nomura said before the game was released that Disney was iffy about releasing their properties in downloadable form, so while square and the developer team wanted to release it in the PSN Disney had the final say in the matter. This means you’re actually right and we’ll probably never get downloadable versions of any Disney game(or at least some of them) until they change tis view of them. Crisis Core is not on the PSN more likely because it was released before there was any focus on full downloadable PSP titles and Square are lazy to relaunch it.

          • [The Hunter] Doomrider

            I did seem to remember reading something about it quite some time ago, but I didn’t take the time to search so I couldn’t confirm it. Thanks for the clarification =)

            The fact that Ogre isn’t on the PSN kinda made me doubt my point, though…

          • Ren

            @ Doomrider

            That’s because only games handled by Nomura had focus on digital distribuition. From what I know, Nomura never even got near Ogre.(thank gods!)

          • Thanks for the info :). And Tactics Ogre is on the JP PSN.

  • I’m ashamed of myself for wanting that Final Mix – I already have the US version of BBS, but I enjoyed it much more than 358/2 or Re:Chain of Memories.

  • RIKU!!!! SORA!!!!!!
    SASUKE!!! NARUTO!!!!

    • joesz

      That’s actually true.
      except that Riku is not a total jackass like Sasuke and Sora is not as stupid as Naruto.

      • d19xx

        But they’re all gay

        • joesz

          LoL~ It’s bromance..bromance..

      • Lol, that is a quick but accurate comparation xD

  • MizuMikomi

    Sheesh, they didn’t just polish Sora and Riku’s models for Final Mix. It was in the English versions as well, if anyone played their Japanese copy as much as I did, you’d see a significant difference between the English/Half-FM we got, and the original Japanese release… its nothing new.

    Now if they polished more than just the Destiny Islands scenes, then my import will be all the more worth it, even though I already spoiled all the new stuff. No Heart, Armor of the Master, Location of the Secret episode, I know it all, but I am so hyped. LOL

    Why can’t the 25th get here faster? D:

  • PrinceHeir

    i still don’t get it why they keep doing their international versions english voice acting and japanese subs and it’s only available in japan.

    another one of those exclusive only jp games, gotta learn japanese damnit

  • Can someone tell if the ‘present’ Sora and Riku designs in KH BBS were actually redesigned over the KH2 ones?

    Seems to me they gave them a slight age boost again but I could be wrong (or it could be a result of them lowering the model/texture quality over the PS2 ones)

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