Valkyria Chronicles 3 Battle Prep And More Nameless Introductions

By Ishaan . January 13, 2011 . 6:35pm


Taking place during the same timeframe as the first game in the series, Valkyria Chronicles 3 on PSP tells the story of the Gallian Army’s Squad 422 called the “Nameless,” soldiers referred to by code numbers, who take on jobs that can’t be assigned to the regular army.


Protagonist, Kurt Irving, a disgraced soldier, is part of the this squad, along with Imca, a Darcsen Heavy Weapons Specialist who seeks revenge against the Valkyria for destroying her village. Sega introduce more members of Squad 422 in the video above, which is part of a larger flood of trailers released this week.


Sega have added a new customization system to Valkyria Chronicles 3 with the Master Table, where you connect lines on the grid to learn new battle potentials. You can catch a brief glimpse of this in the video below:



And finally, here’s a third video that focuses on the East European Imperial Alliance:


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  • Where is the localization release date?

  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I’m glad to say that this series is becoming more popular. Though I have to admit the first one is in my backlog and I haven’t bought the second one (I’m sorry!!!!!)
    Is this a situation in which a niche game becomes more popular?

  • Samurai in a Europe-based world?

    “I see a poser.”

    • Kai2591

      At least it hints that Japan (or Japan-like country) exists in the Valkyria universe….I wonder what the name of that country is though (if not Japan)…

      • Probably Jappon or something.

        America…what are they gonna call that?!

        • Kai2591

          While Holy Britanian empire for Britain? lol code geass.

          • Maybe Ameriocanin, but that sounds African. lol

  • A lot of the “troops” that seem to join the Valkyria world’s armies are a joke… haha, I don’t think even in a poo-perfect world would we see cadets so “stylishly” dressed for the army. =P
    The two females in the first trailer are a testament to that. The first looks like she picks flowers during her down-time, and the main heroine looks like she’s gonna rock out on a guitar after putting the gun down. x)

    • raymk

      That doesn’t make them a joke it makes them look different. This is why you don’t judge people on their looks in real life :). Anyway yeah i see what your talking about but i like the aesthetic change it makes the soldiers more unique looking.

      • True enough, I know – it is about aesthetics (especially when it comes to JRPGs). I don’t know though; the poppy and flowery designs of the characters kinda undermines the scenario of “war” and the whole “war is hell” thing. It almost mocks it in a kind of way [though over-exaggerating on my part].

        The school-girl looking heroine was ridiculous from the second title. And the sexy private in your battalion in this installment is just stretching passed ridiculous. Cute? Sure, I guess – if you like that sort of thing; but (to me) REALLY misses the point of a war game and just becomes an insufferable quality to the already mocked J-genre.

        • raymk

          oh no like i said i get ya and i know where your coming from but its japan’s take on the game and with so many games with war settings its a breath of fresh air to do things differently. I mean look at advance wars and other games of a war genre that has comical scences. I mean it only mocks it if it was meant to be an actual world war 2 game which it isn’t.

          I mean we have cartoons and shows that do the same thing as well so it isn’t to much of a stretch. I mean i’ve even served in iraq for awhile and i wouldn’t think a game mocks anything that we’ve been through because 1 its a game and games are not supposed to always be true to real life or physics. Well were just 2 people with different things we consider over the top so yeah.

          • That’s something I suppose you gotta respect then, is there own vision to it. To some extent I guess, you gotta respect the “fluff” moments as well since war is a scary thing. I just personally think anime’s in general (yes, even when transferred into games) has grown into a tiring thing for me. The gameplay for the series is excellent, so yeah, fan reaction and the actual popularity is wonderful (though a new PSP titles stinks when the PS3 is a hop, skip and a jump away =( )

        • mach

          Oh come off it. Now you’re just being an ass. You do realize the second game was set AT A SCHOOL, thus making the school girl motif entirely appropriate for a character WHO WAS A SCHOOL GIRL. Moreover, one goal of Valkyria Chronicles, from the very beginning as stated by the creators, was to create a world that seemed bright and fanciful in order to establish a contrast with the harsh realities of war itself. The character designs reflect that perfectly. The little idiosyncrasies in each character’s design go toward showing that each is an individual human being, not just replaceable cannon fodder like in every other war or tactics game.

          If you don’t enjoy it, that’s your prerogative, but this is a series that has sold well in both the US and Japan. Clearly something about it strikes a chord with people. Out of all the games that should embarrass you for being a JRPG fan, this is not one of them. If you want to play something that doesn’t “miss the point of a war game” (complete with interchangeable bald, stubbly, muscle bound lead characters), go pick up one of the countless FPS games that the west poops out every month. (Let’s just ignore the fact that such games glorify senseless killing and make war into nothing but a pissing contest. That’s not insufferable or mockable at all)

          • I was stating an opinion – careful there. Your inability to see another side is just as depressing especially with the way you attacked it on me to run and commend myself to NA-FPS’. But in any case – the characters are something *just not for me* and quite frankly, too repetitive to other anime’s. Most if not all NA FPS’ are bland, for sure. But there is something so Japanese, and so overdone as a super-girl fighting off hordes of enemies with some “magical power”, alongside her cheerful bestfriend, dork love interest, and whatever else you see.

            What I played at my bud’s house (I’ve had trouble finding a copy of the game myself – I DO wanna buy it) has been pretty good. Though I can’t say the cutscenes have peaked my interest (I play *games* for *gameplay*).

            Why would I ever *not* play a game if it’s good, esecially because it’s “embarassing”? I get this often directed at me, and I think it’s a stupid argument. Aside from the numerous character stereotypes (one of the worst being our golden-laurel wearing villain) the gameplay is actually good.

            And uh, same with the whole “school girl” thing – I think like over HALF of the anime in 2010 consisted of school girls… I’m sick of it, I’m surprised no one else is. At times, NA is just as bad as JP with overusing concepts. Instead of muscle men, we get school girls.

          • mach

            OBVIOUSLY you were stating an opinion. That doesn’t make it any less stupid. My ability to see another side is perfectly intact, but unlike you, I’m actually capable of seeing whether or not the other side has any merit it to their argument.

            It sounds like you’re just burned out on anime, which is fine, but you make it sound as though Valkyria Chronicles is personally responsible for solving that or that somehow it is especially at fault. Yeah, over half the anime in 2010 (Oh, and btw, the plural of “anime” is “anime”, not “animes” and definitely not “anime’s.” You really need to learn what apostrophes are actually for.) featured kids at school, just like they have since the dawn of time, and just like over half the American TV dramas in 2010 featured doctors and lawyers. It’s a genre trope. If you don’t like it, great, but to argue that it’s some new problem that has caused the decline of JRPGs (which is exactly what you insinuated), is ridiculous. It sounds like you’re just slow in realizing something the rest of the world learned a long time ago: anime, like all modes of storytelling, is ridden with cliches. None of that has anything to do with whether the character designs in Valkyria Chronicles are “ridiculous” though.

            Moreover, if you’re not concerned about being embarrassed by playing certain games, WHY did you bring up the topic at all by bemoaning the fact that Valkyria Chronicles “adds an insufferable quality to the already MOCKED JRPG genre” (emphasis added)? You’re the one who brought it up, so that’s why I addressed it. Don’t act surprised when people respond to the things you say. If all you care about is gameplay (which APPARENTLY I’m supposed to have divined from your earlier posts, which makes absolutely no sense), I’d first ask why you play RPGs at all, but I’d also ask why you even bother discussing stuff like character design and story, since they’re so unimportant to you.

          • kactaplb

            typical western response I think. I see these type of comments everywhere. Really confuses me, why are you playing these types of games then? You are in the wrong genre. Why do you westerners always expect something different or more? Please explain.

            “I play *games* for *gameplay*” ….There are plenty of games like that already. Go play them? Also, you really think this series is a war game? Most other fans realize the designs are also an essential part of valkyria.

            This game is japanese, and if you don’t like our games, please go play games made elsewhere. School girls will forever be here to stay. I am sorry.

          • KL

            You are seriosuly saying that american games are more realistic? We have Gears of war, where you kill hundereds of creatures. We have allt hese FPS’ where you have regerating health and you, um, kill hundreds of guys. It’s games! It should be somewhat unrealistic, unless they are aiming specifically to mimic reality.

            I can’t make you stop liking the style of a certain “house style” but I don’t like the grass-is-greener comparison and all the generalization. It’s not true. I think that while they have the stock personality types in Valkyria, you do warm up to them, and the gameplay is so engaging that it works well together.

          • RupanIII

            ‘I was stating an opinion’

            Gotta be careful with that, people can’t seem to disagree in a civil manner anymore, they go straight to the name-calling and insults.

  • I wonder if they’ll ever leave the WWII era and go somewhere else?I wouldn’t mind seeing a Cold War with Ragnite ICBMs.

    • Kai2591

      You sir, have a great idea.

      A first-person shooter VC immediately came to my mind..but meh~

      • I would never want it to be an FPS.

  • SlashZaku

    Went to Walmart earlier this week to purchase the 2nd game and like Walmart does, they didn’t have it. I bet if I walked in without my wallet or didn’t have the money, it would have been there. So I’m going to have to look elsewhere.

    As for the Grid system, I’m hoping SEGA went about this better than most. My gripe with the execution of it so far in other games with similar approaches, such as FFX and FFXII, is that you end up buying useless skills. In FFXII, you’re given ‘clean’ slates. If I wanted to ‘design’ a character into a specific job, I essentially had to waste points on skills/abilities that didn’t fit them just to get to ones that I actually wanted.

  • PrinceHeir

    this could very well be the Introduction to Valkyria Chronicles 3 :)

    yay the voice actors from previous characters are back ^^

    lol why is it that whenever Aya Endou is voice acting, May’n is always the singer of the main theme. it happened to Macross Frontier ^^

    • Right! And Yuuichi Nakamura (the voice of Alto Saotome in Macross F), too. Isn’t the Valkyria song super? I love it. And May’n sings fantastically (as always).

  • ChaosPaladinFayt

    Just wondering, would you guys consider this game a must buy?, because I’m still contemplating whether or not I’m gonna get this =). Most likely will though, kuz it looks awesome >=D.

    OMG I NEED to see Imca blush, kuz it would literally be the cutest thing ever. We should get the option to date someone in the squad, kuz i would totally go for Imca >_<''

  • krokounleashed

    I wonder if VC4 will be 3DS and/or PSP2. Hopefully they return to homeconsoles anytime soon. So sad, so sad.

    • SlashZaku

      They’ve said they want to keep it PS based so if anything, PSP2. That’s if the handheld market doesn’t turn out like the console market where it starts losing it’s diversity between platforms. I kind of figure that they could also use that ‘transition’ time to get back to the PS3 with a title before moving onto the PSP2.

  • Aiddon

    Looking good so far. I liked VC2, though I will admit that the narrative was garbage and needed work.

  • z_merquise

    “clicked on the Nameless Squad members trailer” . . . “listened on the piano music” . . . “heard something familiar” . . . ♫♪ “How do I get you alooooone” ♫♪

    “around 0:28” . . . “he-lloooo, pretty nurse, are you going to inject me with your love?”

    Seriously though, the characters here looked more interesting. Looks like it still didn’t break the series’ tradition of having outlandish characters in your squad.

  • z_merquise

    So a Gamefaqs user rinchan posted the translation of the Nameless Squad’s quotes in the trailer:

    So…anybody interested in helping to translate the Nameless Introduction video?
    No. 21 Felix Cowley (Shocktrooper I think). Quote: “To me, my friends are my family.”
    No. 46 Clarissa Callaghan (Medic/Engineer?) Quote: “Once the war is over, we’ll definitely meet again.”
    No. 45 Serge Liebert (Sniper) Quote: “My life will very soon be over!”
    No. 19 Frederica Lipps (Engineer?) Quote: “I’m here because I wanted to be here.”
    No. 58 Shin Hyuga (Fencer?) Quote: “???? I won’t accept death before me. I just have to defeat (the enemy).”
    No. 56 Deit (Armored Tech) Quote: “Until I meet my little sister, I won’t die so easily.”
    No. 15 Amy Apple (Scout?) Quote: “If you die, I’ll cry.”
    No. 23 Leila Pieroni (Shocktrooper?) Quote: “Just follow me!”
    No. 17 Llmari Gasotto (Anthem Corps?) Quote: “For the sake of what I love, I’ll die as many times as I need to.”
    No. 11 Alfons Auclair (Scout) Quote: “I’ve always been a naive? fatty. ”
    No. 33 Margit Ravelli (Unknown) Quote: “Why….is it that if it’s me I can’t win?”
    No. 32 Giulio Rosso (Anti-tank Trooper) “Once the war ends, I’ll finally be able to return to being a chef again.”
    No. 18 Elliot Oates (Unknown) “She seems so happy, I’m glad.”
    No. 12 Valerie Aynsley (Engineer) “That’s also another answer.”
    No. 16 Ada Ansorge (Anti-tank or Gunner?) Quote: “Until I see you executed, I won’t die.”
    No. 25 Cedric Drake (Anti-tank or Gunner?) Quote: “Would be nice if such a day came.”
    No. 26 Gisele Fleming (Unknown) Quote: “Such a wonderful scent….I love it.”
    No. 57 Zahar Alonso (Unknown) Quote: “????What kind of person was born after joining with the Empire?”
    No. 24 Annika Alcott (Scout) Quote: “Strength…of the heart?
    No. 3 Gloria Durrell (Anti-Tank) Quote: “That’s called justice.”
    (NPC) Ramsey Crowe (Regimental Commander) Quote: “Win….you got that?”
    No. 6 Gusurg (Tank Commander) Quote: “The time she gave me, I can’t waste it.”
    No. 1 Imca (Anti-Tank Fencer) Quote: “Whenever anyone dies, someone somewhere will suffer. Whether it’s an enemy or an ally.”
    No. 13 Riela Marcellis (Valkyrian Scout) Quote: “After all, Kurt’s happiness is my happiness.”
    No. 7 Kurt Irving (Shocktrooper/Field Commander) Quote: “I’ll definitely get my name back….definitely.”

    There’s that “Death or ” line again superimposed over everyone watching the sunset.

    “At the flag of despair —-”
    “History is changed”
    “The tale of the nameless warriors”

    Kurt: “All of your names…I won’t forget them.”

    No 57 Zahar is an interesting character. His animal skull shoulder pads look similar to General Jaeger’s. I suspect he’s from Jaegar’s homeland, has a past with him and may confront him sometime in the game.

    Special thanks to rinchan of Gamefaqs for providing the translation!

    • Kai2591

      And thank you for sharing~

  • Apollokids

    There are real people on both sides of the war. It never as simple as “They are evil and we are good”.

    • Kai2591

      too true

  • KL

    I LOOOOOOOOOOOVE Valkyria Chronicles!

  • Kai2591

    ah~ jap audio…music to my ears…
    Now I cannot allow myself to listen to English ones.

    Not sure If i will be able to handle it if I’m forced to play it with Eng dubs..again..damn please have jap audio option!

    • FireCouch


      • Kai2591

        Yes. Seriously.

  • Dear sweet Jesus. I can’t believe the backlash I’m getting here. You’re attacking my opinion with such force, it’s ridiculous – I’m sorry I tarnished your precious Jgenre so much. Which is ironic, since I play them. Worst of all, is I feel like I’m being condemned to a different genre for stating things we’ve seen in virtually every title. Furthermore, I’m being attacked for things I have barely said.

    It’s personal. I liked playing the game when I did; I jsut found the characters somewhat ridiculous.

    Half of the RPGs made nowadays have rather lame stories, I stopped playing for story and characters (none more testament to it then the latest “epic” FF13). Westerners don’t do it well either. I read a book or watch a movie for good characters; some of the saturated J and even W characters in games are usually over the top — be it a sexy commandant in the Valkyria world or a Big Brute in the Gears world.

    “Typical Western Comment”? Really? I can probably guarantee I’ve been playing JRPGs longer than you and have more than you do. Perhaps all this exposure to it has made me grown tired of “formulaic” characters. Quite frankly, they’re just as bad with other titles, stateside or otherwise.

    Worse yet, is I think any other parts of my posts that have commended the game for it does do well is being ignored. You are people are acting weird.
    And I’m surprised “games for gameplay” is such a foreign matter to people. I call the story and characters a perk…if/when it’s good. Certainly not what I spend my $60 or so on.

    • I have to agree with this guy.Most of these characters don’t really look like Black Ops members.It’s not a big deal but it still kinda noticeable.

      • raymk

        Uh that’s the whole point there not supposed to look like black ops memebers. There’s a trillion games that look like black ops and those games are made by the west. Now when japan makes something they like to do it there way just like we do it our way. The poster above even said that its kinda good bad on both sides. Anyway its a japanese game made to appeal to them first like call of duty is made to appear to the west first.

        • I’m not saying that they need to be burly manly-men but they shouldn’t look like they’re still in high school either.

          • raymk

            they don’t what high school students to you know look like this. If your talking about body size than there’s a lot of young looking people in the war in iraq right now. You can’t control how old you look and you don’t need muscle in a war as long as you’ve practiced with a gun your good.

          • Yeah,when your carrying a hundred pound ruck sack plus your weapon and ammunition you definitely don’t need physical strength.The cast just seems too anime inspired to be taken seriously considering their role. Front Mission 5 did a great job in portraying characters, you should take a look.

          • KL

            (Actually replying to Greg) “Too anime inspired” You say this like this is a bad thing? Besides, this series has been “anime inspired” since the beginning. From the video, this doesn’t look to wildly different from the first.

          • (Actually replying to KL).That is a bad thing considering that they want this to be a darker entry into the series.I just don’t get that vibe of “we’re just tools” Like Kerberos gives from these guys.I’ll definitely buy the game when it’s released stateside but the characters don’t seem to “fit”.

          • KL

            Again, replying to Greg ;) As long as they don’t mess up with what makes the game enjoyable to play, I can put up with more cutesy anime tropes.

    • raymk

      oh sorry about that guy its probably my fault that this all started. it was me and you that first started this and we came to terms. I know this post isn’t directed to me but i’m sorry some other people took the time to ignite what i said which i certainly didn’t want. In reality we both spoke the truth so neither of us should be pelted with comments like others said.

    • FireCouch

      I have to say, I completely agree about everything you’ve said. I think Valkyria Chronicles is a great game, but there is a lot of stuff in there that does seem to mock war. Anime cliches are starting to get tiresome. The same goes for the occasional western game cliches as well.

      I really don’t understand why these people starting flaming you simply because you stated your opinion. They even started to personally attack you about your use of apostrophes. Shows a lot about a person, that does.

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