How Was Tomb Raider Trilogy Remastered For PlayStation 3?

By Ishaan . January 14, 2011 . 6:00pm

Ever since Crystal Dynamics announced the Tomb Raider Trilogy pack for PlayStation 3, people have wondered how exactly the games were being remastered in high-definition .


In addition to Tomb Raider: Underworld, the Trilogy collection for PS3 contains Tomb Raider: Legend and Tomb Raider: Anniversary, neither of which were previously on the PlayStation 3, but were on the PlayStation 2, Xbox 360, PC and Wii.


Naturally, the question as to whether Crystal Dynamics would remaster the PS2 versions of the game or port either the Xbox 360 or PC versions over came up. The real answer is that it’s a little of both. Karl Stewart, Global Brand Director at Crystal Dynamics clarified the process on the PlayStation Blog:


“All three Tomb Raider games included within the Trilogy pack have been built using the Crystal proprietary engine. In order to remaster the two PS2 titles previously released, we’ve gone back and reworked the highest available assets from both Legend and Anniversary and this has included reusing some of the HD textures from both the PC and Xbox 360 versions of the games.”


Stewart believes that, due to improvements in technology, the PlayStation 3 ports of the game will look even better than the Xbox 360 versions once they are remastered. Unfortunately, Crystal Dynamics will not be including the previously-released Xbox 360 downloadable content for Tomb Raider: Underworld as part of the package.

  • Dont you mean Square Enix Sonia clarifies as she is the author of that post.

    Oh well, the “trilogy” seems pretty nice to get us PS3 fans into the series and pumped and ready for the Tomb Raider!

    I need to take a look at the achievement list or something, Im curious to see how difficult it will be to get the Platinums.

    • Sonia passed the questions onto Karl who answered them.

  • PrinceHeir

    “Unfortunately, Crystal Dynamics will not be including the previously-released Xbox 360 downloadable content for Tomb Raider: Underworld as part of the package.”

    really? after all these years still not included? wow just wow.

    • Xeahnort

      Microsoft paid for those content

  • BelmontHeir

    The new Tomb Raider looks really promising but I’d love to see Crystal Dynamics go back to their roots, so to speak, and do another Soul Reaver game!

    • neo_firenze

      With Amy Hennig (the director and writer of Soul Reaver, Soul Reaver 2, and Legacy of Kain Defiance) now with Naughty Dog as one of the key people in the Uncharted series and one of the hottest names in the industry… I wouldn’t expect she’d leave Naughty Dog and return to making a new Soul Reaver game. And I think a Hennig-less Soul Reaver game would not turn out so hot.

      • Ive never heard if Soul Reaver, perhaps if it were pursued it’d have to be a remake? Doesnt seem like she needs to be on for that.

        • You do realize we live in the age of Wikipedia and Youtube, right?

          Besides, you probably wouldn’t like it. The vampires in it don’t sparkle.

          • In this age, going to such sites provide easy ways to get spoiled. Im not trying to spoil my experience so I avoid looking at that stuff.

          • But what I am saying is that if you have never heard of something, take three minutes to go Wikipedia it, so you, at least, have an idea of what it’s about and why people are making references to it. You don’t have to read the plot section.

          • Ugh its not the real vampires? I guess Ill pass on even looking into the series now!

          • malek86

            It’s better than real vampires. These vampires suck blood from afar.

            And they make people implode, or strip the flesh off their bodies.

          • What’s your definition of a “real” vampire anyways?

          • @Tommy the ones from you know Twilight, like Edward. That was my first ever encounter with Vampires and they are just epic in that, lol. The brief over Bella provides in the little manga for it talked of classic ones but they just sounded, well, really creepy.

          • kupomogli

            Vampires from Twilight epic? I’ve been assuming you’re male, but now I’m not so sure.

            The Legacy of Kain series is well worth playing. Blood Omen 2 and Blood Omen are the best. You could think of these games being similar to the Zelda games in 2d and 3d aspects but better. Defiance is more similar to Devil May Cry mixed with Soul Real and it’s fairly good. Soul Reaver games are good but more puzzle elements than anything so they’re my least favorite.

          • Well… I suppose they are “real” vampires, yet at the same time they’re definitely not. The classic ones are what “real” vampires should be like. The closest one to being a “real” vampire in all the clips I’ve seen on late night shows would be Dakota Fanning’s character.

          • Honestly, the only one that’s any good in gameplay is Legacy of Kain: Blood Omen. The Soul Reaver games and Blood Omen 2 are awful, really, block-pushing nightmares, except they have great stories. I absolutely loved watching other people playing the Soul Reaver games, but they were torture to play through.

          • “The brief over Bella provides in the little manga for it talked of classic ones but they just sounded, well, really creepy.”

            That’s the point. They’re supposed to be creepy.

      • BelmontHeir

        Honestly, I love Hennig but wasn’t too keen on Soul Reaver 2 or Defiance. I think something that relaunches Raziel for a new audience (without necessarily wiping the continuity of the series clean) on current-gen hardware would be great.

      • malek86

        Well, SR2 and Defiance weren’t too good either. Of the Crystal Dynamic games, SR1 was the best one. I’d say BO1 is the top in the series, and it didn’t have anything to do with Crystal Dynamic. Of course, the series is with Squenix and CD, so the chances of Silicon Knights returning to make a new game are none.

  • I already own all 3 and I only liked Legends. Good for the people who don’t own them already.

  • HarryHodd

    Well I haven’t played these but if what they are saying is true then this collection will be mine.

  • xxx128

    Anniversary rocks, its my fav tr game by far.

  • Not gonna lie, first thing I noticed in the picture was the cleavage.

    Looks amazing to me.

  • joesz

    “READING THROUGH THE COMMENTS”Lol! what have you done Stephenie something..
    she gave vampires warm yet cold bodies and pretty faces…even hair some don’t have.sparkle they would if they were in the light instead of bitching how they are suffering the burns,etc..

    Extra info:just noticed that there is an African vampire and he’s dark lol~~~

    sounds too absurd,that there’s a dark vampire and he’s still dark after his (vampirezation?) as well as the only one in the whole series. Sounds like a buddy cop film if you asked me.

    well I’m glad that she lost her pages that were related to her Edward’s POV series, or they’ve got leaked I think that’s what I’ve heard. Anyway thank god we don’t need to suffer another storm of make no sense-sexual romance stories from least for now..

  • shy_mel

    Wonder if they will change the shooting controls for Legend as they differed from the other two games.

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