See Seven Characters Confirmed For Bleach: Soul Ignition

By Spencer . January 14, 2011 . 1:58am

Sony Computer Entertainment updated the Bleach: Soul Ignition site confirming seven characters. You’ll see…


Ichigo Kurosaki



Rukia Kuchiki



Uryu Ishida



Byakuya Kuchiki



Toshiro Hitsugaya



Tia Harribel



and Yammy Riyalgo



… in the PlayStation 3 Bleach game. While these seven characters are in Bleach: Soul Ignition, it isn’t clear if all of them are playable. The demo, now available on PlayStation Network, showcases includes two other characters, Skullclad Ichigo and Kokutoo.

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  • Needs more Tatsuki.

  • Harribel’s inclusion makes up for the lack of Kon as a playable character.

  • joesz

    Where’s Renji! Needs Renji!

    • Also need Grimmjow.

      • Yeah it needs Grimmjow, then it will be even more godly! Cant have Ichigo without Grimmjow!!!!

        • LORDMATRIX2004

          How exactly is this cash-in godly? The Wii Bleach games are much better than this trash. I love Bleach but this game is insulting. All they did is catered to fans of minless hack n slash games like dynasty warriors and added in the Bleach ip to try and get suckers who love the series to be tricked into buying such a poor excuse of an anime game. Want a good anime game go play Naruto UNS 2 instead.

          • joesz

            oh, he played it alright around 48737264 times….

            And yes Naruto UNS 2 Is an incredible game*_*

  • Sexybel is one thing, but Yammy?

  • Well this is epic, Ichigo was really all I needed to be satisfied with in this game. Seeing him in full HD glory and playing with him is just so awesome! The game plays marvelously too! I would also need Grimmjow, and scenes with them interacting, I just love the two to death (and the fanart, I have a huge folder just for them, lol!). ZOMG! Ack, I need this game now!!!!!!

    Toshiro is awesome too, I love Diaguren Hyorinmaru, my favorite bankai! Oh and there is Rukia with Sode no Shirayuki (the most beautiful zanpaktou), oh and Harribel. Good thing she is playable, her limited action was just shocking, however her fight with Toshiro was pretty awesome! This game is like the anime it seems, so phenomenally epically awesome!!!!

    • LORDMATRIX2004

      I don`t recall the anime ever reminding me of a boring hack n slash title known as Dynasty Warriors or any other Koei action game. What full HD glory? It looks like graphical piss. I can tolerate poor graphics if I get good gameplay but this game seems to have neither unfortunately.

  • Arcm

    I know it will be unbalanced and it’s not the right game engine for it but I would love a versus mode like the warriors orchi 2 and some of the dynasty warriors games had.

  • sooooo its not a fighting game?

    • Dude, no, the trackback to the previous articles shown in this article and the available demo answer that question extensively. It transcends the typical versus fighting game and is simply epic, no godly!

      • You can’t be serious? Its the first Bleach game to ever be released on PS3 with HD and has a dynasty warriors/Soul Carnival structure. I’ve played the demo, and I didn’t feel any kind of enjoyment from it, it was nice but nothing to go “OMG THAT WAS AWESOME, MUST BUY”. And even now. this game is far from being “epic” or “godly”.

        Even in its current development it feels lacking. In the demo I couldn’t find any real substance to even toy with the thought of giving this game a purchase. I couldn’t find anything appealing. I’m an anime fan and I somewhat like the games based off the anime that I’m interested in, but even I have standards among anime games and won’t drop to my knees with money in hand at every anime game made popping out of Japan.

        If all it takes for you to gasm and already label this game as “godly” and “epic’ with purchasing already in mind, by only showing Ichigo in HD + PS3, you might need to work on yourself because something is wrong. No offense of course. If you do find it somewhat offensive, even if you aren’t showing it or posting it I apologize in advance.

    • LORDMATRIX2004

      No it plays like a button masher and has poor blocking mechanics and AI. Say hello to Dynasty Warriors Bleach sadly.

  • Yukito

    Sucks this demo was a dynasty warriors wannabe pile of crap. No offense to the series guys, though I am not a fan of it, I played the demo, and it really was….. well….. junk. I got bored before I even finished the fight with the blonde guy.

    • LORDMATRIX2004

      I am glad I am not the only one that feels this way.

    • The thing about the demo is that it’s incredibly strangely placed. The demo was released before they announced any playable characters beyond Ichigo, which strike me as odd. I would argue that the demo was released in the state it was purely to coincide with the release of the latest movie.

      My expectations for the full thing are higher, as Soul Carnival was certainly made of sterner stuff. I don’t disagree that the demo was incredibly mediocre.

    • neon6

      It is the destiny of most anime titles to end up as mere cash ins than to create a memorable experience. At least the graphics are good.

  • karasuKumo

    Where’s Don Kanonji? He is obviously the strongest character in Bleach!

    Seriously though it is looking good, the Visored would be appreciated (Lisa, Mashiro, Kensei and Shinji to be specific) along with Hisagi, Kyōraku, Urahara and Suì-Fēng :). Also loving the graphics.

    • Shinji!!!!!!! And Hisagi are must, actually more so, Hisagi!!! He is so underrated!


    Just played the demo and I have to say I wasn`t impressed at all. Felt like Bleach combined with Dynasty Warriors. Very disappointed in what I played. This game better be more than a buttonfest or this will be just another anime game that is not worthy of the series it promotes.

  • Xekyo

    maybe from all this negative feedback we keep giving about the demo, they’ll consider updating and improving their battle system. please do. that demo in my opinion was horrible.

    • What, did we play the same demo?! This is Bleach youre talking about, it was epically phenomenal. I loved it, there was nothing wrong, we even got to play as Ichigo straight out the game, even more stunning! Are you sure you didnt download the wrong game dude? Because there is absolutely no updating nor improvements needed to be made.

      • Xekyo

        i think the graphics are awesome and all and the the movements were fluid and went together very well but i just think it was very repetitive. but i shouldn’t base my judgement of the whole game on a demo of the actual game which is most likely going to be lots better when it releases. and i’m sure other bleach fans we’re disappointed when they played the demo as well. i was just expecting a lot more. but i’m in the fault for expecting that much from a demo. i’m sure the game’ll be great. Bleach ftw! and the Executioners. :O keeps getting more interesting. :D

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